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    A city engaged in simple trade and commerce, it is a cove for underground activity as well as the meeting of officials in a neutral ground untainted by war. This will be the destined place that those faced in this world will meet.

    "Ey what'll ya be havin then?"

    The man that spoke was ugly as sin. his face strewn with scars and other over-expired blemishes. His teeth were rot with decay and his breath was nothing but the finest dwarven' brew. It made sense as the man was also a dwarf and his name was Rogmot. The keeper of the most frequented bar of Habarut, The "Wasted Heathen" A fitting name for the crowd it often attracted. Today was no different.

    "Ey did ya hear me boy?"

    Coaxed from his fantasies Tirian looked up with a crude smirk. "Yeah I heard you. Just get me some water from the well. I have to keep a clear head."

    Rogmot scoffed under his breath and slammed his fist on the counter. "I's not a fuck'n drink'm well boy! if you r'nt gn'a buy then get the hell outa h're!

    Tirian wasn't so easily intimidated by a dwarf that was red in the face though. His eyes became slits, dark serpent like slits as he glared back at the man. "Alright... three of yer damn ales." Rogmot huffed again then disappeared behind behind a half wall.

    That was hardly the only thing happening though.

    Little by little the pieces came into play, and soon the board was set.

    The game was just beginning.
  2. He stood there silently outside the "Wasted Heathen," the most disgusting place he had seen through his entire existence. He had been living with dwarfs for the past 10 years underground, in which most people thought were just dirty holes in mountains but even that was better than what was before him now. He could hear a stream of shouts and chatter from drunks alike coming from the main door as he walked towards it.

    As he pushed the door open he put too much force in it smashing the door open drawing attention straight to him, he always forgot how light and fragile everything was above ground. Everyone stared at him and his silver face, he had been wearing his clothes and hood but his face still showed which consisted of teeth and nothing else, his only eye hidden due to not needing it to be open. He let out a sigh before walking towards the bar and staring ahead ignoring all the stares from the drunken creatures around him, before noticing no one was behind the bar he stood the straight awaiting to get his document signed.

    (Hope it was good enough XD)
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  3. Habarut was a charming place, if you could ignore the filth and criminals that mucked around it's streets. Aurelia walked alone through the evening, cloaked heavily in order to stay discreet. Her business here was delicate and any more attention than what was needed would only allow for trouble. As she walked her boots clicked against the stone pavement rhythmically and coupled with that her bright amber eyes seemed to pierce through the night. Despite her best efforts she was catching stares from all around, most of these men hadn't seen a woman aside from the whores at the local brothels and because of that she wasn't surprised to see they were drawn to her. Enticing men had been the foundation to her entire life after all.

    Ignoring any further mutterings and wandering eyes of the citizens, Aurelia eventually came upon the Wasted Heathen and entered. The smell of men, vomit, and booze took over her senses and with a grimace she pushed her way through towards the filthy frequenters of the tavern. She had made it halfway through when she felt rough hands groping at her chest from behind.

    "Do not touch me, fool!" She shouted, the red-eyed man behind her dressed like a mercenary laughed at her threat.

    "Ya think you can come on in ere' looking so pretty and get out still clothed eh?" He laughed, as he pulled her closer into him, burying his face into the nape of her neck and smelling her before he chuckled once more. He lowered his voice and brought his lips to her ear. "Ye' thought wrong whore and I'm gonna teach you a lesson."

    Aurelia's eyebrows narrowed and she offered a glare as her final warning, and in response he roared with laughter pushed her on to a table while the men around him cheered - glad they'd be getting a show along with their drinks. So much for not causing a scene she thought. In one quick movement the woman slipped from the mercenary's grasp and kicked him in his groin. The crowd cheered once more as he fell to his knees but she wasn't done yet. Feeling magic sure to her palm, she slapped the man straight across the face lightly burning his already scarred visage causing him to fall to the ground and writhe in pain. The crowd cheered a final time before they resumed to slowly killing themselves with alcohol and her point was made.

    Tucking a few hairs that had gone astray in the struggle back behind her ear she sighed and made her way to the back corner. The poison she needed to murder that damn magistrate had better been potent for what she had to deal with to come get it in this damned filth hole. The sooner she was back at the palace, the better.
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  4. The city was rather quiet this night, the only sounds being that was the wind, and the occasional hoot of a nearby owl. Oh, lest we forget, the Heathen was also a focal point of noise, one that drew a cloaked figure ever further to her doorstep. The figure moved silently, shrouded in shadow. The only sound emitting from her being the soft rustle of blackened feathers which adorned her cloak. She dipped in, and out of blackened corners almost blinking around alleys, and niches. If one were keen enough, they may have spotted the single, glowing orb which would peer out every once in awhile, observing, and choosing the best route until she neared the tavern enough that no more shade was cast. A soft sigh slipped plump, pale lips as she finally stepped into the dim lighting of the lanterns; one slender leg clad in leather, and then another. Her heels finally clipped upon the ground, an soon, the shroud figure emerged.

    Her face was concealed in shadow due to her large hood, and her noticeably slender body covered in a form fitting cat suit of black, and red. If one were to look closely enough, they'd notice the blacked feathers which not only adorned her cloak, but also the hips of her 'armor'. Flashes of silver could be seen as she lifted a hand to her nose, lips curling as the scent of testosterone, secretions, alcohol, and rot filled her senses. An audible grunt slipped from her then, hand dropping to rest flat on the wooden door. She pushed it open, and strode inside, her movements lithe, agile even in a walk. Aside from the usual women that stepped into this tavern, she was visibly different. She gained stares, and looks laced with curiosity, lust. They gained from her a glare from a single glowing red eyes peering through the shade of her hood.

