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  1. A R G E N T

    | OOC Thread |

    We are currently closed off to new players, however, if you'd like to reserve a spot for when a player drops out, you're welcome to.

    Current people in waiting list: 2

    The world is in disarray. Disarray of the highest possible kind.

    One where unknown creatures spew out of war-razed cities and feed on the innocent day by day. One where people do not know who to trust, and fight only for themselves and their family. Civilizations that are not plagued by creatures have fallen into anarchy and crime, and most leaders of the world have been overwhelmed by rioting citizens, or newly-forming groups of terrifying bandits and cultists. Some people have begun to embrace the madness this once-great world has plummeted into.

    But, in the unlikeliest of places, a faint hope blossoms.

    The retired leader of a once-great city, King Rhyzen, chose to pool all of his remaining resources and power into building a small fortress. Sending messengers to scour the world of all the finest fighters, smiths, mages... anything, the fortress known as The Argent Foundation now works to take back cities and towns from corrupted beasts, eliminate crime, and bring back the world into order and peace.

    Skilled or determined survivors from all around the world now gather here to function as one. One final force to fight back against madness. Whilst some of the finest fighters have long passed from the chaos of these times, some still remain now within Argent. And with these people... these heroes, mercenaries, fame-seekers, whatever they may be - comes hope. Hope for the innocent survivors of humanity who can't fight back, and cower day after day in their shelters, praying for the end.

    And you. Survivor. Whoever you may be, whatever you may do, have been offered a chance to join this facility, as you possess a valuable set of skills. For whatever reason, you want to be part of Argent. You have been given the letter below by one of the Argent Foundation's private messengers:
    Letter Delivered to You

    Dear citizen of any province or profession...

    If my messengers have entrusted this letter to you, then you are aware of the stakes of our world. I, Ser Rhyzen, offer for you to join our private group of various professions: the Argent Foundation. You will be part of a force fighting for the freedom of our world - one that will put a permenant end to crime and corruption.

    Our current numbers are low, but growing. We accept a person of any kind with open arms, and the war is behind us. All members of the Argent Foundation are urged to settle their differences about racial upbringings, gender, and of such. All are equal here til' the world is normal once more.

    I will be blunt. You have considered going upon a path that may very well put your life in danger. One that may come to a grisly end. But you will be rewarded and recognized for each successful deed you perform for the Argent Foundation. And when the day and world is back to peace once more, you will be noted down forever in history as a hero of the highest kind.

    We urge that applicants should be trained in some form of combat. Be it magic, blades, or bare-knuckle brawling, any form of fighter is welcomed. Upon arrival to the entrance, we will ensure you are combat-worthy and not of traitorous intent. Attempting to sabotage or hinder the Argent Foundation in any way within your enlistment will be punished by death.

    Should you be accepted, you will be given aught in terms of housing, weaponry, and necessities such as meals for free. In return, we ask of you to instantly respond to any missions we give you, and be prepared to co-operate with other Argent members who may be of various races and professions. And, as previously promised, you will be paid for your troubles.

    The directions to our camp are inscribed on the back of the message. I hope to see you there.
    -Ser Rhyzen, Commander and Leader of the Argent Foundation

    Will you stand a hero to the end? Or a forgotten pile of flesh, buried deep within mud?

    Hello there! Interested?

    Welcome to my medieval, dark fantasy-esque idea I've been plotting for a while now! In short, this RP is going to be a tale of a world infected by corrupted monsters, seemingly appearing out of the losing city just after a great war had come to an end. Corruption is slowly spreading from one side of the world to the other, and, understandably, a lot of the survivors of this world are going bonkers, descending into crime and such.

    Your character will have just joined Argent, a quickly-built fortress set up by one of the few remaining Kings. Argent was set up to basically get rid of criminals, take back cities, and eventually clear out all of the corrupted areas and destroy the unknown leader/thing behind it all.

