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The Setting

The setting is quite complicated. The lifestyle, the architecture, religous factions and the social interactive state reflects that of feudal medival times for us how ever the technology far surpasses anything that we could comprehend. The planet is called Deus and on it are three major Empires and several small independant countries.

The empires are as followes:

Largest; Arcadia *relgious state would be similar to christianity military structure is based on the knight hood of camelot and the knights of the round table*

The second largest; Solvas *Religous state would be similar to Greek mythology military structure is base on gladiators and strength*

And the third; Naadia *Religous state would be similar to Nordic mythology is based on champions of certain gods I.E. Champion of Odin or Champion of Thor (note there can be more than one champion of a god when such cases occur they two champions willl treat each like brothers or sisters in some cases)*

The several smaller and indendant countries are as follows:

Gartonia, Bellos, Paax - these three are near and are slightly influenced religously by Arcadia, Regana, Denus, Seika, Krus- are near Solvas and are influenced religously by their gods and beliefs though some rituals may differ, Dael and Tytia - are near the boarder of Naadia and are Influenced by their Nordic gods.

The techonolgy as stated is far greater than one could comprehend. They have whats called 'Mass dissplacement' technology, which allows for large objects to become smaller and more compact. Prime examples of how they use this technology is in their weapons and armour. though their armour may seem light and minimal and their weapons may not even be visable. But once they engage the armour it can spread over the body and form the heavy plating they use in warefare. Their weapons are similar (for a better example of mass dissplacement think of transformers and you should get the idea)

This technology was founded by a man named Eizen Kruger, a revolutionary scientist from Naadia. He mainly specialised in micro machanics and after a lot of trial and error started the mass Dissplacement strain of technology. Though when it started it wasn't on such a small scale but over five hundred years of refining has brought it to what it is today, mass dissplacement items can be found all over the world from every day household utilities to large sacle containers and even docking porst for air ships.

Many knights, gladiators and Champions have undergone massive augmentation so they can use specialy crafted wepons, cybernetich enhancements and even pilot whats called a 'Heavy armor'. These augmentations can be anything from bio synthetic organs *except for the brain* to Cybernetic replacement of limbs. To pilot a Heavey armor most of the body (I.E Eyes, arms/hands and legs need some form of augmentation or a neural implant and some minor augmentation must be installed to allow the Heavy armor to link up with a specific pilot. Each pilot will have his own heavy Armor but they are rarely used for combat and mainly carry large versions of the pilots favoured Melee weapon. Heavy armors cannot fly but can use boosters to speed their way around and hover, boosters require a certain amount of engery and can be depleted if used for multiple actions such as several short bursts to evade any attacks or prolonged hover. Simply using it to go in a straight line will not deplete the energy reserves very quickly (Heavy armors are only given to elites, these Armors are named after gods or infamouse knights and warriors and the most powerul Elites have certain names resvered for them such Excalibur for Arcadia, Zeus for Solvas and Odin for Naadia).

The N.O.R.N.S., *non organic rational Sub-routine* are the guides for all those who interact with the world tree. They are a unique A.I. system born frm the world tree. The N.O.R.N.S. Are an A.I. unlike any other, it's a system that has evovled over hundreds of years to become what it is today.

The Wyrd is a telekentic ability that allows those who become champions of certain gods like Odin or Freya it allows them to telekenticaly link up to the world tree if they wish to, even if they are out in the field.

The Azir are the champions of the gods, though they are only champions they call themselves Azir mainly because of their strength power and longevity. Those that become champions of Freya or Freyr however are known as Vanir, and those that become champions of Loki are Ettins. Vanir are treated with more respect than the Azir all champions of Freya are similar is status as a queen in her own right. All those that become her champions are Valkyries and they decide weather those that fall in battle are worthy of being sent to Valhalla.