    One could understand the stares, her clothing left little to the imagination even though she was fully covered. Nonetheless, it did little to dwell on those thoughts. The woman whisked her way through the drunken crowd, making a point not to touch anyone, though before she could make it to her destination, a hand grabbed at her right forearm, and a clearly drunken slur of words followed.

    "Ey Lass, care ta keep a lonely Dwarf comp'ny?"

    The woman tensed when she was touched, and almost as if she'd rot away from any prolonged contact, she ripped her arm away from the Dwarf's grasp, her gaze cast down at him, the only visible bit of her visage being her lips curled in disgust. "You would be wise to not touch me again, scum." though her voice was deep, and sultry, her intent was obvious. Words were laced with a venom that left the Dwarf speechless for a moment before he raised his tankard to his lips, downed the rest of it's contents, and then slammed it onto the table before he lifted from his seat. This was joined in by three others; two Dwarves, and a Human.

    "I don' think ya understood, Lass." a chuckle followed the words,"See, now I be needin' ya ta keep us all comp'ny." He made a move to grab her once more which was easily deflected by a flick of her wrist which resulted in two of his fingers in her deadly grasp. "I said it would be wise to not touch me." Flashing him a sneer, she bent his index finger back sparing no strength the finger snapped, the sound ringing out sickening. The Dwarf cried out in pain which gained a genuine smile from the cloaked woman. "That was a warning. This..." she adjusted her grip moving to the middle finger, gripping it tightly, and snapping it sideways, the bone poking out from the flesh, and blood spilling,"Is to make sure you remember the warning." Again, shrill cries of pain filled the tavern, and the Dwarf's friend looked on unsure of what to do. She didnt give them time to decide, simply turning away, and proceeding to the back of the tavern to an empty corner.

    She bent down, tapping on the floor boards until one sounded hollow. Plucking it from the floor, she reached beneath, and retrieved her mark, eyes scanning the paper as she sat upon one of the chairs.​
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  5. It wasn't that Tirian was unaware of the shit storm happening around him, or the hulking man... thing.. armor... behind him. Tirian was actually incredibly perceptive, he had already noticed even the simplest transaction of slipping drugs between two thugs in the back. His eyes constantly wandered... in truth.. until they found something worth staying stuck. The door swung open behind him and Tirian offered a quick glance to notice one girl, looking only slightly disheveled as she entered. Of course that was the case, this was in fact no place for a lady... which begged question what she might be here for. The other to enter held herself better... in the environment. Still a woman but he could hear the groaning even now as they shared transaction with the girl and ended up on the very bad end of it all. Broken fingers wouldn't make anyone happy and the girl had already probably made some enemies. Not that any of that was his problem at all, it would depend how he felt when this was all done, right now he had a point to make.

    The Barkeep returned with three large mugs of ale and dropped them on the counter as he glared at Tirian. His eyes didn't remain on him for long though before they turned and met with the man thing... whatever the hell it was. "Ahh I s'pose ye be h're for t'e contract ey?" The old dwarf started digging in his pocket for something. Then retrieved a parchment to hand to the giant of a man. Tirian didn't wait any more than that, having already noticed the sigil on the parchment... he'd figured out what sort of obstacles he faced... now it was time to really figure it out. With a swift pass of his hand Tirian flung all of the mugs of ale up and onto the bar keep. Covering him in his own sticky slosh.

    "The Hell ye doin Boy!" The Dwarf growled, but before the old bastard could even react, there was a spear tip at his throat. "Listen closely Dwarf I don't give a rats ass how your business goes when serving these thugs and barbarians but I asked for some damn water and you insisted i drink your rat piss for ale. Last I knew.. the customer is always right!" The Dwarf struggled to get away but passing a glance over at the giant of a man Tirian continued to hold him as spear point. The bait was set.

    That was hardly the only thing happening though. Tirian had lost track of certain prospects he'd been watching prior, and in the shadows the lady in robes found a another shadow of a woman sitting at her lonesome with harrow cards spread across the table. An eerie smile greeted the hidden Lady as the Emily he witch offered her guest a seat. "Come come... We have a small business to uphold, you come to obtai a sleepless end yes?" A simple name for the poison to be retrieved. This was Lady Aurelia's contact.

    The bar was now restless with all of the insanity that had unfolded. Aggression was building quickly and things were about to get messy.... and just in time..

    The doors swung open once more and three men dressed in bright Silver and crimson entered. By their sigil they served the house of count Remus. One of the High nobles under the High King Dagamur. The middle of them spoke up against the commotion. 'We do not seek to disturb the activities of you heathens this day. We are in search of a woman. She will not appear normal within this city. Have any of you seen her?"

    Things were heating up quickly... now it was up to the four seemingly destined souls within one shit hole to decide exactly how things went from here.

    The Mark~

    "Rombus greystone. A Human Gladiator champion who has a lot of big stakes on his upcoming fight. He will not make it to this fight. The man is said to use duel axes and is quick and agile on his feet, easily taking on multiple foes. Ther eis no specified method of killing, be creative little Raven."
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  6. Aurelia wandered a few moments more in the back corner of the tavern, ignoring any offer from greasy dirty men to buy her a drink and narrowly glaring at any who offered more than just that. By the time she found the fellow witch she had to come meet, tucked away at a remote table, she had already had enough with this filthy crime-ridden city.

