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    . : For Male's : .
    An ELITE High School filled with males, Arleong High is well renowned for its amazingly talented young men and also for their exquisite looks.

    But recently... There have been rumours floating around.... It has been said that females were to be allowed into the school after 158 years of strong tradition of young men only.

    Are you for or are you against this motion? Will you welcome the females or throw them to the gutter. Your choice, your school.

    Females have in fact ben invited to join Arleong High

    . : For Females : .
    You have been invited to an elite school that used to be an all boys school. There are only five of you n the whole school of 273 boys (The have very selected picking). Despite the fact that you might be from a wealthy or non wealthy background you have been invited to attend.

    What will you find at this school? The experiences? We shall see...

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  2. Character Sheet

    ((First, Middle, Last))

    ((Only if it applies))


    ((ONly accepting males now))



    ((Ages and what grade they are in are provided below))

    ((Put in character traits, hobbies, talents at least please))
    ~ Traits ~
    ~ Hobbies ~
    ~ Talents ~
    ((Maximum talents three))



    ((Anything else you want us to know?))

    Please get rid of the brackets when filling out the character sheet!

    : : AGES : :
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  3. RULES


    ~ GMs word is final, the GMs for this RP are @GreenSea and I. Our word is final no arguing ~

    ~ Swearing is allowed but do not swear every second word, teenagers swear yes but don't go overboard ~

    ~ NO GOD MODDING!!! We all hate it when it happens to us so don't do it to others ~

    ~ Be kind to one another, I don't mind heated discussions in the OoC... But NO ARGUING! So that I know you have read the rules be sure to write a quote at the bottom of your character sheet which your character would say ~

    ~ Romance is encouraged but this is not the focal point of this RP! Other relationships are really important! I want your characters to grow, don't just start dating someone on day one. ~

    ~ This is a PG +13 RP, so there will be littlies here, so fade to black when it occurs ~

    ~ Make sure that you complete the character sheet to the minimum standard, if it is not completely please remember that I have no obligation to accept them. If you want to go overboard and add more be my guest but you must do what has been asked ~​
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    1. TAKEN - @EternalMusic
    2. TAKEN - @Arius LaVari
    3. TAKEN - @Infinatis
    4. TAKEN - @Psycho_Proxy
    5. TAKEN - @DANAsaur

    BOYS ((will forever accept people who want to be males))
    1. TAKEN - @GreenSea
    2. TAKEN - @GreenSea
    3. TAKEN - @GreenSea
    4. TAKEN - @EternalMusic
    5. TAKEN - @EternalMusic
    6. TAKEN - @KeatonWorshipper
    7. TAKEN - @Azreal
    8. TAKEN - @Nitro Nasty
    9. TAKEN - @Psycho_Proxy
    10. TAKEN - @Charlie's 4th Angel
    11. TAKEN - @Rebel-Dynasty
    12. TAKEN - @Timv9
    13. TAKEN - @G3n3s1sR3b0rn
    14. TAKEN - @G3n3s1sR3b0rn
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    I will post any new information about the RP and anything such on here~ So make sure to keep a look out for this~ I will reply this post though when I make a new announcement so that you all know~​
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  6. DORMS



    DORM 1
    1. Flora Lliana Hauloua :: Senior :: @Arius LaVari
    2. Michelle Clarisse Phantomhive :: Junior :: @DANAsaur

    DORM 2
    1. Angelique the Fifth Chrystaline Dulcine :: Senior :: @EternalMusic
    2. Ana Ceria :: Junior :: @Psycho_Proxy
    3. Leila-Henrietta Harfing :: Junior :: @Infinatis


    DORM 1
    1. Lucifer the Tenth Archiester Dulcine :: Senior :: @EternalMusic
    2. Ryugo & Ryohei Matsunaga :: Juniors :: @GreenSea

    DORM 2
    1. Nick Smith :: Freshman :: @Timv9
    2. RESERVED - @EternalMusic

    DORM 3
    1. Kuroko Tetsuya :: Junior :: @Psycho_Proxy
    2. Jack Stevenson Breadshall :: Freshman :: @KeatonWorshipper

    DORM 4
    1. Matthew James Carlisle :: Freshman :: @Infinatis
    2. Alexander Edward Rovings :: Sophmore :: @Sashakiki

    DORM 5
    1. Phenex Aduros Solaire :: Senior :: @Rebel-Dynasty

    DORM 6
    1. Aaron Sue Parker :: Junior :: @Ookami
    2. Kaoru Dubois :: Junior :: @ClaireRae

    DORM 7
    1.Nobuyuki Iku Mitarashi :: Junior :: @Ĺค∂rєภgเℓσภ
    2. Xavier James Hunter :: Junior :: @Ookami

    DORM 8
    1. RESERVED - @EternalMusic
    2. Aiden Timothy Price :: Junior :: @un coin de soleil
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  7. Can I reserve a male?
  8. Sure thing~
  10. So no one has made characters yet?
  12. Not at this date yet~ There was an interest check thread before and that is where many people reserved their spots before~

    I am making my characters as we speak though~
  13. I'm okay in any of the male dorms. :) I'll do up the character sheet, now. ^^
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  14. Wait I need to add DORM to the character sheet give me a second~
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  15. Updated~
  16. Ill take Dorm 2 for my female and Dorm 4 for my male. Ill have their CS up tomorrow.
  18. [​IMG]

    Name: Phenex Aduros Solaire

    Nickname: Flame of Olympus

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Dorm: 5

    Year: Senior

    Personality: Proud, stubborn, impatient, and has a quick temper; can be impulsive at times, as well as sarcastic, but is also very loyal to those he considers his friends. Sometimes he says cruel or hurtful things in the heat of the moment, only to feel remorse right after. It may take him awhile, but Phenex always sets out to right the wrongs he's done to others, and when wrongs are done to him, he can be rather quick to forgive--as long as he knows the person is truly sorry. Under the right circumstances and if approached by the right type of person, Phenex can be pretty friendly.

    Traits: Moody, sarcastic, has a wry sense of humour, is ticklish (back of the neck, especially).

    Hobbies: Playing instruments (wind and string instruments, particularly), and likes practicing various forms of hand-to-hand combat to stay in shape.

    Talents: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and good at playing various forms of music--from classical to rock. He's also quite acrobatic.

    History: N/A

    Crush: To be decided during RP.

    Other: The info displayed is merely an alteration of Phenex's actual character, done specifically for this RP.

    Phenex quote: "Why the hell should I care about your petty problems? I have more than enough of my own to deal with."
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  19. Is it okay if my male takes dorm 5?
  20. Dorm 3 if possible. Thank you. I'll make my CS as soon as possible.