Aristara The Godless lands

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  1. ~Aristara~

    ~Historical Introduction~

    No one remembers it. The way the fire nursed the shadows and darkness enveloped the world. Nor how dragons tore through the skies, while on the land below mighty catapults were slung to the sky. Powerful magic was used to quell the threat of the ancients and Seven kings came together to stand before the darkness that threatened to consume everything. No one remembers these days, but everyone knows of them. After all it is the pinnacle to the world now.

    The great darkness was pushed back and the kings sealed it away within a hidden vessel; shattered and spread throughout the land. What was left was called the Fissure; A scrack in the earth of which no mortal man hoped to tread. The event changed the world forever. From here the Kings took up thrones and raised high kingdoms. And soon, mortal sins claimed them. Darkness was gone now but even the light was not safe. War soon consumed the land, and with it tragedy. The Dragons vanished from the world and humanity was left to destroy itself. This is the tale that Scholars will tell, but Scholars who only look for fact in the mysteries of fantasy will never tell of the champions that fought and died for the cause; or the wars of arbitration that broke out. Many do not know of the truths the world has hidden in its bosom and those that do will not so easily tell of mans faults. For mankind has never truly known responsibility for itself.

    With time and practice civilization would find its peaks. Cities were born from fire and ash. Covenants would emerge from ideas about the past, and they would be forged in agreements of blood. The age of honor faded with the last breath of the old kings, and their sons and daughters took up the mantle, forging their own selfish ideals upon the world. Yes the world was changing now, and from its heart it cried out... It called for a champion...

    "I wonder.. when all is lost and the world is forced to realize its faults... Who will it be that walks the bloody way, paves their path in death, and betrayal... Who will it be that saves this... truly godless land"


    This is a story that is heavily inspired by Darksouls (The Game's) lore. That being said it is not a carbon copy, and the story itself is completely my own. The concept is that right now there are Five kingdoms left; Out of the original seven. Most of them are at war, or in hiding. The players will have a choice to which kingdom they were born into, and will be allowed a chance to seek out truths of this world. The plot to the story will reveal itself quickly but it is only the bare bones of what is really going on. I strongly suggest for people to fully indulge into this world and its lore. As said before there will be concepts that I have taken from the Darksouls lore. In example for those that know it I took the gritty feel of the world of Lordran As my example of the state of the world Aristara is in. This is designed to be a fantasy roleplay with interesting characters, and dark pasts. Please note that the first chapter is completed already but that does not mean that anyone joining will be ANY LESS important. With each new chapter comes another opening for characters to write themselves into this massive unique story.

    Elements that will be involved in this roleplay are as followed-

    Mystery, Fantasy, Magic, Dragons, Mythical races, Racism, Sexual themes, Romance, Combat, Politics, Religious themes, Conspiracy, Dark Themes, Gore, Gritty Themes, betrayal, Character/Npc Death, Heroic Themes, Lore.


    Common Races~

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    Humans- Humans are seen as the failure of God. Mankind is the pinnacle of aspiration, and a greedy and neutral race with the ability to adapt to whatever situation they come across given time and effort. Humans are the leading race throughout the whole of Aristara. Humans do best in truly any role, and most are also hybrid to their predecessors. This means that many humans have arcane bloodlines which make them.... not so human. Human's by far are the easiest race to place in this world.

    Best Class Type: Any. They are adaptable.

    Elven Kind- The elves too many would be considered one of the few ancient races. They have a sacred bond with Aristara, and for ages they have developed magic and sorcery. They have also had their hand in the creation of covenants whom pledge protection over the great trees. However their greatest faith is what many would call heresy. Elves worship the dragons of old, and hold a great disdain for the kingdom of Barigot for their 'cruel' slaughter over dragon kind. In appearance, elves appear very slightly dragon-like. They have lithe bodies, pointed ears, and their eyes are often very strange colors. Every elf has a very pronounced bone structure, and very sharp looking canines that only emphasize the appearance of the dragon more. Elves tend to remain very secluded in their forests, but they spare nothing in their hatred for the Kingdom of Barigot, nor their disdain for the Holy Kingdom across the Divided sea.

    Best Class Types: Ranger, Rogues, Duelists, Mage, Druid, and Hunter.

    Dwarves- Dwarves are lesser versions of man. They are stout and rigid looking men that embody the greed and pride of mankind. Many dwarves seal themselves within great vaults of steel and Iron; filled with treasure. The dwarves are masters of invention, and they have personally developed a machine process that uses ashen powder from the scorched lands in order to create powerful bombs that combust into grand flames used in combustion and the creation of grand flames. Taking the power from dragons blood the dwarves will stop at nothing to further their ashen flame inventions. They will create stronger and stronger weapons to combat anyone who dare intrude upon them and think to take their treasure. Many of the dwarves have fallen, though it remains a mystery as to how. The greed of dwarves know no bounds however, and as long as even one of them yet breathes they will continue developing their crude machinations. Dwarves hate almost all of the other races, however they have a strong fondness for the witches in the shadow wood and often procreate with them... and share... ideas.

    Best Class Types: Warrior, Knight, Vanguard, Monk, Cleric, Tech, and Alchemist

    Witches- The Witches are creatures said to have been cursed by the fall of the darkness. Their blood holds the power of the Noctus Arcana, and as such they are said to be able to produce powerful hexes and deathly curses. The witches are said to be a reclusive race but recently they have stepped beyond the Darkwood to pursue the fall of man that their Dark father, as they call him; once desired. Witches are powerful mages at their very nature, and will often seek out the most forbidden of ancient secrets. Witches are hated in high society, and for those that are seen in society at all, it is often without clothes. Many view witches as an exotic sexual adventure and often capture them and sell them off in brothels. Most male witches are considered Much more powerful and killed on the spot for being what some would call a 'warlock.' However witches have becomes incredibly good at blending into this racist, cruel society. Most wont know that they are sleeping with a witch until its too late, and by then I can promise you that they wont care...

    Best Class Types: Mage, Rogue, Huntress, Ranger, Druid, and Alchemst.