    Your motives for your character joining Argent is completely up to you, and how they survived thusfar is absolutely up to you also. As the GM, I will set up a variety of missions for you and your fellow players to do, which will be very much story-driven. You'll meet a variety of criminals, abandoned cities, horrible monsters, and God-knows-what-else on your journey. Combat will be mostly freeform and logic/dialogue-driven, but I may integrate a dice combat system if players would prefer it that way.

    Within your group of players or the various NPC's of Argent, strong bonds and relationships may form within your comrades. But be prepared to lose it all. Both PC's and NPC's can die at any moment within the RP, and usually, your character's death will be permanent. Do not fear, though. I will not kill your character by random trap of doom, though your character must be alert and prepared for the worst when on a mission.

    That's all you need to know for now! If you're interested, please express said interest somehow by posting here, PM'ing yours truly, or just keep an eye on this thread. Whilst there will be a player limit, I will not be taking reservations or anything like that just yet.

    If you'd like to stay for more info, there is a FAQ below, and a more in-detail description of the story below. Either way, thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a pleasant day/night!

    Character Sheets...

    Note that these CS's are by no means official as I'm not even close to releasing the OOC yet, so you're free to make many changes, ask for help if you need it, etc, as I go through current submissions.

    Whilst I'm okay for you to PM it at first, I would prefer beta character sheets to be posted in this thread. This helps other players create a balanced and varied group in terms of gender, personality, fighting style, etc.

    Bear in mind that this sheet is only a template. You are allowed (encouraged, in fact) to change colours, fonts, etc to fit your chracter's theme better. Try not to put overwhelming amounts of borders and detail so it's obnoxious/hard to read. Finally, be sure to delete anything in squared brackets - happy CS making!

    The CS (open)

    Name: [Your character's full name. Nicknames should be put within quotation marks.]
    Age/Gender/Height: [E.g: 21/Male/6"1.]
    Province: [The city/town/tribe your character is from. If you'd like to make your own small town/tribe, PM it to me first.]
    Appearance: [Artwork and/or descriptions are preferred. Anime is allowed considering it fits the RP's theme. Please don't use existing characters/real photos for your appearance.]
    Personality: [What does your character act like usually? Any particular personality traits?]
    Relations: [Is your character related to any other PC within this RP? These relations can be anything from acquaintances to brothers. Do not feel like this is mandatory, and delete this section entirely if no relations to other PC's are present.]
    Biography: [A detailed list or paragraph(s) of the important events that happened in your character's lifetime. Be absolutely sure to include your character's motives for joining Argent. Bear in mind that the corruption and true chaos began 5 months ago from the present day, and the XII Final War started 12 years ago, and ended 5 months ago.]
    Profession: [Think of a small title for what your character does. Etc, 'Swordsman', 'Juggernaut', 'Gravity Rewriter'.]
    Profession Details: [What are your character's skills that give them this profession title? What can they do? How will they beat the enemy? Do they know Rewrition? If so, what kind, how hard is it to perform?]
    Signature Moves: [Does your character have any unique things they do when they fight? Try not to have too many of these. If your character avoids using these and sticks to improvised or classic fighting, don't worry about this section.]
    Skills: [Things like carptenry, knitting, underwater basket weaving, and other non-combat things should be put here.]
    Weaknesses: [Things your character doesn't excel at, or phobias/fears/allergies they might have. Try to add a good amount of weaknesses to counteract strengths, but don't go too over-the-top.]
    Other Notes: [Anything else you want to add? If not, just delete this section.]

    Questions you might be wondering...

    Q: What is the expected level of writing/post size for this RP?
    A: Intermediate/Advanced levels of writing are ideal for my RP. (Prestige/Douche is obviously fine, as well, if you think you're on that level.) You should know proper and above basic-level spelling and grammar before joining this RP. I prefer posts to be at around a few paragraphs, though just one or many can be fine in certain situations. You should be prepared to post once a week at the minimum.

