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  1. [​IMG]

    Arriavar, once a thriving world. Many people lived life happily, war was a thing of the past, and the majority of the world was ruled under a single monarchy. However, the peace was not meant to last. In previous years a virus swept through the lands, devastating the population. What was once a thriving kingdom is now no more than a few survivors.
    Among the first casualties were the royal family, which caused chaos among the people. The majority of them killing themselves. The problem with this, being that they didn't stay dead. The land was quickly overrun by the undead.
    1. Obey all Iwaku rules. Though, this should be obvious.
    2. No god-modding of any sort.
    3. Grammar is expected, you do not have to be perfect as mistakes can happen, however if every other word is a mistake, you will be asked to fix it.
    4. Posting length is expected to be at least one small paragraph, you can do more if you wish but no less. (3-4 sentences.
    5. Have fun. The primary goal with all(or at least most) roleplays is to entertain, if you feel the roleplay to be lacking in this area please say something so we can try to fix it.
    6. Drama is acceptable. However, it's also not. You're free to create as much drama with your characters as you wish, as long as you aren't breaking any lore. You are not allowed to create drama OOC, if you have an issue with a fellow roleplayer take it to pm and try to civilly discuss it.
    7. I will allow each person to have an Arc weapon should they wish it, however only ONE character by each person may start with one. However should a person with a character who already possesses one wish for their second character to possess one/their character to find a second, they may find one in an event. Arcs events will be completely random, and may not happen for a while.
    8. Certain things may happen to characters during this roleplay, including but not limiting to death. I will however forbid Main characters from killing each other without consent from both owners of the characters AND me. This does not mean they can't die at all, it just means that people in the main group won't slaughter eachother.
    8a. Extending the above rule, this is an apocalyptic world, and as much as you might hate to admit it, humanity is horrible. There is at least one event planned where some or all female members of the main group will be kidnapped for 'things', this may happen more than once though(and males aren't neccesarily safe either). Though this won't go into detail, it WILL happen. If you aren't ok with this, then this roleplay probably isn't your cup of tea.
    9. I have the right to add rules if I feel more are necessary, however just because somethings not here that you would think to be against rules does not mean it's ok. If you feel there are rules lacking, or are unsure of certain things, please speak up and ask me, I don't bite too awfully hard <3

    • The God Isle ~ A mystical area with mana seemingly pouring from it, a castle that is said to be the birthplace of magic is supposedly in this area, though few can claim to have reached it, and even fewer can claim to have returned.
    • The Inferno Lands ~ This area is exactly as it sounds, a blazing hot desert. This area has multiple towns, one being famous for the magitech weaponry it produces, claiming that one of the twelve arcs is used as inspiration for their designs.
    • The Eternal Void~ An unexplored land. The only adventurer to ever venture here returned twenty years later looking completely different, it is suspected that this adventurer was ‘patient zero’.
    • Mutestar ~ A large town near the God Isle started by adventurers who sought the mythical castle. It is one of the few places in Arriavar claimed t be unaffected by the virus.
    • Lakewater ~ A small fishing village near a large lake. It was mostly used as a vacation spot, though now many seek it for the source of food and tranquility.
    • Smallfair ~ The capital city of Arriavar, this place was heavily populated and where everyone’s main character should start.

    • Magic works a little different in Arriavar than in other realms of fantasy, while most races possess Mana, very few can actually use it. This is where Magitech comes in, but that will be in a different dot. Magic, is essentially the manipulation of mana to create varied effects, primarily elemental ‘spells’. It is possible for a few rare souls in Arriavar to use Mana without Magitech, however in the last thousand years, only one such soul has existed. Those who can use magic without magitech have a major disadvantage, they can use up every ounce of their mana stores. While this might not sound like a bad thing, when a person’s mana reserves run out, they black out until their mana returns.
    • Magitech is technology that uses the mana of it’s owner to varied effects. The primary form of Magitech is in weaponry. Magitech was invented around two Millennia ago. At first Magitech was rare, only a few actually possessed them. The first Magitech weapons are referred to in many myths and legends, being called ‘The Twelve Arcs’. Magitech has come a long way since their invention, and few are seen without them, however none match the strength of the Arcs. All magitech have limiters built into them, allowing them to only use up a certain amount of a person’s mana, before rendering the weapon useless for a time.
    • Arcs. If you were to mention the Arcs to anyone you met, they would recognize what you were speaking of. If you were to claim you possessed one of these Arcs, odds are the other person would try to kill you and claim the weapon for themselves. Such things happen often, however most of the time it’s after a false claim, and has only been proven to be fact once.

