Arpeggio of Blue Steel [One x One]

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  1. .:Arpeggio of Blue Steel:.

    One x One with @Casuna

    20XX Just past midday.
    South America, somewhere along Uruguay's southern coast.

    The small private boat had taken the class away from the safety of land and out on the water. The boat was small enough to avoid the detection of the Fog, but you still had to be careful. Luckily they didn't need to get far out before the stern of their destination came into view. Admiral Graf Spee, the only Fog ship humanity had managed to sink. Or so went the claims. Scientist had crawled all over it in an attempt to unlock its secrets, but all in vein. No tools had been capable of breaking it apart. The once fearsome pocketship now had its bow in water while the stern stood up, allowing access to the ship thanks to the depth this close to the coast.

    James himself only listened to his teacher's instructions with half a ear. The ship in front of him was all what his mother had told me about and so much more. Feeling the wind against his skin, along with the powerful smell of salt water only further excited him. But he managed to hide many of these feelings behinds his intelligent expression. The way he gracefully climbed the ladders to board the ship and studied the ship made it clear that he was no ordinary boy. So it was no wonder the teacher didn't speak up when he saw James wander off. 'He can take care of himself' The middle aged teacher thought to himself as he began guiding the other students around.

    James was too engulfed to even notice that he had been left alone. As he entered the ship through a open door, he went over the ship specs in his head. '2 large Photon triple cannons... 8 smaller Photon cannons, four on each side... 8 torpedo tubes on the deck... a aircraft platform replaced with 12 missiles... Quite the remarkable foe.'

    The inside of the ship looked remarkable well maintained. This was partly due to the material the ship was made of. The voices from his classmate soon disappeared as he moved deeper and deeper into the ship. The young man took all the details in and moved from room to room. There could easily had went an hour before he came to the door that would lead him onto the bridge. This door was unlike many of the others closed. He had tried to open one of the closed doors on a lower level, but without lock. He was doubtful he would have any luck with this door either... Yet he couldn't stop this nagging feeling that he had to give it a try.

    But the moment he placed a palm on the door, he felt a sudden powerful connection. Time stood still for just a moment, and he felt... Something come to life. He didn't know what, but he was sure that he had heard the sound of a beating heart. The door swung open with a loud bang and James instinctively stepped back.

    Darkness. He couldn't tell what was inside the room. For some reason he wasn't scared of this unknown however and took the courage to step forward. Standing on the edge of the door, he peaked inside and asked out.

  2. IT was so dark it was funny Shiva had never realized or understood how dark it was till now, she could feel the darkness surrounding her she was floating well she felt like she was floating maybe she was physically floating she had no idea. A small light flickered around her then the light grew and in a moment her entire surroundings were illuminated by the bright light and she covered her eyes. And as quick as it had begun the light was gone and she was standing in a room but all the lights were out and she looked around her at her surroundings, everything was the same that was good. She turned her head and looked at the boy standing in front of her she scanned him over and her eyes got wide as the boys name appeared in front of her James. She had felt his presence as he was wondering the ship a single heart beat one among so many that had touched her ship trying to find a way to gain entrance and to unlock all of her secrets but none of them could it was not there ship it was his James she was James ship. She thought back to her last memories before she had went quiet serve James, those words echoed in her mind like a beating drum. She opened her eyes and all the lights in the room came on enveloping both of them in a bright light it didn't bother her nothing bothered her at that moment. She took a step towards James then another one till she was finally right in front of him and she tilted her head and looked into his eyes they were so pretty and his hair was silver not a normal color. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out she realized that in this form she had to use her throat to talk and not her mind so she pointed at him "your name is James your mother was a member of the Navy I have been asleep for 7 years thank you for waking me up." She lowered her head and bowed her head before she walked past him and headed outside. She would prefer to talk to her new captain in the sun light in all of the things she missed when she was asleep the sunlight would have to be one of them. When she made it outside she smiled to herself and stretched and looked behind her and narrowed her eyes as she watched James.
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  3. James didn't move as light suddenly gave view of the spacious bridge. But what surprised him was the person inside. She wasn't a classmate, so how had she managed to get on board...? He wanted to speak up and ask her but no words came out of his mouth as she began moving towards him. The aura he felt around her left him speechless, as if she had thrown some kind of magic on him. When she finally stood in front of him, he could only stare into those alluring blue eyes of her. The chains holding him broke when she spoke and he was quick to ask, "How do you know my name?" When she didn't answer his question he followed her out on the open part of the bridge.

    The ship had two of such open areas, one on each side of the main bridge. The view post gave a good picture of the surrounding, but not so good that James saw the class getting off the ship. He wasn't even sure about the deadline, but his mind was on something entirely else atm. He stayed in the doorframe and crossed his arms, returning her watchful eyes. There was something off about the girl, but he couldn't tell what. "How can someone sleep for 7 years?"
  4. Shiva turned around an looked at James an smiled at him "well I wasn't asleep the entire time I could feel the scientist trying to open my door all the time, I felt everyone on this ship and everything around this ship and how do I know your name well that's quiet simple as well." She smiled at James and looked at him deep in the eye and she walked up to him "find James and be his ship, that's all that i remember it was my last memory." She tilted her head at James and turned her head seeing his class leave "that's your class do you need to go with them?" She looked back at him and took a deep breath, "be James ship that's it just be James ship." She noticed a turtle on the ground and she picked it up and put it on her head she loved turtles they were one of the few things on earth that she enjoyed. Shiva looked out at the ocean and she could feel the ship groaning and wanting to start she new that it had to be started by names command.
  5. He had to admit she didn't make much sense. Then he remembered this was a Fog ship, which meant she must be too... However the girl in front of him looked harmless, even more so with a... turtle on her head? "The class can wait" He said with force behind his voice. That is how he tackled problems, one issue at a time. He dropped his hands and moved to stand next to her to look out over the vast sea. Surprisingly he felt at home here, even though this was his first visit. He put his hands on the railing before he finally asking, "You know my name, but what about yours?" He was also curious about the girl.
  6. Shiva smiled and she turned her head towards him "my name well you can call me Shiva it's the name I remembered" she smiled at him kindly before looking out at the sea and she took a deep breath. She took a step back and three rings appeared around her and the ship started to groan awake she closed her eyes and focused on the ship it was starting to wake up she just had to give it a little help. The rings got bigger till it surrounded the ship and the ship started to move and shake it wanted to wake up she just needed James to tell her.
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