    Sentinels- Sentinels are the perfect example of armor crafted by angels, to rule without body or blood. Infused by the will of gods Sentinels need nothing of sustenance for they have no mortal body. Their armor is timeless and only the taint of rust can slow their form. Sentinels can wield weapons of sizes much larger than that of a normal human proficiently. The race of Sentinel is a mystery for even the greatest of scholars, as their very existence is defiance of what is known. They have no soul or body, and only by the life breathed into their armor are they bound to this world. To kill a Sentinel one must destroy it completely. Most Sentinel are feared for what they are, and thus they are left alone. Only in certain cases will they be put to service of a kingdom, and most Sentinel would gladly accept such an offer over a life of loneliness. A life of servitude is a much better option than searching forever to find the reason that you exist.

    Best Class Types: Warrior, Knight, Paladin.

    The Deathless- A race of those that linger between functioning in life and falling into insanity. No one knows why the deathless people are as they are. The darkness having receded into the fissure is one theory of course. When the darkness was defeated it filled the fissure where the great dark citadel hanging from a cliff was consumed, and the denizens were then cursed to this life; to linger between life and death. Many see the deathless people as abominations, or cursed souls that are pitiful. Others see them as scourge on this land which must before annihilated at all costs. Following a great purge of their people a pact was made in which the deathless people would be allowed to live so long as they stayed within the lands of the fissure. This did not stop the deathless people from spreading past their given boundaries over time however. Covered in rags, and hiding their rotted decrepit corpse like flesh the deathless hide among society as outcasts and vagabonds. Many do not dare draw attention to themselves, for fear of the Paladin order, and other such organizations that share a hatred for their race. Many deathless however fail in their pursuits... and their hope fails them. When a deathless is without hope and their mind leaves them they become vile monstrous zombie like creatures that only seek to devour and destroy anything in their path. This is the fear of the deathless each and every single night when they tuck into their beds... for falling to the darkness is truly terrifying to even the dead.

    Best Class Types: Rogue, Assassin, Bards, Mages.

    (Other races may be suggested but this is list for my races that drastically effect the world currently. Talk to me about additional races)


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    The Holy kingdom of Aunryha-
    The Kingdom is a holy citadel that was built upon a beautiful lake. At its center is a large castle where the High King Dagamur sits on his throne. Surrounding this grand citadel are mighty fortresses and towers to home the six Arch-Barons of Aunryha. The Barons control their own military, but are all dedicated to the faith, and in the countries governed by the high king; the faith rules supreme. Anyone who does not worship is either lost... or a heathen. The governing force is the Arch bishop; whom acts as grand adviser to the King himself. Claiming to hear the words of god the Archbishop moves the country to his will and has turned the mainland of Aunrhya into a holy land that has no tolerance for anyone that challenges the faith. Aunryha's baron lords each have one military general that command their personal armies. This general is one of the seven pillars, or members of the Paladin Order of Light. Stay tuned for an extensive history on Aunryha in a later journal.

    The Kingdom of Barigot-
    This kingdom is ruled by two human brothers, the Elder King Ryas, and the younger King Tirias. The kingdom is rooted within great mountains beyond the ashen land in where the Dragons fell. This point was claimed by them to prove their great victory against the dragons of old. The kingdom is a three tiered fortress that rest atop a mountain. Upon every edge to the octagon shaped outer wall there is a statue of one of the great generals that helped in slaying the dragons. Within the city there are sects of worship that create followers and direct bloodlines from each of the great generals. Societal roles are chosen based on the bloodline and physical and mental aptitude of the being in question. They use this system in order to achieve a maximum efficiency within their society. Everyone has a job within the kingdom. This system was imposed by the younger brother Tirias as he is the much more studious of the two. Ryas is a warrior as heart and often handles anything to do with military. Despite the fact that Tirias proposed such a unique and efficient system; it is Ryas that receives the love of the people while Tirias is forever scorned for a decision he made in his past. Ryas does his best to quell this distrust but none are willing to forget the betrayal of young King Tirias. (An extended History of Barigot will be available in an upcoming Journal for this RP)

    Shroud in the grand trees of old, said to be planted when once the Giants walked this world is now home to the last of the elven race. Lead by the Dying king Amidas, There is a great debate as to who is more suited to be the heir of the old king. Currently the two vying for royalty are the princess sisters Lariaht, and Seraluna. Which leaves great discontent among many of the elves in the home land.

    Dor' Adyran-
    Deep within the Cragurn mountains of old lies a technical masterpiece forged with grand traps and hidden deep within an endless desert that borders the great fissure. The Dwarves hold their three larges vaults within this grand kingdom. Though many would say that though this is the largest it is still quite difficult to say what happened to the six remaining great Dwarf families, and few know what occurred under the great earth.

    The Ashen Keep-
    Said to reside deep within the walls of the fissure is a black citadel where the Deathless are offered a great sanctuary. Not much is known of this keep only that none unwelcome have ever returned from the depths of the fissure.

    The Lost Kingdoms~

    The Risen land of the Angels-
    Upon the first age after the darkness their was a great series of powerful islands with seven grand citadels that sat upon each of the islands floating upon the sky at the center of the world. Stories have been manipulated and no one knows or would tell of what really happened to fall the fall of the angels but the kingdoms one day fell and created a dark hell zone beneath to curse and mark the fall of divinity as a sin by mankind. To this days the broken citadels can still be found within the Fallen lands.

    The Dark Hollow-
    Deep within the Darkwood their once was a series of underground tunnels a network within a dark guardian, A deep tree as it was called protected the witches and let them nurture their dark arts within their own home. Only shreds of the tree and the collapsed networks remain now. The Kingdom of Aunryha having lead a merciless crusade into the Darkwood; they set the great dark tree ablaze and watched as the forest was scarred, calling it divine punishment for the witches being of the dark. The war that erupted from this still rages on today.

    (These are the prominent kingdoms throughout the main lore. This is not the only kingdoms that existed in this world, not by a long shot but through exploration those secrets will reveal themselves.)


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    The Paladin Order of Light- This is a group of warriors that have pledged themselves against the darkness. Regardless of morality involved they will slay those of darkness without mercilessly, this includes and thing that the church deems to be of darkness. They are an elite force and take a great deal of training to join.

    The Spinners- A cult lead by the witches dark shamans they are vengeance filled spirits that seek out the death of the light and those that once scorned them. Longing to bring back their dark father whom they call... Noceris they seek to corrupt the heart of man and preach the darkness wherever they can.

