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    Arriavar, once a thriving world. Many people lived life happily, war was a thing of the past, and the majority of the world was ruled under a single monarchy. However, the peace was not meant to last. In previous years a virus swept through the lands, devastating the population. What was once a thriving kingdom is now no more than a few survivors.
    Among the first casualties were the royal family, which caused chaos among the people. The majority of them killing themselves. The problem with this, being that they didn't stay dead. The land was quickly overrun by the undead.
    1. Obey all Iwaku rules. Though, this should be obvious.
    2. No god-modding of any sort.
    3. Grammar is expected, you do not have to be perfect as mistakes can happen, however if every other word is a mistake, you will be asked to fix it.
    4. Posting length is expected to be at least one small paragraph, you can do more if you wish but no less. (3-4 sentences.
    5. Have fun. The primary goal with all(or at least most) roleplays is to entertain, if you feel the roleplay to be lacking in this area please say something so we can try to fix it.
    6. Drama is acceptable. However, it's also not. You're free to create as much drama with your characters as you wish, as long as you aren't breaking any lore. You are not allowed to create drama OOC, if you have an issue with a fellow roleplayer take it to pm and try to civilly discuss it.
    7. I will allow each person to have an Arc weapon should they wish it, however only ONE character by each person may start with one. However should a person with a character who already possesses one wish for their second character to possess one/their character to find a second, they may find one in an event. Arcs events will be completely random, and may not happen for a while.
    8. Certain things may happen to characters during this roleplay, including but not limiting to death. I will however forbid Main characters from killing each other without consent from both owners of the characters AND me. This does not mean they can't die at all, it just means that people in the main group won't slaughter eachother.
    8a. Extending the above rule, this is an apocalyptic world, and as much as you might hate to admit it, humanity is horrible. There is at least one event planned where some or all female members of the main group will be kidnapped for 'things', this may happen more than once though(and males aren't neccesarily safe either). Though this won't go into detail, it WILL happen. If you aren't ok with this, then this roleplay probably isn't your cup of tea.
    9. I have the right to add rules if I feel more are necessary, however just because somethings not here that you would think to be against rules does not mean it's ok. If you feel there are rules lacking, or are unsure of certain things, please speak up and ask me, I don't bite too awfully hard <3

    • The God Isle ~ A mystical area with mana seemingly pouring from it, a castle that is said to be the birthplace of magic is supposedly in this area, though few can claim to have reached it, and even fewer can claim to have returned.
    • The Inferno Lands ~ This area is exactly as it sounds, a blazing hot desert. This area has multiple towns, one being famous for the magitech weaponry it produces, claiming that one of the twelve arcs is used as inspiration for their designs.
    • The Eternal Void~ An unexplored land. The only adventurer to ever venture here returned twenty years later looking completely different, it is suspected that this adventurer was ‘patient zero’.
    • Mutestar ~ A large town near the God Isle started by adventurers who sought the mythical castle. It is one of the few places in Arriavar claimed t be unaffected by the virus.
    • Lakewater ~ A small fishing village near a large lake. It was mostly used as a vacation spot, though now many seek it for the source of food and tranquility.
    • Smallfair ~ The capital city of Arriavar, this place was heavily populated and where everyone’s main character should start.

    • Magic works a little different in Arriavar than in other realms of fantasy, while most races possess Mana, very few can actually use it. This is where Magitech comes in, but that will be in a different dot. Magic, is essentially the manipulation of mana to create varied effects, primarily elemental ‘spells’. It is possible for a few rare souls in Arriavar to use Mana without Magitech, however in the last thousand years, only one such soul has existed. Those who can use magic without magitech have a major disadvantage, they can use up every ounce of their mana stores. While this might not sound like a bad thing, when a person’s mana reserves run out, they black out until their mana returns.
    • Magitech is technology that uses the mana of it’s owner to varied effects. The primary form of Magitech is in weaponry. Magitech was invented around two Millennia ago. At first Magitech was rare, only a few actually possessed them. The first Magitech weapons are referred to in many myths and legends, being called ‘The Twelve Arcs’. Magitech has come a long way since their invention, and few are seen without them, however none match the strength of the Arcs. All magitech have limiters built into them, allowing them to only use up a certain amount of a person’s mana, before rendering the weapon useless for a time.
    • Arcs. If you were to mention the Arcs to anyone you met, they would recognize what you were speaking of. If you were to claim you possessed one of these Arcs, odds are the other person would try to kill you and claim the weapon for themselves. Such things happen often, however most of the time it’s after a false claim, and has only been proven to be fact once.

