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  1. With a big update coming to a game with the same name as this Idea of mine (ARK: Survival Evolved). I have chosen to make An RP of the game it's self. Normally I would do this ON the game it's self but there are two problems... 1. There are hardly ANY good role play servers... and 2. the ones that ARE good you have to be white listed for and/or have very stupid rules. SOOO Here I am going to host the next best thing! Here on this forum! Now before I get into what the story is about Let be clue those who never played the game on what ARK: Survival Evolved is about...

    The game is an open world survival game where you wake up on an island naked, afraid, and vulnerable. You must live off the land and tame powerful prehistoric life forms in order to stay alive and make the world your new home. Along the way you may meet up with other players who you may Either, a. form a tribe with, b. kill and take their shit, or c. leave alone and let them be on their way. Nature is always against you, so it's up to you to keep your self fed, watered, sheltered, and clothed. Gather resources to build large settlements to do as you please, from mining camps to air towers the sky is quite literally the limit. Just don't think for a moment you are able to escape this island on a whim, powerful forces are keeping you from sailing or flying off the island. It's eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted. Can you Survive the ARK?

    The Story of the RP... is not that much different from the game's point and premise. Only difference is there IS a way off the island... but I'm not really going to say what it is until a later stage in the RP. possibly once we really get things started and get deep into the story. So don't ask how just yet please. Oh and there is an evil tribe known as the "Republic" that wishes to subjugate all the inhabitants to a horrid leader (that is available for the time being). Now then How about we go over some rules and Q&A?

    1. Yes, you can Tame animals... just run it by me first in a PM. and don't go crazy.
    2. You can only Tame Creatures that CURRENTLY out at this moment in time. if they have not been officially released then you cannot tame it. (So No allosaurus until the game updates)
    3. You can fight and Kill others, so long as you have their okay and you run it by me FIRST.
    4. I am Only Allowing 6 Tribes to be formed at this moment in time, You may lead your own tribe if you want but only if there is a slot for a new tribe. Otherwise you MUST join an existing tribe.
    5. Needless to say you have to be part of a tribe in this RP.
    6. as GM my word is law... shouldn't have to say this
    7. Keep in mind that even though this is a level based game, you are still only human. Please don't go super sayain on us.
    8. When you Die, you can 'respawn'. unless you don't want to take part in the RP anymore.
    9. You can only Tame creatures that are tamable in the game. there will only be a handful of exceptions (one of witch isn't even released yet)
    10. You can only have one character, unlike my other RPs where I usually let you have many.
    11. Be realistic, no meta gaming please (shouldn't even have to say that either)
    12. Keep crafting and construction at a reasonable rate.
    13. This is a GAME, try and have fun with it ;)
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  2. Q&A

    Q: Dose the RP take place on "The Island" or "The Center"?

    A: Neither, the game will take place on a map that is not in the vanilla game or is a mod. Called "The ARK"

    Q: How Many Dinosaurs are we allowed to have?

    A: There is no limit persay, just don't go overboard and let me know what you are going to tame.

    Q: Will Giganotosaurus and Titanosaurus be allowed?

    A: Yes, but not for a while

    Q: Can I switch tribes at any time?

    A: Yes, but be realistic with it.

    Q: Can we breed our tames?

    A: Yes, but this will take a SUPER long time and isn't practical for building an army. it's more used for RP proposes .

    Q: Can we start wars with other Tribes?

    A: It's not called "Tribe Wars" for nothing. Just ask the other party first and have me monitor what you two agree on "What happens"

    Q: Can we have Flying and Aquatic Tames?

    A: Yes

    Q: What are the Exceptions to the taming rules?

    A: Titanoboa and Eurypterid are the only two creatures that are not tamable in the game, but you can in this RP. Once Leedsichthys is released it will also be tamable in this RP

    Q: Can My Tribe be, "Evil"?

    A: Yes, but I am only allowing two others besides the main villains.

    Q: How dose Construction work?

    A: Depends on what you are building. But I have Decried that It will all come down to a Number of posts you make in the RP. For example building a Docs would take 10 posts, while building a large wall would take 15.

    Q: Will the Bosses be in the game?

    A: The Broodmother, The Megapithecus, and The Dragon will all be in the game, however they can not be tamed as they are too overpowered and play too much of an important role in the story. not to mention, only one of each exist in the ARK lore so making it so anyone can tame them would give a tribe an unfair advantage and even next to invincible if they have all three.
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  3. [Note: Red = Evil Tribes, Green = Good Tribes]

    Tribe Creation Rules...

