Around the world in 80 pages

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  1. Genevieve carried her heavy sage green suitcase as she walked though the automative double doors into the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The sound of so many people talking and walking did not dim the sound of her own white heels on the linoleum floor. The PA system, difficult to understand as always announced flight arrivals and departures, just to add to the general noise level.

    "Enjoy your flight to New York, Miss Harding," the ticket agent said with a large smile, wearing a pale blue polyester suit like all the ticket agents. Genevieve thanked her with a smile and a nod and took her boarding pass. After more walking she finally arrived at her gate.

    "There you are, what took you so long," an energetic voice called out waving a hand. It was Darlene Kit, author, boss, and the one financing this trip. New York was just the first stop on this crazy adventure. As Genevieve went over to hug the woman she respected she thought of how this all started. Darlene was known for her outlandish ideas and Genevieve was usually the one to try to figure out how to make it happen. She was actually pretty good at creating practical realizations to the authors visions so she could experience events before writing.

    For once though Darlene proved she was more then capable of creating the reality she wanted to write about. And what she want to write about currently was honeymoon travel story. Darlene wasn't interested in getting married herself for this so she chose who she wanted to be married, at least in the context of travel companions.

    This was the weirdest work assignment ever!

    Her dark blue eyes looked past Darlene and to the man she was with. A man she really only knew in passing. At least he was willing to go along with this scheme. Absently she tugged on one of her honey colored curls. At least Genevieve hoped he was willing.
  2. Glasses, check. Suit, check. Suitcase containing travel documents, travel's checks and just about every item of clothing he had, check.

    Mathew Kit still couldn't believe he agreed to this. To be married to a stranger and travel around the wold. By plane. Even the thought of the hours and hours in the air make his fingers slip on his tie as he straitened it. It wasn't just the flight that was getting to him, it was the girl. He had no idea who she was but he wasn't very... suave...

    The intercom blared and he checked his watch.. no more time to hide in the bathroom... He gripped the handle of his suitcase and for the last time made sure the knot rested just above where his collarbones met and stepped out. They would have the tickets, they would have the rings, all he neede to do was show up.

    Buffeted by the crowd he looked for the distinctive pattern of dress his sister favored. Standing on his toes he noticed her, standing next to another woman. Right.. straiten his navy jacket, black rimed glasses, green tie.... and step thought he crowd.

    "Darlene..." he said as he reached them.. "...and Genevieve... I didn't know you would be coming too." he scanned the crowd looking for anyone else wondering who Darlene had chosen hims to honeymoon with.. but Darline answered his question. "Stand next to eachother you too. This will make a great picture for the cover!"

    She bounded backwards lifting er camera as Mathew looked at Genevieve nervously.

    "And try to smiiile."
  3. Click!

    Genevieve blinked several times to get the spots caused by the flash bulb out of her eyes. She then looked up at Mathew. "It's been a while," she said a tad nervously. She never had a problem talking to Darlene's brother before, but then again she never really had a long conversation with him either. Now they were going to be in each others company day in and day out for months.

    There was another announcement and they were soon in line for their seats, with people jockeying for positions and then walking into the airplane there was little time for chatter. One of the few perks on this trip was Darlene had paid for First Class tickets. This also meant there would be only one person sitting next to her. Of course that was Mathew. Once seated and settled in, her skirt carefully folded in, she turned to her pretend husband. "Looking forward to seeing New York?"
  4. Mathew was looking more nervous by now and let Genevieve take the window seat. "New york, yes.." he was glad for something to talk about other than the flying metal box they were in. "I've been there once, business but its a beautiful city." Someone kicked the back of his seat, there was only really one person it could be... Darlene would be rolling her eyes and waiting for him to say something romantic, while half listening to them and half writing.

    "The musicals we'll be going to are the best of the recent revival, or so I've read.." he swallowed then shook his head, he couldn't force himself to be romantic not with someone he barely knew. So he'd treat her like Genevieve, the girl he hardly knew.