    The Order- Lead by a man shroud in black and gold, and wearing a silver mask The Order seeks to maintain balance within the world. They are neutral and only fight if necessary, often acting more as spies and an intelligence/political agency that anything. They seek to divert wars and end wars that appear, for fear of creating another fissure in the world through mans sins.

    The Ring of Assassins- As the name suggest it is a cult of assassins that take on objective missions to gain coin or favor. The Ring is comprised of nine Assassins with unique and powerful skills in their art of war. Only by killing one of the assassins may one join the Ring... but the perks involved... well you decide if its worth you taking on a dealer of death.

    Scholars of Fangiela- The Scholars are a cultist group of researchers and magicians whom worship the Goddess Fangiela an embodiment of magic and the arcana throughout the world. They are artifact seekers and their greatest goal is to achieve great power and become closer to their Goddess.

    The Arcane Magic of Aristara~

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    Aristara is a world forsaken by Gods that once loved it. As such essence of their pressence stillr emains to be collected upon the air. Every breath you take contains the mana used in casting a spell however only certain people may see and even harness this essence. The more powerful the spell, the more taxing the the reservoire of mana needed. It is a basic concept of magic in many fantasy storylines however I hope to break this down even further.

    While it is not impossible to cast Sorceries, Hexes, Mancy, Aura forms, Transmutations, Divinations, etc... by hand, it is incredibly impractical, which has made magic a large money drove in the world of Aristara. catalysts taken from ancient trees of old, or powerful gems stones deep within the earth have become the usable weapon that harnesses, focuses and even fires off power spells with far less stress to the worlds outer being. Yes, when casting by hand the magic is also at its more powerful, but it is also most devestating to the world while used in this form. Every single spell used rips away from the veil that protects Aristara from monstrosities, and the world can only heal itself fast enough. Catalyst magic damage will heal much faster than raw magic.

    Casters do not simply pluck their energy to fuel spells from the air around them however. Devotion, meditation, and saccrifice are required in order to summon and shape the power of the arcane into what you desire. For many casters they cling to patrons, or nameless entities that embody the arcane by animal form. Witches are most familiar with this method, though some also draw from those they see as gods. Going into that, Gods are nameless creatures that no one can compleely remember, and although there have been monstrous fossils recovered from the ashlands it is still only through specualtion and blinded faith that many castaers connect themselves to the arcane. Finally Meditation is study, it is a focussed state of enlightenment which for the weaker mind may drive one to insanity. There is a limit to everything and meditation is no different. These focuses allow one to past through a gate that connects this world and to the outer layer where mana exists in the flow.

    Types of Arcana-

    Sorcery- The most common type of Arcana, is a sorcery. Sorcery at its very anture is to take the mana one can find and shape it into a creative form. Many use this to replicate natural elements and create fire, or to shape the earth as needed for a shield. Some might create mist or use the mana to distort the senses of another creating illusions. Spells of this time have the capability of being cast at their rawest form but they also serve to eliminate the barrier between Aristara and monsters the most. To break it down, any elemental type of spell falls under the field of either sorcery of hexes. This type of spell is cast best through a catalyst of some sort and is the most common form of arcana.

    Hexes- Hexes are what many would consider to be the dark branded magic, and well they are not completely wrong. The magic of hexes is drawn by the power left over by the darkness that swelled Aristara. Curses, Witch fire, Dark Pyromancy, Shape shifting, Misfortunes, Blights, and Boons all resonate out of hexing. Corrupt mana is harnessed to create powerful and evestating spells often with intent of murder, or the over all ruination of anothers life. This is the most hated form of Arcana, and on the eastern continent it is completely outlawed.

    Mancy- Taken from the control of another is a spell type that considers natural things and bends them to its will. The most common form of mancy is the tampering of the dead. Necromancy. Through heavy focus and sccrifice many powerful casters have taken both sorcery and hexes into their study to create a power that might surpass and control death. This however is not the only version of mancy. Mancy can control the state of metal, and many confuse it with the idea of alchemy. They are not wrong. Mancy is the more magical form of alchemy but still requires quite a scientific understanding to perform. Bombs are created through mancy, Runes, the change of substance and control of another natural force upon Aristara. Mancy is used in commanding the world and bending it to your will. Very few understand the absolute intricacys of mancy.

    Aura Forms- Often passed between the bloodlines Aura is a force that is naturally always there. By creating auras you give yourself permanent or even temporary buffs that have specific effects. For example. The Angelic Bloodline creates an aura around its host that makes it so that the living may never lie to her. This is just one example as Auras are often blessings man created to allow for warriors to reach new heights of power. Some may turn undead that come close to them, others may create a state of calm around them. The possibilities for these Arcane blessings are endless however it takes a strong understanding of the arcane, a bloodline, or a very lucky encounter to acquire such blessings.

    Transmutations- The change of something by means of spell and understanding. Many consider this magic to be specific to hexing but that is only by its most negative nature. Yes a Witch might be able to turn another into a frog, but someone who has truly mastered and understands the art of transmutation might be able to change more than just people. They are often powerful builders, and architects useful with their power to shape anything to anything. This also makes them very versatile casters however, and from nothing they can have exactly what they might need. Plaw to dagger, Broom to spear. Or vice versa. Transmutation specialists are rare and very valuable to the world.

    Divinations- Through a powerful foresight and understanding those who practice the art of divination through the arcana are often aware of everything. They create powerful sensory spells which allow them to scry and monitor everything around them. Often kings will keep a divination mage to themselves in order to have complete control over their kingdom and to never be caught off guard. The price for such intrusive uses of their abilities however is that a Diviner loses their eyesight. This is only the first of many consequences however. Loss of hearing, taste... humanity. This is because Divination is absolute. it is never wrong... and so it cheats the games of the Gods. Using divination for practical things, such as your own safety or to avoid small dangers does not have the same cost. With divination one can say easily "with great power comes great responsibility."

    Of course as was hinted above there are many other magics to the world of Aristara within the realm of Arcana. Simply they are just waiting for you to discover them, create them, or for me to include them. A caster is one who aaks many questions, and seeks hard answers... I expect no different of my players. Ask and you shall recieve... at least over time.

