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  1. Whether you want to flit gracefully across the ice as a figure skater or crush through the opposition as a hockey player, Aria Lake Ice Academy is the place to learn! From beginner to professional, we treat all levels of skaters. Become the best at Aria Lake!

    So, I'm rebooting my old Aria Lake RP, but with a few changes. The biggest change is the fact that Aria Lake is no longer a co-ed camp. It's now an all-girls boarding school. Aria Lake Ice Academy. Certainly rolls off the tongue better, doesn't it? Another change is that this time around, it's going to be less focused on the sports and more focused on the character interactions and romances. Also, I think I'll recruit some players to play the coaches as second characters, if nobody minds. So. You in?
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  2. how did I get a mention in this without actually being mentioned... creepy. I don't actually know what the old Aria Lake was like, so you'll need to fill me in on that.
  3. I edited the tag out a couple hours ago. Also, I should probably set something up in the first post. I admit to not thinking of that when I put it up. One sec.

    Alright. The added tagline should give you an idea of what Aria Lake actually is. Sorry for spacing it earlier.
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  4. Ooh, ice skating. Not very familiar with that. What kind of weaponry does it use?
  5. A stick with a curved blade at the end, but only if you play hockey lol.
  6. 'blade'? Since when was hockey so violent!?
  7. Well what else would you call that thing at the end?
  8. no idea... I've always just called the whole thing a 'stick'.
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  9. Well, let's wait. If nobody pops in to join, we'll just start tagging folks.
  10. Since it's all girls, we could just steal all Sailor's people :D
  11. Yeah, but we could use some fresh faces.
  12. True.

    @Fresh Faces
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  13. Sometimes you're a bigger dork than @Kitsune claims to be.
  14. And proud of it!
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  15. Crap, forgot about this. Am i still Co-GM or is this merely a bumped interest check?
  16. Would you like to be co-GM for this one?
  17. Sure. It gives me something to busy my mind with and provided, i don't forget, i shall do my part to try to keep it alive! :) If i can find my submitted character, i'll reuse her and well, try to discuss ideas with you whenever i get one. :)
  18. All in favour of not letting Dovah be co-GM just to spite him say 'aye!'!
  19. Then welcome (back) aboard!

  20. I'm immue to the first letter there, so that's oe vote for 'Aye" already!
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