    Q: What sort of time period is this?
    A: The world has it's own sort of time period, but if you need a reference, think 1500's. Most non-magic people are still running with swords and pikes instead of blasting people in the face with metal balls. There are some secret advanced cities that have musket-esque weaponry, but I'll get to that later. The most advanced weaponry you'll come across will likely have magic to do with it instead of machinery.

    Q: Combat. How will it be handled?
    A: I'm likely going to do it in a freeform style, where I write a collb post with you in either google docs or titanpad. In the case of Player versus Player combat, the two (or more) or you will be expected to write a collab post together in the same way. If you've never collabed before, it's super cool, fun, and easy to do! I promise.

    Q: Magic. How will it be handled?
    A: Magic, within this RP, is just a little different from your standard fantasy stuff. Most 'mages' are instead referred to as 'Rewriters' within this world, as they're certain individuals born with the power to reshape the laws of reality. The ability to be a Rewriter is within your blood, so it's very much a thing you're born with and you can't just learn. Whatever your magic may be, you must first insert a sharp, special needle known as the 'Rewriter's Finger' into a part of your body in order to channel your blood's power. From there, you can do your fancy pancy fireballs or whatever. If you're unsure about this explanation of magic, please PM me.

    Q: Magic. Is it 'frowned upon' or whatever?
    A: In the current times, magic is actually extremely valued, as nobody really cares anymore. This is the end of the world, after all, and if there's a super powerful mage that could save the world, they're going to be seen as a possible savior. Some people though, understandably, fear magic as it can do some fucking horrible things. Magic is what completely destroyed the main city, and likely the cause why everything is going to shit. So no, it's not frowned upon, but it's a very niche thing that some people fear or hate whilst others admire or even worship.

    Q: Can my character be super OP? If not, what power level will everyone be on?
    A: Your power level will definitely be under 9000. No, but in seriousness, all characters will be skilled, but not skilled enough to take on a mob of abominations on their own and live to tell the tale. Think of the skill of your above-average mercenary. That's what you'll start as, but your characters will very much grow in power as the RP goes along and you complete missions left and right.

    Q: May I play multiple characters?
    A: For now, I'm going to say no. One character each, plus the option of making another character in the case that your character dies in the RP, will be permitted.

    Q: I have a character idea but I'm not sure if it'll swing with you when you actually release the character sheets. May I PM it to you?
    A: Yep! I'll be sure to have a look at it and give you some pre-feedback.

    Q: May I reserve a spot?
    A: Not quite yet, though I appreciate your enthusiasm! Please wait until character sheets have gone live before reserving a spot.

    Q: Is this RP inspired by [X]?
    A: Whilst it's not a direct inspiration from anything, some of my favorite things are Dark Souls, Darkest Dungeon, Bloodborne, and those sorts of things. I'm a nut for Dark Fantasy, so I figured I'd try and make my own unique idea. I know my idea might've been done before, and it may not be the most original idea ever, but I'm not trying to copy anything! Honest.

    Q: When will we get character sheets?
    A: Right now, character sheets are out in a 'beta' version! This is where you can make a CS and change it up to be the best it can be before things go live.

    Q: Are you taking Co-GM's?
    A: Not for now. Though, do PM me if you have some ideas.

    Q: Will there be a 'rules' section?
    A: No, probably not. I think people understand RP etiquette by now. No OP characters, no being a nob, no sex scenes in public view, yadda yadda. I'm sure most of you have heard it before.

    Q: I want to join but I've never been in an RP this complex before! I'm scared. Should I just run away and never darken your door again?
    A: No! If you're concerned that your writing levels might be lackluster, but you still want to join, that doesn't mean you should back out now. You should at least give the RP a try, and you might end up learning a lot and meeting some new friends! I try not to be a scary or intimidating GM, and I won't scream at you if you're making writing-related mistakes. I want you to be happy and satisfied with the RP, and I want you to learn so you can eventually join these sorts of RP's without even batting an eyelid. So please, if you're feeling up to it, join!

