Arranged Marriage

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  1. Character Sheet~




    Lulu, Bambi









    Reaching an average 5’11” Luhan weighs a slender 120 pounds. However lanky he is, he moves with the elusive grace of a dancer. Most of Luhan’s height is achieved by his long legs. Due to his light weight, he may seem a little sickly at times, and to maintain his weight, his immune system suffers greatly, causing him to get ill quickly and frequently. Throughout his lifetime, Luhan has struggled with his weight, always slightly self conscious about it. With the lack of body fat, he has a slightly willowy and feminine frame, though he hides his body underneath his clothes. Like his name suggests, Luhan is built naturally like a deer, petite, dainty, graceful, but lithe and agile. Luhan’s weight is made up of mostly muscles, which lay lightly defined underneath his skin. As much as his frame is deceiving, Luhan is actually extremely strong due to his various sports. Even though Bambi tries to state that he is manly, his fair and pale complexion does not side with his argument.

    His face is slightly heart shaped, tapering at the chin to form a smaller chin, which is a feature he received from his mother. Compared to others, Luhan’s face is quite petite, like the rest of his body. His face is pale, and near flawless, except for a few freckles just like his father's, who also burns tomato red at the slightest mention of sun. Luhan’s naturally midnight black hair is cut into something reminiscent to a quiff and Niall Horan’s haircut (when he first debuted.) Due to his bangs being slightly longer than the rest of his hair, Lulu will either spike it up, or leave it as it is, framing his small face, the bangs sweeping to the side of his forehead, covering his thick eyebrows. Luhan is among those people who are gifted with a baby face (but it is by no means pudgy) never matching up with his age. Underneath his eyebrows are his large, almond shaped eyes, often associated with asian roots, the same eyes that he shares with his mother. Far away, they seem like a dark brown shape, yet up close, you can see that the outer rims are dark brown, going to a light honey hazel color close to the iris. His round, pinchable, and soft cheeks are a rosy color, especially after dancing. Like the quote says, Luhan’s eyes are the first things that express his internal feelings. Luhan’s cheeks often backstab him, turning a crimson color whenever he blushes or compliments a girl. Bambi’s ears are pierced, both having at least one piercing, while his right ear has a second one. Often seen wearing silver dangly cross earrings, Luhan sports a black stud in his second piercing.

    On a daily basis, Luhan dresses in a peppy fashion, usually in dark or black jeans, and a nice top. He does have a penchant for black combat boots.



    You wish to know about his personality? In simple terms, Luhan is a pile of mush, a pile of tofu, if you will. He is quite literally the softest and nicest guy you will ever meet. True to his name, Luhan’s personality resembles a deer, shy, quiet, easily spooked, and sweet. Shy when you first meet him, you will quickly realize that once he warms up to you, that even though he remains a little shy, he does have quite the sense of humor and is easy to talk to. Maybe it’s due to his natural charisma, but he has a certain aura of quiet power and charm, leading others to trust his easily. Mild in personality, Luhan works hard for the things that he wishes to achieve, quietly enduring the obstacles ahead of him, and never complaining. Sweet and thoughtful, it’s no wonder why he was popular with the girls in his high school, and with their parents, who grew protective of him quickly due to his cute and innocent appearances along with his polite mannerisms and sweet demeanor. Kind, he gives without thinking of receiving. While he is easily spooked, he is loyal and courageous, not afraid to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Quick to apologize, Luhan is painfully polite, often bowing when meeting an elder, due to asian traditions.

    Gifted with a good temper, he is not easily angered, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be angered. When he is angry, it flares. sharply, and at anyone who is there. Not one to hold grudges either, he lets go of past mistakes quickly. Quite forgetful as well, Luhan is a comical person. Funny story, he once pulled a prank on someone who had fouled him by putting glue into his shampoo. He got the guy back, but the next day he used the same bottle of shampoo.. And let’s just say, that that didn’t end very well.