    Humans ~ The human race has a somewhat small mana reserve, though what makes them special is they can extend their mana reserves with enough training.
    Elves ~ Elves are a highly magical race, having a higher than average mana reserve. Their magic tends to have a stronger kick to it, however they are incapable of extending their mana reserves through any means.
    Dwarves ~ Dwarves are a race resistant to mana. This makes them incapable of using magic as their mana reserves are non-existent. To keep up with the other races, they developed a way to crystallize mana and build weaponry similar to magitech out of it. Dwarves tend to be extremely useful as they can fix most things.
    Others ~ If you wish to use another race please send me a pm.

    Echo - Main group
    Jax - Main group
    Kirby - Main group
    Jaclin - Main group
    Zartusk - Main group
    Marcus - Main group
    Luna - Main group's 'wild card' (half-npc)
    Kawaii Classified Girl - Classified, obviously :p
    Ramone - Antagonist (npc)
    Aristede - Main group(tbi)
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  2. EVENT TEXT! The group was a rather odd one, many would think to surround themselves with others of their own race, however this group consisted of a variety. This particular group consisted of three humans, one dwarf, one orc, one elf, and even a demon. The members of this group all seemed to have particular skill sets to make them useful, and a force to be reckoned with.
    The odd group was wandering through the streets of Smallfair, all the while a presence followed them, never seen, and never heard. They had been holed up in a church up till recently, and had heard rumors that the town of Mutestar was a safe-haven. Though, before hearing of the rumors they had already been discussing heading towards Lakewater, to escape the heavily populated areas while still having a source of food, and with the seemingly everlasting unknown presence it was certain the group had to leave town. This left our group with the decision of heading to Lakewater, or Mutestar.
    However, before that decision could be made, the group had a more pressing issue. Find transport and gather extra supplies, or walk, taking only what each could carry.
  3. Walking at the front of the group Jax's gaze drifted over all the empty buildings, remembering what they had looked like years ago before they ended up in this mess. He found it hard to believe that it had already been two years since it all began. For once in his life he was thankful that he never decided to settle down anywhere and instead went for travelling the world. There were some days where he almost forgot that everything had gone to hell. He was used to not seeing anyone for days or even weeks but every town he entered was a painful reminder. At least he had a group now and an old friend to boot.

    Realizing he'd lost himself in thought, Jax shook his head lightly and looked back at the group. "So." he started, trying to get their attention, "What do you guys think we should do about supplies? We've gotta head outta town soon but we need to decide how much we wanna take." His eyes flashed a teal color and hardened as he looked back past the group to see if there was anything behind them. Seeing nothing, his eyes returned to their normal violet color, looking back directly at his group members with a grin. "We can try to take a lot of supplies with us, but that means we'll have to find something to carry them. They might slow us down a bit and make us a bigger target. I'm more inclined to try and stay light and fast but its up to you."

    Jax looked back at the only elf in the group, "Any suggestions, Jacky?"
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  4. Marcus marched along at the group's rear, halberd leaning against his right shoulder, his armor rasping together with each step. He usually acted as the rearguard out of paranoia: one could never truly know when today's comrades might become tomorrow's enemies. His eyes swept back and forth over the buildings around them in search of any signs of danger - whether from the living or undead - and lingered for a second or two on random members of the group. The orc in particular.

    The signs of death that lingered all around didn't bother him all that much anymore. At least, not since he left the capital and the areas immediately around it.

    Jax's voice cut through the silence and tension. Marcus stopped and gave him his [mostly] undivided attention. "Ideally, it would be best to travel light, as you suggested. It would certainly make us less of a target. However..."

    He didn't actually look at Echo, but his thoughts drifted in her direction. Although the group hadn't been together all that long, he noticed her seeming frailty fairly quickly. Marcus had some concerns about the group's long-term pace once they delved into the wilderness.

    "Then again, even if we find a wagon, before we can even worry about raiders, there's the issue of pulling it." He spun his halberd in his hand. "If we can't find a horse or some other beast of burden, we'd have to take turns hauling it ourselves."
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  5. Kirby was in the middle of the group doing his best to keep up. His age and physical state were no prize. He stopped walking, placing his hands on his knees and bending over. He let out rusty wheezes which soon turned into a violent cough. Breathing heavily, Kirby adjusted the crossbow on his shoulder, shaking his head. "Aye, a wagon be nice. Tis' proper I be the driver." Kirby whipped out a flask holster by his hip, taking a swig of water. He wiped his forehead with arm, his breathing still deep.