    Q: Your RP lacks pictures and pretty stuff! Why is that?
    A: In honesty, I'm not very good with pictures, as I can never find the right ones that fit my ideas. I will mostly try to describe things, and I'm genuinely sorry if you find it hard to decipher words and prefer some visual aid. Also, formatting pictures is something I can do but I'm generally bad at. I've actually ruined an entire post with a wrongly placed picture once, so I'm generally quite careful about using them. (Though I'll commonly use them for character pictures.) As for color, I try to add it only where it's needed for clarity.

    Q: My internet browser is somehow stuck here and I desperately want to leave this endless hell known as your RP, please help.
    A: Try deleting System 32. (Don't actually though)

    Q: Your humor sucks. Can it get better?
    A: No.

    Q: Oi! I scrolled all the way down and my question didn't pop up here! I'm disappointed in you. You've let me down.
    A: *Cries*. But seriously, just ask away by typing in the thread or PM'ing me, I'm sure you've figured that out by now.

    A brief overview of the world's cities...

    Sadly, I lack the skills and resources to make a map, and I can't bring myself to steal someone else's. So you'll have to bear with me and read the various provinces I've listed below. I've tried to make them as short as possible for now, but if you want a more detailed description of each, please PM me!


    THE WORLD is a large, Pangea-esque landmass with very few islands. Most people simply and unoriginally refer to it as 'The World', but certain people know it as 'Arkminister.' It is a land that's easy to travel, though biomes are very varied within this world. Allow me to tour you through the various cities.

    KELDA is one of the largest cities, and the victor of the XII Final War that occured just a few years ago. Constructed from beautiful stones by the finest masons, the city prides itself for the gleaming, curved, white look of the area. Soldiers use special magic that physically augments their bodies with magic wings in combination with enchanted blades and heavy armour to make for terrifyingly effective troops. Most Keldians are magically gifted, handsome/pretty, and are proud and honor-filled, once ruled by King Rhyzen. Nowadays, the city is within chaos and has long been evacuated. Whilst it is free of corruption, many people have come from across the world to attack the city as Kelda is the center of blame for the state everything is in. The city is more or less being destroyed, and it's unknown if Argent will ever be able to put a stop to it. All sane people have fled Kelda, and only zealots, furious fighters, and bandits remain locked in what seems an eternal battle until everyone dies. It is unlikely the entire city will be completely destroyed, though, as no force other than Keldian wizard forces themselves knows such destructive rewrition.

    ABBELEST used to be the other largest city, though it has been reduced to the pinnacle of the corruption and is completely abandoned and infested after being the losing city of the XII Final War. It used to be a solid city, consisting of ironclad or stoneclad buildings, with without a doubt the strongest and most intimidating wall ever built by human hands. The city was a strong believer of equality, and woman troops were used just as commonly as male troops, and it endorsed races from all cities to join them. Abbelest is also the only area to have a female ruler. Soldiers were usually not magically gifted, so they were instead equipped with very heavy armour and weaponry, the highest and strongest of soldiers being literal juggernauts. Citizens are bold, honest, and kind-hearted. However, as soon as the XII Final War started, the city became plagued with hate and madness as Abbelest citizens realised they were fighting a losing war. Lady Celessa had great trouble controlling her people, before eventually Abbelest lost to the great city of Kelda. The entire place was razed by magic and fire, turning to nothingness, and few survivors escaped with a burning hatred for the Keldians. Out of nowhere, a corrupted force seized Abbelest, and is now the birthplace for monstrosities and the corruption that spreads throughout the land. What the place actually looks like now, is unknown.