    Luhan is extremely self-conscious, sometimes too shy to ask for something as simple as a glass of water. He's quite different from most American boys (no offense you guys) and can be quite the gentleman. Maybe this is his flaw, but Luhan believes that if you treat someone nicely, they will treat you well back. He will always notice when a friend is upset, and isn't afraid to put himself down to cheer up a friend.

    Luhan can also be extremely competitive at times and may get upset, letting his pride get in the way, though he knows when it goes too far.




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  2. [​IMG]Name: Valentina Aria braginski
    Nick name: Aria, Valentine
    Age: 17-18
    Kingdom: Russia

    Appearance: Valentine stands around the height of 5'1-5'2, quite short for her age and for a russian lady, most people in her family standing around 5'6 or taller and her father standing around 6'4. Her looks are 100% from her mother and grandmother, taking the almost white hair and bright blue-ish grey eyes and her skin super pale and fair, making her eyes standing out more.
    Her beauty may come off as a bit intense as her expression always makes her looks mad or annoyed or what (I like to call it) resting bitch face though she can be very shy and innocent. She also is wearing her long waist length hair in a braid or ponytail.


    Personality: Aria's personality is quit the bitter one when you first meet her. She also loves to poke at people with smart remarks or insults though she can have her sweet times but only when she very much likes a man or if it's family.
    She can be a very serious woman, taking royalty serious and doesn't let anyone tell her she's doing it wrong.

    Other: find out later.
  3. "Ariya ! Speshite oni skoro budut zdes'!" Her mother called from downstairs, wearing high heels and a nice fitting dress with a furry coat over it and her father in a suit to look 'presentable'. "Ja ja.." Aria called, lazily walking down the stairs, her long blonde hair back in a tight braid, some strains of it falling to frame her small pale face.
    She had on a light pink fluttery dress with black tights and black combat boots. Her eyes held a cold somewhat glare and her lips in it's normal pouty form.
    "When are they coming?" She asked her mother, dreading every moment of this so far though instead of an answer her mother waved at her as she stood up tall along with her father, waiting for them. "Soon sunflower.." Her father said with a gentle smile. Aria rolled her eyes at the silly nickname her family gave her since she was only a wee baby, she found it quite the insult though since it was like they were making fun of her short height.
    "I'm grabbing a snack." The small female said, turning on her heels, heading towards the kitchen before her mother yanked her back. "No snacking! We will be having a nice traditional Russian dinner with these nice people!" Her mother snapped. "Understand."
    "Yes mother.." Aria grumbled, crossing her arms and turning back around.
    'This guy better not be some kind of weirdo, or a creepy..' The thought of it just made her stomach churn. "And what if I don't want to marry this man?" She asked her mother, raising a dark eyebrow.
    "Me! It will be better for the family and money~" Her mom said with a wink, clasping her gloved hands together, her heart shaped lips pursed into a smile.
    'So that is all marriage is for me... Money.'

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  4. [​IMG]


    Fidgeting with his dark black suit, his fingers moved to his ears, where his newest piercing was still sore. Against his parents wishes, he had added a third piercing to his right earlobe, the lowest one dangling with a silver cross, the other two studded with a small sparkling gem. A flight attendant walked by, alerting him that the plane would be landing soon. Thanking the girl, Luhan settled back in his seat, his earbuds pumping a steady stream of music. Biting the urge to run his hands through his newly dyed auburn hued hair.

    As the flight concluded, he stood up, along with his father and mother before exiting into the busy airport flooded with interviewers and civilians waving their hands for a shake or a picture.

    It took a while for them to exit the airport, and even longer for their driver to weave through the traffic on their way to his betrothed's castle. His mother fussed over him, straightening out the already crisp suit. He could see her giving a hard look at his new piercing resting on his ear, but he paid it no mind. He was still busy being pissed about the marriage. He hadn't had a single say in what was to happen, and his parents had forced him into this for the money and for the power. While he knew this would be for his country's own good, he had wanted a slight say in these sort of things, especially when he had a girl who he had crushed on for years.

