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  1. Greetings one and all! Welcome to my City and thank you for stopping by.

    The premise of this RP will be simple, while the rules and guidelines will be less so. The premise is this: A powerful entity of indeterminate motives has descended upon the unlucky city and taken control of its legal, political, and economic systems in order to gain total control of its populace. Once that was done, this individual set about turning the city into a battleground for warriors from across the multiverse, inviting them to come and prove their worth in battles with like-minded beings in order to gain his favor.

    While the motives of the entity remain a mystery, it is known that he is in possession of a vast horde of artifacts from all across the multiverse, and that these artifacts will be gifted to those warriors that prove themselves in this Arena City. This may not sound like much of a prize, but chances are, if you want something, one of his artifacts can get it for you.

    Luckily for those of you who may fail in your quest, one of the artifacts in question is a device of great power and unknown workings, which allows any slain hero or villain within the city or its surrounding countryside to transcend the limitations of death and return to the mortal coil to start their quest anew, though even this modern marvel has its limits. While it can indeed revive and restore you from any wound you may suffer, it will leave you in a weakened state for a period of twenty-four in-character hours as your abilities are slowly returned to you. The reasons for this drawback are currently unknown, but most consider it a small price to pay for the ability to cheat death.

    All that said, it's time for some housekeeping.

    Type 1 Combat (open)
    Type 1 [T1] combat is a type of textual combat designed with logic, precision and detail in mind. It’s a turn-based style, allowing every player involved equal time and space to post their character’s move. There are four types of ‘turn’ that a player can make in a T1 fight: Prep, Attack, Defense and Connection. The fight is split in to 'tiers' which often consist of some/all of the aforementioned turns. A tier begins when a prep or attack is posted and ends when either a successful defense or connect is posted.

    A 'prep' is a turn in which the character prepares to launch their attack. Some special abilities require a certain amount of prep's before an attack can be successfully launched. As a player, it is your responsibility to be aware of which abilities require preps and then to adhere to these rules. Missing a single required prep will probably result in Eden's combat judges voiding the applicable tier of the fight.

    A prepping move should state clearly what ability is being prepared for use and provide some imaginative description of this process, whether it be an elaborate ritual or a intense concentration etc.

    Special abilities that do not require maintained focus/concentration can be combined with another turn. For instance, whilst a mage is launching a non-magical attack with his sword, he might be muttering an incantation in preparation for using a special ability later. Specifics must still be provided.

    If the character receives damage between the preparation and the attack, the most recent prep will be cancelled.

    An attacking move should be a detailed account of everything vital to the attack: the stance of the attacker, the momentum or direction of the attack, the method of the attack, and it should hint at the desired outcome.

    An attacking move must be comprised of one main action, or series of synchronized actions [within the realms of logic please].

    Elario_Chinglove braces his right foot against the ground in front of him, screeching like a particularly irritated banshee as he sends his staff sailing down vertically for Crispian_Nohamar's cranium, relying on the weight of the sturdy oaken staff in addition to his own strength for the momentum needed to crack Crispian_Nohamar's skull.

    The above move, although containing information about smaller movements of the attacker’s body is centered on one central movement, that of the downward swing of his staff.

    Like an attack, a defensive move must allow for the defender’s stance, method, and desired outcome. It’s no good simply stating that the character miraculously dodges the attack – it must be a detailed account of how this daring escape is achieved.

    The defender must be consistent with the position they were in before the attack took place. For instance, if our defender [Crispian_Nohamar] was standing directly in front of Elario_Chinglove with his hands behind his back and his eyes on the ground when Elario swung his staff, that is the stance he must attempt to defend from. However, before he defends he must be seen to somehow acknowledge the attack. After all, he wouldn’t know to defend if he didn’t know of the threat to begin with.

    Crispian_Nohamar instantly distracted from his train of thought by Elario_Chinglove's strangely effeminate screeching, he catches a glimpse of the attacker just in time to save his own bacon. His head and upper body reflexively tilt to the left, causing what may have been a fatal blow to the head to land painfully but not mortally upon his leather-armor clad shoulder.

    In the above example, Crispian’s player acknowledges that his character was not in the best defensive stance to begin with, and as such appreciates that his character cannot completely evade the attack. Considering Crispian wasn't expecting the attack, it would be unrealistic of him to come out of it without taking a blow of some sort.

    If Crispian had managed to completely evade the attack, the player of Elario would not be allowed to perform a connecting move and would instead have to RP the resultant events.

    Elario_Chinglove bends his knees in a last ditch attempt at keeping his balance as his staff strikes air and continues towards the ground under its own powerful momentum, the fine polished oak smacking impotently against the flagstones.

    However, as Crispian did not completely evade the attack, Elario's player gets to perform a connecting move:

    A connecting move is a move that confirms the attacker’s success. If the defender was unable to completely evade the attack, the attacker is expected to spend a turn describing the results of their attack.

