Aria Stark Reacts to the NES

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  1. Hilarious.

  2. ......I want to hit them all....I really REALLY want to hit them. Well...not all of them but most of them..... SO MUCH ANGER DIRECTED TOWARDS THEM. How do you not know what The Legend of Zelda is? It's Nintendo's second largest series! I can't...I just can't. I had to stop about a third of the way through..... I feel so old...

    I'm a very violent person apparently.
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  3. i call fakery....i think

    i want one of those Blow Me shirts
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  4. Maisie Williams acts like my mom does whenever she reacts to stuff. ._. Just with a British accent instead of Polish.
  5. i do appreciate how her accent makes everything she says so much more...polite

    its quite adorable

    still, how do you not know how to play level 1-1?

  6. Best part? Around 3:00, they go over the fact that ".com" means "commercial" and the teen comments "Did not know that, actually."

    We learned things!
  7. my bad guys, Worst typos of my life T_T NES NES NES NES NES
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  8. I love your obsessiveness, Fijo. NES NES NES

    One of the perks of having been born in a relatively poor country (with parents who are, however rich, quite pragmatic in terms of budgeting): no home consoles. My first experience playing video games was in my grandfather's house, playing with - yep, you guessed it - NES.

    Well, not exactly that: the disc-like tablet thingies were somewhat smaller, and the actual controllers conformed better to the hands, but meh, close enough. And still, I did manage to play a lot of Mario and Contra on that thing. Gotta wonder, though: if I found that in my grandfather's house, could my grandfather have actually been a gamer in his (relative) youth? Or my mother (his daughter, a dur), perhaps?

    So yeah, hipster-cred to me, then. Also, Starbucks+The Fault in Our Stars does not equate to hipster cred: those two things are way too mainstream to deserve such honors. And besides, hipsters aren't ones who simply do seemingly intellectual things whilst actually playing to the consumer-slave agenda; hipsters consume actual intellectual stuff, but appreciate them in such an exclusive and debasing way so as to render their value empty and meaningless, like freshman college students, the most disrespectful and relentless of art critics, and guys who sound like Frasier. (Note the implication against said novel in the last sentence.)

    In all seriousness, though, no comment. Though of note is the slight blush in my cheeks, that certain people in the video of my generation would be so, er, ignorant, as to decry the console for its own merits in the context of its time period. Sure, it's got a lot of glitches, but really, to question the fact that they would have thought it was state of the art then in a time with shoebox cellphones and no internet (and in such a snide and condescending manner, too!)?! Perhaps those kids should take a bit of time off from their self-absorbed world of contemporary technology... [Said, with a harsh tone and a hard glare in his eye, the seventeen year old.]
  9. I wonder if my SNES still works?

    God I loved that machine. So many even better games than the NES.

    LoZ: A Link to the Past
    Super Castlevania
    Super Metroid
    Breath of Fire II
    Secret of Evermore
    Megaman X
    F Zero
    Act Raiser
    Illusion of Gaia
    Chrono Trigger
    Super Bomberman
    Mario Kart
    Super Mario RPG
    Gundam Wing Endless Duel
    Killer Instinct
    Mortal Kombat 1

    oh teh feelz
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