    Getting out of the car, his father stared at him, smile in his eyes, "It's time, son."
  5. [​IMG]

    She could hear their car pull up, making her stomach churn and a sigh escape her lips as she tried to look as proper as possible.
    'Don't you dare fall in love with the stranger!' She kept telling herself, swallowing hard as she watched the door, waiting and waiting, it felt like hours.
    She pursed her lips tightly, her hands clasped together and her blue eyes now wide as she waited, 'What's taking them so long!' She thought, closing her eyes, feeling beads of sweat on her forehead. Why was she so nerves? Well it's not everyday you get engaged to some random stranger that could most likely be a creep or worse a killer! that was also from a totally different country.

    "Honey smile.." Her mother mumbled, glancing over at her small daughter, making Aria flinch before forcing a small shaky smile.
    'This'll be fun...'. Her mother is already bossing her around. 'Honey do this!' 'Honey do that!' 'Honey! Honey! Honey!' She wasn't treated like a princess more so a slave in her opinion, her mother even being so selfish as to use the two biggest rooms as her own, giving her a small room that could only fit a twin bed and a dresser and desk and the small female had to work for her money as well, known like her parents who don't need to do anything.
  6. [​IMG]


    He couldn't help the butterflies in his stomach as he and his family were led up the steps of the magnificent and grand building. He didn't want to meet the person he was supposed to marry. The stranger he was supposed to wed. His mother sighed when she caught sight of her only son's facial expression. "She's not going to eat you, you don't have to look like that." The King let out a laugh at his wife's comment, almost startling the guard leading them there.

    "Relax, Princess Aria is a lovely young lady." His father assured him.

    Swallowing hard, he looked down at the ground, refusing the urge to run a hand through his carefully styled hair. Rubbing the little black gem on his third piercing, he couldn't help reminiscing sadly, this had been a gift from the girl whom had captured his heart back home. Taking a deep breath, he set his face to indifference, whispering to himself If you believe it, everyone else will too.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you." He bowed in respect as to Asian traditions as he met the Queen and King of Russia.

  7. [​IMG]
    As the doors opened Aria held her breath, her eyes widening even more and her eyebrows raised lightly as she held a fake smile on her lips. Her parents seemed a bit excited to see them, a bit to excited though Aria... not so much. "I-It's nice to meet you." She said to the mans parents then her eyes fixed on him slowly, her smile fading a bit.
    'This is him...This man is who i'll be wed to...' She thought, her eyes holding a bit of disappointment of some sort.
    She gave him a light nod as a hello before turning to her mother who had started to speak. "Oh! I am so glad you could make it." Her mother chimmed softly, smiling ear to ear along with her father.
    "First we will eat then we can discuss about the wedding while these two..." She looked at Aria then at Luhan "Bond." She finished, her taste on these two on being a couple was quit negative as well.

    Aria watched Luhan with soft eyes, a few more strains from her braid falling, resting on her pale shoulders.
    As their parents... spoke with each other, Aria took as small step up to him, glancing down for a moment before her eyes met his face again. "Hello." She mumbled softly. ​
  8. Luhan~

    Looking down at the girl he was supposed to wed, a disappointed light couldn't help but enter his eyes. He knew it wasn't fair to hold any expectations, but he had at least wished for someone who was genuinely nice. The girl in front of him seemed as cold as the Arctic winter. Listening as their parents chittered happily about the wedding plans, Luhan bit the inside of his cheek, looking anywhere but Aria. If he had been ten years younger, he would have dove and hid behind his mother's skirts, yet he had to stand infront of Aria. Wincing at the word "bond" he wanted to just melt into the wall and disappear.

    "Hello." He murmured unhappily. "You don't seem to want to be in this position either." He whispered quietly.

    ((Sorry these are so short.))​
  9. [​IMG]
    She giggled weakly, her lips holding a small frown. "Is it that obvious?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
    Her mother glanced over at them, snapping her daughter a sharp glare, making the girl look down a bit. "I-I mean, how are you?" She asked, her eyes fixed on her shoes.
    'Why me?'.
    He sort of reminded her of someone. He was tall like the young man in front of her, with dark hair and dark eyes though her lover had broad shoulders and a more 'muscular' build to him. The love of her life... though he let her go a long time ago leaving Aria heart broken, thinking he had fallen for another woman.
    Ivan.. Ivan Ivan Ivan. She loved his name, popular name in Russia though he was one of a kind.