    "Come..come, We have a small business to uphold, you come to obtain a Sleepless End, yes?" The older witch called out to her in a quiet, raspy voice. Looking at the tarot cards lain out on the table as she approached Aurelia smiled slightly. The older witch had been posing as a fortune teller, quite the smart disguise for people like her. Aurelia strode over, the floorboards creaking with each swaying step.

    "Yes, yes. Let us hurry and be on with our lives." Aurelia spoke eagerly, sliding into a seat across from the wrinkled woman. The older witch gave her a wide smile as she placed a single vial on the table, filled with a dark green substance. She returned the smile, a drop of that and the magistrate was as good as gone. Aurelia then took out a heavy pouch of gold coins which had taken her some time to amass from the royal treasury.

    But before the exchange could happen the door to the tavern swung open and both witches turned to see men adorned in silver and red armor stride in. The knights announced their intentions and the younger witch's eyebrows furrowed, how did they find her? As she turned back the older witch was gone, both the gold and the poison disappearing with her. The sole thing left on the table was a single card and as she flipped the card over Aurelia got her answer.

    "Fool." She read off the card. Her contact had set her up. Aurelia was furious but knew that anger wasn't going to get her out of the situation alive. Standing up, she strode over to the two strongest men that had displayed their misplaced interest in her. She ran a single finger light across their arms before taking their hand. Looking into their eyes she offered each a mischievous grin and lead them upstairs into one of the private rooms, pushing past the odd armor construct and the warrior who held a spear to the dwarven bartender. As the door closed behind them both men surrounded her eager to get started, pushing themselves against both sides of her body. Holding back a disgusted grimace, Aurelia kissed the first man passionately before pulling away and commanding him in a quiet, seductive whisper. "Go down there and kill those knights for me..and I'll reward you in ways you never imagined possible."

    The first man mindlessly obeyed, backing off and pulling a dagger out from his pocket as he left the room. Before the second man could question what just happened she did the same to him and just like the first, he left. Both of those men had no chance of winning against those guards down there, but Aurelia knew that their bloodshed would cause enough chaos to allow her time to escape.
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  7. He took the parchment from the dwarfs hands as he was attacked by some presumably angry customer, he turned round so his back faced the argument in an attempt to gain some privacy, before opening the parchment to check that the business was all in order. After he had read it throughly, he rolled it up and stuffed it into his inside breast pocket before saying "thanks" without looking back at the dwarf.

    He took a step forward before a women holding two obviously lustful men pushed past him and walked upstairs before closing the door, this wasn't a strange sight especially in this garbage hole but he was certain she had been turning them down previously when entering the bar, but it didn't matter he needed to get to the arena. He pulled his hood over his head further to try and stop grabbing further attention and put his hands in his pockets and walked past the three Knights accidentally bumping one as he passed him but ignored it.
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  8. Tirian's eyes were that of serpents, slits in narrow creases peering out at the armored giant before him. He was daring him... Daring the poor soul weight in by armor to try and interfere with him. That was not the case though. With a slight tug, Tirian pulled the Dwarf closer as the armored man turned his back to the two of them. Through gritted teeth he growled out. "Let this be the end of it and the next time I ask it of you, get me some fucking water!" With that Tirian released the Barman just in time to watch his armored 'friend" pass by the group of guards. If there was anything about to truly ruin his knight it was the three of them being here.

    Slowly Tirian tucked his hood up and started towards the door, but only just in time for one of two men to come charging down the stairs with a dagger in hand. "Die you bastards!" He shouted and then he was silenced. A glint of steel and then crimson followed as the mans newly severed arm was lopped off, and the next strike took his head. The air was growing foul quickly as the realization of death settled in. No one moved though, and their eyes remained fixed on the guard dressed in ornate plate armor.

    "That was unfortunate, the grime from that fool surely has sullied my Engante." it wasn't hard to tell in passing that the man spoke of his incredibly unique sword. Three large slits through its center mass, the hilt had a slight curve too even though the blade itself was straight. A flick of the captains wrist and blood was slung to the floor, Still No one dared make comment. Even Tirian realized that this wasn't a fight he wanted right now. But these bastards were going to make his task much harder.

    With careful stride the Captain of the guard company moved to loom over the other poor soul that cowered now at the bottom of the stair case.

    "No I didn't, I was... I wasn't with him!"

    The captain bent over the man touched his cheek gently and then once more death encompassed the air. Slow steps following just as Tirian crept out of the bar he noticed the man making his way up stairs, and the other two men accompanying him did just the same brandishing their weapons almost as brashly as they would their dicks for all to see. That was the last Tirian seen of it as he tumbled out into the streets of this wretched little rot. It wasn't the same though... around two corners easily there were three more armed and bannered soldiers. Whoever the hell this woman was there was no way any cunt warranted this much attention.... and if it did well the damn thing had to be golden. An amusing thought in passing 'The great Search for the golden cunt... well isn't that just a rightful childrens Story?" Tirian laughed and then started his way towards the large arena in the distance. The sooner his job was done here, the better.... especially with high borns snooping about.... and that captain.. specifically was nothing to joke about. at the very least.