    A connection must describe the initial results of the connection and nothing more about it's effects upon the defending character. For example, Elario’s player could not state that the staff whacked Crispian’s shoulder and then bounced up into the side of his head, as that would be two separate attacks [albeit maybe not both intentional].

    It is very important not to ‘auto’ in a connection. Although you can state where the blow landed based on the information offered in the preceding attack and defense moves, you cannot state the exact amount of damage dealt upon another character. Such details are reliant upon the information in the previous moves. For instance, a powerful downward thrust of Elario’s staff would obviously cause some bruising and internal injuries when it hits Crispian’s shoulder [although if Crispian is wearing armor of some sort the damage may be decreased], whereas a sword would have cut the flesh and caused bleeding. A connection may also contain preparation for the next attack, such as a change in stance. Usual Prep rules apply.

    Elario_Chinglove tenses his shoulders to absorb the shock of his staff striking down heavily upon Crispian_Nohamar's right shoulder. He lets the staff glance off the shoulder after hitting and swings it back up over his head in readiness for another attack, a victorious smirk mocking Crispian_Nohamar's misfortune.

    In the above post, Elario's attack clearly connects, but it is never stated the exact level of damage that is caused. From this point on Crispian's player is expected to RP the character according to the damage which he believes would have occurred. In this instance Crispian is wearing leather armour which may just save his shoulder from being dislocated, but there would still realistically be heavy bruising. As such, Crispian should have less use of his right arm until the wound his healed.

    There is another type of move that is often used in T1, and it is a variation on the Defensive move:
    Rather than simply evade an attack, the defendant may block or counter it with one similarly fluent move.

    Crispian_Nohamar had been expecting an attack, and had his trusty dagger ready behind his back the entire time. Upon the thrust of Elario's foot, he bends at the knees, his left arm flying up to catch the blow on its bronze bracer whilst his right arm swings round -- dagger in hand -- to swipe horizontally at Elario's stomach.

    The above move would require great skill on the part of the defendant, and therefore only a character who has an established history of combat prowess could realistically pull it off. Most counter-attacks require a similar level of combat skill, as the combatant is performing different simultaneous actions. As long as those actions can be realistically performed at the same time [i.e. one arm can't realistically be in two places at the same time], the move is valid.

    It is then up to Elario to decide whether he will defend, counter-attack or simply take the hit. Considering his staff was already sailing down towards Crispian with some momentum, it will probably still cause some damage to Crispian's arm, but a move of that ferocity on Elario's part will have left his midriff defenceless [aside from any armor he might be wearing] as his arms are engaged in holding the staff. As such, Crispian's dagger would most likely strike as intended.

    It's not uncommon for both parties of a fight to take some damage, and it is often considered the honourable thing to accept at least some of your opponents hits [if they're realistic].

    As you can see, a tier does not necessarily only consist of three moves. Tiers may overlap or extend beyond the original three basic moves. A T1 combat session ends when there are no more attacks to be made, either because one or more sides of the fight have died, one or more sides of the fight have escaped, one or more sides of the fight have been incapacitated or both parties have reached a non-violent conclusion.

    The Rules (open)

    Rule 1: All characters, no matter how high or low quality, are equal in this roleplay. A generic rank and file soldier is considered just as good a character as General Freedom, the Light of America. Insulting another player's character, simply because you deem it either childish or low quality is not permitted.

    Rule 2: This is a mature setting, not to say immaturity isn't allowed, but forewarning. Violence is certain to occur, and is in fact encouraged. Some folks prefer to write more grotesquely violent injuries than others, be prepared to read about blood.

    Rule 3: Disagreements among players will be presented to me and appointed Co-GMs to resolve the problem. We will read over the posts, analyze the discrepancy, and come to a democratic ruling on the matter.

    Rule 4: There are multiple ranks in this arena, however, no rank is immune to the effects of a lesser ranked character. General Freedom can be punched in the jaw by Rank and File soldier, and he would in fact feel it. He may be able to shrug it off, but he is not entirely immune to the assault. Just because you're a certain rank does not mean you are a higher level than others. The sum total of your powers places you in that tier.

    Rule 5: Posts must be logical and within the boundaries of your character's abilities. An ability that is pulled from thin air in the middle of combat will be frowned upon. A variation of an ability, using creative writing however, is well within your limitations.

    Rule 6: All actions presented must allow for a response from your opponent, an enclosed action that prevents them from responding in any way is not allowed. We're all experienced enough to know that: "I throw a punch at his head and send his skull flying off into the distance." Is ridiculous, and generally frowned upon. The exception to this rule lies in finishing moves. Once your opponent has been defeated, the last attack you made to them can follow through. Say, you're swinging your blade at his head, and he dies from this. You can follow through, saying that your blade cuts him clean in half down the center.

