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  1. A R G E N T

    ARGENT is a dark fantasy/apocalyptic RP set within a fragmented, recently ruined world featuring a diverse cast of characters. This thread serves as a compilation of RP information, and a place where players and the GM can plan RP events/chat as they please. All characters belonging to players and the GM can be located in the 'Character Thread' section below.

    Additional information (and new tabs entirely) will commonly be edited onto this first post as the RP progresses.

    Character Thread | IC Thread

    If you are not in this RP, but interested and unsure if there are spots, please PM your name to me. Whilst there are currently no spots available, I will inform you when a player drops out so that you may take their spot instead. You'll be in a 'reserve' column, if you will.

    • The land's two finest and largest cities - Kelda and Abbelest - finished the world's largest and bloodiest war in human history, known as the XII Final War no more than five months ago. With Kelda emerging victorious, King Rhyzen of the Keldian Empire unexpectedly ordered the razing of Abbelest, burning the city down to nothing, and executing Lady Celesse, the ex-leader of the Abbelestian Forces.

      But with this already catastrophic event, came another.

      From nowhere, as the destruction of Abbelest was almost fully complete, something blood-chillingly horrible emerged from the centre of the city. The stench of death - a brown mold coating the streets and walls, twisted and distorted creatures emerging from the muck and unleashing fury on both survivors and lingering Keldian forces alike. This is what is today dubbed the 'corruption' by the masses.

      None lived to tell the tale of what it was that sparked this horrifying twist, and it wasn't the work of the Keldians. With the destroyed town of Abbelest being transformed into an infested pit where abominations spawned and stalked the land for the innocent, the world began to lose all hope. The corruption, from Abbelest, began to slowly spread across the world.

      Many survivors began to lose their minds, with many people moving out of cities near Abbelest for fear of the corruption or creatures coming too close. The city of Kelda was blamed completely for these events, and many across the world came to the gates of Kelda to destroy and bring their fury to the other largest city. King Rhyzen was forced to give up his throne, with most of his forces being slain in the recent events.

      But the King, appalled by what had happened, would not give up there. Using all of his remaining resources, servants, allies, and soldiers, he retreated Kelda to build The Argent Foundation, the name known only by few. Sending messengers across the world to hire skilled individuals, most of which being soldiers, Argent members work tirelessly to rid the world of bandits, cultists, madmen, and outbreaks of corrupted beasts.

      Under the order of Ser Rhyzen, you have decided to become a member of Argent. A place where race, gender, or ideals doesn't matter anymore. A place where there is at least one shared goal. To clean the world of evil, piece-by-piece, and see the world into an era of peace.

      How will you be forgotten or remembered?

      Will you see Argent crumble and the world's downfall? Or the victory of Argent, leading to the world's peace? For it depends on your actions, now, survivor. Godspeed.


      Typical Abbelestians are above-average height and well-built, with olive/tan skin. The looks of an Abbelestian can vary greatly, as many types of people were allowed to settle within its walls.

      Pre-War: Abbelest was once a low, steadfast city of stone and metal - protected by a nigh-impenetrable wall - that considered equality and law the two strongest foundations that held it together. Here, men and women were both considered equal - one of the most surprising and unique ideals for the day and age. It also endorsed wandering foreigners to join them, so long as they pledged allegiance. So long as a citizen provided hard work and firm loyalty to the city, they were provided with a comfortable and robust lifestyle. Because of the encouragement to work hard, Abbelest is a huge manufacturer of steel, weaponry, tools, and building materials, giving rulers a lot of wealth to disperse through the population. Ruled by the strong and fair Lady Celesse, the only ruler in the land, Abbelest had always been considered one of the nicest placest to live, save the occasional squabbles and mild conflicts with the Keldians.

      Present: After falling to the Keldians in the XII Final War, King Rhyzen supposedly ordered the destruction of Abbelest, razing the city to near-nothingness. With survivors fleeing the burning remains, Abbelestians and Keldians alike who were left in the smoking ruins for whatever reason witnessed the transformation of the Abbelest ruins. The area is now the centre of all corruption; a reeking city of brown sludge; a spawn point for corrupted beings, but the interior is generally unknown for the sheer danger of the area. No normal men or women could walk there to have a look and return alive. Abbelest has completely transformed; the most out of all the cities.


      Typical Keldians are tall and handsome/pretty, with tan or light skin, blonde or bright brown hair, and usually blue or green eyes. They are considered majestic as the city of Kelda itself.

