How would you feel about arranged partnerships and fighting?

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Anything with Youkai, Japanese culture, Fantasy, Realistic, and almost all Originals (Except Touhou)
I was thinking of an arranged marriage thing. I wanted to base the pairings on Tarot Cards (perhaps assigning them based on someone's power, etc.
I also wanted it to have some dragons, old cultures, etc.
While there can be dukes or Canon royals, I also want peasants a chance to get married (or "chained") to someone.

~This is loosely based on another arranged marriage game. All rights go to the respective owners~

What's To Come
* In this world, there are different ages of adulthood. However, the universal age (for all countries) had to be 14, which is the age of consent.
* Romance will be up to the players.
* Co-op tasks are necessary; there will only be three countries that allow " slashing" or divorce (temporary).
* You will be allowed as many characters as you can handle. The key cap, however, is TWO. I prefer one character per country (or per district, if it gets big enough)
* You can play as non humans. Elves, avians, Noctes, dwarves, gnomes, etc. are available.
* There will be assigned partners. It's a good idea not to know them before the wedding.
* Tarot Cards represent mana (and someone's lineage)
* There is a chance at snagging special roles.
* You will use a die to roll your chances~!

Who's interested?
Q: Will there be polygamy?
A: In this world, polygamy is allowed in certain countries. Polygamy would monopolize the project, BUT if you have a card that allows it (and a country that allows it) you will have ONE player spouse. The rest must be NPCs (played by me or other players). This is to avoid God moding.

Q: If I don't want to have a partner, can I still play?
A: Arranged Marriage is an integral part of the project. However, if you choose a noble family (or if you choose a minor role), that might work. PM me for more details.

Q: Is everyone married at the start?
A: Yes, and no. All of the recognized individuals will attend the Cassiopeia Chapel for the Ritual of Kinship. If you have a noble lineage, you are sitting in designated thrones. Assume that you married your partner the previous day.

Q. Do we have to call it a marriage?
A. While there is a ceremony, matrimony, etc , you don't have to call it a marriage. You can call it a "political partnership", " Buddies", "War Team", etc.
Heirs, Dukes, Knights, and Gentries go with you.
So, who's interested?

You will have:
~ (Possible) Death
~ Nation making!
~ partnership!!!

Note: I'm rather new to the Iwaku BBCodes.
As such, please bear with the subpar quality! Deepest apologies!

* In this world, there are no Earthly religions or references.
* You will have pieces of history given to you to weave into your sheet. You will start off with six important things about them. Based on your lucky numbers, character, and stats, you will have some additional information to write on your sheet. It can be as serious as having 23 deceased relatives / friends or as weird as having a third arm.
* If you are in any kind of military, arcane, or a barbaric family, you WILL need to have fighting skills.
* There are monsters in this world. Any monster listed in the Foes Tab are NON-PLAYABLE.
* For pictures, I prefer anime (not the cutesy kind, I'm afraid), realistic pictures, or medieval real photos.
* There are lots of roles you can play!

Each player will have up to 65 Points to spend. Your card can have increases (or decreases) for each category.

Might - Used to determine your physical ability
Stewardship - Used to determine one's ability to prioritize duties and overall cleanliness.
Wisdom - Used to determine intellect, logic, etc.
Spirituality - Used to determine your importance on religion, rituals, etc.
Temperance - Used to determine your ability at withholding extreme emotions and resisting temptations // 1 means that you have little to no control over your emotions; fiery tempers | 10 means you have absolute control
Health - Determines overall physical quality
Arcane - Used to determine the power of magic spells.
Perception - (perception of magic, empathy, etc.)[/spoili]
You also get to have noble families!
However, you don't get to choose them... unless if your card gives you that liberty!
And this isn't all the families!

Blanctorche ~ Known for their Dragon empire. They have dragon trainers, dragon linguists, and many dragon farms. Hunting dragons (or any dragon like source), is expressly forbidden. They are also known for their pumpkin and dragon fruit imports! Trade's a thing!
(Based on the French; you may be asked to have a French - esque name)

Asahina ~ Known for their high government and naval ships.
(Based on the Japanese; you may be asked to have a Japanese - esque [ preferably from the Edo period] name)

Kozulec ~ Known for their high amount of pastoralist nomads; known as "The Bloodsucking Territory", as it houses many vampires and nocturnal creatures. They are also known for their high population of apothecaries.
(Based on the Slovakians; you may be asked to have a Slavic - esque name.)
This seems cool :)
I'd be interested
But I would need some clarification on characters
cause i'm not really sure how the cards deal with them
Seems very interesting. Definitely down for it if this gets more interest
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