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    Arkr’s Cairn
    | IC | OOC |

    You awaken. It is dark and cold and musty. The floor is hard and the sounds you make are muted. You are inside. You cannot remember where you were. All you know is that you are here, wherever here chooses to be.

    ‘Here’ appears as a cellar, and beyond that, a town. Blanketed in a thick, obscuring fog, you don’t know which part of the country you’re in, or even how you got here – but you know that the town seems intent on keeping you, and that you must defy its designs and escape.

    There are secrets in this town. There are secrets in you, too, and there are secrets in those you will find during your exploration. Whether those secrets will be uncovered is entirely up to you.

    Good luck.

    Welcome to Arkr’s Cairn, a dark town with a storied and bloody history, and one that has ensnared you, its methods and motivations unknown. It is in this sordid place that you find yourself, and in this sordid place you will remain, until you discover your reason for being there, and the only way to escape.

    But beware. The town is strange, long forgotten, and something lurks in the fog that blankets the streets. The inhabitants do not take kindly to strangers, and you have frighteningly few ways to defend yourself. But the natives of Arkr’s Cairn are not your greatest enemies – that title is reserved for your allies themselves, the others trapped here like you. They pose a far more intelligent risk, one that can plot and connive, one willing to betray and sacrifice to take hold of their own safety. Worse still, you yourself harbor a dark secret, and doubtless these unlikely comrades hold their own. They are not trustworthy. But maybe, neither are you.

    Explore. Uncover. Escape. Survive.

    Welcome to Arkr’s Cairn.

    Enjoy your stay.​

    Welcome! This is the Sign-Up and OOC thread for Arkr's Cairn, a relatively free-form roleplay that has themes of horror, mystery, survival, and exploration running deeply throughout it, and with an ultimate objective of escaping from the eponymous town. The town keeps secrets and so do your characters, and uncovering them all may be your best chance - and your ultimate enemy.

    Post interest, ask questions, and engage in OOC chatter here! As the plot develops, I will add more information to the Town History section, as well as updating the Character Roster as necessary.

    Rules of the Game:

    Rules on Character Creation:

    - Sheets are to be sent to the GM (Roman) by PM. Any non-approved sheets posted directly in the OOC will not be considered, and I will ask they be removed.

    - Applications will not be approved until the GM has had proper time to look over the sheet and deal with any glaring issues before allowing it. Please keep this in mind when your sheets aren't immediately cleared for posting.

    - Approved sheets will be returned to you for posting in the OOC with sections missing. This is to preserve mystery between the characters and their players in order to better serve the game atmosphere.

    - Players are permitted only one primary character. This character can die and be replaced, but good reason must be given to the GM for the action to be considered.

    Rules on the Out of Character Thread:

    -Respect the Game Master. The GM’s word is final, and if a law is laid then do not argue or disregard it. Likewise, do not ignore Guild Moderators or Admins. Failure to adhere will result in ejection from the game and a polite request not to return.

    -Respect your fellow players. Debate and constructive criticism is fine; flaming and outright nastiness is not. If you feel there are glaring issues with another player that must be addressed, contact the GM privately. Failure to adhere will result in ejection from the game and a polite request not to return.

    -If a quarrel arises between players, either ask the GM to adjudicate, or take it to a private format. Do not use the OOC Thread to quibble among yourselves.

    -Chat is permitted, but try not to let talk unrelated to the game run rampant. The game will (hopefully) offer plenty for speculation and debate!

    Rules on the In Character Thread:

    -Expectations for posting in this game are a minimum of two paragraphs, with any more eagerly welcomed. A solid grasp of the concepts of grammar is also appreciated, though a few mistakes here and there are understandable.

    -Posting at least once or twice a week is expected. Do post in the OOC Thread, or message the GM, if extraneous circumstances arise which make such activity difficult. Characters and their players that become inactive will eventually be removed from the game.