    The Faith of Aristara~

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    As stated many times Aristara is a world forsaken by Gods, however not so completely as many would perceive. None know why it is that Gods left this place so long ago but one thing is certain; they did not depart without leaving their mark on Aristara. Great monuments can still be found of faceless Giants. Men who stood nine feet tall and walked the very ground that humans and all sorts of other races now walked. For those who understand this in faith they have come to the realization that the Gods did not forsake Aristara, they passed it on... Mankind inherited the kingdom of the Gods. This is the cornerstone for which most of the faith is derived.

    Faith without power in a world like this is however... nothing. And so mighty champions were picked to devote themselves to Gods they might never know. Religious beliefs were created by those strong enough to overcome the shunning of the Gods. The faith of Aunryha is what most would consider blind. They do not name their God, but they believe his word is absolute, and that it was by his divine mercy that the First true king of the Holy city was granted three beautiful Angel daughters. Obsessive of the divinity granted to him the faith became the one and other truth that the people of Aunryha could ever accept, and God was absolute.

    In other kingdoms while Gods are still nameless many have associated them to what they desire most. Harvest, Moon, War for those it suits. A God by 'name' was created for each and every woe that mankind suffered. This lead to the difference that caused a great and terrible war between those arcane practitioners and the great divine crusaders. Where those of Arcane have accepted their magic to come from devotion to the outer circle surrounding Aristara; Crusaders were blinded by the power they'd been given by their 'Gods' mages called them on this ane challenged their faith to assume that the power they'd attained was nothing more than a new brand of arcane power... and so they fought, and so they still fight.

    It was not until the darkness manifest that this war came to a sudden end and only minor skirmishes of faith and devotion still exist. The divine grew more and more powerful reaching into the power granted to them by Gods and before long their minds were corrupted to believe themselves Gods' chosen. It inflated their ego and soon edged them to believe that anyone who did not believe the same was a heritic and deserved only death so that God may judge them. Not all practitioners of the faith believed this but the crusade began with the hunting of witches, and the burning of the Dark hollow. Now three different sects of the faithful still exist upon Aristara.

    The Three Sects of the Faithful-

    Crusaders- The Crusaders are those that would militarize the word of their faith in order to purge the faithless from this world. They are radical in the worst of ways and follow the word of "God" to the end. Many crusders exist on the Eastern continent rather than the rest of Aristara.

    Clerics- While crusaders use the power granted to them by the Gods to cull the faithless, Clerics use this power granted to them, by healing the weak and helping to fight the blight. Some may consider them a different brand of crusader, but their only enemy are are the deathless and by a twisted understanding they feel their purge over the cursed deathless is an act of mercy. They see their holy purge as an act of kindness. The Clerics can be found anywhere, and are considered as genuinely good people with a twisted idea of justice.

    The Silent- Many of the faith have chosen to side with neither side in the divine word of God. Though they may follow and have faith they use their powers for their own causes, and silently worship the gods they believe in. They are not weaker than the others for their devotion is real, and their faith still absolute. They just refuse to pretend that Gods without mouths would speak to them. And as such they are the most level headed.

    The Magic of Faith-

    Where arcane has many types of spells magic comrpised of faith does not. Many of the spells are resolved with light, a powerful light that cleanses darkness. Others are protective, through shields of force that might deflect powerful arcane magic, hexes or otherwise. Although a shared magic with arcane is that of Aura Forms. Blessings granted are given by the Gods in this case that act the same as those of the Arcane. A few examples of common Faithful spells are as followed. Holy fire, Magic barrier, Bolts of light, Cleansing, Calling of the Celestial, Divine protection. This is just a few as these spells are virtually endless and are quite powerful in smiting the wicked, or healing the weak. The magic of the faith is used towards the complete purpose of its wielder and the will of the God they follow, in collaboration. To this end Divine magic is granted rather than learned.

    As a final note on this for those specializing in the Faith I will be giving you a broad spectrum in which your magic will encompass. You are not so versatile as those of the arcane however you are just as powerful if not more so. For many arcane spells are weakened by the power of the Gods.

    Character Sheet~

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    Name/Surname- (The Full name you go by)
    Titles- (Any title received in service or through your efforts.)
    (if a cross breed between races let me know and we will figure it out.)
    Age- (If you have questions regarding what ages would be appropriate then ask me.)

    Kingdom Born- (Which kingdom were you born into?)
    Origin- (What does that birth matter to the kingdom?)

    Kingdom Served- (You are welcome to not serve any Kingdom if you wish In which case just put "rogue" in this selection)
    Current Occupation- (Include rank, or level at which you perform your occupation)

    Covenant One-
    Covenant Two-

    Magic Bloodline- (Dragon, Angel, Ancient, Witch, Dark, Deathless, Wolf, Spider, Serpent, Phoenix)

    (Appearance Picture)
    Hair color- (If a color other than the normal colors then pure white is acceptable otherwise very dark and dulled versions of blues, reds, and even greens if race applies.)
    Complexion-(Blemishes, Freckles, Scars, or burn marks.)
    Skin tone- (Believable Skin tones of the human pallete.)
    Eye color- (Can have heterochromia if you have a magical bloodline)
    Facial Hair- (Outlandish styles are acceptable thought higher positions of authority should be more trimmed and refined.)
    Body Hair- (Leg, torso, arm, back.. etc)
    Musculature- (All noticeable muscle Is the character sculpted or of vague muscle tone?)
    Body Shape- (Hefty?, Light? Trim? Stocky?)
    Breast Size- (Not necessary, just fun if you wish to fill it out to provide further detail.)
    Waist Size- (Not necessary just fun if you wish to fill it out to provide further detail.)
    Tattoos/warpaint- (As explained, try to stay fair to the lore and time period)
    Details- (Anything else I may have missed that you want us to know)

    (Anyone is allowed to write their appearance as one well written paragraph that covers all of this if they so wish, If possible i always would like a picture to go above the description)

    (Personality Brief)


    View- (How does your character feel about everything around them?)
    Code- (What does your character live by?)
    bearing- (How does your character present themselves to others?)
    Depth- (How is your character when he does not have to show bearing?)
    Fears- (What is your character afraid of?)
    Desires- (What does your character want?)
    Secrets- (What skeletons does your character hide?
    Faults- (Where do your character suffer? What are they lacking in?)
    Strengths- (What is your character good at?)