    "I didn't expect it to be you Darline had go along with this scheme... " he could almost hear his sister's mental groan "but at least we're not complete strangers."
  5. As they started to taxi off the runway Genevieve glanced out the window. It was amazing how something so big as an airplane could move. She glanced over at Mathew and gave him a shy smile and nod. "Well you know Darlene, once she has an idea in her mind. Not that this shouldn't be fun." It was sorta odd, trying to have a casual conversation with a guy you didn't know, who was your boss' brother while said boss was knowingly eavesdropping.

    The engines started to reve up and once more Genevieve looked out the window as the plane excellerated and then took off from the ground. Air travel was still a wonder to her, having only flown a few times in her life and always for business purposes for Darlene. This was still technically business but she'd been ordered to have fun. "This is so much nicer then coach, don't you think?" she glanced over at Mathew glad to have her legs stretched out. Did he look a tad green?
  6. Planes, Mathew hated them. "I prefer coaches." he admitted, but we're going places they can't take us. They were going faster and faster until the plane swooped upwards and the feeling of being heavier as the cabin tilted back made Mathew grip his arm rest. It was take off and landing that were the worst, maybe if we focused on the conversation. "Do you always do what Darlene says? I mean going to book signings is one thing, fake honeymoon i....."

    He lurched forwards, it wasn't from airsickness though it was from a very solid kick from behind. "He looked back at Darlene who mouthed "Stop talking about me." before going back to her writing.

    "Uhh.. I'm looking forwards to London, even after the splendor of Broadway the palace should be something to see. And it will be nice to try some of the cuisine. It will be my first time out of the country."
  7. Genevieve glanced back when Mathew did so, catching Darlene mouthing something to her brother. The author looked annoyed. What did Darlene expect, magic? They barely knew each other after all, though Genevieve was glad that she at least knew him. This would be so much more awkward with a complete stranger.

    Speaking of awkward, Mathew seemed to be having a spout of that. She'd never noticed him having a problem with conversing before. Then she noticed his hands on the armrest, clutching them. "Oh!" she belatedly realized pointing out he was afraid of flying would be rude and quickly tried to mask her near mistake, all the while flushing. "Yes I mean. And seeing Big Ben and all those old building and art. I think there's more on our itinerary then we could possibly see, but wouldn't it be nice..."

    Genevieve felt like she was rambling and likely not helping out the poor man at all. She put her hand on top of his and gave it a reassuring squeeze, at least she hoped it was reassuring. "We'll have fun?"
  8. "Yes, I think we will." he closed his eyes the took a beep breath, if helped him feel a little better, but not as much as the company did. "So you travel a lot?" he asked noting she had no difficulty with the plane as it climbed ever upwards.

    "Anything you want from the drinks car when it goes by?" He asked when he was finally able to forget for a little while that they were in a metal cylinder hurtling though the sky propelled by continuous controlled explosions.

    "I'm sorry is I seem... off." the few times he had been forced onto a plane he hadn't spoken at all, he was doing well by his standards. On his one and only trip at Alaska he had had to run to the bathroom more times than he cared to mention.
  9. "A bit, when Darlene has had large book signings. Not much time to do anything but check into your room and then deal with the fans before you end up going back home. It's very exhausting actually, but the fans love her so..." It was a touch awkward talking about her boss when Genevieve knew she was listening to every word and she tugged at a lock of her hair nervously.

    Smiling she nodded this second question. "Just some ginger ale." Sure she could get champaign since they were in First Class but the blonde felt a little too self conscious for that.

    "I hadn't noticed," she lied. It didn't even matter if he knew she was lying. If she was feeling self conscious it was possible he was feeling the same way. After a bit a stewardess came buy with refreshments and handed them both there drinks. "I wonder how much time we have once we check into our hotel we'll have."

    Behind her she heard a voice clearing itself then Darlene passed her a folded piece of paper. It was silly, why didn't she just say something? "The bags will be picked up by a porter from the hotel. The show starts an hour after we land. We might miss dinner," she read the note aloud then frowned. That was ill planned!
  10. Ill planned but very Darline. "We could always go somewhere after the show?" he had a cider that he sipped slowly, it helped.