    She wondered why he hated this so much? Did he have a lover as well? Or think he was to good enough for her?​
  10. Luhan~

    "Just a little bit." He murmured, his father's stern gaze fixing on him instantly, causing Luhan to rub at his neck. The tension in the room was literally palpable, and it had started to make his skin crawl. Catching the stern gaze directed at Aria by her mother, he answered her, "I'm fine, thank you, and you, mademoiselle?" His voice was filled softly with a false, joking form of formality, using a posh voice in a ditch attempt to lighten up the mood.

    Her mannerism reminded him of Kisa's, the first time she had met him, she had been cold as ice, yet she had quickly warmed up, and the pair had become good friends and eventually lovers, though his parents hated Kisa. He had been thinking of talking to his parents about a possible marriage if Kisa were up to it, until his parents had dropped this bomb on him. Deep down inside, he had known something like this was bound to happen, yet he had lived in his little fantasy, eluding his coming fate.

    "What do you like to do?" He asked, his mind coming at a blank when he tried to make polite conversation. "Is there somewhere we can go to get away from them?" The young man gestured at their parents quietly. ​

  11. [​IMG]

    She actually cracked a small smile when he called her mademoiselle, holding in her snickers and giggles before he ask if there was anywhere to get away from them. "Oh yeah..." She said, waving him to follow her, turning on her heels and walking down the hallway with a sigh, her parents thinking their actually getting along.
    "So!" Once they got away from them to the point where they couldn't hear them, her bitter, bossy attitude came in.
    "Are you some... pretty boy?" She asked, turning back to him, placing a hand on her hip, raising an eyebrow again.
    She held a some what bored expression, her icy blue eyes narrow and her light pink lips in a sort of frown.

    She wasn't going to hold some sweet act for this guy, no now she's away from her mother she's going to act however she wants.
  12. Luhan~

    Following Aria, he stopped when she did, right outside earshot of their parents. His cool hazel eyes narrowing at Aria's comment. "Are you some ice queen?" He shot right back. Her attitude was starting to eat away at him, and at the moment, he couldn't possibly think of a way to survive the next fifty years at the very least, married to his bitch. "Look, I can understand we both hate each other, and as much as I hate the idea, we've got to figure out how to co-exist. When we're," He spat out the next word, "married, I'll avoid you and you can avoid me, but out in public, we'll have to pretend to be a happy and joyful couple." Mentally he was shuddering. He didn't want to do this, and he would much rather eat a rat from the prison. "So stop acting like some spoiled brat." Snapped the usually good tempered Luhan, his mellow voice rising as his anger rose.

    It was really eating him away, seeing how inconsiderate and stuck up the girl in front of him seemed. Didn't she realize that not one of them were happy about the arrangement? Couldn't she pretend to like him just slightly more, not that he was acting any better? Pinching the bridge of his nose, he refused to look at Aria, instead focusing on a potted plant to death glare at.​
  13. [​IMG]
    Aria's eyes slowly narrowed into a sharp cold glare before she clenched her fist. "Tch.. right." She grumbled, rolling her eyes.
    "You don't scare me by the way." She told him, letting a weak snicker escape her lips before crossing her arms.
    "So how about you go by in there with you mommy and daddy? Because If you don't like me so much, get away from me." She said, a smirk slowly curling on her lips as she got closer and closer to him with every word that slipped from her lips though a pinch of guilt hit her as she did so.
    Aria then rolled her eyes, turning back away from him and walking over to the kitchen island, jumping up and sitting down, her legs dangling as she grabbed an apple in the small basket that sat in the middle of the island, taking a big bite from it, her gaze looking back on him. ​
  14. Luhan~

    Forcing the smile on his face, "Good, because I wasn't planning on scaring you. Good to know that we have a mutual agreement." Taking her suggestion, "I think that's the smartest thing you've ever said so far in the short time I've met you." He didn't care if he was walking into a trap, he didn't care if it was meant as a taunt. It felt good walking out of that room, leaving the cold bitch behind him. Instead of running to his parents, he signalled a servant before politely asking for his room.

