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  1. So there's this black guy in Arizona whose post about a traffic stop he had with a cop on Facebook has gone viral.

    Here's the post:








    While the post has gotten positivity, it has gotten negativity as well and you can guess from who.

    I get what he's trying to say and while this probably isn't his intention, just because he had a good experience with cops doesn't mean that police brutality doesn't exist. It's still a thing and is still a huge issue. Not just for minorities but practically everyone.

    Complying with law enforcement won't necessarily guarantee you live either because there have been many cases where the victim complied and still wound up dying regardless.

    Those hashtags at the end don't help his case ether.

    What is everyone's thoughts on this post?
  2. Lots of images there o.o

    That said, no, the police in general are not out to kill people. While it sometimes seems like all cops are out to get everyone, the reality is there are some bad apples out there.
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  3. My bad :(
  4. Don't feel bad. You're cool :) All the images *might* be a problem for our mobile users, however.
  5. I don't see anything wrong with this man defending the police. If anything, what you just said after posting that image (or set of images) is exactly why he shared that story. You literally took that positive story and turned it on it's head with your opinion. My thoughts are that if you were going to talk about how bad the cops are, you shouldn't post something like that with it.

    My question to you.

    Do you have a problem with authority? Are you afraid of every police officer you see, just because of the actions of a few officers? Have you personally had any situations that you can use as an example to back up your reasoning?
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  6. I wish we could see more stories like these WITHOUT them trying to tear down and dismiss a real problem. :( There ARE lots of great, amazing cops out there, and we should hear more stories about them. But it shouldn't be used like this. The amount of scarybad cops out there is way waaaaay huge. D: Too huge for the good ones to out weigh all the bad ones.
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  7. Diana pretty much just explained my point. I never said that he was undermining police brutality. I said that because of how he worded himself and because of his hashtags, it can look that way to some people.

    No I don't have a problem with authority. BUT I'm not gonna blindly obey someone either. You respect me, I'll respect you. No I'm not afraid of every officer I see and I've only had to deal with cops twice. The first time was because my grandma's old friend broke into her house and damaged her property and I was the first one to come home and see it. That experience was actually pretty funny because of the cops' reactions. The second time was because the cops were going door to door asking people if they had seen someone in the neighborhood they were looking for.

    Yes there are good cops out there but like Diana said, the bad cops definitely seem to outweigh the good ones right now and posts like these can look as if the poster is tearing down and dismissing a real issue that's happening right now.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. So you've never had a situation in which you felt afraid the police might unfairly tag you with something, or harm you? Neither have I. I can't deny that there are cops out there who need to be taken out of the force, but the solution to the problem isn't tearing down all officers, and having a viewpoint that any and all of them could suddenly snap and kill you for no reason. (yeah, I totally blew that sentence out of proportion) The solution isn't rioting, and it isn't trying to make an example out of someone who you seem to think is ignorant of the times.

    I don't know the answer, but I am so tired of hearing people complain about and defame the police, and I'm tired of people only sharing the bad in the world. How often do you hear about an officer doing the right thing on the news? Unless it's a slow news day, or they got injured, you don't.

    Whatever, I'm not qualified to make a valid argument about this, but as I said above, I'm so tired of hearing this stuff from people.
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  10. A part of why you don't hear a lot of 'good cop' stories in the news is that (at least here) the police force discourage highlighting officers as heroes because it damages the cohesiveness of the force to make heroes.
  11. Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. There are maybe five skittles in that bowl, and once they're found, people start screaming about them. They don't talk about the M&Ms, because everyone's so obsessed with the skittles that to even bring the M&Ms up is asking for the skittle-finders to start screaming at you now because how dare you not acknowledge these skittles?! Even though, you know, you just really want everyone to know about these delicious M&Ms.

    That's kind of how it is. A few bad cops were discovered and now that people are screaming about them, only those bad cops get publicity. And no one's allowed to say anything about the good guys without being yelled at for "ignoring the bigger issue". Kind of like how game developers ignore the silent majority in favor of the loud minority.

    I grew up, and live in, a place where there are a lot of "minorities". Most of he cops are "non-minorities". Everyone is cool, everyone is very friendly and down to earth and just wants the city to be a good place. I've seen those "non-minority" cops happily chatting with "minority" civilians, and it's all good. The whole "cops are out to get you" propaganda is getting out of hand.