    1. You must state what your trite dose, I.E... Are They Bandits? Are the Mercenaries? Are they Farmers?
    2. Keep it serious, I won't Accept tribes with ridiculous names or morals
    3. You must give your tribe a name, and state if they are villains or not.
    4. If you are the LEADER of a tribe, you cannot disband from it.

    And now for my Tribe...

    The Raiders of the ARK are freedom fighter tribe who steal from the republic and give a large portion of the loot to other tribes who are Anti-Republic, or weaker poorer tribes. They take part in any actions against the Republic, such as hijacking a convoy, or taking over a settlement that is under Republic Control.


    THE REPUBLIC [Main Villains]


    @chrono [General]

    [Open Availability]


    Raiders of the ARK [Freedom Fighters]

    @TyranntX [Leader]

    [Open Availability]


    Eclipse [Ninja Clan]

    @york [Leader]

    [Open Availability]


    [Open Tribe Slot]


    [Open Tribe Slot]


    [Open Tribe Slot]
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  4. Okay... NOW you may post :P
  5. Right, as I mentioned before, are there more specific parameters for things like crafting speed? As in, would X object be crafted in X amount of posts? Or is it more up to the player?
  6. I'll admit to not having played the game, but I am a HUGE paleogeek. In.
  7. Hmm, the game does it's own thing to some degree with the creatures, and does change their appearances/size ratios to some degree, but if you wanna learn dinosaur names or what have you, it's the best way to do it, while having fun. :P
  8. Okay I had a bit of a long day so I am going to keep it quick and simple.

    @york Construction for the time being is going to be based on number of posts for the time being... Like a House made of Thatch would take 7 posts while one made of wood would take 10. As for items... I'll leave that up to the player how long it takes. realistically it wouldn't take too long to make a spear, So as long as people are reasonable about it I'll allow quick assembly. In the mean time. Please Choose and existing Faction (either be the leader of the republic or a memeber of the raiders at this point) Or make your own tribe.... Welcome to the game.

    @daird Great to have you aboard, please choose a tribe or create one of your own. Welcome to the ARK :)
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  9. I suppose that would work, er... For the time being, I suppose I'll make my own tribe; Eclipse, based off some stupid thing I did in Survival of the Fittest. Anyways, the general gist of it is, they tend to be a more secretive sort of tribe, living in an hidden region of the redwood forests, and are typically ones to use grapples, flying mounts, and smokebombs to move around stealthily. I suppose they're the closest you can get to "ninjas" in terms of their behavior, minus the whole mercenary thing and what have you. I'd say they're more for good than for evil, but I would classify them as a more "neutral" tribe, though they typically don't take kindly to the Republic itself.
  10. Alright you are all set up. I have a feeling your tribe is going to have a lot of Tapejara once they are released, For obvious reasons :)
  11. Oh! Yeah, I suspect as much >.< but we'll see.
  12. Only about 24 hours or so until The Game this RP is based on updates, Meaning by the time this RP is ready Allosaurus will be available in to tame. So don't shy away from this and sign up! Come and join us on The ARK!
  13. Been there, done that.
  14. True, but you still haven't picked a tribe to join... unless you want to lead your own tribe The all you have to do is State it's name, What they are, and if they are good or evil
  15. This is a bump to keep the topic alive and relevant. Tapejara and Archaeopteryx are going to be added to the game in September, as hats when they will be added to the PC version.
  16. I read about a dragon that can be tamed will that also be in here
  17. Bosses such as The Dragon are not tamable, However they will be playing a big part in the story. This is because boss characters are ridiculously overpowered, heck they can wreck a wild giganotosaurus if their level is high enough, and Gigas are one of the strongest tames in the game! In Short All Three of the original bosses will be in the game, they jut wont be tamable.
  18. Will we be directly starting at the beginning or are we doing a recap or back story first then be in a tribe riding our first mount
  19. The Game will begin two weeks after all the specimens have arrived, so the first chapter sort of IS a recap before the actual events take place. So you wont be "At Level 1" per-say, but you wont be out taming Carnotaurus right from the start either. I'd say a more "Accurate" start level would be 15. so you won't have anything "Super cool" from the start, unless you are in the Tribe known as "The Republic" then you get to have some more impressive gear as they were on the island before "The Good guys"

    I'd say the best people would get in terms of mounts from the start would be a Terror Bird or Utahraptor in terms of carnivores and Parasaurolophus or Pachycephalosaurus in terms of herbivores, just to start out (and yes you can start the game with one of these if you wish). Once the game gets going I'll allow some more impressive creatures to be tamed up. This also applies to the republic mainly because I don't wan to make the TOO powerful.
  20. And mount's are changeable after awhile You talked about only one mount right or is this a few such as three
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