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  1. Lilith stood on her balcony. Today would be the day she would meet her betrothed. The man who would marry her and then take her away to live in his Kingdom. Lilith didn't really like that idea all too much. It wasn't the thought of marrying anyone that she didn't like, but rather leaving home. Lilith would miss the Raevie Kingdom too much.

    Her older brother, Jordan, had many horror stories as well when he was home. He had fought against their enemy for him to really trust them. Jordan wasn't at home at the moment either, trying to settle some small disturbances that were rising up about the wedding. But he'd be back for it.

    "Can't let my little sister marry without me to glare at the groom."

    Lilith looked out towards the town several miles away. A small patch of forest separated the castle from the town from which they would have to come. To the south was a large lake that surrounded half of the castle. There was only one way to come and go.

    She heard a call from inside as one of her ladies-in-waiting told her to get ready. Lilith looked out towards the town once more before heading inside. Her life was about to change.

    She wasn't sure if she was ready for it.
  2. Dakota Robyn Raskoph squinted her eyes, looking off at the city in the distance. The castle rising out of the horizon was quite impressive. She shifted on her horse and flicked some hair from her face. Well, this was it. Her and her brother were getting married. She smiled softly. "I'm proud of you, brother." She whispered softly.

    Artur, an attractive young man who had been Robyn and Dakota's good friend and Robyn's right hand looked over at the woman in men's clothing and gave her a smile. "You aren't getting cold feet, are you, Dakota?"

    "Of course not." She said, sitting straighter on her horse and looking over. "Only women get cold feet. And I intend to make sure my awaiting lady has the warmest of feet before our wedding day."

    Artur laughed and shook his head. "Smooth as ever, friend."

    The woman smirked and reached over, hitting Artur's shoulder. "Shut up. I don't need to be smooth."

    Soon enough, her horse and the horses of her travel party rode into the city. Dakota waved and nodded and smiled at everyone, tossing hair out of her face now and then. Against her father's wishes, she decided against wearing her brother's armor. She knew there were still skirmishes happening. She knew wearing armor was a show of force. She wore her brother's finest clothes instead. Silk and velvet, medals on her bound chest. She wasn't completely stupid. She had on a chain mail shirt under her fancy clothes, just in case, and a sword strapped to her hip. But she wanted to gain the country's trust. After all, this whole arrangement was to start an era of peace between the two nations. It wasn't about her country coming in and annexing their country.
  3. Lilith saw it was Patricia who was in the room. In her hands was a silk dress, dark blue in color and about knee-length. Lilith wasn't sure if she had ever worn it before. Even if they did have money, the young Princess saw no reason not to re-use certain clothing. Patricia gave her a warm smile to which Lilith returned an uneasy one. Her lady-in-waiting and friend, gestured towards a chair to which she sat in. Once sat, Patricia began to brush her hair.

    "You will look beautiful today Princess. No man will be able to resist you. Your betrothed will have to throw himself at your feet, too taken by your beauty."

    "I do not wish for anyone to throw themselves at my feet Patricia. I am sure he will look just as handsome." Lilith fidgeted with her hands as she spoke. How would he look? Should it matter? As much as she didn't want to be shallow she did wish he could be at least comely. Still she'd take an ugly, kind man over a handsome cruel one.

    "Up Princess. We need to get you ready. Prince Robyn will be here shortly enough."

    Lilith obeyed the older woman's commands. As she watched herself get dressed, she sent out a small prayer that today would go well. Once ready she made her way to the throne room where the Prince would be received and greeted.
  4. Dakota dismounted her horse and smoothed her clothes. She had learned long ago how to hide her feminine curves behind masculine clothing. Her brother had always been a bit feminine himself. She brushed her hair back out of her face and rested her hand on the hilt of her sword as she walked in, her second-in-command at her side. She followed the guards through the courtyard and towards the throne room. She could feel it in the air, the unease in the group. She slowly removed her hand from where it rested and let her hang loosely at her side instead. It didn't do too much to settle the tension, but at least the one guard stopped staring at her.