    -Do not take control of another player’s character without express permission from both the player involved and the GM as to the extent of the actions. Doing so will be counted as God-Modding or Meta-Gaming, and will be considered a serious offence. Killing another character without permission will result in removal of the post, immediate ejection from the game, and a polite request not to return.

    -This game is driven by solving the mystery of the town and the characters. While the GM will be guiding the RP through NPC and Narrator usage, you will be mostly left to your own devices to uncover the secrets held in Arkr’s Cairn and those that populate it.

    -No OOC posting in the IC Thread. That’s what the OOC Thread is for. Obviously.

    Character Sheet:


    The name your character holds on their birth certificate.


    Whether your character is Male, Female, neither or in-between.


    Your character’s age in years. Minimum of 20 years old.


    If necessary, an image to demonstrate your character’s appearance, followed by a written description and some minor details. No anime/manga-styled images.

    · Description: A written description of your character’s physical appearance.

    · Height: How tall, or short, your character is.

    · Weight: How much your character weighs.

    · Hair Color: Your character’s natural hair color.

    · Eye Color: Your character’s natural eye color.

    Dark Secret:

    Every character in this roleplay harbors a dark secret, a hidden piece of themselves and their past. Whether tragic or destructive, this is where you note yours.


    A brief history of your character’s life up until their waking in Arkr’s Cairn, preferably describing a little bit about who your character is as a person as well.


    The most important section of your application. A 2-3 paragraph demonstration of your best writing as your character, showing me who they are, how they think, and what they’re like.

    Character Roster:

    Town Information:

    Town History:
    Founded in the early 1600’s by travelling families, Arkr’s Cairn began as a small pilgrim settlement situated in the north-eastern quarter of the state of Massachusetts, and quickly flourished from its small beginnings into a religious, reputable town, growing as the generations of the founding families progressed. While not large, its community was strong, and known for being hospitable to travelers – for it was travelers who founded the town, and because of the religion that ran through the townsfolk. The mayor, Nathaniel Miles, did well to lead the people, his own strong conviction in his Lord an anchor to guide the town.

    The town did well until disaster struck in the form of a vicious plague. In a combination of placation of the people, and panic and fear on the mayor’s part, an asylum was ordered to be built to contain those infected and in turn the disease they held; ultimately, this was unsuccessful, and the town fell to the foul disease. Eventually, Arkr’s Cairn’s end was spelled by a dreadful fire that broke out on a dark night and razed the town to the ground, never to be rebuilt.

    So where are you?

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  2. Ooh, I'm interested! I imagine most of my questions will be answered when more info goes up, so I'll hold them until then. .w.
  3. I'm super-interested! :] I think I've got just the character for something like this.
  4. Great! Glad to see some initial interest. I've added the rules for the game, and inserted the character sheet skeleton. Read over both to make sure you don't miss anything important!
  5. > Character sheets will be sent privately and reposted with things missing

    Excellent. I've got just the character~
  6. Y'know, I bet this'd make an awesome tabletop roleplay. It'd move much faster.
  7. It certainly would as it's designed very much like a tabletop game, but I have made adjustments for a freeform post-by-post format. I'm not much worried about its speed; more its success.
  8. Okay okay, got my head in the game!

    Name: Rachael "Ray" Blistmen.

    Physically and mentally female.




    Description: Ray is as white as the driven snow, with blocky Russian features and sunken eyes. She looks like she never sleeps, or as her mother used to joke, "like she's been punched in both eyes". Her lips are chapped and her nails are clipped short. Her long hair is almost always kept back in a braid. She typically wears jeans, big sweatshirts, and old, ratty gloves. Between her boyish figure and her anxious movements, her "beauty" is definitely an acquired taste.

    Height: She's 5'6", but that's rounding up.

    A whopping 130lbs. She is light.

    Hair Color:
    Dirty blonde.

    Eye Color:
    Green. Her bright eyes are the only part of her that really look alert and alive.

    Biography: Ray grew up in a very boring, middle-class household. She was an only child, and well-loved by her family. She grew up safe and stupid, and in high school, she met a boy that she was sure she would spend the rest of her life with. This boy had rich parents, this boy took her to great parties, and this boy made her feel like she was special, something she'd never really had before. It was perfect, for a while.

