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  1. OOC
    Hello all, I've had this RP floating around in my head for a while so I wanted to put it out here and see what happens.

    The premise of this RP is that people around the world are developing skills/super powers (and along with those weaknesses) and one of them decided to use the world wide web to find others going through the same thing. Most (if not all) of their connection with each other will be through the "AreYouLostToo?.net".

    This is a puzzle role play, I already know why everyone has their powers and I'll give you hints throughout either in my character posts as the Moderator or in hint posts. I will also have characters that do things outside of the website, just like yours.

    Nitty Gritty
    • Blog Post: Since we're all using an online forum website, it's easier to call them blog posts to avoid conflusion. A blog post is a post by a character in the RP onto the AreYouLostToo?.net website. There are in first person, written by the character.​
    • IRL Post: I considered putting quotations on the R here, but that would just be confusing. An IRL Post is a post by one of us, real people, about what the characters are doing. These are written in third person, you're writing what the character is doing.​
    • Hint Post: I will occasionally post hint posts, these are to lead the story in the direction for you all to figure out why the characters have these, apparent, superpowers. I will title these as hint posts. ​
    • Introduction Post: This is a jump in RP, but when you jump in it is required you create a bio for your character. These posts are done once per character, and must be done before anything else.​
    A blog post takes place in a fieldset with a custom title. You make the title your characters screen name, this is unique to them and does not change. This post in in first person. Much like a blog post, an Introduction Post also takes place in a fieldset with a custom title. However, instead of a name, the title will be "Introducing...". An introduction post is in first person as well, as it is your character filling out the sign up sheet. An IRL Post doesn't have a fieldset at all, so you title the top of it with the character's name centered. These posts are in 3rd person. Finally, Hint Posts are posted by me and will be titled as such.

    Optional All posts can include a picture of your character, though only the introduction requires it. They can also just include pictures, this is a social connection for the characters as well as a 'oh god why do I have super powers' connection.

    I'm going to make a post with all of these in them as the post following this for an example, and I will include the character skeleton for the introduction posts below.​
    *Any OOC needs to be put in a spoiler!*​
    1. You must follow the formatting, otherwise this will get very confusing. ​
    2. Romance is allowed, but any physical relations need to fade to black in IRL posts. ​
    3. Don't be a dick.​
    4. Cursing is allowed but don't be excessive and keep it reasonable for your character.​
    5. If you don't post for over two weeks, I may make use of your character in a Hint Post. They may die, they may turn into my bad guy, you never know.​
    6. Characters can be any age, race, gender, etc., they can be anywhere around the world with access to basic healthcare, they can speak any language but for the purposes of the RP must also speak english, however their 'powers' kick in from ages 12-17 in some way shape or form. Hint It relates to puberty.​
    7. Every post must include a blog post, the only exception being if you've decided to kill a character off or have them go to camp or somewhere away from the internet. ​
    8. Do post a post with some cover story for your character if you're going to be out so that I know you'll be out and when to expect you back, and so I don't decide to set your character on fire or enlist them in the Guatemala national army. ​

    Introduction Sheet


    IRL Name:
    Screen Name:
    What brought you here?:
    Short Biography:

    [bimg=fleft|no-lightbox]INSERT IMAGE LINK HERE[/bimg]
    IRL Name:
    Screen Name:
    What brought you here?:
    Short Biography:[/fieldset]
  2. Introducing...

    IRL Name: Suzette Jones, "Suzie"
    Age: 27
    Screen Name:TalktoCats(Moderator)
    Gender: Female
    Location: A little north of Anchorage, Alaska
    What brought you here?: I have two cats and a dog, one day when I talked to them, they talked back.
    Short Biography: Hiiiii! I'm Suzie or TalktoCats and I live a little north of Anchorage, Alaska with my cats Thomas and Carlyle and my dog Jameson and my husband Michael in a cute little house in the woods. I work as a writer and my husband is a freelance web developer, I don't know if it's the stress of trying to get pregnant or what but all the animals have started talking! I really hope there is someone else out there, it gets lonely when you live an hour from the city.

    TalktoCats(Moderator) Welcome to AreYouLostToo?.net, I've created this website because I've noticed some weird things lately, and I want to make sure it's not just me. So, if you've noticed that your body's done something weird, not something weird like puberty something weird like electrocuting the cat or knowing what someone is going to say before they say it, then please, get on here and post. I'm lost and I want to know I'm not lost alone.

    Suzie Jones
    Suzie closed her laptop dramatically after making the post on her website. Her husband was away, traveling for work, and she was alone with their many pets sitting by the heat of their wood burning stove. Of course, she wasn't completely alone. Now that her animals talked to her, Suzie found much entertainment watching squirrels argue over tail size and listening to her cats, whom she'd always assumed gotten along swimmingly, argue with each other ferociously over trivial matters. Maybe I am crazy, she thought to herself. I mean, I do spend a lot of time alone...
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