Arranged Marriage

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  1. Dianna sat by the fireplace that night. She was to be married the next day to a man she had never met before. She was doing this for her country, for her kingdom, and for her father. Her mother had died when she was a child and her father devoted his life and hers, to god. She was not truly as faithful as she portraied herself to be. She only wanted to make her father happy. She sighed out loud. She did not want to be married to someone she had never met before. She always thought she would fall in love and marry that man, but her father had told her it was for the good of the people.

    She looked down, playing with the ring she had been given by her father-in-law. It was simple yet very beautiful. She was surprised to have even been given anything. She wondered what he would look like. She had not been allowed to see him and she was nervous. She hoped he would be kind to her... but she didn't not hope for it too much. She had been told by her old friends that an Arranged Marriage usually meant the husband would be cruel to her.

    She sighed again, standing up and walking out of the salon and walking down the wide corridor, curtsying to the guards who bowed to her as she passed by. She went to her chambers and looked at the dress she would be wearing tomorrow. It was magnificent and had been her mothers wedding dress. She sighed softly, touching the pendant that hung from her neck. It was her mothers and had a small portrait of her mother inside of it. She took the necklace off and put it into the jewelry box and then packed it away. She had a few trunks packed for her journey to her new home, a castle both her fathers had built for her and her husband.

    She laid down in the plush bed, curling up alone, like she had for most of her life. She would miss this, but hopefully she would have her own chambers.
  2. The intended, a rather cruel man by the name of Riddick, more of a tank than a man however he inspires loyalty into his men and fear into his enemies.....and allies. As soon as he saw a portrait of this woman he knew he ad to have her and arranged for it to become reality. At 32 He has well and trule taken the reigns of his kingdom. His father rules in name only, everyone knows its Riddick that calls the shots.

    (Think vin deisiel)
  3. The morning comes and she is woken by her maids in waiting. They had orders to help Dianna get ready for the wedding early that day. She was rushed into the bath, the water smelled of roses and honeydew. She let them clean her scrubbing her skin like they did for her. Her skin was always glowing and beautiful. She sighed as they brushed her hair, braiding it and putting roses into her hair. It was customary to put they family flower into the princess's hair. She did not mind and watched as they dressed her. She was surprised that she fit into the dress. From her fathers stories, mother was a beautiful woman with the face and body of a goddess.

    She smiled to herself and sat down, letting them apply a bit of makeup, some blush to her cheeks and a light pink for her lips. It was just enough to brighten her face and her features. She sighed and put the necklace she had been asked to wear during the wedding. According to her father it was a gift from her husband to be. She smiled lightly. It was a simple necklace and complimented her. She stood as the door to her room was opened. Her father stood there, smiling at her.

    "Come my daughter, it is time," he said to her softly. She nodded her head and walked with him to the carriage. Their wedding would be at the chapel like her father had planned. "You look beautiful Dianna," he said to her softly. She smiled. "Thank you father," she said softly. It took a few moments to reach the chapel and she was walked inside and into a private room to wait for a few moments. She was alone, two guards outside the room to watch over and protect her.
  4. Waiting on the Altar Riddick cant wait to meet his new wife. The last one didnt last long, nor the one before that. However this one should last longer than the two before. However all these thoughts are going on in his head. Outside Riddick looks as nervous as any man about to be married, this is a ploy. He isnt nervous at all. Hes jittery with how hes going to deflower her, should it be the ass first? or her pussy? He practicly salivates with the thoughts running through his mind.
  5. The piano player began to play the wedding march and the doors to the chapel were opened. Her father by her side and a bouquet of roses in her hands she walked down the isles towards the front were the priest and her future husband stood. She kept her eyes on the ground as she walked. She did not want to look up at him now. She had been told it was rude to do so. She could feel her heart racing as they got closer and closer, until she felt someone take her hand firmly. His hand was course and rough against her soft delicate hands. She felt his hand leave her hand and she felt him lift away the veil.

