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  1. sign up using this template below

    Pilot name: EvilRaven
    Age: 25
    Rank: SS (from lowest to highest: E, D, C, B, A, S, SS)
    Armored Core name: AC Omni-Buster
    Armored Core type: middle-weight humanoid
    Weapon loadout: R arm-grenade rifle, L arm-machine gun, R back-middle missiles, L back-laser cannon, extension(shoulder)-support missiles
  2. You all are deep in the armored core universe in the middle of a massive war over the control of the planet's resources and a new metallic mineral recently discover in a mine deep behind enemy Terrirtory.

    The battle starts now.

    The rules are simple, you may post any armored core design you can think of or actually use on any of the ps2 armored core games. The parts must be actually found on the game otherwise you can't use them.

    My AC in the sign up thread is designed using parts the from armored core silent line.

    Player vs player is allowed.

    All AC starts off at 100% Armor points which when this reaches zero you are out of the battle for the remainder of the day and you can re-enter the war after 24 hours from the time of defeat.

    so when roleplaying in this use this template

    Name: EvilRaven
    Remaining AP 100%
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  3. pilot name. Carmain
    age: 19
    armored core name: gear of war
    armored core type: dreadnaught
    weapon loadout, R.L sniper rifle.
  4. Carmain accepted welcome to the Raven's Nest

    btw you only have 2 weapons when you can carry up to four weapons
  5. sniper dont need more lulululu
  6. alright bud, that does limit your combat potential focusing on a single combat style