    Rule 7: Respawning. Whenever your character dies, they may re-spawn immediately to begin RP in a de-powered state, slowly regaining their abilities over the course of a 24-hour in-character time period (this is to prevent an immediate attempt at revenge, while you're fresh from reincarnation and your opponent is still weary from battle). If your corpse is looted by your opponent, whatever was taken will not be on you when you respawn. You may lock important items, but you must have at least one loot-able item on you. You may only loot one item at a time.

    Rule 8: On the issue of being absent without notice during a fight, there will be a three day waiting period, after which your opponent may conclude their previous attack successfully (though non-fatally) and continue the fight with their next move. After seven days, your opponent may conclude the entire fight with a fatal attack that will result in a win for them while your character is forced to re-spawn. Exceptions can be made if you give notice of your absence beforehand.

    Special thanks to LeeRoy for creating such a marvelous rule template, and to Skallagrim for creating the character of General Freedom, whom I hope will join us in this RP.

    The City (open)

    The Mainland:
    Generally considered to be the city proper, the mainland was once all that existed of the city, prior to the arrival of the tyrant and his many modifications to the metropolis' social, economic, and physical structures, including the construction of the Hub. This portion of the city, much larger than the Hub, is laid out in a more traditional grid pattern, with main street running from the end of the Hub bridge through the entire city before becoming a major highway as it continues on through the forest to the west. The sprawling concrete jungle extends for dozens of kilometers in every direction, before giving way to rolling hills and farmland to the south, forest to the west, and mountains to the north. The great bay to the east holds the Hub, as well as the city's various harbors and shipping ports.

    The Hub:
    A ten kilometer wide circular artificial island situated in the bay, this district is comprised of streets arranged in concentric circles around the new capitol building and police headquarters. It is assumed that this is where the tyrant resides, as security is heaviest here and provided both by the city's police and those superhumans who see fit to join the tyrant. This is also the location where all deceased heroes will be resurrected before receiving an escort back to the city proper. It is protected from airborne intruders by a shield dome capable of repelling a nuclear assault, and the only known entrances are through the primary gate and bridge to the mainland or the hub's harbor.

    The Power Ratings (open)

    These will be the ratings applied to your character at the end of the acceptance process, in order to determine where they stand in relation to the other characters in the RP. You can use the rating descriptions to help determine where you want your character to stand and describe your abilities accordingly, but the ratings are not to be used in place of actually describing your powers, abilities, and limitations. Once your character sheet is complete and the individual power ratings filled in, the totals will be added together in order to determine the overall level of your character. Currently, any level 7 abilities will not be allowed for characters that will be participating in combat (barring special permission and circumstances). It may also help to keep in mind the Overall power ratings of the other characters in the roleplay, as no one will be forced to participate in any fight and a character that is significantly more powerful than the others could have a hard time finding matches. In order to have a character with abilities that place them at level 7 in any category, no other category (except synergy) may exceed level 3.

    The ratings are as follows:

    Intelligence: Your ability to think and process information.
    Level 0. Slow/Impaired
    Level 1. Normal
    Level 2. Learned
    Level 3. Gifted
    Level 4. Genius
    Level 5. Polymath
    Level 6. Super-Genius
    Level 7. Prescient

    Strength: Your Ability to lift weight.
    Level 0. Weak: cannot lift own body weight
    Level 1. Normal: able to lift own body weight
    Level 2. Peak human: able to lift three times own body weight
    Level 3. Superhuman: 800 lbs-25 ton range
    Level 4. Superhuman: 25-75 ton range
    Level 5. Superhuman: 75-250 ton range
    Level 6. Superhuman: 250-500 ton range
    Level 7. Superhuman: More than 500 tons.

    Speed: Your ability to move over land by running or flight.
    Level 0. Below normal
    Level 1. Normal
    Level 2. Peak Human: Up to 65 kph/40 mph
    Level 3. Superhuman: Up to 320 kph/200 mph
    Level 4. Superhuman: Up to 650 kph/400 mph
    Level 5. Supersonic: Up to 1300 kph/800 mph
    Level 6. Supersonic: Up to 2600 kph/1600 mph
    Level 7. Supersonic: Up to 5200 kph/3200 mph

    Durability: Your ability to resist or recover from bodily injury.
    Level 0. Weak
    Level 1. Normal
    Level 2. Enhanced
    Level 3. Regenerative
    Level 4. Bulletproof
    Level 5. Superhuman
    Level 6. Virtually indestructible
    Level 7. Immortal

    Energy Projection: Your ability to discharge energy.
    Level 0. None
    Level 1. Ability to discharge/control energy on contact
    Level 2. Short range, short duration, single energy type
    Level 3. Medium range, duration, single energy type
    Level 4. Long range, long duration, single energy type
    Level 5. Able to discharge/control multiple forms of energy, short range
    Level 6. Able to discharge/control multiple forms of energy, long range
    Level 7. Virtually unlimited command of multiple forms of energy