    It wasn't hard to miss the great walking metal. The man even shroud in robes cloaks, or otherwise was an anomaly to all who watched him in passing. Before long returning to the Cart to find a rumble in the hay as a Dwarf made nice with a couple of ripe little 'witch" virgins. "Ah, t'ere ye be. i did'n exp'ct ye back So soon." Rolling on his back the two girls cuddled closer betraying even the the passing thought of modesty with their bodies revealed for all to see. "An'e ways I x'pct ye got t'e damn l'tter." With that the Dwarf known as Borin hoisted himself up and reached for the parchment. Reading it carefully, he sighed. "Al'rite" well le's be on w'it it t'en." Pulling up his trousers and shooing the girls away Borin dropped down beside his "travel horse" so to speak, just as the walking armor took his place as carrier of the wagon. "Di'd ye f'nd an'thing in'trstn? in ye tr'vels?"
  9. The woman sat there in the chair, unorthodox hues scanning over the scrawled text upon the parchment she held. The plump flesh of her lips press into a tight line as she lets the words sink in making sure that key elements were etched into her mind. 'Rombus Greystone' 'Human' 'Dual axes' 'Quick and Agile'......'Be creative'. Her lips then curved, the pale flesh turning up at the corners and settling into a crescent smile. She could most definitely be creative which was something she'd not had the privilege to do often. It was rather nice of would make the hunt more entertaining, the kill far more satisfying. Her inner musing were rudely interrupted when three men strode into the tavern, a single, booming voice echoing over all the others. Something about a foreign woman. Nothing of import to her. Folding the paper up, she tucked it into the valley of her cleavage, and then sat back in her chair for a moment, mix match eyes observing as the events began to unfold.

    The man at the bar whom had made it a point to make a point, the tall dark and metallic being slipping out...and in hindsight she vaguely remembered eyeing the woman who ventured upstairs earlier with two men, one on each arm. No others stood out to her, none were important. As if on queue, one and then the next, the men rushed downstairs full of empty threats. A chilled chuckled slipped from the cloaked woman. Though a keen eye caught the bliss of death by a single flick of wrist, a wine colored brow lofted in response before she huffed, and lifted herself from her chair. Pulling her cloak around her, she waited until the soldiers made their way upstairs, and then she made her way out. Stepping over a puddle of blood, and nudging a severed head with the toe of her boot, she passed the grisly scene and pushed out the doors thankful to once again be outside.

    Unorthodox eyes glanced upward as the glean of lunar rays shone down upon the streets. It was then that her amused smile faded, and she turned her attention to the looming arena in the far distance. Pivoting on the heels of her feet, soft clicks of boot to cobblestone sounded out not too far behind the man with his points to make. Oh yes, she knew who he was at first glance. "The Liberator" they'd call him. She had deemed him a fool. The clicking of her heels continued behind him until he possibly looked behind. He'd see no one as the woman disappeared into the shadows. When his eyes returned to the front, she would be there, the absence of clicks now returning, and the billow and rustle of fabric and feather sounded out in the otherwise quiet night.​
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  10. [​IMG]



    "This is a Godless place..."
    Ω Harbarut || Area Bloodworks || Holding Cell Ω

    "How dare they seek to humiliate me in such a way. Their tresspasses shall not be forgiven."
    Ω Tattered Cloth Rags || Human → Transforming Ω

    "As soon as I am free... I shall take my revenge."
    Ω NPC Guards Ω

    "I will kill them all..."
    Ω NPC Guards Ω


    This is a Godless place...

    That same thought had passed through Errol's mind multiple times since her welcoming to this personal hellhole. It was the complete opposite of the beautiful trees, rolling hills, and fresh air she had grown accustomed to in her home. Oh, how she longed for that safe haven of the Forest, to bask in the common wealth and prosperity of her people.... To take in the energy of the forest and feel the very life of it flowing through her veins. Here....Here in this prison of metal and wood, she felt nothing put pain and humiliation.... smelt nothing but the stench of dried blood and rotting corpses of the poor fools who had fallen victim to those supposed to be their brothers.

    How she hated man... How she hated dwarf...How she hated Elf and all others who fought their own kind. They had no sense of unity or brotherhood. They were selfish, deceitful creatures with nothing better to do then to wallow in their own conceit. They pushed against nature, constantly taking more than what they needed in order to fuel their own never ending ego. Yet, they were delicate creatures, creatures that fell prey to the crunch of her fangs upon their bone. How easily broken their bodies were, yet they hid themselves under what nature provided and what they had corrupted. Metal.... Harsh metal armor, yet the power of her claws still ripped through it... The power of her jaw crushed their skulls in their very helmets....

    Yet...she was captured.

    Captured and wasting away in this fucking cell, with no company other than the rats that gnawed on the rotting flesh of bodies piled fresh after slaughter. Oh yes, she had watched the fate of fellow captives. They were forced into battle against their brethren for the sake of survival. Either fight...or die. How...absolute, yet such living did not really phase the dull eyes of this powerful warrior. If anything... she found them...cute-


    The chill of that icy river water rushed over her entire form, Errol's pale silver stare immediately ripping open to glare at those who had woken her.

    "I'm sorry. Were you napping, mongrel?"

    Oh how she hated man. How cocky they could be now that she was chained against this wall... now that her arms were locked in this ridiculous contraption. It pissed her off more than anything, hearing their condescending voice patronizing her and prodding at her with weak sausage fingers. She could only glare though, the metal muzzle over her face keeping her from speaking... keeping her from biting. They had taken every precaution to hold down this woman. It was not that she was large in stature. Hell, she only stood at about 5'7". Her muscles were not overly protruding and these men were far larger than her; however, even now she could see how tense they were, despite their arrogant words.

