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    "Welcome to ARK Island, the last place you'll ever see...

    You've been taken; wives, husbands, sons and daughters all. You all have backstory, lives that no longer bear meaning. At least, not in this world. You wake up, disoriented. Last night you were in bed, today your in a humid jungle. But more than the heat that's already making you thirsty and a strange device embedded into your arm; the world around you stirring all the while. That's when you notice it, that's when you see your first dinosaur. For some unlucky few, it'll be the first--and last one they see. But for you, you and the few who are around you, scamper away seeking some place to hide.

    But there is no such place here. You'll have to learn to adapt to live. Here, if you want to survive, you'll need to work together. Walk the path alone and you may disappear in this vast wilderness. You are on an island like no other, one that time forgot. It's inhabitants--aside from yourselves and others like you--range from any where from the size of large chickens to to four-story behemoths. But as much vegetation as there is, it isn't entirely made up of herbivores. Yes, there are true monsters out there. Titans of terror, and leviathans of the deep waters. They lurk amongst the trees, they dart across the riverbeds and they swim in the rivers themselves.

    Even the heavens aren't free as you look up towards a blinding sun; three colossal towards dot the horizon. Each in a separate direction, each with a color: Red, Green, and Blue. Each seemingly a precursor to the type of terrain they hover above, with the terrain varying in-between the three. How radically this place can change climate will more than likely pose as much a threat as the creatures that dwell in it. But I am a fair man; and I have bestowed upon you two gifts.

    One, is that device anchored to your arm. It grants you a power like nothing you've heard of. An ability to tame beasts. You'll still have to do some hard work--but given time, a certain kind of resourcefulness, and let's face it--luck. You'll be able to claim one dinosaur or many. The more volatile their nature, however, makes them harder to tame and control. You can't very tame a Tyrannosaur like you would a dog. And yes, I did just say Tyrannosaurus. But believe it or not, that's not even the most dangerous of the carnivores.

    Secondly, but certainly not least. I have, for the lack of a better way to put it--downloaded information into your brains. Information that will be helpful. Certain things can be built from the resources of the island, with patience, ingenuity and dedication. From the simple to the complex. From stone hatchets to firearms. But you'll have to start out very primitively, and work your way up. Nothing's handed to you. And nothing that can be gained, can't also be taken. There are others, you remember? They will be trying survive just as you are and a battle for resources is just a side effect of wanting to stay alive. You may in time begin to trust your group, and may in time, become closely acquainted. But as I have warned those before, and will after you--you can never be too sure about those you may meet.

    Do be sure though, not to dally underfoot. Even herbivores might crush you with out much notice or intent...

    Welcome to ARK Island. The last place you'll ever want to be. "
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.