    He had a pamphlet about the shows currently on Broadway in his pocket and he drew it out laying it on his knee where both he and Genevieve could read it. Strangely enough the pamphlet wasn't from Darlene.

    "I'm looking forwards to this." he said smiling for the first time since boarding the plane. "Several new theaters have opened up and its surprising we managed to get tickets at such short notice." he had no idea how long this had been.

    There was however one thing he needed to ask, or rather remark on. "So you had no idea it was me either.." his voice was a whisper as eh leaned closer, so maybe they wouldn't be overheard. "Theres not many who would do this for their boss."
  11. Genevieve leaned in a bit to look at the pamphlet that Mathew had pulled out. "I've never had a chance to see a live show, well other then a few high school plays." Glancing at him she saw his smile and was glad that he seemed to be relaxing some on the plane.

    When he whispered she looked at him in surprise. Genevieve shook her head. "Honest!" Delibrately she kept her eyes on Mathew, despite the temptation to glance back to where Darlene was sitting, and lowered her own voice. "It, it didn't seem like a bad sorta deal. I could never afford a trip like this."

    The admission was a bit embarrassing and she looked down. After all what was a little play acting for such a wonderful adventure? Yet she wondered if she had agreed too readily. "Besides," she finally looked back at Mathew. "I trust her."
  12. He actually sniggered. "Thats hard to do when it comes to my sister, though maybe a toast.." he raised his glass "To the worst fake honeymoon in recorded human history. May the book about us sell well."

    it was then that the plan decided to shake and weave as they passed though turbulence and immediately Mathew went green around the gills quickly sliding the glass into a holder so it wouldn't get slipped as he retched.

    This always happened, the turbulence, the sickness. He retched again feeling the bile rising in his throat as he grasped for the back of the seat in front of him with one hand and covered his mouth with the other. Dignity and composure were forgotten and his only though was on the brown papr bag hidden somewhere in front of him.

    He could feel the bile in his mouth, filled with pieces of the sandwich he had eaten earlier.

    Mathew hated flying.
  13. Genevieve laughed at Mathew's suggested toast, but did hold up her glass. It was maybe not the smartest toast with Darlene behind them, but Genevieve didn't really care. Then the turbulance hit, and Mathew was no longer interested in such things as toasts, or talking, or being up right. As he reached for the paper bag Genevieve frowned. If this short flight was giving him so much problems, what was the trans-Atlantic flight going to be like? In sympathy she rubbed his back, hoping it gave him some comfort.

    The flight was much longer then the time it took and once they landed Genevieve started to grab her purse. "The fresh air and being able to walk around will be nice after this," she said in a casual manner while not looking over at Mathew. She wanted to give him a moment to collect himself now that they were back on solid ground. She had wished to touch up before they landed in the Big Apple, but that had been before Mathew's first bout of motion sickness. After that she'd given it little thought.

    "Are you ready?"
  14. Mathew stood, he was feeling a little shaky but it was nothing he couldn't handle. He was only glad the stewardesses had been prompt about replacing the bag and hadn't commented...

    "Lets get off this thing." he said with a slight smile and headed for the door. It seemed his sister was content to stay behind them and beep them both in view and seemed to be trying to get Genevieve to help him. Mathew however didn't really want help, he just wanted to her off the plane and down the stairs to the terminal bus that would take them to the gate.

    "Sorry about that.." he said "On the plane, hardly romantic or even pleasant." He looked revealed enough to kiss the dirt but luckily didn't. "I just hope we have enough time to get to the show."

    Darline also seemed to be in a hurry and kept pushing them towards the gate stopping only to take a 'first moment on New York' Photograph there Mathew was forced to try to smile.
  15. "Don't worry about it," she told him kindly before her boss forced another picture on them. Once Darlene was done, she turned back to him. "At least we shouldn't have trouble getting a cab in this city."