    "Fuckin' pissed are ye', lass?"

    "Bitch looks fucking demonic."

    Demonic... what a funny way to put it, Errol only holding that fiery glare, body jerking at the heavy chains that held her down. How humiliating, this fall from grace to the pits of the lowest of the low. Errol did not plan to stay down for long though. Oh no, the moment she was free, she would make all of them pay, starting with these three fuckers right here.

    "Heheh... She's harmless..."

    The bravest of the fools stepped forward, metal chest plate glinting in the dim torch light. He came closer to her, Errol having to crain her head to keep that eye contact. It was rather hard to do so actually, for this giant metal collar they had locked her in made a lot of shit difficutlt. She was on her knees, skin rubbed raw upon the jagged rock floor of this holding cell. The hay they had placed upon it was dyed red and brown from the blood and shit of captives passed. Errol could smell it, letting it fuel the fire in her soul even if it was only the stench of man. How they reaked of pig ass and bile. Disgusting creatures... pests... She held no fear of these mortals.

    Her attention was pulled fully to this man, feeling his fat fingers around her jaw, jerking her forward and causing those long, matted black locks to splay about her face and neck like a mane of shadows. How dirty she was, covered in dried blood and dirt from the mortals' attempts to break her; however, there seemed to be no visible wounds upon her olive skin, gaze unwavering from the smirk upon her capturer's face.

    "We even took away her bite. She probably could on even suck me c-"

    That had felt nice, Errol using the guard's closeness to let him feel a bit of her wrath. Without hesitation, her heard rolled forward, forehead smacking full force with the softer skull of the man. Oh amazing that felt, watching the guard's jaw fall slack as he stumbled back, brown gloves already becoming stained with his own blood. Fresh blood. The scent was a relief in this horrible place.

    Too close mortal.

    The two remaining guards moved to help their fallen friend, weak arms outstretching to assist the wounded man. It was comical, the mild fear in their eyes.... how that cockiness was immediately gone like the color in the bleeding guard's face; however, it was quickly replaced with rage, Errol feeling the burn of their angered gazed. She took it in stride, her pride far too large to step down from a challenge

    "Boss has plans for you, deary..."

    "Bring in the tranquilizer!"

    The what?

    Her heavy head turned, gaze twisting towards her cage door as more guards started to enter. What did they think they were going to do? There was immediate fire, panic as that fight or flight response started to kick in. She could feel it, the burn of that icy cold that started to wash over her. She was not going to sit idle and let her body be tampered with once more, but how many times had she done this? How many times had she transformed while she was here, only to feel the painful burn of that silver lining her manmade collar. She was smart....but passion drove her as her face contorted to one of pure rage, body twisting, growing with the anger running through her, yet she was keeping it under control, holding back from that sweet warmth of transformation. She could not allow herself to... not now...

    "It's almost showtime, Lycan. I hope you are ready, for you are the finale."

    She shook her head, messy mane of dull black, whipping around her as she spasmed. She refused. She was not going to be a simple pawn in this humiliation of a game; however, they seemed to have other ideas entirely. One came near, that vial in hand. She immediately struck out, vicious snarl held back by that fucking muzzle they had dared to place her in. At least it was enough to make the man jump back, Errol muscles straining against heavy chains.

    "I'm kill every last one of you once I am free! Your hell hath nothing compared to the fury I shall release upon you, mortal!"

    She was positively wild behind that muzzle, silverish blue stare filled with the vibrancy of pure rage. Yet, it did little to quell the actions of the mortals around her, who merely chuckled at her display of dominance. The nearest one stepped forward, as his brother had done; however, he seemed smarter to her ways than the others were., stopping about a foot away, just out of her reach. He spoke over her vicious snarls and barks, smrik growing slightly as he took in that fire in her eyes.

    "That's good. Keep that rage, Lycan. Focus it on your enemies and give us a show."


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  11. Tirian- Vexalya

    Tirians eyes darted behind him, carefully watching everything around him. He didn't give any reason to question his disguise as a normal vagabond walking through this shit hole however. After all Tirian was well aware that his head looked much better on the end of a pike for most of the armored soldiers patrolling the streets of Haribut right now. His only real streak of luck being that the soldiers had a much larger priority target now.

    The streets were about as quiet as the bar had been, a mixture of instinct driven moans came from whores. They were the best of pretenders. trained by their cunts to give a show to any man, and adapt quite well to whatever sick and twisted fetish the next cock desired. Then the thieves would rob them blind, the murderers would leave their corpse in an alley just to keep up the notorious stench for which haribut had become known for. "Ahh ever smelled the stench of a dead body?" Tirian recited the joke and finished it. "Ahh no but I've been to Harbiut." A smirk played at his lips as he forgot himself among the shit.

    Tirian had lost his perception though and so he was easily blindsided by the shift in the winds, and just as he'd readied his spear and turned back following its path, The point of his weapon sat edged into the ground. "Ahh I am not dead yet. That's interesting, I at least expected the welcome of a blade through the heart for losing track of you." Slowly Tirian raised his head and looked to the mix matched eyes of the woman before him. "Red and green is it? You might consider hiding such a feature, but then again... those of the ring assassins do not make their stand in shadows... No that would make them the same as every other would be assassin wouldn't it? No they stand among the public and dare anyone to try and bring them in... It begs question though... what does a woman have to do with the likes of this poor man?" His smirk was even more pronounced now as his grip tightened around the shaft of his spear. "Were I your target I would be dead now. So what can i do for you elf?"
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  12. A Mysterious Stranger- Aurelia

    Cornered in an upstairs room, the sound of whimpering yelps came from just the foot of the stairs as despair closed from all around. Aurelia was not in a good position, not only had it been the Count's soliders, but the leader of them was not a simple soldier... In fact... No..