    The beginning of her senior year, the whole thing started to fall apart. He was out of school and drinking all the time. He got her to skip class a lot, pressured her into drinking and smoking and all kinds of other stuff. She started to hate the other, older boys he would hang out with, and the way he would act when he was around them. Their beautiful nights together stopped being intimate or meaningful. She got uncomfortable. She stopped having fun. She stopped wanting to go over to her boyfriend's house. She stopped wanting to go to parties. She stopped trying to talk to people about it, because they'd been together so long. Boys will be boys, they'd say, or yeah, that's just how these things go.

    Eventually, unable to cope, she ditched--running away from her old life, moving to another state, getting a shitty job and a tiny apartment and trying her best to start over somewhere where no one knew her. The new neighborhood has been tough to get used to; in her six years away, she's become something far from the stupid little girl she used to be.

    She's constantly anxious, paranoid, and harbors a deep distrust of other people. She is friendly and helpful on a good day, and really sympathizes with other people who have suffered like she has--but she's also rude, blunt, controlling, and quick to lash out. She is not afraid to get into a fight, and she won't stop until everyone knows it. She is subconsciously (albeit desperately) trying to cover up for her own weaknesses, and is trying to pretend that the world doesn't scare her as much as it does.

    Ray was only at this party because it was her friend's birthday, and to be completely honest, she had to be guilted into it first. She felt like a shitty friend, sitting on the couch, playing solitaire on her phone instead of talking to people or whatever, but the whole scene just made her feel sick. The girls were vapid, the boys were drunk. The music was loud. The room was stifling. The only reason she hadn't excused herself out for a very long breath of fresh air was the fact that it was barely 30°F outside.

    So she stayed, huddled up in her couch-corner, waiting for it to be late enough for her to say that she needed to get home. She was exhausted. She'd been having bad dreams again. The whole thing was just...

    Someone slumped down on the couch next to her, too close for comfort. Some college boy with a red cup in his hand. She glanced over at him just long enough to decide that she didn't want to talk to him, and made a valiant effort to stay focused on her game.

    "Whoa, is that solitaire?" the boy said, leaning drunkenly in over her shoulder.

    "Yeah, um--" Ray pulled held her phone away from him and leaned further over the arm of the couch to get some of her personal space back. "Go away."

    "What, huh? Seriously, I thought that only grandmas played that..."

    His words were sloshed and messy. She glared at him, bringing an arm up and making a fist.

    "Stop talking to me."

    "What? But--"

    "I am going to claw your eyes out," she threatened, looking dead-serious and scary. "Go away."

    The boy seemed to struggle with this for a moment, but eventually it got past the inebriation. He stood up, throwing one of the cushions down on the couch in his wake.

    "Whatever," he spat, "Fuckin' psycho bitch..."

    She watched the boy walk away, her tough front slipping back into exhaustion. She shivered with the crash of energy, her adrenaline draining now that there wasn't going to be a fight. She brought her legs up under her, curling up into an even smaller ball, and unhappily huddling up against the rest of the night.
  9. Dammit I was going to make an albino...
  10. Someone with albinism would be cool, though...
  11. Interesting and dark; however; i dont always do paragraph writing
  12. Do you mean you don't always write posts with the content I've asked for, or you write in verse?
  13. I tend to keep my writings they way i speak short versed and dark
  14. Draw up a character sheet to PM to me and try writing a sample post in prose aiming for two paragraphs. Treat it like a writing exercise. No harm in practice.
  15. I'll do what i can but no promises
  16. It isn't much but here it is i'll try to add as i can think up some more
  17. PM it to me! Remove it here, otherwise the character's secret is spoiled!
  18. Finally got mine submitted, after settling on a premise for the sample. I hope everything's in order.
  19. I'm very interested! I'll submit a character tomorrow. ^^
  20. Great to hear!

    Working on a town map; expect that and a character roster soon!