    "You can't go to the show wearing that!" Darlene suddenly stated, catching her assistant off guard. "Come on, grab your suitcase, you're changing in the bathroom."


    "That goes for you as well Mathew. I didn't have you buy that dinner jacket for nothing. Now hurry, both of you."

    Genevieve was shuffled into the bathroom. There would have been little chance to do both her hair and make up without Darlene's assistance. Though the blonde wasn't completely sure if she should be thankful to the authors eye for details.
  16. She had bought him the jacked months before. and had reminded him to pack it before he had even started packing. "We're no..." they were already gone, so for the second time Mathew was in an airport bathroom. He changed quickly careful not to get anything on the suit and once he had tightened the bow tie he pulled on a boat to make sure nothing got on it, still he felt overdressed. He took off his glasses and stared into the mirror arranging his hair and sliding them back on...

    He would kill for a hotel room right now but...

    As he exited the bathroom the battered old suitcase looked out of place. He looked like a man about town from three decades ago missing only a top hat or expensive watch. Though he still felt like the one out of place. "Maybe I need a monocle..." he joke was to himself since he hadn't seen Darline or Genevieve yet.
  17. The women of course took longer to get Genevieve ready, but even then it wasn't as long as Genevieve would have thought she would need for getting this dressed up. She didn't even get a chance to really see herself in the mirror before Darlene dragged her out of the bathroom. Her dress was cream colored, belted at the waist and then belled out. The shoes matched the dress of course, but it was her exposed shoulders that gave her some concern. She was going to be awful cold if she didn't have a jacket or something.

    Once out of the bathroom Darlene made a bee line to her brother. "That's much better. One more picture then to the taxi!"

    Genevieve gave Mathew a weak smile. "You look nice," she muttered as she grinned for manic boss.
  18. "So do you." holding the smile was a pain but Darline wasn't going to hurry for their benefit. She kept telling them to move to the left, or to the right or for them to smile like they meant it. But finally the picture was taken and they were heading for the cabs. "Here." Mathew said stopping and taking off his coat as they neared the exit. He didn't ask or get permission he just dropped it over Genevieve's shoulders as Darline rushed forwards to find them a cab.

    "I've always liked New York." he said "Maybe a little crowded then I came here but the old buildings..."

    "You finally do something sweet and I miss it." Darline was looking at them again, and was already taking out her camera grinning at the coat now over Genevieve's shoulders. "This is going to make a nice picture for sighing, no stay like that like you're just walking don't look at the camera."
  19. For a moment, a split second, Genevieve forgot that Darlene was there and was listening to what Mathew was saying with interest. The jacket helped her not feel quite so self conscious about any weather outside too. Then Darlene spoke!

    She didn't blame her boss, not really, but it was hard to act 'natural' like the author kept telling them too for the photos. There was nothing natural about staged photos. Genevieve started to wonder if Darlene would have been better off with actors.

    It was too late now though and Genevieve was going to try her best. After the sound of the camera went off a few times they had a cab drive up to them. Darlene tried to sit up front with the cabbie, but he wasn't going to have any of that. Either they all three got in the back or they could get another cab. They didn't have time for that though and so they all crammed in. Next stop, Broadway!
  20. For some reason. probably letting Genevieve get in first and then having Darline get in after, Mathew ended up in the middle. Darline seemed put out by the fact that she wouldn't be able to get pictures if them in the cab, seriously that woman was going to run out for film before they even got to London.

    The cab ride was also the first opportunity Mathew had to relax since the plane ride. Though it seemed as if Darline was relaying every fact ever printed in a Broadway pamphlet. Some of it was interesting, the rest of it filled the silence of the cab ride.

    "So we're going to see The King as I.."

    "Private box, did you know they still had those?"

    "The most delicious cream pie ever.."

    "So Genevieve, I haven't gotten to ask you yet. How things are going since.. December?" he vaguely remembered they were at Darline's new years party. The last time the had seen each other. "I guess you're still single, married to the job to do this otherwise it would be weird."