    DROKK is an underground city hidden way within the hills, and out of harm's reach of any of the other cities' differences. Citizens live a peaceful but boring life within, and the condition of the underground city could only be described as 'passable' at best. In exchange for supplying all cities with various minerals and gems (as the production of this was sky-high compared to all other cities), the ruler of Drokk signed the CCV Eternal Peace & Protection Act, which essentially allowed it to be ruled out of any conflict and wars that may go on, and in return, it would forever promise not to attack anywhere back or t'would be razed. Citizens of Drokk vary in personality, but are mostly silent, dull, and unknowing of the outside world. Drokk doesn't actually have a ruler, but instead many supervisors that ensure everything is in check, making it one of the most bizarre communities, by far. Nowadays, in the corruption, people of Drokk are forced to move out of their safe haven as the corruption is slowy spreading to them, thanks to them being in quite close proximity of Abbelest. People too stubborn to move will eventually meet an untimely end, as it is the main target of corrupted monsters that manage to run and terrorise others outside the corruption.

    BLENNGHAM is a city situated within the cold Northeast of the world. Within the stone and ice walls, blizzards are frequent, life is harsh, and population is quite few compared to other cities. However, in exchange for this tough life, the city is very hard for foriegners to attack thanks to the conditions, and the people of Blenngham grow to be stronger, pale-skinned, and more resilient than other races. Ruled by the powerful man simply referred to as 'Dekk Larghkes', Blenngham lives by strict rules, strict routine, and fight honorably, usually with Greatax in hand and equipped with heavy studded furs. They are the second closest to Abbelest, and will likely be corrupted after Drokk eventually has. Some have fled Blenngham to the outside world for this reason, whilst others have chosen to stay and fight. Dekk Larghkes calls those who have fled 'cowards', and promises to end whoever dares show their face again himself.

    MEADOW is the simply-named, simple town that specialists in agriculture and forestry. A town made mostly of wooden or stone shacks or houses, with water wheels for basic power and basic mechanisms, for such a large town (though not city-sized), the place is so surprisingly primitive and poor. This is because most of the citizens value a 'simple life', and 'only take what's needed' from the land. Guards wield simple gear, but most have surprisingly great skill with primitive but effective fighting methods. The place would be so easy to burn or pillage, if it wasn't so useful and such a good supplier of food and wooden products. Citizens of Meadow are considered the nicest and most honest in the land, though some jest that they're the ugliest. Destroying this place would be pointless to everyone, and cripple the success of the entire world, so it is mostly left alone. However, now that the world is corrupted, pleasantries are over. The town of Meadow has mostly been pillaged, razed, and attacked by bandits to a point where very few people, and a very few amount of structures, remain living here. Most have gone off in hopes of surviving this hell, but Meadow, of all the main provinces, has the most people applying to Argent of all the other main areas. This statistic was quite unexpected.

    THE BINNES is by far the most luxiourous city, housing mostly nobles, suppliers of rich materials, and owners of powerful businesses and colleges. With mansions and gold-engraved homes, if you're rich or wanting to see the world's finest archetecture - this is the place to go. The reason this place is so obnoxiously wealthy for a relatively small city is unknown, but the posh inhabitants certainly aren't frail to bandit raids. Usually gifted in the art of either swordplay or magic, invaders will get a nasty surprise thinking that The Binnes will be an easy and plentiful pillage. People of The Binnes usually like to stay out of the way of other areas 'squabblings' and 'petty arguements', so they're mostly seen as arrogant, overly posh, and are victim to a lot of envy by other areas. The result of the XII Final War, however, made businesses and suppliers within The Binnes mostly useless. Although it is out of the way of corruption, currency doesn't have as much of a value anymore, and The Binnes doesn't have as much protection as it once did. Bandit attacks are now more frequent, hit a lot harder, and as a result, a lot of people have moved out of The Binnes to protect their families or whatnot.

    ~ ~ ~

    List of OTHER AREAS:

    All of these are created by players! If you would like to add your own, please consult me, and you can add your own small-scale town, tribe, or community to the roster.

