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    • About the Roleplay (open)

      More Information:

      The Children of Disney heroes and Disney Villains have Been on good terms for a while now but in order to keep peace they have decided That their Children who of marrying age shall get married. They will be sent to Jester High School in order to Meet their betrothed and each other.
      Jester High School:

      The High School Was Founded Nearly a year ago by King Eric and Queen Ariel in order for this event to happen. The School has several Rooms. Most are used for bedrooms but there are some that are used for Class rooms.
      Roomates will be Male and Female, You will be put in a room with your betrothed. There are Four people in each room. 2 Males and 2 Females. (If anyone has a problem with it, Tell me in the discussion Label Questions or Comments.)

    • No bullying out of character. It is not cool to see and I hate it, I a. bullied in High School so I don't want to see it. I don't care about in character its a school. People are going to be mean to each other.
      LGBTQIA+ is wonderful and I support it fully but I do not want to roleplay it with this. I'm Sorry if this offends anyone.
      Do not make more characters than you can handle. It is stupid to make a character and then never use it.
      Cussing is a okay!
      Sex is Allowed. Just do it in PM.
      Most of all guys have fun with it. This is supposed to be fun

    • Characters (open)

      Son of John Smith and Pocahontas: @justaddnutts
      Daughter of Hercules and Megara: @Shayla
      Daughter of Belle and the Beast: @Brea
      Son of Aladdin and Jasmine: I'm taking this
      Daughter of Snow White and Prince: @Little_Ghost98
      Son of Aurora and Prince Philip: @little ghost98
      Daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn: I will be taking this one
      Son of Mulan and Shang: @Infinite_Darkness
      Daughter of Ariel and EriC: @Shayla
      Son of Alice: @Yandere-Chan
      Daughter of Anna and Kristoff:
      Son Of Elsa: @Brea
      Daughter of Cinderella and Prince: @Yandere-Chan
      Son Of Merida: @IceQueen
      Daughter of Kida and Milo: @Star gazer
      Daughter of Peter Pan: Stargazer
      Daughter of Captain Hook: @Shayla
      Son of Maleficent: @Brea
      Daughter of Jafar: @Infinite_Darkness
      Son of Queen of Hearts:
      Daughter of Cruella De Vil: @Little_Ghost98
      Son of the Evil Queen: @Yandere-Chan
      Daughter of Ursula: @Brea
      Son of Gaston: @Little_Ghost98
      Daughter of Yzma: @Justaddnutts
      Son of Hans: I will be taking this one.
      Daughter of Mother Gothel: @Infinite_Darkeness
      Son Of Hades:
      Daughter of The Cheshire Cat: @IceQueen
      Son of the Evil Step Mother: @star gazer
      Son of DR. Falicer: I'll be taking this one
      Son of Morgana(Ursulas sister): Yandrere chan

      Pairings: (open)

      Good---> Evil
      (Also went ahead and linked the CS's that have already been made to the usernames)
      (Made by the Fabulous @Brea
      (JustAddNutts) Son of Pocahontas & John Smith ---> Daughter of Cruella De Vil (Little_ghost98)
      (Little_ghost98) Son of Aurora & Phillip --->Daughter of Ursula (Brea)
      (Meggie) Son of Aladdin & Jasmine --->Daughter of Cheshire Cat (IceQueen)
      (Infinite_Darkness) Son of Mulan & Shang ---> Daughter of Captain Hook (Shayla)
      (Yandere-Chan) Son of Alice ---> Daughter of Mother Gothel (Infinite_Darkness)
      (Brea) Son of Elsa ---> Daughter of Yzma(JustAddNutts)
      (IceQueen) Son of Merida ---> Daughter of Jafar (Infinite_Darkness)
      (Brea) Daughter of Belle & Beast ---> Son of Evil Queen (Yandere-Chan)
      (Meggie) Daughter of Rapunzel & Flynn --->Son of Hades (Stan's Mistress)
      ( Little_ghost98) Daughter of Snow White & Prince ---> Son of Hans (Meggie)
      (Shayla) Daughter of Hercules & Megara ---> Son of Evil Step-Mother (ᒥᎦτɑʀɡɑʑεʀᒧ)
      (Shayla) Daughter of Ariel & Eric ---> Son of Maleficent (Brea)
      (Satan's Mistress) Daughter of Anna & Kristoff ---> Son of Gaston (Little_Ghost98)
      (Yandere-Chan) Daughter of Cinderella --->Son of Dr. Faciler (Meggie)
      (ᒥᎦτɑʀɡɑʑεʀᒧ) Daughter of Milo & Kida --->Son of Queen of Hearts (Satan's Mistress)
      (Stargazer) Daughter of Peter Pan ----> Son of Morgana (Yandrere Chan)​

