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  1. Now recruiting school faculty! A skeleton for that will be up tonight.
  2. Would it be alright to use Cecily, seeing as she never really got any screen time last time around?

  3. Actually, that'd be perfect.
  4. Time plz. Been a little busy recently, but I should have a character up tomorrow.
  5. Character Sheet
    What's your name?
    Cecily Meyer, darling, be a dear and don't make me repeat it.
    How old are you?
    The ripe and malleable age of seventeen.
    What is your grade?
    Oh, I'm just a sophomore darling.
    How tall are you?
    An even 5 foot 5 inches, not too tall or too short in my opinion.
    How much do you weigh?
    A nice and healthy weight of 124.
    What are you coming to the camp for (hockey or figure skating)?
    Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't know my rippling muscles and inch thick skull would reveal my nearly obsessive lust for Hockey so quickly. No, I'm obviously here for the lovely Ice-based dance we know as Figure Skating, darling.
    How much skill do you have in the sport?
    Six years of training, I consider myself slightly above average. However, I was always taught never to turn down an opportunity to siphon knowledge from recommended instructors. And I do believe that you lot were especially recommended.
    What are you like as a person (Their personality)?
    I like to see myself as extremely honest, to the point, and fair in my judgment of others. Though many tend to misinterpret this as blunt finger pointing because of their inability to openly admit their faults like myself. I'm a big girl, I can admit that calling someone out for their lesser moments brings me a certain feeling of entertainment. And really, entertainment is perhaps my most favorite goal out of all the others I could possibly set for myself. I seek entertainment in everything, whether goof or bad. In fact, I sometimes have trouble stopping myself from smiling all the time. Others have said it is insensitive for me to take such humor from downfalls as I do, but I don't hide it. And really, its not that much of a problem anyway, honesty is the best policy after all.
    Tell me about your past.
    Oh, what's there to say really? Born into the Meyers family, I was the very definition of wealthy beginnings. It was pretty much tutors and private schools with piles of homework that I simply despised, and I made no effort of hiding it. Of course, some educators could handle only so much of me dismissing their livelihoods as uninteresting rubbish, but the majority of working Joes in our nation will put up with plenty of trial if you wave enough money in front of their nose. I was around 10 when I started showing an interest in Figure skating, having gone with my dearest mother to watch a show with some of her colleagues . I spent several months watching more shows, and near the end of the year mother got me a pair of skates and took my to the ice ring. Of course, I was nowhere near as talented in the sport as I am now, however my mother realized after several trips that I did pretty well for a first timer. Then you know how it goes, I began taking lessons from several different instructors over the next six years. As I kept improving my adoration for the sport grew as well, and soon mother heard about you lot and, well... here I am.
    Anything else I should know (Stuff that probably wouldn't fit anywhere else)?
    I guess you could say I'm quite limber, but going into a sport such as this can you really blame me?
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  6. Lol, she's annoying me already XD
  7. As before, approved. Just a side note, though: I'm gonna add "Grade" to the skeleton so I know which characters go with which teachers. Since I'm on mobile, though, I can't really do it right now, so could you edit it into yours ahead of time? Just below "Age", with the options of "Freshman", Sophomore", "Junior", and "Senior.
  8. Done.
  9. I probably should have clarified, my mistake: The grades are in ascending order. Cecily's academic grade should be Senior unless she got held back a year, which I personally doubt happened (though you're welcome to set it that way if you like; I won't mind.).

    EDIT: Think of it this way: the grades are first, second, third, and fourth years respectively.
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  10. Just a thought, but it might be best to have everyone in the same grade since there aren't many players currently, to maximise interactions. With the current player base and assuming 2 characters each, that's only 2 characters per year, or fewer.
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  11. Makes sense. Do you suppose I should remove the grades altogether and have everyone in the same clases?
  12. For now, I think that's what I'd do. Or, if you wanted to allow different ages of character, make it function like a university, where, regardless of your age, you start in First Year.
  13. Right then, let's see what we can do in ways of a character...
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  14. I'm gonna try and get my character up tonight.
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