    While waiting to be introduced, she stood outside the doors and smoothed her clothes again. She was nervous suddenly. It was just hitting her what a big deal it was. She was about to get married in her brother's stead. She looked up at the doors to the throne room as they opened, hearing her brother's name announced. She straightened her back, put on a smile, and walked into the room. Putting confidence into her step and maybe a bit of a swagger, she stepped up to the throne and crossed her right arm over her chest, resting her fist against her left shoulder. "King Raevie. I am Prince Raskoph." She bowed her head, but didn't bow fully. She did not need to show that she was below him. She was there as an equal. She glanced to the side and caught sight of Lillith. A smile tugged at her lips. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. She was cute. "It is an honor to unite our kingdoms in this marriage. I look forward to meeting Princess Lillith. Tales of her beauty have reached even my own kingdom."
  5. Lilith was standing by her mother's side. She kept on gripping the side of her dress as she waited nervously for her betrothed to enter the room. Thoughts after thoughts filled her mind and she fought hard not to fidget. What if he didn't like her? What if she didn't like him? What if they couldn't make a marriage work? Lilith tried to calm herself but it was hard to when she didn't know what might happen next.

    Lilith was almost so caught up in her thoughts that she missed the introduction of the prince. She looked towards the door and let go of a breathe she did not realize she had been holding. He was quite handsome and he seemed to possess this kind of strength and grace. She stayed silent as he spoke, only looking at him, trying to see what kind of man he was. Finally her father stood.

    "It is good to have you here. I am glad your own King agreed to have the wedding here. Tales of your own handsomeness have reached here but that is not all." The King gestured to Lilith and she moved forward. "This is Princess Lilith, your betrothed and my first daughter."

    Lilith looked into the face of Robyn and gave him a smile as she curtsied. "It is an honor to finally meet you." She waited to see what he would say.
  6. Dakota turned to face the princess and smiled. He held his hand out to take one of hers and bowed to her as he kissed the back of it. She. She did all of that. She was not her brother, though she sometimes even confused herself with that fact. "You are more beautiful than they say, Princess. Surely beauty that shines this bright, shines from the inside." She kissed the back of her hand again and let go, standing up straight. "Truly, this marriage will be beneficial to all parties involved." She smiled and turned back to the king.

    "I have traveled long, sire, and I wish to retire to my provided room, however briefly. I do hate to cut this introduction short, I know I am being terribly rude and I pray for your forgiveness." She glanced sideways at a nudge from her second in command. She straightened, giving her tunic a sharp tug. "Unless you have other business, sire, perhaps the princess can escort my second in command and I to our rooms, and I can start to get to know your daughter on the walk.

    Artur shook his head. Dakota was way too much like her brother. It was a good thing, he supposed, but it was a little creepy. And he had grown up with the pair of them. He used to be able to tell them apart but now, standing there and watching her pretend to be her brother, it was honestly a little creepy.
  7. Lilith was sure if she tried to speak all that would come out would be sputtering. She felt her face get hot and she looked away from Robyn. Lilith felt that she did not deserve someone like him. He was not only good-looking but the way he talked. Lilith wondered if she would be a disappointment.

    The King nodded. "We will have time to discuss details of the wedding and the uniting of our Kingdoms later. I am sure Princess Lilith would be delighted to show you to your room." Lilith felt her father's gaze and she nodded.

    "Of course Father." She looked at Robyn again and gave him a warm smile. She gestured for him to follow her. Patricia came over to her side as they walked. Lilith was happy for her friend's presence.

    "I hope you do not mind Patricia joining us. She is usually at my side."
  8. "As long as you do not mind Artur coming with us." He said, motioning to the man following him. "This is Artur, my right hand." He looked over at Patricia and gave her a smile. "It is a pleasure, Miss Patricia." He-no-she. She. She said. She turned back to Lillith and offered her his-her arm as they walked. She smiled at the other young woman. "What do you enjoy doing in your free time, Princess?" She asked happily. It was very important to get to know her. She needed to know if they had anything in common or if there was anything she needed to avoid bringing up.
  9. Lilith shook her head. She gave Artur a smile as well. She felt even better with another person around. It wasn't that she felt afraid of Robyn or felt uncomfortable to be in his presence, but Lilith just felt better with more people. They had just met after all. And she felt like she might be more pressured if they were alone.