      Dorms (open)

      DORM A
      Son of Pocahontas & John Smith
      Daughter of Cruella De Vi
      Daughter of Milo & Kida
      Son of the Queen of hearts
      DORM B
      Daughter of Belle &The Beast
      Son of the Evil Queen
      Daughter of Hercules & Megara
      Son of the Evil Step-Mother
      DORM C
      Daughter of Rupunzel & Flynn
      Son of Hades
      Son of Aurora &Philip
      Daughter of Ursula
      DORM D
      Son of Aladdin & Jasmine
      Daughter of The Cheshire Cat
      Son of Mulan & Shang
      Daughter of Captain Hook
      DORM E
      Daughter of Snow White & Prince
      Son of Hans
      Son of Alice
      Daughter of Mother Gothel
      DORM F
      Son of Elsa
      Daughter of Yzma
      Daughter of Cinderella
      Son of Dr. Falicer
      DORM G
      Son Of Merida
      Daughter of Jafar
      Daughter of Anna & Kristoff
      Son of Gaston
      DORM H
      Daughter of Ariel & Eric
      Son of maleficent
      Daughter of Peter Pan
      Son of ???

    • Character Sheet


      Age (15-19):

      Grade in school:


      Evil or good:



      Feelings on arranged marriage:

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  1. [​IMG]
    Elizabeth Jane Hook
    Nicknames: Eliza , Lizzy , Beth , Hook

    Age (15-19):

    Grade in school:


    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 112
    Eye Color: Emerald Green
    Body Type: Curved ~ Athletic ~ Small Waisted
    Hair: Honey Dark Brown ~ Chest Length ~ Soft and slight wavy ~ Smells of Lavender and Rum
    Piercings: Several ear piercings and Belly Button Piercings
    Tattoo's: See Other

    Evil or good:

    Captain Hook and Lady Annaliese Rochester


    Lizzy is a firecracker. She is known for being fierce and independent in all that she does.. She doesn't like to take order's from anyone but that of herself no matter how much her mother tried to take that side out of her. She is brutally honest and hates to sugar coat things.. She doesn't see the point in doing so if things will be eventually coming to light at some given time. She is extremely cunning and very much so a Pirate true and true like her dear old daddy. She has a hidden away sweet side buried inside of her in that thing they call a heart.. Well , she thinks so. She loves to travel and never can seem to stay in a place for far to long.. Though one thing can be said about her.. She trusts none but herself and doesn't believe in love.
    Feelings on arranged marriage:
    " Love... I'll get straight to the bloody point. I don't want to be married to anyone... Did that come across loud enough? NOBODY.. Love isn't real and it never last's... Trust me."


    ~ Already has her own ship called the " Black Kracken." It is her pride and joy.. The one thing she holds closest to that of her heart.. Some would say it is her , True Love besides that of the Ocean itself.

    ~ Has been traveling non-stop since the age of ten even though her mother insist's on her becoming a "Proper Lady of the Court." Corsets and dresses... Oh the cringes..

    ~ Her favorite color is Emerald Green similar to that of her own eye's.

    ~ Her disbelief in love was grounded and rose from the pure fact that she witnessed her parent's break apart within an instant without even fighting to keep one another. She simply fear's someone letting her go and not truly loving her.

    ~ Her mother has remarried a Duke whom seeks to make her life a bloody hell all due to the fact she refused to be his , Plaything.

    ~ Has this Tattoo on her lower back hidden away from sight.

    ~ Has a collection of swords , guns , cannons.. You name it she has it weaponry wise. She is well versed in using any of them due to her father's training.

    ~ Can speak several languages due to her multiple travels.

    ~ Will never be seen without wearing a pair of boots.. Not once , Matey.

    ~ Her ever loyal companions - Zera and Arrow

    ~ Always wears this Choker and has never told anyone the reason behind it.

    ~ Extremely quick witted and resourceful in all that she does.

    ~ Due to a certain tattooed marking around her wrist it is not what it seems. It is a gift that was placed upon her by both a dark and light fairy of Neverland. This specific marking allows her to manipulate the elements.. It also allows her to be able to manipulate elements into healing her and none being able to harm her.