    Fighting Ability: Your proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.
    Level 0. Poor
    Level 1. Normal
    Level 2. Some training
    Level 3. Experienced fighter
    Level 4. Master of a single form of combat
    Level 5. Master of several forms of combat
    Level 6. Master of most forms of combat
    Level 7. Creator of an all-encompassing form of combat

    Synergy: How well your powers work together.
    Level 0. Little to no combat application at all.
    Level 1. You can defeat a single skilled human opponent.
    Level 2. You're capable of defeating a dozen human opponents of varying skill
    Level 3. You Can defeat a hundred human opponents.
    Level 4. You're able to destroy a single fully-staffed military base.
    Level 5. Whole armies crumble before your might.
    Level 6. Entire nations cannot stand against you and hope to win.
    Level 7. Your power is enough to defeat an entire world.

    Character Sheet (open)






    Physical Description:

    Psychological Description:




    Power Rating:

    Accepted Characters (open)
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  2. David Mercer (open)

    Name: David Mercer

    Gender: Male

    Age: 31

    Physical Description:
    Standing at 1.9 meters in height and weighing in at 100 kg, David presents an imposing physical presence that is only heightened by his implacably calm demeanor. His keen hazel eyes are almost always moving, as if memorizing every facet of the environment and analyzing it for strategic value. Aesthetically, he has short dirty blonde hair, a small collection of mostly-healed scars, and a musculature that most would call "chiseled", due to the training he put himself through both before and after recieving his abilities.
    When out and about as his crime fighting alter-ego, David wears a skin-tight body glove of what appears to be a black, fibrous, non-reflective fabric, though thicker and far more durable than any conventional fabric ever could be. Fixed on top of this body glove are an assortment of semi-flexible armor plates that boast a coloration only slightly lighter than the jumpsuit beneath. To top off this ensemble, his head is encased in a black armored mask with non-reflective lenses to protect his eyes, and a vocal distorter to disguise his voice.

    Psychological Description:
    More often than not, David possesses a nearly unshakably calm demeanor, due in large part to the rapidity with which he can analyze and apply logic to almost any situation. Even when caught unawares, any true feeling of surprise is so brief that one might miss it altogether if they don't pay rapt attention. He also tends to appear aloof and distant, disconnected from the issues that normal people have to deal with on a daily basis. This is not to say, however, that he has no emotions or desires of his own, simply that his superior intellect has a tendency to overrule the pull of his heart with cool logic and deduction.

    Enhanced Strength - Mercer is able to lift 3 metric tons above his head, leap several stories from a standing start, and deliver blows strong enough to shatter concrete.

    Enhanced Speed - He is also capable of reacting to objects moving at supersonic speeds with almost casual ease, sprinting at speeds up to 450 kilometers per hour, and maintaining 200 kph speeds over long distances.

    Enhanced Durability - With bones that are all but impenetrable to modern firearms and a muscular structure capable of withstanding intense trauma, Mercer's durability may be the aspect most enhanced by the procudure. He is able to entirely recover from even severe wounds in hours or days, and possesses an increased resistance to direct energy assaults, such as those utilizing heat or electricity, though he is still far from immune to their effects. His resistance to toxins and disease is also potent enough to render normal doses of chemical agents entirely inneffective, and he can no longer become ill.

    Enhanced Endurance - He has also been gifted with immense stamina, capable of maintaining constant peak performance for over an hour before tiring, holding his breath for twenty minutes straight, and going without sleep for up to a week without suffering loss of cognitive ability.

    Enhanced Perception - In addition to reflexes quick enough to allow him to track bullets in-flight, he also possesses greatly enhanced senses, both the traditional five, as well as the senses of balance, timing, positioning, direction, and electroreception. In combination, these enhanced senses allow him to perform complex actions with flawless coordination and nearly perfect timing, far out-performing any human regardless of training or skill.

    Enhanced Cognition - Mentally, he is capable of utilizing up to 100% of his superhuman brain simultaneously, granting him perfect and instantaneous recall, the ability to perform feats of multitasking and on-the-fly calculation that would shame any modern computer, and the capability to consciously control his entire nervous system, up to and including even the autonomic functions of his body. He can not only regulate his heart rate and breath patterns, but also desensitize select areas of his body in order to endure greater pain than any normal man. On an intellectual level, he has an IQ that would likely be rated at or near 200, and can solve difficult problems and deduce details from even the smallest morsel of evidence, thinking faster and better on his feet than most people do even when given several days to study a problem. This ability is potent enough that he himself does not fully realize the extent of his cognitive functions and simply refers to it as instinct, when in fact it is his superhuman mind putting the pieces together faster than even he can consciously comprehend.