      Pre-War: Kelda is the unmissable city of marble, crafted from beautiful stone and rewrition alike to create intricately shaped houses, towers, and pathways. A city of order, progress, and discoveries, the majestic Keldians have by far the highest rate of rewriters in their population, and are strict about who they let in and out. This makes Keldian citizens somewhat exclusive and treasured within their walls. Keldians also feature a strong army force, consisting of various units in heavy armour that use either Rewrition-induced wings for high mobility, or purely destructive Rewrition, making the Keldians a force to be reckoned with. This being said, Keldians have been known for their generosity towards other cities in the past, donating large amounts of wealth, food, and materials to cities and minor towns who encounter shortage. They also send some of their powerful troops for free to help defenceless towns targeted by bandits or rogues, and Kelda is probably one of the main reasons why The Binnes was never successfully pillaged for its vast wealth. Ruled by King Rhyzen

      Present: Put to blame for the transformation of the recent world after King Rhyzen commanded his troops to victory and then to supposedly raze Abbelest, Kelda has become a place of war and conflict between multiple parties with different beliefs. Attacks are common, sabotage is common, and the city is slowly being teared apart by people of all kinds. With most of its military being wiped out as a price for winning the war, there is not much order within the gates of Kelda anymore. Although it's the farthest away from Abbelest, and will be the last to fall victim to the corruption, entering Kelda nowadays would be extremely dangerous. The area has essentially become a zone for a massive free-for-all until order is restored once more.


      The Blennghammen are muscly, large, and the men hairy. With pale skin, icy-blue eyes, and usually blonde or brown hair, harsh conditions have forged Blennghammen into a tough group of people.

      Pre-War: Blenngham has always been a city that values its power and ability to survive, being located in one of the coldest enviroments in The World. Forging walls from ice, stone, wood, and whatever they could get their hands on, Blenngham was forged from a camp to a city over a large period of time - a feat accomplishable only by dedicated minds, and hard work. Discipline and a tough upbringing are core values of the Blennghammen, with the harshest punishments and one of the hardest lifestyles around. The weak are picked on and usually not helped, left to die. Only the strong survive within the everlasting winter's bite. Being one of the strongest races around, and the city being in such foriegn conditions to the general population, Blenngham has been generally left alone by others cities in terms of help and war. At times of food crisis, however, the Keldians have been there to support them. Other than this, Blenngham is a respected race with an army of iron-minded, greataxe-wielding soldiers that are frightening as monsters to face.

      Present: Blenngham has remained surprisingly unaffected by the recent events, probably the most so out of all the races. Even with the bandit population rising, none dare try to raid a city with such an iron ruler and such powerful people. However, Blenngham is the second closest to the spreading corruption from Abbelest (Drokk being the closest), causing a divide between its population. Some believe they should move out whilst they have the chance, whilst others believe they should stand and fight whatever comes at them as a sign of honor and integrity of their people. It has caused minor conflict within the city, and something bigger may spark eventually, though everything is forcefully kept under control by the leader, Dekk Larghkes, who is a strong believer that citizens should remain within the city instead of fleeing to the hot outside world.


      Short, frail, and pallid or skinned; typically with black hair and brown eyes. Lack of danger and sunlight has made the people of Drokk a frail race compared to most.

      Pre-War: An underground city complex carved into the very hills, Drokk has always been out of harm's way, shutting off their doors to outsiders and bandits, and coming out to the sunlight only for official reasons, or to gather resources not usually gatherable in the underground caves or farms. With no leaders, but instead 'supervisors' that see everything is going smoothly, the people of Drokk signed what's referred to as the 'Eternal Peace & Protection Act' that automatically counts them out of any wars, and makes them untargetable in a war situation, in exchange for them providing all cities with huge amounts of metals, minerals, and resources that are extremely abundant in the hills they've settled in. Intricately carved, well built, and well-supported, whilst the interior of Drokk is damp and dark, Drokken folk live a more comfortable lifestyle than one might think. Drokken people are usually of smart mind, but are usually quiet, cold, and introverted from the lack of action and involvement with other cities. A lot of the Drokken are also easily afraid, and don't like to be disturbed in general. Cities can see this as cowardly; Blenngham in particular.