    She took his arm, still blushing faintly. Patricia bowed in response to his greeting and kept behind the pair. She bowed her head at Artur in acknowledgement.

    Lilith thought about the question. "I like to practice my lyre. Music is something that has always made me happy. I have tried singing as well but I do not think I am good at it. Besides that I am often out on my horse Chester. Otherwise I have lessons." As she talked, Lilith felt a bit more at ease. "What about yourself?"
  10. "I wish my parents had put Dakota and I in music lessons." She admitted, pushing her hair out of her face with her free hand. "I would love to hear you play. And perhaps, tomorrow, we can go horseback riding? I would love to see your father's lands and I can't think of anyone else to give me the tour." She turned her head to smile down at the other girl. "Do you make lace or sew?"

    Artur kept a close eye on his friend, but hung back to offer Patricia his arm and a charming smile. He kept quiet though, looking back ahead to watch Dakota and make sure she didn't slip up. He didn't expect her to, though. He was pretty sure that somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind, this was still all just a game she was playing with her brother...
  11. Lilith nodded, beaming. She took pride in her skill on the lyre and she was glad to show her fiance what she could do.

    "If you want I could show you how to play it. I might not be that good of a teacher though," she told him. She wish she knew more so she could offer a different but complementary instrument. That way they could play together, but she didn't even know if he'd take the offer. "I would be happy to show you around. You must visit the town nearby too eventually. I've been there a few times and I have always enjoyed it."

    This time Lilith shook her head. "I did not take much interest in that and after a while my tutors stopped trying to force me. But my younger sister Jasmyn is pretty adept at it. You have a sister too?"

    Patricia took the offered arm, glad to be able to distract herself. She watched Lilith but she didn't feel like she had to worry too much. She turned to Artur.

    "What do you think of our Kingdom?"
  12. "Yes, I do....I did." Dakota frowned. "She was my twin. We were very close.It is because of her that I know how to make lace and sew and do a few other womens things. She knew how to fight and beat me on a few occasions." She looked up, smiling. "Her name was Dakota Robyn and I am Robyn Dakota. We used to take great pride in fooling everyone around us. Making them guess who is who. We'd switch names back and forth, go to each other's lessons. We were a thorn in the side of every member of the castle's staff. Even out parents." She sighed softly. She missed her brother so much. "I would love to learn the lyre. And for you to show me the town. Tomorrow, perhaps? I am going to try and get all of the important details with your father handled as soon as I can."
  13. Lilith frowned slightly. She felt sorry for Robyn's lost. The way he talked about his sister and the closeness that they seemed to share. It made her sad knowing that Robyn had lost someone like that. She imagined losing Jordan or Patricia, but she felt it wasn't quite the same. Robyn was much closer with Dakota.

    "I"m sorry for your lose," she said softly. Then Lilith nodded. She was glad to hear that he wanted to learn and see the town. It helped keep her mind distracted from the news she just heard. "Tomorrow is good. I am sure you must be tired as well. We are almost to your room." A part of Lilith didn't want to let Robyn go just yet. She was still learning about him, but she didn't want to be a bother either. They'd have enough time once they were wed.
  14. Dakota smiled. "We shouldn't talk about my sister any longer. Not on a day as beautiful as today. And tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day as well. And every day after that I get to spend in your presence." She said, taking Lillith's hand and kissing the back of it gently. If she thought about her brother any longer, she was going to start crying, and that really wasn't manly.