    ISHIAN NOMADS are a loose collection of nomadic tribes that move throughout the most wild places of the known world. They have never gathered in any real cities, instead preferring to stick to their tribal camps and caravans as they move between the more civilized towns and cities of the various other peoples, traveling and visiting wherever they may. While other said peoples may be famous for their skill in crafting, magic, or battle, the Ishian's pride themselves on a very particular set of skills. The taming and control... and slaying of the beasts of the world. Through skill, and the use of a specialized school of Rewriting, they are able to bring some of the most mighty and powerful beasts of the world to heel. The Ishians are famous for using them as mounts, companions, pets, and even beasts of burden. And through their mastery of beasts, they ply a dangerous trade, battling and driving away creatures that may threaten the more civilized nations in trade for whatever they might need. Ishians are large, strong, and unflinchingly brave. Their skin is often olive brown or dark, and their hair curls wildly. Some call them wild and uncivilized, and most Ishians would consider that a compliment. Since the end of the final war the tribes have scattered to the winds, some escaping, some destroyed by the corruption... some though, some have decided to stay and face the madness of the world head on. (Created by players Ferril and Mahariel.)

    THE GRIMDOSH MARAUDERS are a small group of tribes that roam various northern steppes and mountain passes. They are one of the more taller races of the world, similar to the Blenngham in height, and some are as broad as the muscular Abbelestians. With skin ranging from a darker white to a light carmel, and hair ranging from a light brown, to a bright red. Their reluctance to settle in one place often gets them in minor clashes with the Ishian Nomads, who seek the same empty lands as them, causing racial tensions between the two groups. The Grimdosh tribes considered the more civilized people of the world as weaklings, hiding behind walls and bickering with each other for petty reasons. Taking advantage of the war between the two cities of Abbelest and Kelda, the Grimdosh began raiding small towns and farms on either sides, gaining their nick name the Grimdosh Marauders. As the war ended, the Grimdosh retreated back to the wilds. Their relationship between the other races isn't to well, as many see them as barbaric brutes, which is true to some extent. As the corruption came, they were pushed from the wilds to the more civilized areas. Many were wiped out by the creatures in the darkness as they tried to seek shelter in some of the very cities they raided from. The majority were turned away. (Created by lonewolf888978)

    How it all began - the more detailed story...

    The start to the chaos began when the two largest civilizations settled their ongoing differences and arguments with the largest-scale war ever recorded. King Rhyzen of the majestic and high city of Kelda, waged war against Lady Celessa of the stoneclad and proud city of Abbelest. After an extreme death toll through the bloody war between the two kingdoms, Kelda eventually emerged victorious. Supposedly, King Rhyzen ordered the complete destruction of Abbelest, razing the city to nothingness, and publicly executing Lady Celessa.

    But why had this war even started? What differences did Kelda and Abbelest have that made them argue so frequently in the first place? Surprisingly, this is crucial detail that is not fully known by the general public. Keldians have always known to hate Abbelestians, and vice versa. Between King Rhyzen and Lady Celessa, an unknown spark had been thrown by one side that caused the biggest and bloodiest war in history to occur.

    When it all seemed over, something horrible and unknown spewed from the center of Abbelest, transforming the razed city into one that turned people and seemingly thin air into disgusting monstrosities that wanted to nothing but kill. This was certainly not done by the people of Kelda. They'd wanted it to be over. An unknown force had transformed Abbelest into the corrupted hell it is today, and it's now merely the center of all corruption. As the monstrosities are produced and spread, mould and filth slowly coats the land, centimeter by centimeter, mile by mile, slowly starting to coat the entire world, with Abbelest the very pinnacle of it. Whilst the corruption's spread is very slow, it's extremely threatening, and will take extreme actions to stop. Nobody knows what Abbelest looks like today, as no surviving people have ever got close and lived to tell the tale. But one can only imagine the abomination Abbelest is nowadays.