(for more information on the nordic god, Camelot and the grek gods please use the referances at the bottom of the page)

The Plot

The three Empires have been in a power struggle for the past decade, this struggle has mainly be about mining rights for the metals needed to make the Armours and weapons they use. And so far Arcadia is winning owning five mines and are after more. Naadia however is set for mining rights as their mine is right underneath them, and the entrance is located in the mountins behind them. Solvas how ever owns only two mines and those are rapidly decreasing and thus have attacked Naadia for their mine. Arcadia however are simply waiting it out so they can destroy the victor and take all the mines and thus achiving world domination.

Naadia though small is very powerul. Their technology is of the highest calibur. They have been reinventing the 'Mass dissplacement' technology and even have been refining the cybernetich implants. The champions that are successfull in being given the implants are known as the Azir, the Vanir and the Ettins (A-zeer and Van-ear) and are treated as gods and worshipped by the citezens of Naadia and it's surrounding countires.

The Azir, the Vanir and the Ettins are feared throughout as they normally go out alone against impossile odds and some how they come back alive. The most feared is a man named Kurzon Champion of Odin (using the Original beliefs before the Vikins made him a figure for war) his intellect and wisdom surpasses that of the other Azir making him the favoured knight by their empress who sits in the capital city of Midgard (yes the cities and certain land marks are named after certain places in each empires religion execpt for Arcadia that is based around camelot and so on this should give you an idea of what to work with and what to research for your characters) Midgard is the home to the people, all the Azir and Vanir and so on are located in the palace which is known as Asgard and is home To the 'World Tree Yggdrasil' this tree is actuall a pool of information, a very intricate network with it's user interface progam named Mimir.

With this tree of knoledge Naadia has been able to survive but only just the space probes 'Huginn and Munin'(named after the two ravens by Odins side that travel the world and give Odin their reports) have been damaged and are currently being rpaired (yes space flight and space travel has been achieved but only to the edge of the solar system so far however the people belive that the stars are for where the dead are to travel and should not be traversed by the living and so you'll only find memorial stations and so on. But there are satalites as well) as for now Naadia fights only to protect it's lands from invasion while the Empress Amelia and Kurzon construct a way for peace, though prefering to do it peacfully, the Champions do not mind obtaining peace through the blood of their enimies.

Solvas are desperate in their need of matterials not only to make new 'Heavey armors' but also to repair their own armies. And will stop at nothing to get their hands on things they need to survive. Luckily technology has granted them an abudence in in food produce, thus homes and people can eat and drink for pretty much nothing. It is however energy and metals that they need and that is what the peoples coin goes to.

Arcadia however are the largest of all three owning fives mines they have an abundance of everything are set on world domniation. Dealing with a few Ettins along the way. Buying them off and so on, waiting for solvas to crumble before they take it for themselves. King Arthur, ruler of the royal capital Camelot and leader of teh knights of the round table. Strives to controll the world making every one worship Christianity. He is a self proclaimed messenger of God and by self proclomation shall bring his word to every corner of the world. Even taking it to "the savages of Naadia and brutes of Solvas" as spoken in the Kings coronation speach.

It's a war on a planetary scale, some are fighting for survival, some are fighting to protect their people and others are fighting to dominate the world. The side you choose is up to you, but you will need to do some research into your character and the place they are from familiarsing your self withthe history and mythology of said culture and religion. I however reserve the right to play Kurzon but if you still wish to be a CHampion of Odin you can do.

Reffereance materials

This is a list of referance materials that will be added as people help with reasearch. My personal knowledge of these times and religions and so on are extremely basic PLEASE DO NOT expect me to do all your reasearch if you wish to do your thats fine if you want to use what information is below you can do that as well just make sure you give the source of you reasearch so i can make sure everything is in order and fits with the setting.

Nordic gods

Camelot and the knights of the round table

greek gods

I hope you guys like the idea, I'm looking for about 4-5 people to start witha nd if others wish to join later no matter how far into the story we are they can do. Maps may be added depends if some is wlling to draw one up with me as I don't have any art programs other than paint.

The new name for this RP will be Deus after the planet. please give me some feed back and let me know if your interested if so I'll post the OOC up.