    ~ One of the best swimmers and captains you'll ever meet in your lifetime.

    Arianna Isolde Telvarie

    Age (15-19):

    Grade in school:

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 110
    Eye Color: Dark Violet Purple like her Mother's
    Body Type: Athletic ~ Petite ~ Tiny hands and feet
    Hair: Dark Chocolate Brown ~ Waist Length ~ Silken ~ Smells of Rose's and Honey
    Piercings: A few ear piercings
    Tattoo's: N/A
    Evil or good:

    Hercules and Megara

    Ari is quite many a thing that much can be said. During all her schooling year's she became greatly well known for that of her flirtatious side that seemingly never got her into trouble. She was notorious for being a heartbreaker who had never found her heart broken once in her lifetime. She is very much so guarded when it comes to that of her heart. She doesn't let many in easily and for good reason because she hates the thought of what pain it would cause her if she were to open it up. She has her father's Heroic Selfless side for certain. She is willing to put her life on the line for anyone and stand her ground against anyone who dare try to harm or hurt another individual. She is very much kind and sweet to those who have managed to become close to her and even those she barely knows. She is a true hero in many a way and has done many a deed to establish such a fact that ism't hidden behind her father's or mother's shadow.

    Feelings on arranged marriage:
    " I wanted to marry for love and now I'm told I am being forced to marry someone I barely care for and don't wish to be with.. I think it is a complete waste of time and not to mention a complete loss of hope to be happy like my parents.. By Zeus , I don't understand what they are thinking..."

    ~ She is extremely and utterly loyal to that of her older brother , Alec. Whom before her was also forced into a marriage with that of a Princess. He is the one person she will let her guard down completely with and is the only one who knows how she truly feels on the marriage bit.

    ~ She is known throughout the school as one of the biggest flirtatious heartbreaker's to be found. Most would comment and say that this is a trait she most certainly inherited from her mother , Meg. For her this is to keep from her heart being broken first or ever.

    ~ Has reserved the nickname " Wonder Boy " For that of someone who can actually make her fall in love and make her feel comfortable. Is a great step and meaning in getting closer to her.

    ~ Can wield her Grandfather's Thunderbolts without any harm being done upon that of herself.

    ~ Often when at home she dresses in the older fashion of Greek clothing as most of the people of her homeland still do.

    ~ Has a Pegasus named , Irisia that was gifted to her as a guardian by her Grandparent's.

    ~ Her Guardian around the school who has been with her since she was fourteen is , Gemini

    ~ Is extremely athletic and is known for being in most sports groups in the school whilst retaining her founded popularity.

    ~ Very much so a silver tongued kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants and needs.

    ~ Is an amazing singer like that of her mother and was deemed by all of Olympus as one of the finest to be found and one who even rivals Aphrodite in all her regal beauty.
    * Alec and Arianna *


    Princess Melody Airetta Virella

    Age (15-19):

    Grade in school:

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 112
    Hair: Dark Brown - Flaming Red with water contact ~ Waist Length ~ Very Wavy ~ Smells of Honeysuckle and Sweetpea
    Body: Petite ~ Dainty ~ Well defined hips
    Piercings: The Regular Kind's.
    Tattoo's: N/A
    Evil or good:

    Princess Ariel and Prince Eric

    Melody is a true sweetheart. The girl doesn't seem to have a mean bone within her body as many have bore witness to during her life. To all she meets she is kind and sweet. She has an extremely soft spot towards that of children and animals. They seem to make her melt at the very sight of them and for certain make her greatly eager to have her own children. She is very much so regal and holds to upholding her family in the highest of respect. She see's good in all whether they are Evil or not and gives the benefit of the doubt. She is extremely charitable and willing to give the shirt off her own back to those who are less fortunate than that of her.. She hates to see any in pain and sadness and is willing to take it away for them as to only lessen the burden as much as she possibly can. She has a true found sense of putting her own want's and dreams behind herself as to further other's in seeing them happy before her. Which is why she has yet to make her fear's known on her upcoming betrothal and marriage.. She cannot bare to disappoint her parent's and bring shame upon there name.. Unhappy or not she will bare the newly assigned life given to her.

    Feelings on arranged marriage:
    " If one must truly know... I'm marrying because this is my duty and and I love my parent's with all my heart.. I want to be in love but I won't dare say a word to my parents because I refuse to hurt them no matter how my heart tells me different."

