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    I found these pictures a few minuets ago, and I was wondering if someone wanted to possibly help me plot along with this, and create some ideas! My partners are currently meandering into their replies, and I wanted to pick up a new RP! If someone could PM me with some ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Other than this, I have a small list of other stuff I'm interested in!

    I mostly only do MxM/FxF, but I guess I could RP some straight stuff. The ones that I really would like to do will be labeled as followed:

    *= Interested.
    **= Very interested.
    ***= I would absolutely LOVE you.
    ****= Marry me.

    ****Son/daughter's friend/Father
    One-Night stands
    ****Unrequited love
    ****Jealous Ex/Ex's New Gf/Bf
    ****Age differences
    Slight BDSM

    Please, PM me!!​
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  2. Original Plots:
    1) (Science Fiction/Modern Fiction) MC happens to be a very successful scientist/marine biologist. It is their job to go to sea and investigate a series of sinking ships and mysterious deaths, but once they do, they stumble upon YC-- a mermaid/man. Will your character report this creature? Will they befriend it? (MxM, FxF)

    2) (Post Apocalypses/Future-Punk) The United States had been thrown into a state of warfare after a new religion springs up. These new people, who follow The Beloved One, created underwater vessels to sleep out the war. These 'Sleepers' are eradicated, all except for one-- MC. YC is a war official who was scouting a nearby area when MC awoke from her vessel, and happened to surface and reach shore. What will become of The Sleeper? (MxF)

    3) (Group RP/Medieval Fiction) A band of misfits journey across the land in order to find what they are all in search for. (GROUP)

    4) (Mafia RP/Science Fiction) When an alien breaches and breaks into a space-ship, what will become of the crew members on board? (GROUP)

    5) (Modern Horror/Feel good) MC dies in a horrible library accident, and decides to haunt the library for as long as he can possibly stand it. When YC comes in and bares witness to the haunting, what will come of the ghost? (MxM, MxF)

    6) (Modern Horror) MC is a highschooler, simply trying to make it through the year. YC is a close friend, who goes to the same school, but little does MC know that YC is a sociopath, living in a broken home. When YC kills their father, they go on a murderous rampage and take out a group of teens at a party. MC, unknowing to the event that took hold, decides to go on a 'trip' with YC. What will happen when MC finds out what YC did? (MxF)

    7) (Modern Horror) MC, a male, is in love with YC's sister. YC doesn't take too much of a liking to MC, and this, a little hatred occurs. Out to dinner, at lunch, even at school-- MC is with her, and you're sick of it. But one day, she goes missing. YC and MC make an unlikely band to save her, but... something sparks on the way. YC sees what his sister fell in love with, and MC falls in love with how determined he is. Will they find YC's sister? Will their love last? (MxM)

    8) (Slice of life) MC is going to school for medicine and nursing, but can't afford to pay for their education. YC is a very rich and powerful person. When MC picks up a baby-sitting job with YC, and watches over YC's son/daughter, YC's child grows fond of their new nanny, and prefers them over their real guardian. What will happen to MC's new job? What will happen to YC's bond with their child? (MxM)

    9) (Slice of life/Religious fantasy) YC/MC is an a demon send to protect the human world from a rogue angel-- MC/YC. (MxM/FxF)

    10) (Group RP/Modern Horror) MC works at a bath-house for mythical monsters, and has to tend to each one with the utmost care. MC works there, along with a band of workers that strain from cleaners to other forms of servitude. (GROUP)

    11) (Slice of life/Modern Fantasy) YC is the son/daughter of a very important person. MC is simply there to serve and protect. (MxM)

    13) (Slice of life) After a long struggle with depression for most of their life, MC decides to off them-self. Needless to say, the plan fails, and they end up in the ER. After MC mother decides that it's best for them to stay and seek treatment in a mental institution, YC is assigned as a therapist, along with an average nurse for MC. When MC tries to kill them-self in your custody, how will you respond? Will feelings flourish? What will become of MC? (FxM, MxM)

    14) (Apocalypse) When YC gets hurt by a trap set by MC, MC has to tend and care to YC until they get better. (MxM)

    15) (Science Fiction/Modern Fantasy) MC/YC is one of the most notorious villains out there. Known for being unpredictable and scandalous, they hide and work and act like every day people. YC/MC, however, is the exact opposite. During the day, they are average people, but when crime happens... or, in one of their cases, needs to happen, they are on the job. But what happens if their counterparts fall in love? What will happen if one of them finds out their secret identity? (MxM)

    16) (Slice of life) MC is a mortician, and YC is the ghost of a recently deceased person. MC has to help YC cope, and soon, pass onto a new life. (MxM)​
  3. Text-Inspired Plots:
    1)Found their phone number in a library book
    2) Hitchhiker ride
    3) Met through online rpg
    4) Disney-world cosplayers
    5) Accidentally taking each other’s bags
    6) Camp counselors
    7) Magician working at an antiques shop
    8) Called the wrong number while drunk
    9) Sex shop
    10) Found your/their dog
    11) Crashed the/their car
    12) Yoga class
    13) Public demonstration
    14) Lost in the woods
    15) "I accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and I was in the area, drunk, and I thought I was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and I did wonder when my friend got two cats but I didn’t question it) so now I’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin'?"​
  4. I would love to do the third original plot. ^-^
  5. I would love to do an FxF Virgin/Experienced
  6. Hola, you may not remember me but last year, before my sister broke my laptop screen... again, we had made cs' s and were going to do the phone number in the book one. I'm still up for the rp if you are, but I'm also willing to do any of the other ideas or pairings. Your ideas are still freaking gold!
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  7. Fuck it. I wanna do the Son/daughter's friend/Father, please. (・∀・ )
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