    Armor - With a body glove composed of several layers of interwoven carbon nanofibers, David's armor makes him nearly immune to harm from electrical attacks thanks to a superconductive outer layer and an insular inner layer, as well as exceedingly resistant to thermal variances, able to comfortably withstand the intense heat of napalm and the cold of liquid nitrogen. It is also highly resistant to slashing and piercing, though only moderately effective against firearms, due to its inability to effectively disperse impact force. It is for that reason that he has the outside of the armor fitted with semi-flexible plating composed of high-impact polymers which are additionally even more resistant to temperature extremes than the body glove, and can withstand the impact of any modern firearm intact.
    Offensively, the gloves possess solid reverbium studs over the knuckles in order to further increase the power of his punches (effectively doubling it), and the entire body glove is capable of generating an electrical current that can be used both for stunning opponents, causing paralysis within half a meter of the contact area when used on a human, or for creating an intense static clinging force with a holding strength of up to one metric ton per square inch. The mask also contains a neural link to control all of the armor's functions.

    Shield - Constructed of molecularly aligned reverbium, this 2.5 foot concave disk is capable of reflecting a large portion of any energy that strikes its face or edges, and dispersing the rest with minimal impact on its bearer. Its unique properties also allow it to rebound off objects when thrown, without losing any of its momentum or impact force in the process, as well as striking objects with nearly twice the amount of force generated by its actual mass and velocity. A notable exception to its reflective abilities is visible light, which is primarily absorbed, partially dispersed, and only minimally reflected, giving the shield a flat gray sheen.

    Staves - A pair of retractable staves whose length can vary between two and six feet. The last foot on each staff is constructed of reverbium and equipped with a power cell capable of energizing it, allowing each blow to deliver a significant electrical shock in addition to enhancing the physical power of the blows tenfold. At maximum output, the electrical damage is severe enough to instantly kill a human being with even a light touch.


    Power Rating:
    Intelligence - 6
    Strength - 3
    Speed - 4
    Durability - 5
    Energy - 1
    Skill - 5
    Synergy - 3

    Overall - 27
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  3. Why is there always a need for an intelligence rating for characters? I mean, we can all say that our character is up there on the scale, but not just anyone can BE at a Genius level.
  4. The intelligence rating is used to cover things like multi-tasking ability, how quickly the character can process and utilize new data, observational skills, intuition, the ability to predict an opponent, and any powers that grant a character superhuman knowledge/awareness (like seeing the future) in addition to pure smarts.

    It's also possible to write a character who is more intelligent than you are in real life. I myself, for instance, have successfully written several characters that are far more observationally adept than I am in real life situations, as well as much more skilled in deduction. In every instance, these skills have only increased their combat potential.

    As a for instance, a character could receive a super-genius rating for an ability that allows them to look at a situation and subconsciously calculate all the variables their senses perceive in order to predict the most likely outcome, while their IQ would be no higher than yours or mine.
  5. I guess that makes some sense. It seems like it's more or less a means of measuring how much of what you read from your opponent tgat you can feed your character.

    I'm just not a fan of people prowling around with characters listed at levels of mastery in things when they might not be masters at all IRL. I mean, at the end of the day, things like combat expertise and deductive ability will inevitably be limited by what the player is capable of reasonably displaying.
  6. I more or less agree, but if you were to give your character a high rating that you can't back up in your writing, you're only handicapping them and hurting yourself, because you'll be fighting characters who probably don't have one or two empty ratings (levels that are only there to fluff the power level) and will therefore be more powerful than yours in practice.

    So even if some characters do have stats their writers can't back up, it's only going to come back on them down the road.
  7. name: Aeon (pronounced Eon)

    height: 6'2

    weight: 195 lbs without suit / 360 with suit on

    age: 21

    appearance: Without the suit on he is decently toned and well built. His eyes have white pupils and he has three scars around his left eye.

    suit appearance:

    Dexterity and cognition: Thanks to the synapses in his symbiotic suit he has enhanced reaction time and is able to react to move his head out of the way of a bullet fired at him as close as ten meters.
    speed: He is extremely fast and agile and can move up to 200 mph sprinting. Whenever he needs to he can use the use his suit to boost this to 400 mph, but it takes away energy from the other parts of suit.
    durability: Inside the suit he is just a normal man. He may be extremely fit and able to take a beating, but he is still just a normal man.
    strength: He is extremely powerful thanks to the suit reinforcing his movements. At base strength he can lift 600 pounds. He can divert energy from other parts to enhance this to 900 pounds, but as with his speed it drains energy from other places.

