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    Walking through the huge stone gates was a young gallant warrior name Harrison Bridge or people called him Harry. Standing 5’8” tall with an average built, nothing seems to standing out from Harry apart from his dark void eye such as an emotionless human and his snow like skin. Harry also well known as Oblivion knight, is a named given due to his superiority of courage and skills, there aren’t a lot who were given that title by the Academia.

    Academia, was where Harry’s school were, it excel in both alchemy and combats. The Academia is one of the most prestigious schools in the region, which made the king recruit most of the soldier and high general from them. After Harry graduated from academia, the kind took noticed of his overwhelming achievement and recruited him as a High General.

    Today was Harry’s fist day served as a high general, as usual he is keen on timing and came up on time. Every morning, general from each squadron went to the bunker to report in about their squad but on Harry case, he needed to come to the royal assembly to introduce himself to his new squad though it’s only a person. He went pass by the huge brick stonewall gate for the very fist time, as knight it was really an honor to served a king.

    Harry finally reached the Assembly, and there the king declared him as a new high general for the kingdom, a rather high status in the society. He finally got to meet his new squad member, though it’s a girl.

    Note: A lot of times people misunderstood Harry as a emotionless person and cold due to his appearance. He’s actually a laid back person and a talkative ones, which no one knows except his roommate and best friend.

    Arms: Beta Sword
    Power: Beta Sword is one of the weakest Arms. It’ll have a same power as a normal steel sword unless it clashes unto another weapon, which strengthen it to a diabolic sword. The power will only effect per battle.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.