Arranged Marriage, Assassin Style (Looking for Male)

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  1. Alright, I have room for one more rp, and I have a plot for one in mind. This will be more plot than sex, and it will require whoever is interested to play multiple characters. The plot that I have in mind is set in its own world which is not quite steampunkish, but not quite medieval.

    The premise of the story centers around two feuding families of assassins. The feud has been going on for over a century, but has come to a boiling point at the time the story begins when one family is charged with assassinating a prominent member of the opposing family. In order to make things right and try to bring peace between the families, the king has ordered that the oldest daughter of one family marry the oldest son of the other.

    Simple enough? The plot thickens however when the king himself is assassinated shortly after the wedding, and an order is given to both families. To the family that finds, and captures the king's assassin and those responsible for the plot goes the exclusive contract for all future assassinations.

    There are of course rules and requirements-

    -Be comfortable with violence and gore, as this is what the plot will be centered around.
    -Please be able to give at least three paragraphs. Perferably more, but three is the minimum.
    -Contribute to the story.
    -I'm looking for someone to play the son of the opposing family. Each of us will be responsible for playing the roles of our character's family which means there will be different genders, so be comfortable playing the opposite sex.
    -If you need to drop, let me know, and I will do the same. The same applies if you grow bored with the story.

    If you're interested feel free to post something on here, or send me a PM.
  2. Evening. I would like to do this RP with you
  3. Alright, PM me if you're still interested.
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