    name: XR88 symbiotic power armor (locked)
    description: This suit is a living organism as well as armor. It has multiple abilities that will be described as follows

    absorption and protection: This suit can alter its own molecular compound to adapt to presented threats. What this means is that the suit can adapt to virtually anything that hits it. When shot it can turn into Kevlar, when cut it can turn into diamond, etc. Different parts of the suit can adapt to different threats at the same time, but to much can overwhelm it. The suit can alter its composition into any known element or compound. On top of this already impressive defense the suit can absorb extreme quantities of different forms of energy to prevent damage. For example if shot with a flamethrower he would absorb all of the thermal energy. When this is done it slows the suits adaptive ability proportionally to the amount of energy absorbed. The suit can also only absorb two types of energy at a time. After absorbing two energy types the suit cannot absorb a different energy type for at least two turns. The suit cannot absorb kinetic energy out of a projectile or melee attack, unless the energy is already in the form of pure energy. The amount of energy the suit can potentially absorb is enormous, enough to power a city for two minutes, but if overloaded the suit will shut down leaving him trapped inside until enough excess energy is drained away to let it reboot. Once energy is absorbed he can either utilize it or let it dissipate over time.

    stealth flux generator: By altering its molecular compound the suit can cause light bend around it effectively making it invisible. When he is completely still he is virtually undetectable. When he moves the flux field shimmers in his outline as it bends light as he moves. If the flux generator is on and he takes damage or absorbs energy then the suit's defense system takes precedence and disables the stealth field. For example if he is stealthed and gets shot in the arm, then when the arm changes its compound to absorb the shot it will be visible.
    energy conversion and dissipation: The suit houses an internal energy supply that is potent enough to power the suit and its conversions. However when the suit absorbs energy it can also use the absorbed energy to power its gear, weaponry, and abilities. On top of that the suit can use the energy it has absorbed by focusing and emitting it. If one of those things isn't done then the suit's extra energy will slowly dissipate over time.

    reaction time and threat recognition: Though Aeon himself has amazing reflexes the suit precedes even him. The suit can sense evaluate and react by adapting itself to a threat almost instantly. On top of this the suit is constantly scanning the biometric fields of everything around it. This allows it to react to threats attacking from behind, it will not tell Aeon but instead can adapt itself even if attacked from behind.

    - NR88 energy pistol (locked): he carries two of these rather large pistols. They fire small burst of electrical energy that form small bullet sized lasers. These are fully automatic and fire around the same rate as a p90.Their recoil is little to none due to not using conventional projectiles. Each pistol holds an internal battery cell that can hold 150 shots before needing to be recharged. As well as this they can link with his suit to fire any energy that was absorbed. The color of the laser depends on the type of energy being fired.
    - TX95 grenade capacitor (grenades can be looted, however the belt cannot): On the suit he wears the TX95 grenade capacitor belt. Using this belt he can transfer energy he has absorbed into hollow shells fabricated inside the belt by nanobots. Once the energy is transferred a grenade is ejected from a port in the side into his hand. After it is activated there is an 8 second delay before an explosion of the energy type stored. The size of the explosion depends on the amount of energy used. Also on this belt the holster for his pistols are held on his hips.

    Aeon hails from the dystopian future. The year is 30982 and the world has been left in shambles. The main controlling faction is a central government that has divided everyone into social caste. Once born into this caste it cannot be left or changed. These caste are known as Drx, Helix, Kalor, Marsex, and the lost.
    The Drax are the poorest of the social caste system. These make up the maintenance workers, techniciansm and farmers of society. Next are the Marsex who are a lower middle class. They are generally seen in management positions over Drax workers. Third are the Kalor who are corporation and business owners. Finally we have the Helix , who are the nobility, these are your heads of government and lawmakers. The final caste is the lost. These are vagrants, rebels, criminals, and anyone found unworthy they were thrown out of the city to die in the wastes.
    In the dystopian future an alien race named the Zeriph landed on earth. For a time relations were peaceful, but after a time war was started over the planets dwindling resources. For the next twenty years the humans were in a full scale and merciless war with the Zeriph. Eventually the Zeriph had pushed the humans back to the final city. These last few survivors erected the walls and sealed them. A new government and caste system were formed and everything was self sufficient and rationed. For sixty years all went as planned and the new city, now called Babylon, was thriving within its walls. However these things do not last and war was once again sparked.
    One of the five caste, once known as the Kell, revolted against the others and attempted to overthrow the new government. Though this war only lasted for a year it was brutal and many lives were lost on both sides. The Kell were finally defeated and were stripped of their title and place in the caste. From that day forward they were to be known only as the lost. The walls were opened and they were cast out forever, expected to be killed by the Zeriph in the wastes.
    This was not to be so, the Zeriph had killed each other off many years ago due to infighting over resources. The lost established a new colony under what was once New York City. They used the subway tunnels and dug new places to live and christened their new home as Mecca. Their society was tribal and militant. Led by the strongest, with women becoming housekeepers, and the men becoming warriors and raiders. With the Zeriph gone they began to study and experiment on the highly advanced technology left behind by them.
    Nine years after they were cast out a boy with white eyes was found in a stasis pod in the tunnels. He appeared human so the people of Mecca decided to raise him as one of their own. He was raised as a warrior and was trained from birth to fight and kill the Babylonians. Even at a young age he had a strong affiliation with Zeriph technology. At nine he was able to bond with a Zeriph symbiote suit, a feat no other had ever accomplished. Twenty one years had passed and he is now a proud warrior of Mecca. The troops are rallying and soon they shall take back their home in Babylon.

    power rating: 28[/B]
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  8. I just realized I completely forgot to add a character sheet template... >_< 'tis fixed.