    Let the guy say what he wants about the cops, and enjoy the truth: not all cops are evil monsters who need to die.

    My wrist is killing me, but that's my view of it.
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  12. Hey, me neither.

    Being a white guy fucking rocks.
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  13. My family has had some issues with cops before, but I wouldn't say on the level that minorities have had to deal with.

    However when I read something like this, I know they are trying to make the good cops shown but what I seem to focus on the most is #all lives matter.

    In fact its a bit disappointing that I don't see people expand on the "all lives matter" saying.

    I'm also kind of tired of people calling the "all lives matter" quote as passive aggressively racist, or people going out of their way to defend bad cops.

    There is definitely a double standard for this topic though, hence why I don't really support either "side" of anything regarding this issue. People are capable of doing shitty things, so its nice to see some good (like the op) every now and again.

    So my question to you, is why ruin something good like this? In fact why can't people just go "That was nice of those policemen. That was nice of that black man." And move on with their lives?

    Also is it really "tearing down" the severity of the issue if you are still aware and knowledgeable of the fact that it isn't always like that? So in your case it wouldn't be, but maybe in the case of someone who is more ignorant than you it would be?
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  14. That's what mainstream media does and why it's complete shit (aside from many other reasons). It's called ratings. It's not my fault the post went viral. Most people just want shitty cops to answer for their crimes and brutality against civilians. If they commit terrible deeds, they deserve to be exposed for the POS they are. Yeah rioting isn't helping but people practically riot when their favorite sports team loses so why be surprised?

    Yeah we could use good stories about cops but how can they be shown without tearing down police brutality? The media won't show that because they won't get ratings off of it. All they care about is green.

    The solution to the problem is this: Cops need to be trained to a higher standard and need to stop being protected so much by the justice system when they're clearly in the wrong. There's a "no-snitch" code in most PDs and if a cop dares to speak up about a bad apple, he or she will be harassed or maybe even fired. Cops look out for their own in a good way but in a bad way as well and that needs to be fixed. There also needs to be stricter requirements to become a cop and punishment should be more severe for them.
  15. I bet it wouldn't rock if you were a white guy on the police force, getting treated like shit for something your friend (or any other officer) did.
  16. I should probably not be friends with numpties in that hypothetical situation, then.
  17. I'm not trying to ruin anything good out of this. I'm just pointing out how people may end up taking offense to his post. I pretty much had that mentality and was glad for the guy (still am).

    The issue is that the ALM people are hypocrites. They only say ALM whenever BLM is brought up but when a white person is wrongfully killed by cops, they don't say a damn word. This is coming from someone who doesn't support BLM. Plus I've seen ALM people say racist things but BLM extremists do too so that's probably rendered moot.

    I am aware that not all cops are bad BUT I'm not naive either.
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  18. I can agree to this, but can you refrain from saying that all ALM people are hypocrites (you are okay to say no, but I just thought I'd ask)? Sure all people are hypocrites, but not all ALM people are hypocrites over this police brutality thing or things in relation to that. Its not really a good thing to state an opinion as a fact in discussions like these.

    Other than that yeah I can see why people would get offended by his post, but he really didn't do anything that would deserve such negativity. All I can think to say is that perhaps those specific people might be a bit to sensitive. (Haha but then there's me asking you to not be so matter of fact about ALM people lulz.)

    Anyways, yeah as I said. It was a nice post. Shitty things happen. It shouldn't happen, but that would be an unrealistic world. I don't have much more to say on the subject so ima duck out :P
  19. Yeah I shouldn't have been so generalizing in my statement :/ My bad. Yeah some people might be a bit too sensitive about this. Hell just look at how it's going around Tumblr. I personally am not really offended by it. I was just pointing some things out.
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  20. You rarely, if ever, hear about when a cop does their job right.

    You will, however, hear about every instance of an officer abusing their authority.

    Humans, as a whole, latch onto bad news and negativity, and I was reading that it takes an average of three good experiences to balance out a bad one. So with that in mind, this recent shift in the news and social media about how vile, racist and corrupt cops are is but a small piece of a bigger picture; the vast majority of cops are good people who care about the communities they serve. You won't hear about nearly all of them because people doing their jobs is unremarkable and about as emotionally neutral as you can get.

    Food for thought.
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