    "Ahh how unfortunate."

    A voice came from behind Aurelia. A whimsical tune, and a soft tone came from beyond the open window, but to the eyes there was nothing. That was until the darkness silhouetted only by the window gave birth to a man. A silver mask upon his face with golden adorned marks, Something Aurelia would easily understand in her studies. The mask of the Order was as so. The man spoke once more as he leaned himself against the window and the wind blew his cloaks astray. "i had hoped that in your resourcefulness that you would find a way out of this mess all your own, Who am i to say you haven't." The masked man paused as his hand shifted and he flung a single three tri pointed knife into the thinnest crevice of the door. The sharp end piercing the woods below at almost half of the blades depth.

    "You may call me Silver Mask. To many this alias is common enough that when you speak of my trifling you will not appear insane. Beyond this however... i would have you before I guaruntee your escape and see to it that you return safely to your mad king... Please divulge to me what were you going to do next? You see I am a man of chances, of ideas and so I would be intrigued to see further into the mind of a masterful seducer. I claim myself the same you see and so let us match your silver tongue to mine silver mask?"

    The sound was growing louder as the men ascended the stairs.

    "Ahh but please do hurry, we are on a bit of a crunch in terms of time. Dont you agree?"
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  13. As the two fools left Aurelia she quickly moved to the window and threw it open. Only when she saw the glint of more soldier in silver and red armor underneath moonlight did she back off. They had devoted much more to finding her than she had expected, that damn witch must've told them more than her location. She made a mental note to kill the older witch the next time she had the pleasure of meeting her.

    But Aurelia was brought from her thoughts as an unknown voice came from behind her. The moment his silhouette came into view her initial instinct wanted her to to leave him as ashes but the knife he threw ever so skillfully told her otherwise. Her eyebrows narrowed as he spoke and revealed his intentions. The scholars had warned her of his organization during her time studying under them.

    "Hmph, you are remarkably well informed stranger. Though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the Order is interested in my plans." She spoke softly, her amber eyes staring coldly at his hidden away visage. She walked closer to him, the old wooden planks creaking once more with each of her swayed step. "As an artist of seduction yourself you should know that one never reveals their intentions fully, less' they are a fool."

    When the witch stopped walking her chest was lightly pressed against his as she looked up into his artfully created disguise, her voice a somber whisper cutting through the darkness of the tavern room.

    "You keep your target guessing at what you are thinking. Does she want me? How can I have her? Their thoughts and questions drive them wild and reduce the finest of men to beasts who only seek to satisfy their primal urges." The witch spoke softly before suddenly pulling away from the unknown man's reach.

    "I did not get where I am today by revealing my full hand in the face of trouble, stranger. Only after you take me from here will I indulge you." She demanded confidently, her eyes turning back to the door at the sound of the soldiers coming to greet them before they returned to the silhouette.

    "If that doesn't satisfy you enough to guarantee my safety than I suppose you'd best leave before I reduce both this inn and everyone in it to ashes." Aurelia warned, her eyebrows narrowing once more. "Old dry wood like this is quick to burn."
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  14. Silvermask- Aurelia (Intro Xanthe)

    Through thin slits the Silver mask swayed as it did its best to follow her movements. He was not above mortal pleasure and she posed no true threat to him... His 'eyes' watched as like a ghostly sirens she faded from him as though an enchanting mist. Oh yes, her game was a powerful one... One that he would not take lightly, and it was exactly the reason that He could not allow her to be revealed by the Lord Paladin below. As the man was not known for his mercy and this little spider still had many more webs to weave before she'd require..... reevaluation.

    "You are truly masterful. One should not take your art lightly I propose. However sad as it may be I am but a phantom of opportunity, One involved in schemed this world hardly even recognizes to be worth its time. Within the Arena.... You will find a man, a chaotic soul that will shake the balance... That man, capturing him... is well perhaps your ticket home. He will strike tonight and if you were perhaps to bring him to justice, then just maybe it could be assumed that your mission had fruition here and your motives might not be questioned? Do we agree in this? Ahh but there is not time for you to agree or disagree, For all i have done is provided you the story in which you play. It is now your choice to become its actress. "

    Silver mask did not hesitate to make his way back to the window. "Sad, I would have enjoyed speaking with you more, but alas I was never here."

    And like that the man was gone, and another more lithe and feminine figure replaced it. A line ran from the window to a nearby rooftop now. Just as the three Knights stampeded outside the sealed door. The door knob began to move but despite the force the glow of a single knife held the door in place. Time enough for the Actress in the Order's play to speak with yet another nameless mask.
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  15. He strode forward, his strides size increasing after hearing screams from the bar until he arrived at the cart, stopping in front of the dwarf who was having 'fun' in the hay with a few girls. He was unfazed by the scene before him, and even less by the beauties around him that would gain the attention of any other man. He stared at them unable to show emotions even if he wanted to, "oh well" he thought, his species couldn't even reproduce or even interact with other species sexually for their own pleasure so it didn't matter.