    As for Aeon, are the pistols and grenades the only way he can expend his absorbed energy directly, or can he also expend it as blasts directly from the suit?

    Depending on your answer to that, his power rating with the new system would look something like this:

    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 4
    Durability: 5
    Energy: 5-6
    Skill: 3 (?)
    Synergy: 3-4

    Overall Power: 26-28
  9. I think that this will be interesting to watch. The potential seems high for a solid arena RP. Of course the entirety of it all depends on the fighters and the quality of their writing.
  10. Fancy meeting you here, Skalla.
  11. Greetings Uffizi, I always look for forums where the scent of combat lingers. Watching how each generation of fighters conduct their fights.
  12. He can also fire blast from his suit, and shed it by simply dumping it into his surroundings.
  13. Ok, then he'd be 28 in overall power.
  14. Name: Agony
    Age: Ever since pain was felt
    Sex: None
    Height: 5'7" at its current position which is as close to standing that it normally gets
    Weight: 77kg
    Physical Description:[​IMG]
    Psychological Description: A cold, cruel, murder-craving monster. Nothing more, nothing less. Likes very few things: the pain of others, fresh meat, and a good opponent. Not that it shows its opponents any respect what so ever as beating it instantly puts you on the top of its 'to kill' list. It is easily irritated and at a certain point it anger replaces its reason.

    Shadow travel- Can teleport from one stationary dark shadow to another within a one mile radius. While using this ability doesn't tire Agony, it must wait a short while before using it again.
    Touch of torment- Basically can make one part of its body burn horribly at contact temporarily.
    Being of Suffering- Corrosive drool that can burn though a steel bar in 30 seconds and it emanates a difficult to breath air at close range around it.
    Ignite- Sets its body on fire. Greatly increases resistance, strength(196 pounds to 20 tons), and speed(185 mph to 382 mph) but damages Agony and can only last for a short while.

    Fighting Style:
    Agony is a very savage fighter, always making sure his opponent gets a slow and horrifically painful death. It likes to hide in the shadows, then pounce. It stalks its foe like a wolf its prey, darting here and there to confuse him or her. When there is nowhere to hide, Agony likes to wait for its opponent to attack then go to town with a barrage of furious strikes. Agony is certainly no stranger to combat, a eternity of 'heroes' coming to slay it giving it more then enough practice.

    Razor sharp claws and savage jaws. Tails that often seem to have a mind of their own that can lash out at or strangle the opponent.

    Tier 1.
    Normal- Tier 1.
    Ignited- Tier 3.
    Normal- Tier 3.
    Ignited- Tier 4.
    Normal- Tier 1.
    Ignited- Tier 2.
    Energy Projection:
    Tier 1.
    Fighting ability:
    Tier 4.
    Tier 4.

    Equipment: None. But drops a small fang dagger that can light on fire at will.

    History: At the beginning of time, there was two beings. One was known as Light, the other Darkness. Light was all that was good given the form of a shining golden serpent. Darkness was all that was evil given the form of a pure black serpent. When the time came to spring life into the dark expanse that was space the two serpents, as you can imagine, disagreed on what the World would be. The two limitlessly powerful beings warred against each other, unaware that in the process they were making the World until a ways into it. Light realized that there was no way it could defeat its equal so it sealed Darkness away in the center of the World with a attack that makes the Big Bang look like the shot of a pop gun, however not without drastic consequences. Darkness's corpse became the Underworld and its more vital remains became demons. The most powerful of these demons was Greed, Madness, Fear, Corruption, and Agony, the five fragments of Darkness's unholy soul. Agony, get this, lives for pain. Not its own of course but others'. So when this homicide-loving creature hears about some weirdo giving out powerful artifacts to who ever kills enough people it nearly jumped out of its non-existent skin. However there was a problem. The Five ,as they're commonly known, are permanently bound to the Hells (Demonic for 'deepest') and can not leave in their full power. Therefore Agony takes this weaker form and didn't just walk in, say what's up, and send everyone in the city to a slow and painful death.

    Power rating: 19
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  15. Psychological description is their personality. Are they malicious and cruel? Kind and caring? Prone to fits of laughter or anger? Basically, what kind of person/being are they?

    Regarding his strength, are you sure you meant 30 ounces? Because that's a really tiny amount...

    His energy projection would be level 1 as well, since that burning touch thing would be transferring heat, which is energy.

    It would also be good to actually describe his fighting abilities and what he's good at that puts him at level 4 in that category. As I said in the OP, the power ratings cannot be used to replace an actual description of their powers/skills/abilities. The only things that wouldn't require a description are those at normal human level or lower, and the synergy rating (which is more or less the accumulation of all the other described abilities).

