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    Name:Toni Kristof
    Yo! Name's Toni. I'm a second year at Arnor High. My grades are decent, and I don't participate in any clubs as of now. I sleep a lot in class and I sit in the back row, seat next to seat next to window. My class is class 3A.


    Toni walks to school just like any other day. The air flows. The cars rush by. He wished anything new would happen. He continued walking the up-hill path towards the school.
  2. image.jpg Name: Zoey Clark
    Age: 15
    Year: First
    Hiya! My name's Zoey, and I'm a first year at Arnor high. I don't do very well on school work, but I can do other things like sports pretty good. I like to sit next to the window, that way I can look outside during class.
    Zoey slowly made her way to Arnor High. This was the only slow thing she did, everything else was fast paced with her. The way she talked, the way she walked, everything. But of course, she hated school and wanted to take as much time as she could to stay away from it.
    In her slow pace, she spotted someone who was headed in the same direction as her. A grin spread across her face as she bounded up to talk to the stranger. She stretched her arm up and tapped on his shoulder.
    "Hi! Mind if I walk with you?"
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    Name: Wisteria Ito
    Age: 16
    Year: Second
    H-hi! Hello...I'm W-Wisteria you can call me Wis, if you want...I'm a second year here at Arnor high. I'm an A+ student, and very proud of, I'm not really good at anything at school... And I usually sit in the back of class.
    Wis walked through the halls quickly and quietly. She was usually the first one in class, let alone the first one in school. She quickly made her way to her usual corner seat in the back and pulled out her notebook and began doodling inside.
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  4. image.jpg Name:Elli Carmen
    Hi! My name's Elli! Since I skipped a grade, I'm a 3rd year this year! I usually sit in the middle of the second row, that way I can talk to my friends and listen to the teacher at the same time! What else..... Oh yeah! I've also been in drama since 1st year!
    Elli skipped through the halls of Arnon High, an excited smile on her face. She couldn't wait for Drama class today. They were picking the lead today! She had practiced all month in the hopes of getting the part. In her excitement this morning, however, she had left home much sooner than usual. Now she was skipping the halls to her class alone. When she reached the classroom, she saw a girl that she had never seen before. The girl was sitting in the back of the room drawing in a notebook. Elli walked halfway down the aisle before stopping. "Hi~ I'm Elli!"
  5. Toni was surprised he turned to the girl with a half awake face. "Sure I don't mind. My name's Toni yours?" Finally something new... He looked at her uniform. "First year?"

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  6. She heard footsteps of another enter the class, but ignored it. But when she heard the footsteps grow closer she felt butterflies grow in her stomach.
    She jumped at the sudden sound of a loud voice that suddenly filled the peacefully quiet classroom
    Wistaria looked up slowly from her notebook, up at the girl before her.
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  7. Toni walked on with the girl to the school entrance. "Well this is where we part... Uh..." Toni scratched his head and smiled "Still didn't get your name" The girl sat in silence so Toni went to his class. Probably nervous of the new year...

    When Toni got to his class a couple people were inside seated or chatting. He notice two girls in the back row chatting. Well I gotta kill time somehow right?... He walked over and introduced himself. "Yo! My name is Toni." he pointed to the seat next to Wis "I sit right there." He gave a bright smile.
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    Zoey grinned, and in a bubbly voice said, "I'm Zoey! It was nice to meet ya Toni!" She flung her her ponytail behind her and waved goodbye as bounced down the hall to her first class of the day.
  9. Elli didn't seem to notice the girls growing discomfort and continued to talk. "Are you a third year like me? We would be in the same class! No, wait. You're wearing a second year uniform. Why are you in my class?" As she continued to fire off questions left and right and with the purple haired girl giving little stutters after each, more people entered the classroom. "Wait....this isn't my class!" She gasped. As she began to leave, a guy with red hair came up and introduced himself as Toni. "Hiya Toni!" She ran past him. "Bye Toni!"
  10. She blinked as the girl ran out of the room and tried her best to calm herself down as other students were piling in. She tried to go back to drawing, but her hand was now shaking, making the lines wavy
  11. Toni noticed the nervous girl. He sat down at his desk and yawned. "Calm Down. She wasn't going to eat you. She was just a bit lost."
  12. She jumped again as she heard another voice and looked up, only to see a familiar face. She'd seen him around school and in class, but she'd never talked to him before.
    Then again, she never really talks to anyone.
    "I-I know I just...well I..." She just have up on trying to speak, simply looking back at her notebook.
    Calm down Wisteria.
  13. Toni stared at Wis for a while. "Your Kinda cute." He blushed just realizing what he said "I didn't mean it like that! I J-Just thought you looked cute. I don't really know you..." He looked down then leaned over his desk. looking the other way he apologized.
  14. She blushed darkly at his comment, growing more flustered then she already was. She dropped her pen and grabbed one of her braids, playing with it nervously.
    "I-it's okay...Um, don't worry about it...." She was silent for a moment before smiling shyly.
    "I...I-I'm Wisteria...but you can call me Wis- if you want, I mean..."
  15. Toni let out a sigh. He picked her pen up and handed it to her. "Alright then Wis. You don't have to worry about me I don't bite." Just then students flooded in the door followed by their teacher. "I'll talk to you later." Toni jumped into his seat. The teacher ordered the class to stand. Everyone did as such. She then told us to sit. Again everyone did as such. Class began. The subject: Science.
  16. She nodded and took her pen back, mumbling a 'thank you' before setting her pen down and stopping her doodling so she could pay attention. She seemed to be shaking a lot less, but it was still slightly noticeable.
  17. Classes seemed to pass by so slow, the clock seeming to take forever to make its way to the next class. Elli could hardly sit still during first class, her excitement and nerves getting the best of her. She had been doubled over in excitement this morning, and meeting two new people had gotten her in the best of moods. Before she knew it though, her excitement had turned to nervousness.

    Even though she had practiced the lines for hours, Elli couldn't help but feel like the worst would happen, and she wouldn't get the part. For two years she had waited for her chance to be lead, something you could only do once you got to be a third year. As the bell rang signaling the end of first, the purple haired girl said cheerful goodbyes to her friends before rushing out the door.

    The minute she stepped out the door, she found herself tumbling to the ground. Bracing herself for the impact of the hard tile, Elli was surprised when she felt something warm and soft underneath her. Scrambling up onto her elbows, she ignored the grunts of pain underneath her. Looking at the face of which the poor guy belonged to, her face lit up. "Toni!"
  18. Toni rubbed his head "Your the third-year from earlier..." He saw everyone snickering behind Elli "You mind getting off... My stomach is starting to hurt."
  19. Elli didn't notice the laughter around them, so just nodded and hopped back on her feet. After brushing herself off, she offered a hand to Toni who was still lying on the ground.
  20. Toni took her hand. "Your a pretty lively one. What's your name?"
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