      Present: Because of their close distance to Abbelest (being the closest to Abbelest of all the cities), the Eternal Peace & Protection Act is not something corrupted monsters have the slightest care for. The corruption slowly creeping up on them, and corrupted beings infilitrating what they thought was an impenetrable defence, the Drokken have been forced to move to the outside world. Because of their frail nature and their unfamiliarity of the surface, a lot of the Drokken easily fell prey to bandits, corrupted beasts, or mother nature for their lack of survival skills outside the caves. The Drokken's society has been completely broken, leaving them devestated and forced to adapt to a new lifestyle entirely. Meeting a Drokken nowadays is considered rare, but the people are generally seen as useless and 'waiting to die', save the powerful rewriters that Drokk sometimes produces.


      Stocky, bronze/olive-skinned, and usually brown haired and brown-eyed, most Meadowborn are considered quite ugly compared to most races, but are steadfast and hardworking, suited to hard work and tough conditions.

      Pre-War: A large and poor place consisting mostly of wooden and thatch huts, lack of wealth isn't something the people of Meadow consider a weakness, but instead a strength. They take little but what they need from the land, making them an honest, compassionate, and caring race. Specialising in agriculture and forestry, Meadow supplies areas with fresh vegetables, wood products, and other material such as sap and honey to other areas in exchange for trust and protection from bandits. It is run by a 'mayor' who lives just like his kin, though stationed in a more secure area of Meadow. Despite their lack of resources and focus on agriculture, Meadowborn guards are surprisingly effective, using weaponry such as hammers, clubs, and greatswords paired with leather armour to unleash a primitive but effective fighting style that's a deadly surprise for bandits thinking joints of the Meadow are easy to pillage, but the Meadowborn still probably have the weakest army and require reinforcements in larger-scale bandit raids. Because of how nice the 'mayor' and his people actually are, cities have little desire to attack Meadow or involve it in any conflict, however.

      Present: Without protection from other cities, and with the weak nature of Meadow's structures, it has become a playground for bandits, madmen, and arsonists gone rogue by the recent events. Whilst the place has not yet erupted into complete chaos, many have moved out to protect their families, whilst others remain vigilant to keep their trade going. They are quite a way from the corruption, but definitely not in the safe ground. Also, because of the surprisingly high natural talent of some of its citizens (albeit their lower intelligence), a lot of willing Meadowborn have gone on to join Argent. Of all other cities, most volunteer Argent members are Meadowborn, which is a surprising statistic for a land considered peasants by most. However, Meadow is still struggling, and will likely be slowly destroyed or turned to a home for bandit communities in time, with the beloved mayor laying dead in the streets.


      Delicate and beautiful, with light skin, average bodies, and blonde shades of hair accompanied by grey eyes, luxurious upbringing has forged the Binnesborn into a somewhat arrogant but very intelligent race.

      Pre-War: A race that has been producers of some of the more expensive and rare materials from the very start, immense wealth from The Binnes was predicted, and their wealth was ever-growing at the time. With a somewhat selfish leader that focused all of his wealth into his city and his city only, Lord Augustus von Brielle, The Binnes holds mansions, well-built and luxurious houses, and gold-trimmed towers that rival Keldian architecture's beauty. With the money to hire the best teachers and the best minds out there, people of The Binnes have grown into what is considered the most intelligent race, creating marvellous paintings, sculptures, wines, and other such things. One of their most unique talents, however, is their inventions. Creating intricate weaponry has led to experimentation amongst some of the highest minds in The Binnes, leading them into the world of mechanics and machinery. Prototypes of ranged weaponry 'far more advanced and powerful than a crossbow', The Binnes is was on route to exciting discoveries, with the city seeming to be in a permanent 'Golden Age' thanks to its care for its citizens, and its citizens only. The military is advanced and strong, but lacking in numbers, therefore not enough to fend off greedy bandits without its hired help from various cities and towns.

      Present: In a land where wealth no longer matters, and where wealth can no longer buy you protection, The Binnes has recently been victim to successful bandit attacks and murders, happy to get their hands on 'the arrogant bastards' at last. Treasuries have been mindlessly robbed from despite money being of a decreasing value nowadays, the once rich and great people have been forced to flee. They're also located quite near Kelda, bringing them in the line of fire of the raging zealots and Keldian-haters that additionally bring out their rage on The Binnes as they pass it. Forced to leave their wealth, technological marvels, and beautiful city behind, lack of outside survival skills has made citizens of The Binnes much more vulnerable then they've ever been.