    I'd also recommend having the ignite ability increase his resistance to physical damage so that he doesn't shatter his own skeleton when he goes to lift a truck or something.
  16. I've also updated the OP with a city description, so please do check that out. :)
  17. Thank you that's what I thought.

    Oh, I meant pounds. ^^"

    I simply didn't know quite where to put something like that.

    Ah, when I made him earlier I think Tier 2. was regenerative.
    But that that would be hysterical if that happened.
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  18. 30 pounds still isn't that much, and would make him a level 0 in strength.

    Let me know when you're finished editing and I'll give it another read.
  19. WIP

    Name: Vres, Gun-Runner and Rogue Voider of the Indigo Reach

    Age: 164

    Sex: Female

    Height: 7'4

    Weight: 310 lb

    Physical Description


    Yeah she's a space cat.​

    Psychological Description:


    Gun-Runner's Arsenal

    Vres' Storm Cannon>A heavy and bulky shoulder-mounted repeater fed from a 350-round helical magazine. The weapon's intricate design features electrothermal-chemical technology and variable burn-rate solid propellants to launch dense, self-guiding projectiles at hypervelocity speeds; standard recoil would be immense, though Vres' powered exoskeleton, the storm cannon's recoil compensator (muzzle break), the weapon system's inherent weight, and the rear-most gas release mechanism (similar to those found on RPGs and recoil-less rifles/guns) render felt recoil virtually nonexistent, in turn improving Vres' shooting accuracy substantially by several magnitudes. Intrinsic mechanical workings of ETC technology allows Vres' storm cannon to far exceed its stock 9,950 feet-per-second muzzle velocity (up to a limit of mach 14), but at the cost of its rate-of-fire (with the base ROF being 1,500 rounds per minute). Active liquid nitrogen-based cooling feeds integrated into the encompassing barrel shroud prevent overheating.

    The .50 Fang features a minute-sized rocket engine that engages when the projectile has cleared the cannon barrel. A small flight computer (after having received targeting coordinates from Vres' helmet or the storm cannon's range finder/target tracker) gives the .50 Fang self-guiding and target finding capability, drastically improving accuracy and minimizing collateral damage.

    Vres carriers three reloads for her storm cannon.

    Vres' Storm Gun> A break-action, carbine-sized infantry arm that is chambered for superposed-loaded .28 ammunition. Uses 'ammunition tubes' rather than orthodox box, helical or drum magazines; each tube holds forty-five rounds. Tubes are inserted into one of the weapon's five fixed barrels and are each activated by an electrical charge. The storm gun cannot match the sheer power of the storm cannon, but it makes up for this breaking weakness by possessing a terrifying rate of fire of 225 rounds per second (or a theoretical 13,500 rounds per minute). The .28 ammunition fired by Vres' storm gun are self-discarding sabots made from incredibly dense synthetic alloys, and have comparable armor-penetrating performance and stopping power to modern anti-material rifles.

    Vres carries four (full) reloads for her storm gun.

    Vres' Particle Accelerator> (pending)

    AMH/HV (Amplified Movement Harness/Heavy Variant): Comprised of hardy, carbon fiber-impregnated superalloys and a protective assortment of sophisticated shaped composite armor paneling, the AMH/HV is a third generation assault-grade motorized exoskeleton that employs potent electro-hydraulic linear and rotary actuators to generate power-assistance for Vres, dramatically increasing her speed, endurance and physical strength.

    An on-board microcomputer, which is slaved to the Vres' neurological implant, monitors her movements, preventing false (and thus potentially unsafe) motions while simultaneously syncing the suit's locomotive executions with her own on a pristine 1:1 ratio. Flexible joints and smart hydraulic fluids grant Vres full control over her bodily movements, allowing her to roll, crawl, jump, sprint, go prone, and perform other highly-dexterous feats of athletic prowess. With a strength augmentative factor of 25 and a maximum running speed of 40 kilometers-per-hour, Vres is able to don significantly heavier combat armor packages, retain a greater ammunition reserve, excel at construction-based combat engineering duties, and handle crew-served infantry support weapons without suffering deliberating fatigue or agility penalties in the process.

    Fed by a non-rechargeable atomic primary cell, Vres' AMH/HV can operate contentiously for five standard years before requiring a fresh cell unit. AMH/HV can be removed easily by undoing a series of metallic clamps and straps, and can be adjusted to accommodate different body dimensions.

    Vres has augmented its outward appearance with tribal wards, engravings and macabre effigies.


    Power Rating

    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 4
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 5
    Energy Projection: 6
    Fighting Ability: 3
    Synergy: 5

    Total> 28
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  20. Since he is in a new multiverse and the old picture wasn't that great I decided to change the way his suit looks. Everything else is the same he just has a different style now.
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