    Humans ~ The human race has a somewhat small mana reserve, though what makes them special is they can extend their mana reserves with enough training.
    Elves ~ Elves are a highly magical race, having a higher than average mana reserve. Their magic tends to have a stronger kick to it, however they are incapable of extending their mana reserves through any means.
    Dwarves ~ Dwarves are a race resistant to mana. This makes them incapable of using magic as their mana reserves are non-existent. To keep up with the other races, they developed a way to crystallize mana and build weaponry similar to magitech out of it. Dwarves tend to be extremely useful as they can fix most things.
    Others ~ If you wish to use another race please send me a pm.

    I don't expect much with this honestly. Our characters will likely know nothing of eachother right off the bat except the basics, so we shouldn't either.

    Quote: (optional, though it gives a bit of insight to the characters personality)
    Special: (this is only if you wish your character to use magic without a magitech, and what element they primarily use, I will only allow TWO characters able to do this)
    Weapon: (If magitech please include an image. If you wish it to be an Arc weapon you MUST first pm me and discuss the capabilities of the weapon)
    Other: Feel free to add whatever the heck you please, so long as you have these basics.

    Echo - Main group
    Jax - Main group
    Kirby - Main group
    Jaclin - Main group
    Zartusk - Main group
    Marcus - Main group
    Luna - Main group's 'wild card' (half-npc)
    Kawaii Classified Girl - Classified, obviously :p
    Ramone - Antagonist (npc)
    Aristede - Main group(tbi)
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  2. [​IMG]
    "There's no light in this world, just a brighter shade of darkness."
    GeneralName: Echo Denholme
    Nicknames: Echo hates nicknames
    Race: Human
    Age: Sixteen

    PhysicalHeight: 4’7”
    Hair: Light pink
    Eyes: Blue
    Strengths: Magic, Healing
    Weaknesses: Combat, Frail, low mana

    MentalitySpecialties: Light magic
    Inabilities: Close range combat, long range combat, combat in general
    Fears: Undead, enclosed areas(claustrophobic), people, darkness

    GearRadiant Twilight
    Radiant Twilight is a staff type Arc weapon. It’s element is light, as well as possessing superior healing spells than that of an average medical magitech device.

    BackgroundEcho was born a gifted mage, and the doctors told her parents her mana reserves were as high as an elves. Though, she was also born with Osteogenesis imperfecta(brittle bone disease), which the doctors claimed was because of her high mana. On her fifth birthday, her parents got her a magitech toy that worked much like the real things. She spent everyday playing with it, healing dead flowers, and even the occasional injured animal. When she was finally old enough for school, she was accepted into a special school that allowed students to work with the military alongside their usual studies. She excelled in her studies and skipped most of her grades, becoming a fully fledged medical officer when she graduated at the early age of fourteen.
    Only a week after graduation the world began to collapse. The military unit which she was assigned to promised to protect her, and for a while they did. That was, at least until their captain fell victim to the virus half a year later. When that happened, the group fell apart, about a week later, a new member joined the group. Echo expressed to the others she didn’t like him, that he wasn’t a good person, though they didn’t believe her. This new person quickly gained the trust of the others, but didn’t even attempt to do so with echo. To him, she was useless. A couple months passed, and he had became the leader of their little group. Echo was treated as nothing more than a slave, often being called cruel nicknames, and being threatened whenever she made a mistake. Everyday she was made to exhaust her mana on pointless things, and eventually she found herself incapable of restoring that mana. When she was no longer able to use her arc to it’s fullest extent the leader of her small group told her that she would have to make up for her uselessness in ‘other’ ways.
    One of the others had heard this however, and later that day helped echo flee the group. Now by herself, she tried to build her mana back up, but still found it to be impossible. She spent nearly a year on her own, before meeting up with the current members of her new group, though she still found it difficult to trust them.
  3. "Don't mistake a battle as the war"
    Orin Von'Haussen aka Kirby​
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  4. A dwarf! YAY!! =^.^=