    • The Argent Foundation contains various facilities and sections that new recruits should get used to after joining. The safe and large area is protected by crude but ever-growing solid stone, spiked walls with archers atop it looking out day by night. A ditch has been dug around the outside of the walls, filled with hardwater, and the only entrance is a quickly built gate from iron scraps, probably made with Rewrition, but solid nonetheless. What's inside these walls, however, should be more to a recruit's interest. All of these places are connected with quickly-dug paths, soon to become roads, within the walls.

      The notice board should be checked daily, as it contains lists of assignments that are entrusted to certain groups/individuals. For example, if a bandit camp needs clearing out in an area, a commander will decide the group/individual who does it and when. People are expected to respond immediately and group for preparation and explanations in the briefing room at the time written down. Slackers are not appreciated, and lack of response to the notice board's requests will see you quickly ranked down or kicked out of Argent.

      Those off duty and not out working will find the majority of their time being used here. With advanced instructors that used to command battles and train troops themselves, technique and strength can be honed with time and effort if one feels they need to. Rewrition can also be practised, though facilities for practising Rewrition are more limited. The main attraction of the area are the various sparring areas, where up to ten one versus one battles can be occurring at once to test each other's skill, settle differences, or test newcomers for their worth. Many doctors are positioned here because of this. Watching these duels is as good as a way to pass the time as being part of one.

      Everyone needs rest, and the lodging quarter is where to do it if one isn't assigned to night watch. The various lodges aren't exactly luxurious, quickly built from wood, but feature a fireplace and acceptable beds. Each owner's bed features a personal footlocker, and a bit of personal space. Lodges can get cramped thanks to up to twelve people being in a lodge at once, but that's something one will have to get used to. For those who can't bear to be around other people, or would prefer their own space, some tents and bedrolls are also stationed in the area, though lodges are much-preferred by the masses. A common room also sits in this area for eating and socialising, as well as some makeshift 'baths', toilets, and showers. The place is kept clean by prisoners, forcefully.

      Weaponry and armour is essential, to say the least. If one finds they need new arms, they can pick up new weaponry here depending on their ranking. Expertly crafted weaponry is reserved for trusted and trained fighters instead. Run by a genius young smith and a few of his helpers, the work here is as honest and well-done as you can get in this day and age. Trusted members can use some of the abundant materials themselves for more comfortable weapon grips, reinforcing armour, etc. Ideas for more intricate weapons and devices should be taken up with the head smith.

      A place combatants will find little interest, this place is merely for growing food, raising cattle, and gathering drinkable water by working-crest individuals. Hot meals are supplied thanks to this sector. Additionally, horses can be stored here within stables where they'll be well-cared for, and there are kennels for dogs or other companions to stay put and be fed whilst the owner is away.

      If something important is about to go down, someone will be shouting about it here. If people are requested, an attack is incoming, or if a hero has fallen, everyone will be informed due to the platform's placement and the shouter's booming voice. This platform is also used to host special cermonies and events, such as the ranking up of a member, or personal commendations from Commanders and higher forces.

      A self-explanatory building used to stock stone, metal, and other resources for building up the city. Attempting to steal or sabotage from here and getting caught will get you on the gallows easily.

      Run by trained, working-crest medics and healing Rewriters, if one isn't in a critical condition, they'll likely be saved from the clutches of death at the hospital. Minor and major illnesses aren't a long-term problem either, and can usually be fixed. Higher crest members usually receive more premium treatment.

      The highest building within Argent, the lookout's tower is self-explanatory, containing an unknown man who's said to see for miles around, making unstealthy threats well-prepared for.

      If captured enemies are bought back to Argent, expect them to be dumped in the quickly-built, damp, and generally unappealing prison cells, where they'll either be hanged or reformed depending on the judgement of higher-ranking individuals. Traitors and backstabbers of the foundation that are found out will also be hung here; an occurrence that isn't all that rare.

      A place for fallen heroes, and recovered bodies of Argent members. It's currently small, but expect it to be ever-growing.

      A building only slightly larger than an average hut, but very well-guarded and secure, it's unknown what's in here. People who have been inside, however, claim it's nothing special, however, and mostly just documents and notes.

    • This serves as a 'tracker' for all of the PC's current rank, kills/captures as of joining Argent, and general condition. Detailed CS's of the characters can be found in the 'Character Thread'. This is designed for PC's only, and does not show the GM's NPC's.