    Many may view him as weakest link but Kirby had no shame. They usually meant underestimating and that mean advantage to him. Although the thought did poke him in the back of his head. How far must they go? How long until he can't continue? Kirby threw the thought away. Best live in the present. His eyes glanced around him. One thing positive of this apocalypse was the scavenging. Kirby had a bad habit of thieving during his youth. Even though he managed to mend that bad habit he saw no wrong doing in it now. He was eager to search every crate and corner, hoarding everything.
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  6. Jaclin wasn't particularly "fond" of groups, however the one she was in wasn't any particular threat to her. Being cautious of some of the more dangerous individuals than anything. Though, she was mostly certain that Jax was someone she could trust-- begrudgingly, at least. After a few moments she peered over the various members of the group. Watching them intently for a few seconds before returning her attention forward.

    She idly walks behind Jax, her expression being a mix of irritation and alertness. Due to her origins in rather unpopulated areas she seems mildly perturbed by the large city. To placate herself she begins quietly humming non-specific tunes. She is interrupted soon after when Jax begins speaking. Listening closely, her irritated expression immediately becomes more pronounced. After the human and old dwarf finish speaking she replies to Jax glibly, and with a hint of bitterness, "How many times have I told you to stop calling me that? To answer your question though-- I think that it'd be a good idea to bring a wagon of supplies along. Starvation and sickness has never helped anyone." She lets out a small sigh, and adjusts her hat.
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  7. Truth be told, Zartusk had long stopped paying heed to the other survivors and had focused his attention on observing their surroundings. It could have been considered a miracle they allowed him to travel with him, but he knew that would be the extent of their trust for every so often, he would get those types of looks. In the end, it didn't matter; he would survive regardless of their trust in him.

    "Traveling light only works if we know that we can resupply..." He replied, his voice deep and gravelly, "...not to mention that some of our numbers can barely keep up as is." The orc felt no ill-will towards the dwarf and frail human, but they could not afford to dance around that issue. "We strip this town to the marrow."
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  8. EVENT TEXT!The group for the most part had unanimously decided to stay within the city limits to stock up on supplies. Our groups next decision of course lied in exactly how they would procure a beast-drawn wagon, and the supplies they would need for travels. They could each be given a separate task, and split up and finish their tasks faster. On the other hand however they could stick together for obvious reasons.

    Echo was sticking close to Marcus, as she felt if she could place her trust in any of the group it would be him. When the talking of what they should do started, she looked like she wanted to say something, but kept silent and simply followed along. Once everyone had said what they had to say on the matter, she finally spoke up, though rather quietly. "I-I can find a horse..." She didn't mind the group viewing her as frail, as it meant they would be less likely to overly depend on her, however she didn't want to seem useless either.

    Ignore this, it is merely for convenience during events.
    [fieldbox="EVENT TEXT!, #960018, solid, 25, Impact"][/fieldbox]
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  9. "Well I guess that's that!" Jax said while clapping his hands together. Finding supplies was one thing and an abandoned cart would probably be fairly easy to find, his main concern was finding sometime to pull the thing. The odds of them finding any creature to lug around their supplies seemed pretty slim. Maybe Echo had a trick up her sleeve.

    "I can see us finding a cart or something without much trouble, but Echo, if you actually manage to find a horse or anything to pull the thing I'll..." Jax paused for a moment, trying to think of something. "I don't know. I'll do something for you though."

    "Anyway," Jax said as he closed his right hand held it out a ways from himself, "Are we splitting up to look for supplies or are we all going together? Splitting up kinda ruins the whole 'strength in numbers' part of being in a group but we'd be able to move more discretely with less people together." He paused for a moment to let the group think.

    "I think it'd be safer for us to stay together so we can watch each others' backs but if we wanna split into smaller groups," Opening his right hand Jax held up an oval shaped piece of ice, "anyone not with me should take one of these. It'll help me find you should the need arise. If you need assistance ASAP its hollow so you can crush it under your heel or something to get my attention. I know we don't all know each other that well and you may not trust me but I figured it be better if at least one of us could find the others."

    With a grin Jax turned to Jaclin, "Of course you trust me though, right Jacky?" He fully expected a shot to come his way in a few seconds but messing with the elf was fun. It helped remind him of better times.
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  10. Idly picking at something in her teeth, Jaclin listened to Jax drone on about things. She pipes up once he's finished, responding to him with a glare , "Best stay in a group. Being noticed ain't a concern of mine since we've got a decent amount of muscle to back us up." She glances back at the Orc and Human before returning her gaze to Jax, and nodding.

