Army of One

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    I saw this yesterday and it really hit home. I believe that, Depending on the situation and circumstance, we can ALL make a positive (or negative) difference to some extent in the grand scheme of things.


    Do you believe that you, and you alone, have enough of an impact to actually make a difference?
  2. I DO EVERY DAY. >:D

    But yes. I believe ALL people can have an impact and make a difference. ...good or bad. >> It's just a matter of DOING it.
  3. I'm with Diana on this one, I at least try every day. Whether it be propelling an RP by strongarming it (you'll see, Dwindling Flowers, you'll see. Give me 20 minutes) or busting my ass at work.

    Mostly I have a bad impact around these parts.
  4. I agree. I think that everyone can make an impact in the world, whether it be something large such as curing cancer, or something as simple is giving someone hope.
  5. No.

    Need cash for power need power for importance.
  6. It's a catch 22 or something, right?

    You believe "all" "people" have the power to change, but do you believe "one" "person" has the same power?
  7. One person can impact many, many lives.

    All it takes is the ambition and willingness to act.