    Weapons of Choice- (Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Duel wield axes, Whatever one wishes to primarily use.)
    Secondary Weapon- (A secondary weapon for a character to turn to. Be practical to some extent)
    Hidden Weapons- (Any weapon easily concealed and pulled with ease.)
    Ranged Weapons- (Bows, Cross bows, Javelin, Bolas, slings, Throwing Knives, etc)

    Magical Catalyst- (Staff, Wand, Talisman, Holy Symbol, or Ring used to cast forth your magic.)
    Magical Artifact- (Special artifact with imbued properties of magic and mystery)
    Tome- (Powerful works of time and magic that are imbued with specific spells. Only truly researched and devote magicians may use these powerful books)

    Armor- (full Detailed description of the armor you wear. If you have nothing particular you will fill this in later when you obtain some.)

    Sigil- (Symbol you wear to represent who you are or what you serve.)
    Cloak- (A cloak you wear to veil your appearance and or just be fashionable.)

    Basic Gear- (Any needed traveling gear that you have. I will take what you write here into consideration to your survival, but remember the larger your bag the harder to carry with you.)

    Stat bar~ (To explain this, the numbers ultimately will not matter in reality. What they are used for is the spread of ability. it allows me to gauge just what type of character you are. For my own personal classification.)

    (30 Points to allocate if you choose to start as a fresh influence to this world and wish for the world to build you.)
    (60 Points to allocate if you are journeyman in your occupation of a upcoming warrior)
    (120 Points to allocate If you are a well versed warrior or ranked soldier/artisan or crafter)

    Vitality- (How healthy are you? Hp so to speak for your players that want to be hefty and Tanky.)
    Endurance- (How much you can bear while wearing heavier armor, as well as the stamina your character has)
    Wit- (The Level of intervention your character has, and their ability to create and invent things)
    Strength- (How hard do you hit? How much can you lift? Then what sort of weapons do you wield?)
    Dexterity- (How agile are you? Your accuracy with a ranged weapon? and ability to wield quicker weapons properly.)
    Intelligence- (This plays a factor into artisan trades as well as sorcery, and magic as a whole. How versed are you in your art or research?)
    Faith- (How Faithful are you to your deity from which you draw power? Are you protected from curses and dark magic?)
    Luck- (Are you one that cheats death? Do you randomly find things, or find yourself in favorable situations while gambling with life?"

    Skills- (What Skills and abilities does your character possess?)

    Magic Studied- (Spells that you have crafted or learned to make use of in practical ways?)

    Affinity in magic- (Where does your magical prowess come from?)

    Hobbies- (What do you do in your free time?)

    Signature Abilities- (What abilities or talents/attacks do you use that are personal to you at the time?)

    Transformations- (There will be a separate page all together for transformations to fill out so that both forms have their own character sheet so to speak.)

    Background~ (Write your background based on the lore and make it thurough. The background should highlight critical moments in your characters life as well as explain the lineage from which they come. Be detailed and creative so long as you stay within boundaries, or ask to stretch them.)


    1. Be respectful Out of character with your fellow writers. In character nothing is to be taken offensively, there will be morbid and cruel themes in this roleplay.. remember this is roleplay not real life.

    2. I expect an intermediate level of writing; bare minimal for this. I look for you to truly take this world by the horns and use the information I provide to create powerful and meaningful posts. I wish to impose a minimal of two paragraphs per post.

    3. There is a soft requirement of one post per week. This applies for each character you play in this roleplay. I understand life, but if you don't come to me and talk to me about why you can't post WELL BEFORE due date then I will NOT understand and you will be kicked. Inactivity is a killer for roleplays and I will not allow it to kill this one. Even if its a new game out that you want to binge play for a week I MIGHT understand. Talk to me please.

    4. If you are not enjoying this roleplay I suggest you come to me to see if we can fix problems you might be having. If not then I do not want you to force yourself to stay if you are not enjoying yourself. That being said all final decisions are mine and mine alone. Once my final decision has been made it will not be contested anymore.

    5. All combat is subject to the players involved you may either fight it out using an actual T1 system or you can have a predetermined outcome. I only ask that you come to me prior so that I know what has been decided and everything is fair. I will have a "story trumps rules" format for this roleplay. However I will not use story to kill anyone's character without first consulting with them.

    6. Do not bring outside lore into this without predetermining it with me. I take a lot of time to write out the concepts for this world id appreciate it not being muddled without my permission.

    7. You can create your own groups/kingdoms... you can create things and go beyond what the world has to offer for power so long as it is discussed and you assertively work towards those goals.

    8. Be creative and have fun. Try your best to never let a post you write be boring or uneventful. This is a treacherous world with crazy lore and you will always have ability to write it as such. I look forward to seeing your creations.​


    Tirian Bladefell
    Vexalya D'croix
    Errol Iossa
    Xanthe Liliana Selwyn
    Alina Gaea Morgenstern
    Kirtah Junir
    Roderick Den'aria
    Ulysses Dogma
    Sehranna Mirri


    This is a work that I have created from various lore and personal ideas. I may eventually use this for the writing of a book and so I wish nothing to be used in professional writing from this roleplay unless agreed upon by me. Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to writing with you.

    In character LInk
    OPEN SIGNUPS - Aristara The Godless lands

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  2. Cools^^!! Liking it! Can't wait for charries sheet ;D
  3. I'm interested in this. (Huge Dark Souls fan)

    Though I don't see a CS sheet yet so I'll watch this for a while.
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  4. The CS format is something ill be working on very shortly. It will be up tomorrow. Thank you for the expressed interest =D
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  5. Alright The character Sheet template is up! Again I welcome any questions, though I did my best to provide as much information as I could to make it easier. Please note regardless of how this appears I tried to make it well known that this is not strictly a combat roleplay. You can live life as an Alchemist, or a black smith, or just an adventurer that avoids combat. I do not mind.. but I wanted to make that clear if the things I have written did not.

    @Azathoth @Azul @Crow @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @Winter
  6. Ughs. Stats.

    Boo is dropping out. I can't stand stats in RP. Ewww. Forgot to ask in the Chk.

    But good luck with the RP kay err'body^^!!