    • Reminders of completed missions, and how they went down, are put here. This will also be used to commemorate those who have fallen in the line of duty, reminding us of the feats they accomplished before he/she fell.


      14/14 SUCCEEDED. 14/14 LIVED.

      Recap: Captain Ardus ordered seven sets of one versus ones between the fourteen new Argent members. He also gave orders to fight to incapacitate your opponent, but strictly not to go for lethal blows on your opponent. It turns out that this was not only a test of skill, but also a test to ensure everyone knew self-restraint and could capture instead of kill where neccessary. Seven exciting fights occured, with each member showing enough skill to be given the badge of Argent. No fatal injuries or deaths occured within the spar, though some battlescars were handed out between sparring members.

      No PC/Met NPC deaths yet!

    • Here, any important events that go through in the IC thread/have recently occured will be noted down, and elaborated in further detail.

      >The XII Final War (5 Months Ago)

      The start to the chaos began when the two largest civilizations settled their ongoing differences and arguments with the largest-scale war ever recorded. King Rhyzen of the majestic and high city of Kelda, waged war against Lady Celessa of the stoneclad and proud city of Abbelest. After an extreme death toll through the bloody war between the two kingdoms, Kelda eventually emerged victorious. Supposedly, King Rhyzen ordered the complete destruction of Abbelest, razing the city to nothingness, and publicly executing Lady Celessa.

      But why had this war even started? What differences did Kelda and Abbelest have that made them argue so frequently in the first place? Surprisingly, this is crucial detail that is not fully known by the general public. Keldians have always known to hate Abbelestians, and vice versa. Between King Rhyzen and Lady Celessa, an unknown spark had been thrown by one side that caused the biggest and bloodiest war in history to occur.

      When it all seemed over, something horrible and unknown spewed from the center of Abbelest, transforming the razed city into one that turned people and seemingly thin air into disgusting monstrosities that wanted to nothing but kill. This was certainly not done by the people of Kelda. They'd wanted it to be over. An unknown force had transformed Abbelest into the corrupted hell it is today, and it's now merely the center of all corruption. As the monstrosities are produced and spread, mould and filth slowly coats the land, centimeter by centimeter, mile by mile, slowly starting to coat the entire world, with Abbelest the very pinnacle of it. Whilst the corruption's spread is very slow, it's extremely threatening, and will take extreme actions to stop. Nobody knows what Abbelest looks like today, as no surviving people have ever got close and lived to tell the tale. But one can only imagine the abomination Abbelest is nowadays.

      As a result of this, everything went to hell. Trade routes had been blocked and destroyed, supplies were no longer needed in certain areas, and innocent people were being killed day by day by vile monsters, some even being transformed into disgusting beings themselves. Everything was, essentially, going to shit. A lot of leaders and general public instantly shifted the blame onto Kelda for all of this, and King Rhyzen was forced to retreat his city (where he would later create Argent, a little-known about organisation), and within the corruption and madness, Kelda was the receiving end of a lot of hate-filled attacks and riots. Some survivors of Abbelest had even trekked all the way across the land to Kelda just to inflict their wrath upon it. A lot of the citizens of Kelda left to go elsewhere for the reasons, hiding and retreating to places like Meadow and Drokk. Whilst the general public don't despise Keldians as much as some do, a portion of the population blame them for everything. Whether this is just, is unknown, as nobody knows how the war even started, or who's 'fault' the war even was.

      In a world of riots, corruption, and people-turned mad or rogue grouping up to pillage and murder, those who are left sane and show skill within this world have been invited to join Argent, the world's last hope. Argent isn't known about by most, but for the innocent who pray for it all to end, crying in their huts or holes, the closest thing to a savior now, even if they don't know it, is Argent.

      >The Letter Delivered to You (Up to 3 Weeks Ago)

      Dear citizen of any province or profession...

      If my messengers have entrusted this letter to you, then you are aware of the stakes of our world. I, Ser Rhyzen, offer for you to join our private group of various professions: the Argent Foundation. You will be part of a force fighting for the freedom of our world - one that will put a permenant end to crime and corruption.

      Our current numbers are low, but growing. We accept a person of any kind with open arms, and the war is behind us. All members of the Argent Foundation are urged to settle their differences about racial upbringings, gender, and of such. All are equal here til' the world is normal once more.

