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  1. Intro~

    No one remembers it. The way the fire nursed the shadows and darkness enveloped the world. Dragons tore through the skies and on the land below mighty catapults were slung to the sky. Powerful magic was used to quell the threat of the ancients and Seven kings came together to stand before the darkness that threatened to consume everything. No one remembers these days, but everyone knows of it... After all it is the pinnacle to the world now.

    The great darkness was pushed back and the kings sealed it away within a hidden vessel. This was called the Fissure. The event that changed the world forever. From there the Kings took up thrones and raised high kingdoms as mortal sins took hold of them. Darkness was gone now but even the light was not safe. War consumed the land, and with it tragedy. The Dragons vanished from the world and humanity was left to destroy itself. This is the tale that Scholars will tell, but Scholars who only look for fact in the mysteries of fantasy will never tell of the champions that fought and died for the cause, or the wars of arbitration that broke out. Many do not know of the truths the world has hidden in its bosom and those that do will not so easily tell of mans faults. For mankind has never known responsibility for itself.

    With time and practice civilization would find its peaks. Cities were born from fire and ash. Covenants that came from ideas about the past were forged in agreements of blood. And the age of honor faded with the last breath of the old kings as their sons took the mantle and forged their own selfish ideals upon this world. Yes the world was changing now, and from its heart it cried out... It called for a champion...


    This is a story that is heavily inspired by massive amounts of Darksouls lore. That being said it is no carbon copy and the story itself is completely my own. The concept is that there are Five kingdoms left now of the original seven and most of them are at war or in hiding. The players will have a choice as to which kingdom they were born into, and will be allowed a chance to seek out truths of this world. The plot to the story will reveal itself quickly but it is only the bare minimal of what is going on. I strongly suggest for people to fully indulge into this world and its lore. As said before there will be concepts that I have taken from the Darksouls lore and the gritty feel of the world of Lordran will be a great example as to the state of the world today. This is a fantasy roleplay with interesting characters and dark pasts. There will be limits to the races allowed as playable but anything can be discussed.

    Elements that will be involved in this roleplay are as followed-

    Mystery, Fantasy, Magic, Dragons, Mythical races, Racism, Sexual themes, Romance, Combat, Politics, Religious themes, Conspiracy, Dark Themes, Gore, Gritty Themes, betrayal, Character/Npc Death, Heroic Themes, Lore.


    I do not intend to present too much more on this until i know I have a good solid following. And so i invite you to respond below any thoughts, concerns, ideas, and or if you just want to be a part of this roleplay. From there we will discuss and make this the best that it can be. Thank you for your time.

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  2. Interested. Will wait for ooc.
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  3. I'll play.
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  4. Rev it and I'll dev it.
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  5. Hmmmm... kay so like...

    Actually know what? Boo would like to know just the reg rundown:

    What is post freq, post level req, can we play multi charries and what is Max number of rpers??

    Thanks. Yeah~yeah^^!!
  6. All good questions. But Ill answer them backwards.

    I am only hoping to have 5-6 Players. I want to keep it somewhat smaller of a group because anything beyond that leaves less room for personal stories. As it forces me to split my attention a lot more and makes it hard to give equal rp attention to each player in the world.

    I will allow for multiple characters, but only up to a maximum of three and for each character the Post qualification applies.

    Post level I am looking for intermediate to advanced or above. Strong use of npcs, good use of the world and grammar, and structured para posting.

    And finally as for post frequency I ask that you post a bare minimal of 2 posts a week PER Character. This is where it comes to you guys to decide how many characters you will play. And also Any form of Collaborative post counts as two posts so one of those can get quota for your week however I urge everyone to post as much as you like without leaving others behind.

    Any other questions i would be happy to address, If all of you are in at this point that leaves me to get 2-3 more people and Ill get everything rolling. Thanks again for your expressed interest.

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  7. Awesomes!!^^

    Kay so will just wait for OoC to see charries sheet then ;D
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  8. Yeah I will give this until Thursday. I have DnD and such to go to tomorrow and I work Wednesday. But if we get one more person I will be willing to start this and I guess Ill consider actually being a player as well in the roleplay. Regardless come End of Thursday I will have a write up for this roleplay in detail that is up for everyone to read. Thats the cut off time Im allowing to get interest for this.

  9. Oh wait.

    I missed the part where it says 'Dark Souls lore'.

    I can't into that, but am I allowed to proceed?
  10. What do you mean you can't into that.. im confused. And yeah your allowed to proceed.
  11. It means that I have limited knowledge about Dark Souls Lore.
  12. Thats fine most people know little to nothing about it. I have researched into it and just intend to use bare bones of its ideas.
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  13. Good to hear! I have quite a character planned.

    My questions are related to my plans.

    1. Will dragons in this be able to speak human or do they have their own ancient language?
  14. @Crow

    Yes Dragons will speak in normal tongue as well as their own ancient, although that strongly depends on which dragon you are talking to. Certain Dragons feel it beneath them to speak in normal human language. of course. You may not want to be speaking with those Dragons anyways. XD
  15. I have gone from being an individual with a virtually unlimited amount of free time, to one who has a fairly demanding job that leaves me exhausted and in desperate need of sleep for large but consistent stretches of the week. I took a break from RPing several months before acquiring this job, so I don't know how well I'll manage both and it may be difficult for me to post more than once a week. Do I still qualify for a position?

    I can assure you, that my character at the very least will be interesting (to me) and dynamic, and his backstory will seamlessly tie into the lore available.
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  16. I understand what it means to have a busy schedule My own schedule may chance which means I hope to have a lot of patience in how this roleplay goes. That being said. One post a week is the bare minimal requirement. that much i need as a guaranteed as its not too hard to write one post in the span of 7 24 hr periods. Now What I request is that you stay in constant contact with any other person you are rping with. As well as myself to let me know whats going on to keep you from posting. if you communicate with me I will almost ALWAYS work with you. And of course I will be sure to do the same with each and every person in this rp should my own schedule get hectic. So if you think that all works for you @Azathoth Then i welcome you with open arms and look forward to an interesting character as promised ;)
  17. @Wolfsin Alright. My work days are Wednesday through Saturday, so I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off and I work the night shift so I'm awake until nearly dawn (EST). I look forward to seeing the rest of the lore you have.
  18. Awesomeness. I will wait a little longer and see if we get one more player. I will start working on the write out prolly tomorrow though. Any questions regarding thing PLEASE ask away. I love questions as they help me make sure i don't miss anything and leave plot holes.
  19. @Wolfsin

    Will these Kings, of the five remaining kingdoms, fulfill a similar role as the various immortal lords of Dark Souls? Bestowing miraculous powers to their followers through covenants or some similar organization, or will they be more mundane in their powers? If the latter case, then will there be any sort of pantheon or religion which demonstrates real power?

    These and related subjects are what interest me most at the moment, as I believe they will decide the nature of my character.
  20. The Kings of the world will be a mix of both. Religious powers will bestow gifts of sorts however only certain kings might have found magical ability or power to bestow to champions or Knights similarly, While others might be a bit more mundane. The regulation of power will exist both through a reigious context as well as a spiritual or mystical. There are a great many ways to obtain power and the mysteries of the world of Darksouls are the biggest thing I am taking from it. To answer your question the best I can I guess I would say that Both ideas exist within the same world.. and they are very well conflicted as well depending upon where you go. And who is ruling.
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