  7. Boo just keep in mind, like I said the stats are legitimately irrelevant other than letting me know what direction your going with the character alright? If you still wanna drop out after hearing that then I hate to see you go but good luck in your endeavors. Thanks for sticking around this long =)
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  8. Does anyone else have an issue with the stat system? If so I would gladly scrap it... It was just an idea to further classify characters in the roleplay. If not people are certainly free to start posting character sheets as soon as possible. The sooner they are done the sooner we will start. i will also play a character in this as right now it seems we are lacking with Boo leaving.
  9. I posted in the interest check in regards to if this RP is still looking for members, if so, I can start working on a character ASAP
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  10. I would very happily have you @Huntress Work on a cs whenever you'd like. i look forward to reading it. Any questions you have Ill answer best I can.
  11. I am finally off work and here to check this out.
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  12. Name/Surname- Tirian Bladefell
    Titles- Betrayer, Devil of the Pits, The Liberator
    Gender- Male
    Race- Half Human/Elf
    Age- 19

    Kingdom Born- V'reich't
    Origin- Time might tell.

    Kingdom Served- Rogue
    Current Occupation- Master Gladiator and weapons master.

    Covenant One- None Belonged yet.
    Covenant Two-

    Magic Bloodline- Dragon

    Hair color- Dark faded brown
    Complexion- Many scars on his face and body, though his over all complexion is much smoother than it should be.
    Skin tone- Light Tan
    Eye color- Deep crimson.
    Facial Hair- Neat Goatee with some side burns
    Body Hair- Little body hair.
    Musculature- Well sculpted body from a life in the ring.
    Body Shape- Trimmed and muscular.
    Height- 6'2
    Weight- 193 lbs

    Tattoos/warpaint- None to speak of.


    View- He hates the world. Everything and everyone around him is just a means to an end. Save for certain few that he served in captivity as a gladiator among.
    Code- "There will be no slaves, No one will die for spectator sport again. Ill make sure of it."
    Introvert/Extrovert- Either. Tirian will talk with anyone and just as easily be rude with them. He has no filter.
    bearing- Tirian is bold and as such he presents himself lethargic, and lazy. In truth he is daring someone to try him so that he can prove his cocky attitude is easily backed.
    Depth- Quiet. he thinks to himself a lot. Tirian has a lot of depth to him and knows that he is a criminal for what hes done. He lives every day knowing it could easily be his last as a free man.
    Fears- Bonds. Tirian fears getting close to anyone as he has lost too many.
    Desires- An honorable death by one that is worthy to bestow it. His current goal is to murder any slave master and the grand masters of the great fightings pits. he will not stop until they are all dead.
    Secrets- He lives with the guilt that it was his fault that his greatest companions were slaughtered. He also lives with the fact that he agreed to kill his best friend in the Arena.
    Faults- Team work. Tirian knows how to handle small groups for skirmishes and strategy but in terms of working among a team he doesn't go with it and instead will often try to shoulder the task all his own.
    Strengths- Combat. One on one fights or even slight odds against him, Tirian is a monster with a spear. He is undefeated in battle up to this point. And has a body count in double digits for those that he has single handedly killed.

    Weapons of Choice- Ransuer with a special property to it. When the Spear is thrown Tirian can call his weapon back to him, as well when thrown the weapon takes the form of a black and red Bolt of lightning. Striking oppnents with the force of such before returning to Tirian's hand.

    Secondary Weapon- Curved Short sword, and two daggers.
    Hidden Weapons- Daggers as listed above.
    Ranged Weapons- Moderate long bow, and 12 Throwing Knives coated in Poison.

    Magical Catalyst- Ring
    Magical Artifact- Shield of Spell breaking- This artifact is used to defend against spells that apply force. Dragons fire, and other bolt like energies that might impact the shield are bounced off its exterior.

    Armor- Bronze and soft silver half plate armor with a single left shoulder pauldron. The armor is nothing special but it fits well and leaves Tirian the best flexibility with a lot of defense as well.

    Sigil- A Field of Swords within two open hands. Tirian has carved a gash from one corner to the other in his armors sigil.
    Cloak- Dark grey cloak with nothing truly spectacular to it.

    Basic Gear- (Any needed traveling gear that you have. I will take what you write here into consideration to your survival, but remember the larger your bag the harder to carry with you.)

    Stat bar~

    Vitality- 15
    Endurance- 20
    Wit- 13
    Intelligence- 12
    Faith- 4
    Luck- 16

    Skills- Incredibly dexterious combat prowess. maneuverability. Small group tactical organization, Gambling, Drinking, and deception.

    Magic Studied- None that he has learned yet. All he knows is that the ring is magic and his bloodline should let him do some cool stuff.... how to do that well... Too busy drinking booze and stabbing people.

    Affinity in magic- Mostly equipment, and some from the bloodline of a Dragon.

    Hobbies- Travel and think. If there is a bad with maidens...well.....

    Signature Abilities- Tirian is known for a specific starting move that he uses. Charging his opponent he throws his spear at the opponent. Then picks up his speed in order to grasp his spear just as it might hit its target. He then attacks twice more before kick an opponents shield to stagger them so that he can finish them in one fell swoop. Beyond this ability Tirian has a great many tricks. Including dirty tricks like tossing dirt or sand into his opponents eyes.

    Transformations- None to speak of.

    Background~ Tirian was born into a very unfortunate circumstance. A born slave bastard found in the ruins of a battle and due to his bloodline... taken to the worst place imaginable. The Blood Arena. Deep within the Shredding deserts where winds alone will tear the flesh from bone, the young Tirian was callused and cultured to kill. Tossed into a pit with tigers and little more than a Knife, survival instinct took him and he killed the two beasts. This was hardly the end of his hell though.

    As Tirian got older the truth of his life became that much more clear. Friends? You mean enemies one day? Love? Ha what a silly little idea for free men capable of doing more than sticking their cock in a woman. He was a dog that was kept in chains, and only by killing those he was pit against would those chains slowly remove themselves. There was no promise only the lie of freedom that came with becoming the champion of the arena, oh but what a damned bloody path that would be.

    It was only a few years that it took for Tirian to gain a certain amount of fame with his iconic weapon, a spear. The masters were starting to have a much harder time profiting off of the boy and so the challenges got worse. 2 vs 1, 3 vs 1. 2 vs 8? It didn't matter. Survival remained strong in Tirian's mind. He fought with everything he had each time, and killed his enemies mercilessly. Undefeatable, The Immortal, Scion of battle... all of these names given toa slave whose blood was worth more to these greedy monsters than the gold they held so tightly in their sweaty little hands.