    "If you happen to wake up floating down a river, by the way, it wasn't me," she adds whilst smirking slightly.

    Her mind wanders to things like Echo's apparent physical weakness. Jaclin strongly doubted that she would ever be capable of harming this group, even if she had wanted to. She suddenly speaks up again, "Say, Echo, how exactly are you going to get us a horse anyways?" She peers curiously back at the frail girl.
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  11. "Group," Zartusk grunted, going with the general consensus so far. The others were survivors in their own way just by getting this far, but that didn't grant them the orc's full trust in handling matters that would his own survival. Then was also the risk of someone in the group wanting to eliminate any perceived threat he might have posed if they were to split up. Overall, it was best to go with the "safe" option, even if it was more time consuming.

    "If she can get us a horse." He said, referring to Echo, "Then we should focus our attention on finding or building our transport."

    While he should have been curious on Echo's claim, he wasn't going to question it. The girl most likely understood her frailty and would work harder to compensate for it, so all the better.
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  12. Marcus glanced at Echo when she moved closer and spoke up about finding a horse. She was perhaps the only person who didn't set off his paranoia, if only because of just how frail she was. He doubted she could actually hurt him even if she tried. He had to wonder how she planned on finding the horse, but she seemed to have something in mind, so he wasn't going to bring it up yet. Jaclin did that for them, though.

    And since the rest of the group had already more or less decided to stay together, Marcus just shrugged. Truth be told, it really was best option. There weren't really any good ways to split a group this small up without at least one of the smaller pairs being in danger. Not to mention the issue of trust... Whether it be the potential for attacks, or for someone hoarding supplies for themselves.

    "So we're sticking together then. Where do we want to start looking for our supplies then? Some of the manors of the nobles that lived here might have some useful things to find, more so than most others. The shops and stores around here might have already been raided by now." Marcus glanced at Echo as well. "And where did you want to go looking for a horse or some other animal?"
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  13. Kirby had no opinion on the matter. He simply followed the majority unless the decision was imperative to himself. He stroked his beard gently as if it was a newborn infant before perking his ears up about the noble's manors. That sounds like a jackpot of goodies. "Volunteer!" Kirby exclaimed quite loudly, quickly noticing his unnecessary outburst. Kirby cleared his throat looking at the others awkwardly. "I volunteer. Best I ravage the manor, ya?" In fact Kirby's mind was now set in stone on the idea. He adjusted his boot, picking out a rock that had slipped in through the back of heel, pinching him. As he was arched over his crossbow obeyed the rules of gravity, sliding down his shoulder and hugging Kirby's face. Kirby swatted the crossbow, smacking it onto the ground with a few curse words. He picked up the crossbow irritably, dusting the dirt off of it before returning it on his shoulder. Licking his chap lips, he looked around to see where the best route to the manor was.
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  14. The other's all seemed to have gone with the safest sounding option, sticking together. Of course, it made sense considering their group was already smaller than any others they might run into. When Jax said he would do something for her if she managed to find a horse, Echo moved closer to Marcus, a slight look of worry on her face. In her mind, Jax couldn't possibly mean anything good with such a statement.
    Her moment of worry quickly vanished, as the thoughts were pushed from her mind when questioned by Jaclin on how exactly she was planning to find a beast of burden. "I...uh..." she didn't want to tell the others that her staff was an Arc, as she didn't want them to take it for themselves, though she also couldn't wander off on her own to find the horse. Her solution, after a minute of fidgeting, was to mumble the answer under her breath.
    "I have a spell."
    Since everyone had decided to stick together, picking a place where most of their goals could be accomplished at once was key, something brought up by Marcus, who mentioned the manors. The dwarf seemed a bit overly-excited about the idea, though Echo had her doubts.
    "I-it will take some time for me to find one. B-but the manor's are probably a good place to start, they should have stables"​
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  15. Marcus made no motion to stop Echo when she started to hide behind him. Being the one closest to her at the time, he was able to hear her soft whisper without too much trouble. Something about the delay in her answer bothered him, but he considered it best not to raise a fuss over it. He himself wasn't very forthcoming about himself and the things he could do either.

    "Then let's go," Marcus intoned. They were in agreement, and there wasn't much point to sticking around here right now. They never knew when some of the undead might wander and catch sight of them. "From what I saw when I first got here, most of the noble manors are scattered around on the east side of town. We're not far from them."