    I..uh..mean....character accepted.
  5. I swear if you leave me for chow just cause im the slow, old dwarf!!! xD
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  6. Don't worry, such a thing would never happen :p

    oh, before I forget, I suppose I should clear up a matter that might be confusing due to the setting being slightly fantasy and full of fantasy weaponry:

    Guns are a thing, though they aren't magitech, and they also aren't dwarven weaponry. They're a combination. They're built much like a magitech, and unlike usual dwarven weaponry, aren't any less effective. They don't use mana reserves, though they do require a special ammunition, being the crystallized mana that only dwarves know how to produce.

    Also, multiple characters are allowed, should anyone wish to have more than one.
  7. Jax Aken
    "The world has healed itself in the past, I'm sure that in time it will again."

    Age: Appears 22
    Race: Human
    Height: 5' 10"
    Build: Fairly muscular and toned
    Eyes: Violet, bright orange, or icy blue
    Hair: Short, wavy, black hair that's combed back
    Facial Hair: Short stubble

    Personality: Jax is outgoing and generally a friendly person to those he meets, even if they themselves are less then friendly. He can be trusting to a fault but he isn't naive, he just likes to give others the benefit of the doubt. The most unwavering part of his personality is that he is loyal and extremely protective.

    A custom magitech sword. Its five feet long, with a handle equal in length to the blade. The handle and blade were forged together around a violet gem that allows the user to channel mana through it. The sword looks old but well kept.

    An Arc weapon known as the Gauntlet of Binding. The violet gem inlaid into the hand gives Jax the ability to produce and control fire and ice, among other things. The catch is that it can't be removed. He has tried to do so many times in the past and he was met with only excruciatingly painful results.

    Jax wears moderately thick leather armor from his neck down to his legs. Metal greaves cover his legs bellow the knee, a metal bracer on his left forearm, and a chest plate over his leather armor.
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  8. Accepted characters tab has now been updated =^.^=
  9. I've forgotten to ask an important question... are the zambros in this world your standard limping, Walking Dead style zambies or sanic fast, Left For Dead zombles?
  10. In short: can they run or naw? XD
  11. I'd say it all really depends on the race.
    Your average races will likely be just normal average walking dead style, but I might also throw in some Resident Evil style zombies utilizing other races for certain events.

    Also, on the matter of events and such, some important info I should probably at some point in time add to the first post:

    The apocalypse stuff started around two years prior to the roleplay starting. Members of our main group will have been in said group for anywhere from 4-2 months prior to us starting.(to avoid that usual awkwardness that always happens when trying to start a group from scratch)
  12. What you call "awkwardness" I call "the fun part". XD Its always fun having a group of distrusting people in an apocalyptic world arguing about who can be trusted or not then getting raided by a bunch of zombies and being forced to group together.
  13. In my experience, everyone loses interest during that part, I find it to be somewhat fun as well, but the problem is it can take too long, or people just don't know who to meet up with first(or simply wander around 50 miles from everyone else refusing to meet up with anyone)

    it's just easier this way. We might later add more people to the group in such a manner, but for the main members of the group, we're going to say they've already grouped up. This doesn't mean they have to trust everyone in the group already, it just means they've all agree'd it would be best to stick together. Relationships and trust will be built in the actual roleplay =^.^=
  14. I was just teasing. Its probably good that we are already together. :3
  16. XD Everyone needs a cookie.
  17. Word. Hail Hydra
  18. @Purveyor is the new co-gm, they have the ability to accept cs's through the act of issuing a cookie! or simply saying they think it's good enough, but, cookies are way better than words, because cookies XD
    And once the roleplay officially starts they will have the ability to push events forward, create events, and control certain npcs.
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  19. I'll take a look at this once I have access to my PC, the tabs are being temperamental on mobile.
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