    As a result of this, everything went to hell. Trade routes had been blocked and destroyed, supplies were no longer needed in certain areas, and innocent people were being killed day by day by vile monsters, some even being transformed into disgusting beings themselves. Everything was, essentially, going to shit. A lot of leaders and general public instantly shifted the blame onto Kelda for all of this, and King Rhyzen was forced to retreat his city (where he would later create Argent, a little-known about organisation), and within the corruption and madness, Kelda was the receiving end of a lot of hate-filled attacks and riots. Some survivors of Abbelest had even trekked all the way across the land to Kelda just to inflict their wrath upon it. A lot of the citizens of Kelda left to go elsewhere for the reasons, hiding and retreating to places like Meadow and Dokke. Whilst the general public don't despise Keldians as much as some do, a portion of the population blame them for everything. Whether this is just, is unknown, as nobody knows how the war even started, or who's 'fault' the war even was.

    In a world of riots, corruption, and people-turned mad or rogue grouping up to pillage and murder, those who are left sane and show skill within this world have been invited to join Argent, the world's last hope. Argent isn't known about by most, but for the innocent who pray for it all to end, crying in their huts or holes, the closest thing to a savior now, even if they don't know it, is Argent.


    Current Players: 14

    Vaniela Gungni* | ♀ | Abbelestian | Lancer | By RJS
    Sam Valcun* | ♂ | Meadowborn | Nature Rewriter | By chaosheart13
    Aridian Kellar* | ♂ | Abbelestian | Friction Rewriter | By Jhuton
    Lydlos Morder" | ♀ | Wanderer | Assassin | By Ananfal
    Armidon* | ♂ | Wanderer | Hand of the Goddess | By -QT-
    Ash Dalnar* | ♂ | Drokken | Gravity Rewriter | By DustBunny
    Briaes Waldgeist" | ♀ | Blennghammen | Huntress | By Asuras
    Theo Lukass" | ♂ | Abbelestian | Mercenary | By EmperorsChosen
    Karmia Razgriz* | ♀ | Keldian | Royal Dragoon | By RedArmyShogun
    Celthric Wolvesbane" | ♂ | Grimdosh Maruder | Barbarian Horseman | By Lonewolf888978
    Silyan* | ♂ | Ishian Nomad (White River) | Beastmaster | By Ferril
    Elodie Maya" | ♀ | Binnesborn | Tinkerer | By ERode
    Ungard Strathmoor* | ♂ | Abbelestian | Beserker Knight | By Dec
    Aatu Eidunar* | ♂ | Binnesborn | Knight/Blood Rewriter | By Sir Basil

    (* = Knows Rewrition)
    (" = Pureblooded fighter)
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  5. Great! Glad to hear some people might be on board already!

    I'm likely going to look for a few more potential players before I release some more characters, but here's a bit more info for you all.

    So, how's it going to start?

    In your first post, your character will be waiting outside the Argent Foundation's gates after a long (or possibly short) trek. I'm hoping to get a group of 8 people, so 8 PC's will be outside the gates to mingle for a bit whilst they wait to be allowed inside for the simple test.

    Before just being let inside to be part of Argent, your characters will go through a monitored training spar with each other to ensure everyone is combat capable. You do not have to win this spar to become part of Argent, some of the leaders are just interested to see how people fight, and this is their way of sizing up new members.

    If I get the 8 players I'm hoping for, this means they'll be 4 sets of 1v1's between characters. I'll likely choose each character's opponent randomly, but if you really want your character to spar with a particular PC, I can allow that. By using google docs, titanpad, or whatever it may be, your first post is expected to be collab one with another player. The combat is freeform, so you should follow some sort of dueling etiquette. Your characters will be healed after the spar is complete.

    Sound good, or would you rather do it some other way? Let me know below!
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  10. It's definitely optional - and if many people are like yourself and far too busy for something like that, I may change how the RP begins completely.

    However, you might've already considered this, but I should still mention that collabs don't need to be done all in one go! Both sides can write one bit at a time (regardless if the other person is present), chipping away and discussing piece-by-piece until the post is finished. I'll likely give everyone a week (or perhaps more) to do their first collab post, and I'll likely pair people with those of similar timezones.
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  11. I've had some collabs where neither of us were on at the same time, but provided we could both do a couple lines of dialogue/fight scene every evening, we always had something to respond to. I can't imagine having an actual conversation with another player's character without one.