    Sighing, he let his anger levels return to normal, figuring out a different approach. It wasn't going to work out if they clashed heads the second they breathed the same air. Clearing his brain, he took out his phone, unlocking it before hitting the little FaceTime app. Kisa had asked him to facetime her when he had settled down. Not paying any particular attention to the decor of his room, he sat down on a small couch, waiting for Kisa to pick up. A true smile lit up his face, seeing the true love of his life on his screen. Greeting each other, Kisa's face illuminated with a giant smile. "You're wearing the earrings I got you!"

    Laughing, he reached up to tug his ear, despite it being sore, "I slipped it in the moment I pierced it, Kisa, and it's not coming out for a long time." Talking to Kisa was like taking a load off his chest, and despite this arranged marriage, false hope wormed its way into Luhan's chest. Maybe this could work, and he could rid himself of Aira for a while.
  15. [​IMG]
    She watched him exit the room, her grin soon falling and her grip on the apple tightening a bit as she looked away from where he stood, sighing softly.
    'I'll never find another man like you will I Ivan?' She thought like she was talking to him, setting the apple down gently before hugging herself, closing her eyes.
    "I miss you.." She mumbled quietly to herself, actually feeling as if his strong arms were wrapped around her small body, hugging her tightly like he use to do though that feeling didn't last long as she hopped down from the island and heading up to her room.
    Her parents and his weren't standing near the door anymore, must be in the meeting room.
    She sighed, heading upstairs and to her room, slamming the door shut once she did.

    Her room was quite small as said earlier, the walls painted a light blue and white lights framing her door and the windows while her bed had light grey sheets and pillows to match.
    She plopped down on her bed, reaching over and grabbing the picture of her and Ivan that sat on her nightstand.
    He always had this... wide grin like he was up to something. She loved that grin of his.
    He had given her this picture before he left, just looking at it made her stomach churn with discomfort as she traced her index fingers near his face, tears building up in her blue eyes.​
  16. Luhan~

    While in the middle of talking to Kisa, a servant gently knocked on his door, signalling him that dinner was starting. Sighing, he looked back down at his phone. "I've got to go eat dinner, I'll talk to you later." Murmured Luhan before he ended the call. Dismissing the servant with a grateful nod of his head, he stood up, dusting off his slightly rumpled suit, preparing himself for the harsh berating of his mother.

    Deciding to be the nice guy, he quietly made his way to Princess Aria's room, "Dinner's ready. We should head down." Realizing that he was probably intruding, he could see tears welling up in the ice queen's eyes. Staring down at the ground, the realization hit him. They both had different romantic interests, and not one of them wanted to give it up. Not in the mood to argue, "Do you want me to wait for you, or do you want me to leave?" Luhan asked softly, his voice taking on more of the usual mellow and silky tone that he usually spoke in.
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  17. The small female glanced over at him quickly before wiping the small tears that threatened to fall. "N-No.. No." She set the photo down before standing up in one swift movement, "It's fine." She told him as a gentle smile was forced on her lips.

    She made her way towards him,shooing him away before closing the door behind them.
    "Come on before the misses start to rant." She joked a bit, lighting the mood a bit, trying to ignore what happened earlier. ​
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    Offering the crook of his arm to Aria, as was custom, at least in his country, he made his way down the stairs before pulling out the chair for Aria before taking a seat beside his mother, the two Kings taking the heads of the table, respectively.

    As soon as he had sat down, the food had begun arriving, and in that moment, more than anywhere in his life, he was well aware of himself as he choose different silverware pieces for different purposes, painfully aware of an upcoming slip up. It would suck greatly if he embarrassed himself so early on. "Are dinners always this stuffy?" He murmured to Aria as their families began chittering away.
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