      I will be blunt. You have considered going upon a path that may very well put your life in danger. One that may come to a grisly end. But you will be rewarded and recognized for each successful deed you perform for the Argent Foundation. And when the day and world is back to peace once more, you will be noted down forever in history as a hero of the highest kind.

      We urge that applicants should be trained in some form of combat. Be it magic, blades, or bare-knuckle brawling, any form of fighter is welcomed. Upon arrival to the entrance, we will ensure you are combat-worthy and not of traitorous intent. Attempting to sabotage or hinder the Argent Foundation in any way within your enlistment will be punished by death.

      Should you be accepted, you will be given aught in terms of housing, weaponry, and necessities such as meals for free. In return, we ask of you to instantly respond to any missions we give you, and be prepared to co-operate with other Argent members who may be of various races and professions. And, as previously promised, you will be paid for your troubles.

      The directions to our camp are inscribed on the back of the message. I hope to see you there.
      -Ser Rhyzen, Commander and Leader of the Argent Foundation

    • Stories, collaborations, artwork, player-made towns, or just generally anything player-made related to Argent (that isn't a Character Sheet or already written within the IC thread) will be listed here!

      >BLOOD, STEEL, AND FIRE (By Jhuton)

      Player-Made Towns/Tribes List

      ISHIAN NOMADS are a loose collection of nomadic tribes that move throughout the most wild places of the known world. They have never gathered in any real cities, instead preferring to stick to their tribal camps and caravans as they move between the more civilized towns and cities of the various other peoples, traveling and visiting wherever they may. While other said peoples may be famous for their skill in crafting, magic, or battle, the Ishian's pride themselves on a very particular set of skills. The taming and control... and slaying of the beasts of the world. Through skill, and the use of a specialized school of Rewriting, they are able to bring some of the most mighty and powerful beasts of the world to heel. The Ishians are famous for using them as mounts, companions, pets, and even beasts of burden. And through their mastery of beasts, they ply a dangerous trade, battling and driving away creatures that may threaten the more civilized nations in trade for whatever they might need. Ishians are large, strong, and unflinchingly brave. Their skin is often olive brown or dark, and their hair curls wildly. Some call them wild and uncivilized, and most Ishians would consider that a compliment. Since the end of the final war the tribes have scattered to the winds, some escaping, some destroyed by the corruption... some though, some have decided to stay and face the madness of the world head on. (Created by players Ferril and Mahariel.)

      THE GRIMDOSH MARAUDERS are a small group of tribes that roam various northern steppes and mountain passes. They are one of the more taller races of the world, similar to the Blenngham in height, and some are as broad as the muscular Abbelestians. With skin ranging from a darker white to a light carmel, and hair ranging from a light brown, to a bright red. Their reluctance to settle in one place often gets them in minor clashes with the Ishian Nomads, who seek the same empty lands as them, causing racial tensions between the two groups. The Grimdosh tribes considered the more civilized people of the world as weaklings, hiding behind walls and bickering with each other for petty reasons. Taking advantage of the war between the two cities of Abbelest and Kelda, the Grimdosh began raiding small towns and farms on either sides, gaining their nick name the Grimdosh Marauders. As the war ended, the Grimdosh retreated back to the wilds. Their relationship between the other races isn't to well, as many see them as barbaric brutes, which is true to some extent. As the corruption came, they were pushed from the wilds to the more civilized areas. Many were wiped out by the creatures in the darkness as they tried to seek shelter in some of the very cities they raided from. The majority were turned away. (Created by lonewolf888978)

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  2. Let's get started with planning the first IC post, and how it's going to work.

    For the very first post of the IC, all of your characters are going to be resting in a group outside the stone walls of The Argent Foundation. After running through their letters with a man at the gate to ensure their invitation to Argent is legitimate, a bearded man clad in brass armour with a feather cowl has told you to wait until noon so officials can set up the testing process.

    The time will be almost noon in the first IC post, giving you a chance for your characters to interact, talk, or do their own little things before they're hoarded into the Argent foundation.

    After this first moment of brief respite, each your PC's will battle another PC in a monitored battle to make sure both combatants are fit to join Argent. Most of these will be randomly selected (though I will try to pair people with similar timezones), and it will be up to the two of you to make a collab battle of your own. Bear in mind there is no combat system, and the fighting is freeform, so it's up to the two of you to make it as interesting/quick as you please.