    ~ Has a horse named , Fiero

    ~ Has a dog named , Kaya

    ~ When she was at the age of twelve. Her Grandfather King Triton bestowed a gift upon her. She was gifted this Amulet to her. This allows her to take a mermaid form whenever she so wishes as long as she thinks it. It also allows her to manipulate water to her needs.

    ~ Is known to slip off when she needs to think , clear her mind and such to the ocean side where she still is free to see her friend's of the ocean especially that of her self deemed mentor , Sebastian. So small yet is the most bossy person she knows.

    ~ Is an Honor's Student and Captain of the Equestrian Club

    ~ Speaks multiple languages and is well versed when it comes to people.

    ~ Secretly Fears being married to someone who only see's her as someone for the money and would cheat on her without a second thought.

    ~ Her hair turns a flaming red much like her mother's when she come into contact with water.
    ~ Her Mermaid Tail Form and Top Piece

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  2. [​IMG]

    Kristin Devina Gothel


    [BCOLOR=#099c09]Grade in school[/BCOLOR]

    Height - 5'4"
    Weight - 110 Lbs
    Hair Color - Chocolate Brown
    Eye Color - Chestnut Brown
    Tattoos - None
    Piercings - Basic Ear Piercings, Tongue Piercings.



    Mother Gothel + Jake (Never knew his last name)

    Witty | Intelligent | Brave | Strong | Manipulative | Observant | Artistic | Athletic
    Since day one, Kristin was bred to be evil. Despite her mother's love of being young, Kristin took on a different look on life. She wanted to destroy those who opposed her path. To accomplish this, Kristin not only trained herself in the dark arts and hand to hand combat, she also learned everything there was available to a girl like her. Leaving her a deadly, intelligent, weapon. She is witty and silver tongued, she is a master of manipulation. Some question whether or not she is trustworthy, but don't be fouled she is a women of her word; however, those words come seldom. Despite her evil nature, deep down Kristin loves things that are as simple as art, dance, singing, and friends. Those are the things her mother tried to turn her off to, but not all efforts are with success.

    [BCOLOR=#099c09]Feelings on arranged marriage[/BCOLOR]
    "It's like being forced to love something your allergic to."
    Kristin was never one to be over joyed with arranged marriage, she prefers the idea of falling in love and marrying the man she loves.


    Has a crow named Kane

    Kristin can sing beautifully. Before some knew who her mother was, she use to sing for Kings and Queens from far away lands.

    Her father was a dark lord in a near by kingdom, he knew the dark arts better than most people of his land. When Kristin was ten, her 'gifts' came to her.

    Her gifts are the basic dark arts, then what is unique to her: inducing nightmares in someones every day life.

    Kristin loves the idea of love.


    [BCOLOR=#800080]Faceclaim: Parineeti Chopra[/BCOLOR]

    Lady Nasira Reshm (Ra-sh-m)


    [BCOLOR=#800080]Grade in school[/BCOLOR]

    Height - 5'6"
    Weight - 120 Lbs
    Hair Color - Brown
    Eye Color - Hazel green
    Tattoos - 1
    Piercings - Basic Ear, Cartilage



    Jafar + Lady Ophelia (1 year Deceased)

    Sly | Outspoken | Mystical | Sneaky | Flirty | Charming | Manipulative | Self-Centered | Seductive
    Despite her father being a power-hungry man that wishes to rule the world, Nasira didn't really take after him on the power-hungry part. Since she was little she dreamed of being a ruler and her mother would have gotten her there if she wasn't caught and executed. However, after seeing her mother killed Nasira's lust for ruling ended, but her crave for revenge began. Nasira began to manipulate people into doing her bidding and well it worked.

    [BCOLOR=#800080]Feelings on arranged marriage[/BCOLOR]
    "Why must I marry for money, why not love? Why not someone I truly care about?"
    She may do everything he father asks of her because she wishes to please him, but when it comes to love she would like to do what pleases herself.

    Has a pet snake named Wish

    She has the power to see into the future and command people.

    She loves walking in the forest, gives her time to think.

    She wants to find someone that will accept her for who she is and not what they want her to be.

    She hates being bossed around, and when she is the job will never be down right and it will blow up in someone's face.