    She looked up then and took in his face. He looked terrifying to her. She offered him a small smile, one that brightened her face. She looked back down at their hands and waited for the priest to commence. She knew what she had to say and when the time came, she did not mess up. She slipped his wedding band onto his finger and waited for him to do the same to her.
  6. his voice is silky smooth. Like the gown shes wearing as he professes his vows. The ring is put on her hand and his lips descend on yours. For such a rough man his kiss is gentle....Then again this IS about apearences.
  7. She was surprised by how gentle his kiss was and she felt her heart flutter. She pulled away with him and smiled when everyone began clapping. She walked with him to the doors and to their carriage. She was nervous at the thought of being alone with him, even though he was now her husband. She thanked him when he helped her into the carriage and sat on the opposite side. She waved goodbye to her father and her other family members as the coachman moved the reigns and told the horses to move. She sat there, her veil now hiding her face as she looked at her skirt.
  8. The man smiles, the expression holds no warmth at all."You are as beautifull as they said, i must say i had quite a hard time containing myself in there, i believe you should be a good wife and offer me some relief with your mouth." He says to her pointing at his straining trousers. The threat is clear in his voice....This man can make her life hell and get away with it because hes her husband.
  9. She looked at him with confusion and then looked at where he was pointing. Her cheeks turned bright red with blush. She looked at him again, shivering at the fear the look gave her. She had no choice and she would suffer if she choose otherwise. She felt tears line her eyes but she got up and moved to him, kneeling in front of him and biting her lip. She wanted to cry but she held it in as she used her hand to free his member from his pants. She used her hand, not sure how to use her mouth but she leaned forward and began licking at the head of his member. She wanted to throw up.
  10. At the very least he keeps himself very clean...compulsivly actually. He smells of sweet flowers and his lustfull groans tell you your doing something right. "Put it in your mouth and suck it." He orders....virgins, so tedious haveing to teach them everything.
  11. She nodded her head and opened her mouth, letting his member into her mouth. She didn't want to do this, but she again, had no choice. She moved her head down, licking and sucking like he had told her to do. She was getting nervous. She didn't know what he would do to her once they were in their home. She regretted this marriage more then anything now. She could feel her tears sliding down her cheeks. She didn't stop though, sucking and licking as best she could.
  12. Soon she feels something hot and sticky coating the back of her throat. He pulls her off his cock."Swallow, never spit it out." he orders."The only reason i havent taken you yet is i believe connsumation of marrige should be done in a bed. I may however need your mouth again later on."
  13. She wanted to cough but he ordered her to swallow. She did, coughing afterward and shivering. She got up and went back to where she had been sitting. She kept her gaze to the ground, wiping the tear stains from her eyes. She hated this. At least he was decent enough not to take her in the carriage, but she might have to do that again. She didn't want to, but she wouldn't voice it out. She feared he would hurt her.
  14. He leaves her be for now, he can lay out the rules closer to the arrival at his fortress. A fortress that houses his most loyal soldiers,slaves,and whores.
  15. She looks out the window and notices they weren't heading to the home that her father had built for them. "Where are we going?" she asked him after a little while. She was confused and even more nervous now then she was before.
  16. Her new husband smiles wickedly."to one of my fortresses of course. You must be introduced to my men. I have several rules you Must follow." He then proceeds to explain that she is to obey his every command. In public she is to defer to him and NEVER contradict him. He also informs her that breaking either rule will result in harsh punishments..
  17. "But... But you promised my father that we would live in the castle he built for us...." she said. She nodded her head to his rules though. She knew she would be punished if she disobeyed him and she could tell his punishments would be more pain then she would ever feel.
  18. He smiles."Do you really think i would go anywhere without my loyal soldiers inspecting it from top to bbottom first? We will be lodging here for two weeks." He informs her.
  19. She nodded her head and kept her eyes on the ground. She had this nagging feeling he would share her with her soldiers. "May I ask a question..... Will I be... shared with other men?" she asked softly. She doesn't want to be shared or even have sex with any man, but she had no choice with him. She would put her foot down if he let others have their way with her.
  20. His wicked smile is in no way reassuring."Perhaps if you misbehave too much ill give you to my soldiers to use as they see fit...obey and we wont have that problem. I dont particulary like shareing."