    Advanced doctors are also nearby at the scene of the battle, so don't worry about holding back. Your character will be healed afterwards. Chopping someone's head off or shooting them in the brain will still instantly kill them, though, so... try and avoid that I guess.

    It doesn't matter who the winner of the fight is; if your PC was deemed to fight in a useful manner for the Argent foundation, they'll be accepted. If they seem not suited for combat and too inexperienced to be trusted for missions, they won't be accepted. Simple as that. However, don't expect your character to be kicked out. Every character here seems to know some sort of skill or prowess that will allow them into the gates.

    The lineup for the 1v1's will be done tomorrow. From there, you might want to pre-plan with your partner and set up titanpad documents. (Or google docs, if that's what you both prefer.) The IC thread release date will be posted not too long after this.

    With that in mind, have fun here in the OOC, and let's make something special.
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  8. I'm willing to work with anyone! CST for me, so if that's easier for anyone to work with, I'm your guy~!
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  9. Doesn't matter who I'm paired with, I'm pretty much always online anyway. I prefer Titanpad for collabs, mostly because I've already used it and am used to how it works.
  10. By the way @Jakers I sent you a PM. I'm not sure if you received it
  11. I don't mind who I pair up with! Celthric will try to fight anyone and everyone equally :)

    Sidenote: Any place good I can write up a little story for the Grimdosh?
  12. You can try using your blog, it's actually there for these reasons.
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  13. Collab Spar Lineup
    (May be changed accordingly.)


    (Sir Basil)




    (Wizzy The Wizard)

    For this line up, I sorted people into categories depending on their timezones, and then randomised it from there (the only non-randomly selected fight is Theo Vs. Karmia, as the match was requested). You should all have similar-ish schedules, and if you don't, I can switch some things around.

    Also bear in mind that titanpad doesn't have to be used, as I know it can cause some issues for people. I just find it the most useful as there's a chat window as you go along. Another alternative is Google Docs, which rarely causes problems. If you have trouble setting up your collab, let me know, and I may be able to lend a helping hand.

    Please don't get started on your collab fights yet (as the first post will just be everyone's characters mingling outside, your characters haven't even seen where they'll be fighting yet), but just keep in mind your partner for when the time comes. Unless two PC's challenge eachother/spar in their spare time at later points in the RP, this will likely be the only PvP battle that occurs.

    The first IC post will be arriving on the 31st. Any questions, possible edits, etc, should be done before then. Player-made content can be made at any time though, so don't feel like you have to rush any of that stuff.

    Side Notes

    The following need to pop their character sheets into the character thread:

    @kimsim12, when your character is made, I will have them spar with an NPC (who I'll make sure to make as equally fighting as a PC, don't worry! You'll just be collabing with me instead.) Also. I will have to ask you to make your character within 7 days, at least, if you'd like to be there for the first IC post. If you feel like this is too much, then I will reserve a spot for you so your character can join in when you're less busy. But I recall you saying you were almost done anyways.​
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  14. Ah, sorry bout not replying earlier, I only just noticed the OOC being up. Celthric vs Silyan should be an interesting battle, especially since their people already have bad blood!

    If you saw the previous post, ignore it! lol
    I got two of the characters mixed up in my head, sorry.
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  15. Looks like alot of interesting match ups.
    Particularly excited for me and @Ferril to duke it out >:)
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  16. lol, Sam would probably use because there's no plants to manipulate and he hasn't really trained with fancy weapons other than a spear and maybe a club. Oh, and a knife, don't forget the knife.
  17. Because of Armidon and his player, -QT-, dropping out the RP, I've rearranged the list slightly to best fit timezones.

    >ASH DALNAR is now against LYDLOS MORDER.
    >VANIELA GUNGNI is now against one of my NPC's, but this NPC will be switched out for kimsim12's character when they make it. kimsim12 recently announced they won't be making a character, so it'll stay like this until further notice.
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  18. Ah, probably should've mentioned it before, but I'm learning recently myself, I'm gonna be away on a cruise starting tomorrow. I forget for how long. I believe 'till Monday of next week. So yeah, if anything begins by then, sorry!
  19. I'll move my CS ASAP, and I'm eager to get this fight started. Not sure how well Lydlos will do in a 1v1 considering she's an assassin, but she'll try her best. I mean, she is very skilled since she's not a Rewriter. I'll go read up on Ash and formulate my strategy.
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