    Li Shan (Last name goes first in his culture, but he wants people to call him Shan)


    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Grade in school[/BCOLOR]

    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 206 Lbs
    Hair Color - Brown
    Eye Color - Brown, almost black looking
    Tattoos - On right side of his rib cage
    Piercings - N/A



    Mulan and Shang

    Natural born leader | Swords-Man | Sharp-shooter | Patient | Caring | Strong & Brave | Free-Spirited
    Since the day of his birth, which was celebrated by all of china, Shan was called the next Savior of the land. The pressure was on a little too much. Everything was always about being the best, being selfless, being there for others, but Shan never knew what it was like to reflect on himself. He was always training to be patient, a warrior, and a leader. He was built to protect and serve, but he wanted to serve himself for once. So when his parents informed him that his arranged marriage has come, he was excited. Not to be married or in a arranged marriage, but to get away from his parents for once in his life.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Feelings on arranged marriage[/BCOLOR]
    "It's something so normal in my culture today that I didn't expect anything but it."
    Lies! Shan may have expected to be placed into a arranged marriage, but he still wonders what love is. True love.


    Has a pet lizard named Mo

    Has a horse named Scorpio

    Is amazing at hand to hand combat


    He doesn't plan on marrying.

    Doesn't want to follow in his mother or father's footsteps, he wants to blaze his own trail and leave his own legacy on the world.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Belladonna Fitzherbert

    Age (15-19): 17

    Grade in school: Junior

    Evil or good: Good

    Parents: Rapunzel and Flynn

    Personality: Belladonna is a shy person, she tends to be arguementitive and can come off as rude to people who see her fight and have never met her. She only fights over things she believes in. She is very energetic and happy always finding a way to have fun. She is a very ambitious person. She loves to help people and does it quite well. She is impulsive if she sees something isn't right than she will go and help or try to figure it out.

    Feelings on arranged marriage: She believes love shouldn't be arranged and that it should just happen. She wants to fall in love rather than be forced into it.

    She Has a Cat named Snowball: [​IMG]

    Name: Victor Fontana

    Age (15-19): 18

    Grade in school: Senior

    Evil or good: Wants to be good but has no clue how

    Parents: Hans of the Southern Isles and a princess.

    Personality: Victor is an enigma all on his own. He, like his father, has a lot of brothers and sisters, but, unlike his father, he's not jealous of his place as the youngest prince. He knows who he is, he knows who his father is, and, although it might surprise some, he's perfectly fine with it. He understands his father plight as the youngest of thirteen and he'll often defend his father if/when anyone tries to put him down because of it.As the youngest he's been protected by his siblings and is unusually sheltered for his age. He's respectful and good at strategies, but he's also deceitful and coldly detached.

    Feelings on arranged marriage: Understands it as necessary and respects his parents decision.


    • His Brothers and sisters have all married already
    • Victor means 'victor' or 'conqueror'
    • Fontana is an Italian last name that means 'fountain' or 'water source'. It's also the last name of the man who voiced Hans. I'm using it as a movie reference and also because Hans was never given a last name
    Name: Lucas Ali

    Age (15-19):18

    Grade in school: Senior

    Evil or good: Good

    Parents: Aladdin and Jasmine

    Personality: Lucas is a sweet and kind young man though he grew up as royalty he has some of his fathers street rat ingenuity. He is sly and cunning and has a both a mixture of his mother and father. From his mother he got his fighting spirit and from his father he got his ability to work through almost any situation.

    Feelings on arranged marriage: He is unsure of it wants to find love, he can not believe his mother would do this to him

    -He loves to draw and usually does it when he was upset.


    Name: Leon Falicer

    Age (15-19): 17

    Grade in school: Junior

    Evil or good: Undecided leaning towards evil

    Parents: Dr. Falicer

    Personality: Leon is a boisterous and happy young man. He can come off as rude if you do not know him. He is really a nice person and has a knack for helping people but he can't and doesn't show it around his father. He has been hardened by his father to never help anyone only to trick and hurt others.

    Feelings on arranged marriage: He hates the idea and doesn't really care. He could be persuaded if someone could love him

    -He loves to sing and dance
    -He loves magic but doesn't do it himself
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  4. Yes it's fine for those to be your faceclaims
  5. [​IMG]
    "imAGinaTIoN iS ThE Only WEaPOn In THe wAR AGaiNSt reality"
    Violet Cheshire


    Grade in school

    124 pounds
    Can Change Color at Will, but her favorite is a grey blue, or one purple one blue.
    Her pupils also contract like that of a cat's.