    Jakers, when you mention different races (complete topic change btw) are we talking orcs/elves/dwarves kind of races, or each city being a different race, but all fundamentally human?
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  12. The latter. There are no elves and such, just humans with different traits and looks depending on what cities they come from. If you want a list of what humans from each cities typically look like. If any of you want a super in-deep explanation of a certain race(s), just ask.

    • KELDIANS are typically tall, with tan skin, fair hair, and strong bodies. Usually the most handsome/beautiful of all race, too.
    • ABBELESTIANS are typically tall and muscular, with olive/dark skin and darker hair. After the XII Final War, Abbelestians are understandably much rarer than they used to be.
    • DROKK dwellers are typically short and frail, with pale, grey-ish skin and black hair. Seemingly the weakest of races, and not always used to sunlight.
    • BLENNGHAM folk are the tallest of all other races, with pale, white-ish skin, blonde/light brown hair. Males usually have large beards, and are considered the 'hairiest' race.
    • MEADOW folk are typically well-built, stocky, complimented with bronze skin and brown eyes, though most meadow folk are uglier than others.
    • People of THE BINNES typically have light or tan skin, blonde hair, and are usually pretty or extravagant, with usually immuculate bodies thanks to luxurious upbringing.

    If you're thinking of a character from one of these main areas, don't feel like you have to stick exactly to how I described the race; that's just a rough idea of what your average citizen in [X] would look like. Also, I'm happy for players to make up their own small towns their characters came from, and have their character have a unique typical look for their race, though you'll still have to stick to an 'overall human' look overall. No giant ears, green skin, typical height of 10 feet/2 feet, etc.
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  13. Interesting! I may have already gotten a character/people idea that I'd like to run by ya Jakers, mind if I PM ya about it?
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  14. Sure, bring it in!
  15. *Dives headfirst into the mud next to Jakers*
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  16. Interested~ Very interested
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  17. Holy guacamole! This is getting a lot more interest than I initially expected, so I'm likely going to up the character slots up to 10 or perhaps 12 instead of my initially planned 8 when ARGENT goes live.

    Expect 'beta' character sheets tomorrow or perhaps the day after, where you can do a first version of a character sheet and let me (and other players, if you wish to post it in this thread) have a look at it and build upon any present flaws before I start up the actual OOC.

    Thanks again for the interest, everyone! And if you need a question about the world/timeline answered so you can build your character better, please don't hesitate to ask.
  18. Any sort of racism between the races?
  19. KELDA and ABBELEST would have the most racial tension between each other. Being the two largest cities in-RP, it's unknown why, but they've had a lot of arguements and hate for each other from the very start. Very different ideals and lifestyles likely has a lot to do with this. Eventually, they both descended into the XII Final War that recently ended, with Abbelest being destroyed by the King of Kelda's order and being transformed into the center of corruption. The few survivors of Abbelest, understandably, fucking hate most Keldians unless they're super nice/forgiving.

    THE BINNES have always mocked MEADOW for the super rich/super poor contrast between the two places. Meadow folk see people of The Binnes as overly greedy and arrogant, taking way too much from the land than they need to, whilst people of The Binnes always laugh and see people of Meadow as inferiors. The racism isn't as strong as the main two, but it's still there.

    BLENNGHAM see people of DROKK as cowards, but never take further action (as they can't). People of DROKK don't really respond to this - they don't really respond to anything - so the racial tension here is very one-sided. It's not anything to make Blenngham folk despise dwellers of Drokk, but it's still there.

    Tl;dr Kelda major VS Abbelest/vice versa, Meadow minor VS The Binnes/vice versa, Blenngham minor VS Drokk.
  20. What are you wanting for appearances? Descriptions? Pictures? And if pictures, any preference to style? Like anime, real, etc.?
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