    Of course, he still planned on acting as the rearguard, at least for the moment, so he waited for the rest of the group to start moving. He might let Echo stay at his back if she preferred though. Marcus was quite a bit taller than her, so if something came at them from behind, he could reach over her with his halberd at whatever came at them.
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  16. The dwarf's apparent greed had swayed the group's decision, although Zartusk didn't particularly care. While annoyed with the others, the orc had to remind himself that he needed them for the time being. Then again, he also imagined that the majority of his irritation came from the phantom pain resonating from the stump that was once his right arm. He had long since ensured it wouldn't become infected, but that didn't mean it wouldn't stop bothering him. Perhaps it lingered as a reminder of the price of his tribe's arrogance? Zartusk wasn't one for superstition, but he also wouldn't have believed he would be in such a scenario as he was but just a few years prior.

    A small huff was given before he turned his attention back to the others, "I'll patrol the perimeter...ensure we won't be attacked." He wasn't exactly sure they would trust him enough for such a task, but he just didn't feel like going indoors at the moment.
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  17. Jax looked at Jaclin for a moment as he thought on her remark. "You know... I don't actually doubt that you would do that..." Chuckling lightly. It was good to see that she still had a sense of humor even now. He'd watched some people break down over time as they slowly lost hope that things would ever return to normal. Although he wouldn't hesitate, it still hurt to have to strike down someone you once knew, alive or not.

    Content with the heading the group had decided upon Jax drew his pole-arm like sword and took his place at the front of the group. The undead had a nasty habit of coming at you when you least expected it, he learned that the hard way only barely able to escape getting grabbed by rotting hands that had sprung at him from beneath a cart.

    "Mind if I keep watch with you, big guy?" Jax asked as he nodded at the one-armed orc. "Having spent a majority of my life travelling alone as a mercenary I learned that its always nice having an extra pair of eyes to watch your back."
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  18. "You're too useful to dump into a river anyways" she says with a chuckle as she moves her gaze to Jax. "You know, we should spar some time. Maybe if I wacked you in the jaw hard enough you wouldn't sass me so much." Several mental images of her standing atop Jax's unconscious body flash through her mind, causing her to giggle. "Back to business though. What do you think we're gonna find in some old manors anyways? You think there's gonna be anything worth grabbing? I'm not too familiar with the details of the area so I can't say much." She says as she ponders for a moment, tapping her chin idly. "I'll do whatever needs done."
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  19. "So be it," He replied, not bothering himself enough to look over to Jax. While he would have preferred to go alone and have some time to think in private, Jax was right. Having one lone patrolman would be disastrous if the enemy had some competent ambush tactics. At least with the two of them, one of them could alert the others if they were overwhelmed. Loosening the clasps that held his gruesome flail in place, the orc draped the chain and spiked ball over his shoulder before beginning his rounds around the manor.
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  20. Event ResultsWith the decision made to stick together, our group made their way to the manors. Of the manors there were to choose from, our group had decided upon the largest. It was known as the Forgotten Manor, and was the home of a paranoid military general. Of course, the groups decision wasn't based merely on the size, but rather the fact that it would be the least likely manor to have already been raided, as it's security system seemed to still be operable.
    At the manor it was decided that everyone would be given a specific task, allowing them to obtain the items needed, while still remaining in shouting range of the others. Zartux and Jax had decided to patrol the outside of the manor, to make sure no undead, or hostile survivors, could creep up on them. Jaclin and Kirby had been given the roles of scavengers. Echo and Marcus were to set out in search of a horse and wagon.

    At the Manor everyone split up, though remaining in ear-shot it was much safer than the other route they could have taken. Echo walked ahead of Marcus, holding her staff out in front of her. She mumbled something under her breath, causing the crystal to light up. When she moved the crystal grew brighter, occasionally dimming, when it did so she readjusted her path, following it to a large building behind the Manor. She assumed the building to be the stables, though the building looked more like a small house re-purposed into a barn.

    Waiting momentarily to make sure Marcus was still with her, she opened the barn doors, though she didn't make it much further than that, as the stench of death drifted out of the now open doorway. The barn itself was completely dark, so to compensate Echo mumbled another spell under her breath, creating a ball of light around the crystal on her staff, the ball floated to the center of the room. She immediately regretted lighting up the barn, and fell backwards looking in in shock. There was indeed both a horse and wagon inside, the horse however was not a pretty sight, as it was laying in front of the wagon with an undead elf clad in blood stained armor leaning over it, and based on the disgusting sounds could only be presumed to be eating the poor creature.
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