Arrival of Sircumstance

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  1. Hey guys,

    My name is Sircumstance (or at least that's what I'm going with, very punny indeed). I've been dealing with depression and writing had more or less taken a back seat during those dark stormy periods of time. HOWEVER! I am determined to get back into the groove of things and so have stumbled upon on this lovely site on a recommendation from my fellow roleplayer friend (who wished to be unnamed).

    In summary, I'm excited to join this site and here are some of the pointers you be aware of:

    1. I am chronically depressed hence there will be periods of time where I'm not going to be active. I'm doing an awsome job in juggling my part-time studies and full-time job so please be kind and don't fault me when I'm not that quick to reply (Quality > Quantity correct? *wink)
    2. I am into smut, specifically MxM (or Yaoi as I called it). I'm flexible, preferring to be Seke on a personal level. My characters are not pure Seme or Uke and they will post challenges for you if you know what I mean.
    3. My favorite genres are Action, Adventure, Horror, Crime, Romance (obliviously), Supernatural.
    4. My "No-Go" includes anything that involves the toilet, I'm sorry but I'm just not into that kink.
    5. I do not do fandoms since I can't imagine using someone else's characters. Sorry!
    I think that's about all that I can remember so far, will add on more if I can remember.

    Best Regards
  2. Howdy, and welcome to Iwaku. ^.^
  3. Hi there Sircumstance ^o^ welcome to the siiiite!