    Before long even amongst the other Tirian had gained fame. The slaves that were weaker or some who even boasted to be just as strong... they looked up to him. The man who no longer wore shackles. He had a bed now, food given to him, and whenever he desired a whore would be brought to his bed. Still all it was, was a pretty little lie to keep him content while they plotted and schemed for the heroes grand fall... And oh they schemed.

    Tirian knew it was only a matter of time. The masters would turn to the worst tactic they could, and then in the blood of those Tirian had slain, strewn across a banner the announcement. Tirian couldn't read and so it was Firahna a female warrior that had to tell him. He would never forget the grim tell on her face when she portrayed the message.

    "Come all of high birth witness the truth depth of the murderous immortal. See him paint the sand in the blood of not only his enemies... but his companions. We present to you.. a battle royale of the finest. The last one standing... will be given their freedom!"

    Tirian cursed under his breath and already all around him the look of adoration he'd come to known of his companions was a murderous glare. There were three days between then, and poison was used, random attacks, attempts everywhere at his life. And yet not once did Tirian kill any of them. Truth be known despite what was offered Tirian had never once given himself to a woman... for the idea was wrong in his eyes. The final night before the games that were promised... Tirian broke his rule. Calling for the one woman he'd ever had eyes on. Firahna

    A sack thrown about her to add to the appeal of raping her of her cover, Firahna was tossed into the Immortals cage. She landed on her knees and glared up at him, though reluctantly she worked to remove the only cover she had. Tirian sat up and watched her. "Forgive me.. was all he said, but she said nothing... Only let her cover fall as the body of a woman kneeled before him. Tirian cupped her cheek. and though she did not want to Firahna began to climb him.

    Tirian raised his hand though not receiving her. "Forgive me, but on what might be my last night on this earth, I hoped at least to see the beauty of a woman's body." Firahna drew back and looked at him. His hand offered her to cover herself once more. "You will be with me until the morning comes. But I will not take anything more from you than I already have. If nothing else I would have you read for me, or talk to me until I am without thoughts to share." Firahna nodded, not sure what to think, but she as drawn to the man and silently unfolded one of the dusty scrolls they had as she began to read about whatever. The content never mattered. Tirian didn't care about kings of old or otherwise... only that it was the soft nurturing of her voice that might be his last memory.

    With the conclusion of the story Firahna sighed and shuffled nervously. Tirian was already aware of the reason. "You came here tonight to kill me didn't you?" Firahna of course was shocked that he knew and reached for her dagger when Tirian caught her hand. "I can't die yet... I am sorry. There is something I have to do... He stared into her with piercing eyes as he shook his head. "When it is over you may kill me if you still wish.." Firahna's grip loosened and the dagger tumbled from her fingertips as she coiled back. "What do you speak of Immortal? With the sun you promise nothing but death in the arena of the masters. For us to survive we now must kill those we have suffered with!" She spat the last words with a snakes venom, but Tirian understood where her hatred actually come from. He knew if there were anyone here he could trust to hate the masters as much as he did it was her.

    "With the sun there will be blood yes but not the blood of my allies, only that of my enemies." Tirian looked directly at her. "They will bring in the nobles, one by one like cattle to see us die. The gates will be open... and they will stay that way... Lead them to freedom... Firahna." Firahna's eyes widened as she realized instantly what Tirian meant to do.. A passion had already grown for this man both in watching him fight, in the way sweat ran from the crevice of his muscles.. and now to know what his life meant for them. it was almost tragic, but her body moved all her own. Soft kisses, turned to rough biting, and the sculpture of bodies came together. And in bliss they sedated themselves in each other until the first lights of the sun came, and with them the tug of chains as she was torn from his bed. Even then Tirian thought to leave his life in killing those men, but managed himself.

    The sun was beating hot over the hot sands of the arena. The sand had been stained in the blood of those that he'd already killed, it was like coaxing an animal from its cage when they called to him and pulled him from the cell handing him a spear, and shield. The others stood in a a circle among the arena, and just as he'd said the last of the spectators were coming in, Guards ushering them through the gate. As many men of power do, the masters had become complacent and foolish in their control. The howls of the crowd fought against the one announcing each of the fighters, The man who handled the gate had already started to close it...

    The crowd fell silent and the Masters ushered in guards to silent the dog who dare bark.

    "For so long we have been promised freedom. We have fought, some have died, and all of us have stained these sands with the blood of brothers and sisters alike. Yet now... you come here seeking more blood..... The blood of not allies, but ENEMIES!"

    The Masters content with the way this was going stalled their intervention and the gate keeper watched in awe.

    "You were promised this as your divine right! and so...... as you wish... There will be.. blood..."

    Tirian stepped forward into the circle banging his spear to his shield as he roared out. He rallied the cheers of the crowds and circled the arena spinning around. The masters would not deny the champion his time to boast... for it drew the crowd in even more.... and it would be their downfall. Tirian spun once more closest now to the masters throne upon the arena. His eyes locked with them and he smirked before turning and launching his spear through the air into the heart of the gate keeper and pinning him to the wall. The gate stopped and Firahna called to them.

    "Now toward your freedom!"

    The rest was a blood bath. Tirian killed the masters, and many know very little of how it all ended. The Immortal escaped... but others did not... Firahna.. was lost. Others were lost and Tirian took first steps on his bloody road of murder. It didn't end there. Tirian killed 13 other slave masters with arenas of their own. He was known as a murderer, a liberator, Betrayer. Many titles for one man. And so many who longed for his head. Tirians battle didn't end, and well.. it never would. For he was the Immortal.
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  13. WIP

    Name/Surname- Vexalya D'Croix
    Titles- N/A (For now)
    Gender- Female
    Age- N/A (For now)

    Kingdom Born- V'reich't
    Origin- Vex is a low born, commonly overlooked, and frequently degraded due to her lack of high birth.

    Kingdom Served- Rogue
    Current Occupation- Mercenary (???)

    Covenant One- Ring of Assassins
    Covenant Two- N/A

    Magic Bloodline- Dark

    Hair color- A deep crimson color. Some might say it is a wine red.
    Complexion- Her cheeks and the bridge of her nose is dusted with freckles. Otherwise, she is fair skinned.
    Skin tone- Porcelain
    Eye color- Her right eye is a brilliant, emerald green, while her left is a deep, blood red.
    Facial Hair- N/A
    Body Hair- N/A
    Musculature- She is vaguely muscled, more noticeably in her legs. Otherwise, muscle isnt extremely evident, though it is apparent that she is toned.
    Body Shape- Slim/slender/lithe
    Height- 5'8"
    Weight- 132lbs.
    Tattoos/warpaint- A crow in flight is etched into the skin on the left side of her neck.