    Artur smiled at the woman on his arm. "I think your kingdom is beautiful. And the welcome we have gotten since we reached the boarder at every stop has been nothing short of warm and inviting." He felt bad for leaving such a gap after her question, but he had been caught of guard by Dakota bringing up Robyn that his manners slipped. And now he was embarrassed, but there was nothing he could do about it.
  15. Lilith blushed deeper and looked away. She wasn't use to this. Sure she had people complimenting her as she was the Princess, but Lilith had never really been courted before and well it was a tad embarrassing. At the same time she felt really happy and warm. It was so nice to hear someone talk to her like this. If this was the man to be her husband she didn't really have any complaints.

    "Thank you. It seems that I have been blessed. I do not deserve a man like you but it seems that luck has granted me one."

    Patricia smiled. "I am just glad you haven't seen any of the fighting then. We are a generous and good Kingdom. There should have been no reason for us to fight, but maybe I am wrong. I am just a simple servant. But I am glad to here that. We want this peace so much that I dare not think we'd try to jeopardize it."
  16. "You shouldn't say such things about yourself, Princess. Anyone as sweet and kind and beautiful as you deserves the world." She stood straight and smiled, giving her waist coat a sharp tug as if it had been out of place. "As much as it pains me, Lillith, I do find myself very much in need of some freshening up before I spend a moment longer in your presence. I fear I smell of the road and long travel." Dakota said, glancing down at herself. She felt like she was caked in dirt and sweat, even if she didn't look or smell like it. While she didn't mind getting dirty, she hated the way she felt after traveling long distances.

    "Ah. Unfortunately, I have seen my share of the fighting." He looked over at Dakota and sighed softly, shaking his head. "Both of our kingdoms need this peace. And I'm glad that I can stand here with my friend and see it happen." He turned to smile back at Patricia. "Thank you for your wonderful company, miss. I hope to see you later. We can both keep an eye on these two while they're out on their own." He said with a playful wink.
  17. Lilith only felt her blush grow deeper. She was beginning to get worried if this kept up if she would end up with a red face permanently. Still it was nice to hear such words from her betrothed. She was use to compliments but coming from the man who would be her husband made her feel happy and light. It took all of her strength to keep herself dignified.

    Lilith nodded and gestured a hand forward. "I can show you to a bathing chamber. It's not too far from here. Once there a servant can lead you to your room and then I shall see you at dinner?"

    Patricia took the wink better than her mistress and smiled back at him in returned. "Well I do hope none of us may see any more fighting. At least not with our two Kingdoms. I wish you a good day sir. May you find our Kingdom appleasing." She curtsied slightly.
  18. Dakota smiled. "A bath would be lovely, Princess." She said, starting to follow her down the hall. When they got to the door, she took Lillith's hand and kissed the back of it gently. "I cannot wait until dinner, just for the blessing of seeing you again. Until then," She reached into her pocket and took out a small box wrapped in a bow and everything. "I ask that you take this. Think of it as...a sort of engagement present, I suppose." She smiled and placed the box into the princess's hand. Inside was a very elaborate, very expensive choker necklace, definitely a testament to the money her family had. "Would you like help putting it on?" she asked softly, taking a step closer to the young woman.

    Artur smiled at Patricia, giving her a polite, respectful bow. "Thank you. I will not forget such a warm welcome." He took her hand and kissed it, then hurried off after his best friend's sister. When he caught up to them, he smiled and stayed a polite distance away, watching the pair. Maybe this wasn't a completely terrible idea after all.
  19. Patricia smiled warmly at Artur but she was blushing slightly. It seemed not only the Prince was charming. She could only imagine the trouble they must have gotten in with the girls before. She moved to stand by Lilith.

    Lilith looked down at the necklace in awe. It seemed that things were getting better by the minute. There was no doubt in her mind right then that Robyn was not perfect for her. She looked up at him with a kind, gentle smile and nodded.

    "Yes I would like that." She turned around, raising her hair so that he could have access to her neck.
  20. Robyn/Dakota smiled and took the necklace out of the box and draped it gracefully around the woman's neck. She pulled it snugly but gently against Lillith's throat and clasped it. She smiled and turned her around gently. "'s even more beautiful now that it's on your neck." She smiled and ran her fingers through her hair.