    Short cropped and a purple color
    1mm gauges in each ear, one piercing above each, two cartilage in one ear and one in the other.
    She also has a belly button piercing.

    Shoulder has the words "I'm not crazy, my reality is just different than yours."
    Side, Wrist

    Evil or good
    Rotten to the core, not that she likes it

    Cheshire cat, and some poor unfortunate soul

    +|Fun Loving|Chill|Flexible|Playful|
    -|Flirtacious|Non Commital|Irritating|Self Critical|
    Violet has always taken after her father in being a trouble maker. The girl can get her way with anything,
    considering her good looks, flirtatious abilities, and stunning smile. Never one to settle for just one person at a time,
    Violet has never hung around one man for too long. She is used to getting what she wants, and she won't stop until
    she does. If you look past her bad girl nature, the woman is quite playful, and gives respect where it is earned,
    if she trust you enough to not be an ass to her all the time. She is flexible as a friend, and literally. The girl
    seems to have a talent for distorting her body in different ways. But if you get to see her in her rare
    moments of thought, she seems quite vulnerable, because she sees the fault in all her trouble making,
    and she can't seem to find a way to stop being the way she is.

    Feelings on arranged marriage:
    "Hell no! Commitment is for those assholes who want to spend their entire life without fun! I would
    rather go to hell with my father."

    Violet can levitate herself and has the ability to blend herself into the background, since those were powers her
    father had. She uses them to help her mischief.
    Since she is part cat, Violet has ears and a tail that can appear at will. She also has a full form
    much like that of the Cheshire cat himself, only slimmer.
    Violet has a snake she calls Viper, and a cat named Nightmare
    Ann got a wolf named Echo for her birthday from her father. It is a wonderland present
    Likes to draw, hates showing or telling others about it. She also likes the cello.

    Michael DunBroch


    Grade in school

    230 pounds
    ~Hair Color~
    ~Eye Color~
    Right Arm, Back

    Evil or good

    Merida and Eric DonBroch

    +|Flexible|Free Willed|Caring|Adventurous|
    -|Stubborn|Aggressive|Easily Bored|Hates being Cooped up|
    Michael has always resembled his mother since he was a little kid. Stubborn and
    hot headed, he often is refered to as a sleeping bear. He is quite calm and collected when no one is
    messing around with him, but as soon as you start to try and bend him to their will, he get's angry. He is fine
    accepting everyone for who they are, since every person is different, but he doesn't want other to change him
    either. You get what you give, he likes to say. Michael, despite being very stubborn, is a very caring person.
    Once he finds that special someone, he is determined to make them happy at any cost. When he isn't
    making sure his one and only is completely satisfied, Michael is filling his thirst for adventure,
    by riding around on his horse or exploring new forests.

    Feelings on arranged marriage
    "It's ok, I guess. But to a Villain?? NO way."

    If angry enough, he has a witch on speed dial to give him a spell if he needs it
    Michael was taught how to fight, shoot, and ride back home, so messing with this muscled up man isn't a good idea.
    Michael has a horse named Borris, that he rides around all the time
    He has a loyal dog named Marshal
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  6. I think it would be ok but what would the Cheshire Cat be under Merida would be a hero
  7. Probably evil I guess
  8. @Meggie
    I noticed that neither Cinderella/Evil Step Mother?? nor Alice/Queen of Hearts is listed.. I think these children would be fun to roleplay as!

    I apologize for barging in.

    Also, your signature is beautiful.

    Sorry, I forgot to add this..
    I was wondering if I could reserve Snow White's daughter and Queen of Hearts son, assuming these spots are open. My faceclaims will likely be Emily Rudd and Alex Caplow.
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  9. They are all on there now!

    No your fine

    As is yours and of course you can
  10. Are we allowed to take chidren from movies like BH6 or Wall-E?
  11. I haven't ever seen Big Hero Six so no to that, and I don't think walls fits sorry
  12. Alright, just asking~ But BH6 is a good movie, would recommend it.
  13. Hm. Then could I reserve Alice's son and Cinderella's daughter?
  14. Sorry if I sounded blunt but I had considered characters from walle but none of them seemed to fit
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  15. Nah, it's ok
  16. Did
    did you still want snow whites kid?
  17. Yes, please! :)

    For the face claims, definitely Imogen Poots but I'm unsure for my male..

    I also wouldn't mind making another male, to balance out the gender ratio.
  18. So three heroes kids and no villain kids?
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