    (Personality Brief)


    View- She's rather neutral on all aspects, but often finds herself leaning toward hatred when nobles, and high borns are concerned. Those who have a large ego, and a high sense of arrogance are definitely not her friends.
    Code- "Your only friends are the Shadows. Trust no one else."
    Introvert/Extrovert- Introvert
    bearing- She's extremely cold, and abrasive towards others, even those she is close to. Its more so for their protection as her trade is dangerous, and they are a liability.
    Depth- She's very much the same though she seems to be more lax with those who she deems worthy of her time.
    Fears- Mostly? Friendship, love, rejection. She stays away from most because it's what she always has done ever since she was young. Friendship, love....any sort of affection, or closeness frightens her. She feels she'll just lose it sooner than she received it.
    Desires- Ironically, friendship, love and acceptance. She doesn't necessarily actively seek it out, more so fallen into the habit of pushing it away.
    Secrets- N/A (huehue)
    Faults- She lacks trust. She would more than happily sacrifice aid in order t handle things on her own. She's terrible with communication with others.
    Strengths- (I dunno mang, it'll come soon)

    Weapons of Choice- A set of twin daggers
    Secondary Weapon- Whip
    Hidden Weapons- Throwing knives hidden in both sleeves
    Ranged Weapons- Bow and Arrows

    Armor- She wears a set of black leather armor adorned with crows feathers. Sleek, silver covers her shoulders, and the length of her left arm with light silver adorned gloves. Her armor has red accents.

    Sigil- A simple Crow pendant.
    Cloak- A cloak of black feathers with a large hood which casts a shadow concealing her face, often leaving a subtle, red glow from her eye.

    Basic Gear- She carries her primary weapons along with the armor described. Some healing items should she ever need them. She also carries a small pouch of gold, and food.

    Stat bar~

    Vitality- 10
    Wit- 15
    Strength- 10
    Dexterity- 35
    Intelligence- 15
    Faith- 5
    Luck- 15

    Skills- Vex is extremely light footed, and proficient in low lighting. She is also rather decent at talking her way through things despite her obvious dislike for others. (Likely adding more)

    Magic Studied- Transformation.

    Affinity in magic- Curses and Dark Sorcery.

    Hobbies- (What do you do in your free time?)

    Signature Abilities- (What abilities or talents/attacks do you use that are personal to you at the time?)

    Raven/Crow - Flight/surveilance
    Panther - Stealth/speed
    Badger - Ferocity/strength

    Background~ To be revealed.​
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  14. Soooooooo, are people gonna post CS's or nah?
  15. Hey this looks amazing and id love to join if its still running! here is my character its a work in progress XD


    Name/Surname- Commonly know as Jet
    Titles- Guardian
    Gender- Doesn't have one but is referee as he if need be
    Race- Sentinel
    Age- 453

    Kingdom Born- Unknown
    Origin- Unknown

    Kingdom Served- Dor' Adryan
    Current Occupation- Miner and Warrior

    Covenant One- None
    Covenant Two- None

    (Best Pic I could Get)
    Hair color- None
    Skin tone- Silver (Made of metal)
    Eye color- Doesn't have any visible eyes unless uses "Seeing Eye" which appears in forehead and is black
    Facial Hair- None
    Body Hair- None
    Musculature- Body made to look human and has a slightly toned design
    Height- 6.2ft
    Weight- (How heavy is a full body of moving metal?)


    View- Sees the world as nothing but atoms and fragile
    Code- Not to hurt living things because their fragile and precious unless needed
    bearing- Cold towards those he doesn't know
    Nothing... yet
    Desires- Wants to be needed and belong somewhere but won't admit it

    Secrets- Holds much knowledge of this world? Need to talk about this!!
    Faults- Lacks emotions.... Supposedly
    Strengths- General things eg cooking, cleaning etc as well as many other things including combat and many types of creation eg smithing, tailoring etc

    Weapons of Choice-
    Secondary Weapon-
    Hidden Weapons-
    Poison cream (Absorbed through skin and doesn't affect sentinels)
    Ranged Weapons- Throwing Knives

    Magical Catalyst- Seeing eye also acts as the basis for his spells and enchantments
    Magical Artifact- His own body which holds many secrets which he doesn't know himself

    Armor- His entire body is armoured from magic materials which can't be cut or damaged by the weak but he does wear a thin layer of clothes and leather armour to look more normal as well as add extra armor.

    Sigil- Denied one from dwarves
    Cloak- A cloak to hide body as well as use as camouflage

    Basic Gear- Gold/currency as well as some knives for cooking and collecting things to sell eg animals skins etc

    Stat bar~

    Vitality- 25
    Endurance- 15
    Wit- 20
    Strength- 20
    Dexterity- 10
    Intelligence- 20
    Faith- 0
    Luck- 10

    Skills- Seeing Eye
    Can see all the particles with in a object and what it is made off eg see if a crystal is real

    Magic Studied- Spells/enchantments which directly effect himself and effect tools making them stronger and himself

    Affinity in magic- enchantments increasing strength, speed and other factors as well as a little earth magic

    Hobbies- Nothing

    Signature Abilities- None depends on situation

    Transformations- Seeing eye and possibly more Unknown

    Background~ He woke up to see the world around him crumble.....revealed in RP if needed XD
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  16. @"Lost" you definitely can join. i have... 3 others in the balance too so that would make our quota when they post their character sheets. If you have any questions let me know. Also thank you for the compliment.
  17. I need help with the points because of how old my character is does he have 120? I'm so comfused!
  18. If you are a veteran warrior then you start with 120 Points. If you are not and you are only somewhat trained... its 60 And if you are literally just starting as an adventurer then you are 30. That being said if you are as old as it seems then i definitely see you as a 120 Pointer. That help?
  19. Yea thanks also due to being a sentinel I'm meant to hold vast knowledge to hide from man is there anything specifically?
  20. I will talk to you exclusively on some interesting things when i get the chance don't worry about having that in your character sheet. It is your own Knowledge.
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