    He ignored Borin questioning his speedy arrival, it was a pointless to answer. He handed over the parchment having already knew it was okay but let Borin check anyway. After he agreed everything was in order with the document, Jet, which is what the dwarfs had named the metal giant after he had fixed many of there steam devices which relied on jets of steam, pulled himself onto the cart and grabbed the reins as Borin slid onto the seat next to him.

    As the cart pulled out and slowly moved towards the arena Borin asked "Di'd ye f'nd an'thing in'trstn? in ye tr'vel," Jet didn't move his head and kept facing forward. After living with the dwarfs he knew it was not the best idea to bring up how a dwarf was attacked, even if they were greedy creatures they had a respectable loyalty to their own brethren. "Nothing particular........... But I recommend we get this job done as soon as possible Borin" he said letting Borin take this in before continuing "Something is going down here, three powerful knights appeared looking for a woman so I can only assume it's a dangerous witch or assassin....... I heard screams as I left." He said reflecting on the women who took those men to the room, something was off with that image he thought as he stopped the cart infront of the arena.
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  16. ✿ Xanthe Liliana Selwyn ✿

    Even on missions of importance, Xanthe could not reign in the excitement that expressed itself physically upon her. The smile, the lack of stillness, the twitch of her fingers all signs of her current emotional state. Yet she was silent. Throughout the talk between Silver Mask and Aurelia, she lost herself in her thoughts about this mission. Her excitement was understandable in the sense she wanted peace, in which to do so all conflicts and wars needed to be prevented. Even if it was minor, she would contribute to this cause and The Order itself. She watched with hooded and concealed grey blue orbs as she cocked her head with an amused grin. She definitely came across some interesting characters...

    With the disappearance of 'Silver Mask' came the known presence of Xanthe herself, pale pink lips pulled up into a wide friendly grin. Her form was garbed in the thin black cloak, clasped at the breast by a silver pin that matched the silver mask that rest across the upper portion of her face. Black gloves slipped from the confines of the flimsy material as one arm settled over her abdomen, the other behind her back at her waist as she gave a bow. Straightening herself up to stand properly and with her usual grace, Xanthe slid both of her arms behind her back and interlocked them. The whole time her hood did not shift, still leaving her physical features hidden in darkness.

    A small glance was given to the door, as indicated by the shift of her head that rustled the hood, Xanthe remained smiling the whole time. The dagger remained. Full attention back onto Aurelia, she cocked her head to the side before stepping forwards so the shadows could melt from her further. "Nice to meet you, Ms.Aurelia~" She cooed, her tone musical and sweet as she just smiled widely. Stepping over towards the window, just a bit closer now. "I've been tasked with making sure you get out of this sticky situation~" She exclaimed, though it was barely above a whisper as she clapped her hands together in what looked like excitement. "You can call me whatever, It doesn't really matter. Sorry for the short introductions!~...or lack of..."

    Now turning physically to partially face the window, Xanthe set her hand on the ledge as she leaned her side up against it. "So~ Right here we have a lovely and hopefully durable wire connected to the next roof~" She explained, seemingly up keeping the same cheerful tone. "Using this we will get over to the next roof and go from there." Xanthe turned her head slightly, looking back to Aurelia. "I kid. Its completely durable and safe...I mean if you don't let go and fall I mean...~"

    Xanthe pressed her hand up against the side of the window frame as she pulled herself up onto the ledge itself, her free hand then moving up to the wire where some material was draped overhead. It was a durable and strong material and luckily the distance was not to long that it would be to risky to use this alone. Plus she would be able to take these and go...Shaking her head she wound the strip once around the wire before moving to wrap her hands.

    Set in some way she paused to look at Aurelia, still grinning though the serious nature of the situation dimmed it to a slight curl of her lips. "I'm going first. The dagger should hold. Once I am there I will wave you over if its safe. If not then wait a second." Xanthe adjusted her grip once again before leaning herself forwards, pausing briefly to speak once more. "Be careful going down." After all, Aurelia was important. So with that she found herself leaning her weight onto her toes before pushing off.

    The grin that bared itself nearly permanently upon her features grew with the wind brushing against her cheek, threatening in the adrenaline filled moment to ruin the mask of anonymity she adorned. One moment would be all it took to blow back the hood of her cape and reveal the noticeable platinum blond locks, though it was the last thought on her mind. Xanthe traveled down the line, focus on her grip and the strong winds. Though it did not deter her from watching her surroundings. Towards the end of her trip she found the far gaze of a crossbow wielding soldier.


    Xanthe in that moment found herself pursing her lips as she watched him load and then aim, her gaze then moving to the roof that was a small distance away. With a small hiss from her lips, Xanthe found herself swinging herself back as much as possible before releasing her grip as she came forwards. The small distance allowed Xanthe's feet to plant firmly upon the roof, crouched down as she turned to glare at the guy who shot at her. He was the only one there as the rest seemed to be trying to secure the area of the building.

    She found herself looking back to the window to hold up her hand in a 'wait' gesture before lowering herself further into the crouch on the roof. A narrowed gaze lay trained upon the crossbow user as she moved her limbs slowly, each of her movements were being planned mentally. She was not someone who moved instinctively but logically. When two generic throwing knives were settled in her right hand, elbow bent and out as she held them almost close to her own chest. Xanthe waited to strike. His head shifted to look to the opposite side of the roof and she threw out her arm forwards, releasing the knives with the movement of her swing so that they sailed through the air to grasp his attention at the last moment.

    One found its way to his lower right arm while the other his right thigh.

    For a moment she mourned her actions before shrugging it off. Disabling his dominant side seemed to be her best bet. No one on the street was paying attention to the roof itself or even the soldier enough to watch where the knives originated from. Small chaos erupted as people quickly looked around the streets for anyone who could be the culprit and once she became sure people were not look up, Xanthe looked over to the window, waving her hand furiously for her to cross. The second Aurelia was over, Xanthe moved to pull out another knife, this time to cut the line so it would not be clear, hopefully, what roof it had once been attached to.
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  17. She wasn't serious..right? Aurelia with crossed arms watched as the second but equally illusive Mask prepared to glide over the street onto the next roof. The Order had been an interesting read during her studies but seeing them at action made her uneasy, they were quick efficient and eerily capable. It was a shame that they chose to remain generally neutral when it came to politics, they would make great allies in war.

    But like that, the feminine Mask pushed off the ledge of the window and was gone. Aurelia moved quickly to watch her, eyeing her carefully as she dispatched a soldier whilst landing. The Mask gave her the signal and waved her over and Aurelia looked once more down at the street. She was hardly an acrobat.

    Frowning with uncertainty she stood onto the ledge and tested the wire's strength. She prayed she wouldn't fall. The sound of the door being run down took her attention away from the fall however and she knew she had no other choice. Aurelia stripped the cloak she was wearing, revealing her usual scantily covered attire and wrapped it around the wire much like the Mask had. She shivered as the wind blew against her exposed skin.

    Pushing off with her toes she glided as she watched the street below. When she landed next to the Mask however she didn't do it nearly as gracefully, landing unbalanced and falling afterwards - her cloak torn and ruined by the trip. Cursing as she dusted herself off she looked at the Mask and glared. Deep down she was thankful for her life, but a seductress should never show how she truly felt.

    "What now stranger?"
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  18. ✿ Xanthe Liliana Selwyn ✿

    Xanthe had observed the descent of Aurelia with a crooked grin as she settled her hands onto her hips, head cocked in her display of amusement. It was an interesting sight, watching her uncertain as she zipped down the wire and then stumble with the landing. A small chuckle passed her lips as she shifted one of her hands to one of the knives strapped there. Xanthe pulled it out with a flick of her wrist, heading closer to the wire where she reached up to press its sharpened blade against it. A few moments later she watched the wire collapse and fall limply back over to the window they had previously just escaped from.

    With the soft mumble to herself she spun around to look over at Aurelia. "What now...Obviously I have to get you to the Arena, right?" she pointed out, a small huff raising her chest as she began with hurried steps over to the the other side of the roof. "We are going to slip into the easy to spot at the moment..." Xanthe was mostly muttering to herself at this point, her directions only being partially to Aurelia. At the edge of the roof she hummed, contemplating before kissing at her teeth. Below was a mass of barrels and crates, enough that they could be used to escape the roof itself. "Follow me."

    Xanthe pushed herself off from the roof, falling down onto the surface of one of the crates with a dulled thud as she naturally fell into a crouch. Without little thought she had twisted in her place to once again jump down onto one of the barrels and eventually to the ground below. Gathering herself as she arrived within the alleyway, Xanthe brushed down her cloak before looking over to Aurelia with a small grin. "Come on, Ms.Aurelia!~"

    The soldiers had burst through the door when Aurelia had began her descent which led to the fact they had probably gotten to the window and noticed the two of them there. So they would soon hurry to this building to search. With her thoughts racing, Xanthe quickly moved around to the side of the building to watch back into the main streets, wrapped in the shadows as she observed the masses critically. With no sight of the soldiers..yet...Xanthe turned back to the stacked crates and barrels before to the two routes available to them. The second she heard the other reach the ground, Xanthe turned to hurriedly move through the shadows to the left alleyway. "Now we just need to get you to the Arena without those soldiers catching you now~..." Eventually twisting around another corner, a grin resumed its station back upon her features. "Probably get a hold of another are easily recognizable,,,"
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  19. The woman stopped walking for a moment, lithe body turning with a billow of her cloak. Her unorthodox gaze fell upon the fool before her, head tilting at his words. He talked far too much, her lips pressing into a tight line in response before they then relaxed, and she turned her back to him once more. "You can do nothing for me." was her simple answer paying no mind to his jabs at her order. Her stride then resumed, the clicking of her boots echoing over the lust filled moans of the whores on the streets. She didnt have time to stick around for idle chatter. Her eyes were now locked onto the arena ahead, fingers twitching eagerly as she came nearer and nearer.

    ((Im so sorry for the length of this post -.-))​
  20. Aurelia was beginning to think that perhaps she spent too much time in the palace of late. She kept her body fit and attractive but she was hardly athletic in nature like the Mask. With quick shallow breaths she did her best to mimic the feminine Mask's movements to the street below. Her efforts were admirable at least but she stumbled once more on the final landing. Cursing to herself as they moved into the alley, she looked up in response to the Mask speaking. Aurelia glanced around at the immediate streets before looking back down at her revealing robes. She clicked her tongue once as she thought.

    "Give me but a moment." The witch asked quietly, passing the Mask as she walked into the street. She knocked on a door and when a man opened it to greet her she swiftly pushed herself into him and closed the door behind them. A few moments later she exited with another travelling cloak on, her amber eyes meeting the feminine Mask from underneath the cloak's hood. Her rose red lips curved into a frown. "Don't ask - just get me to the arena."
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