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  1. I. Universe
    II. Location
    III. Starting plot
    IV. The Trinity
    V. Mechanics


    I. Universe

    This roleplay would take place in an universe where there are 'Altered', basicly people that received abilities through exposure to an NIV (Non Identified Virus). At first they were only distrusted, and occasionally hated, by a minority. However, since the uprising of an Altered Terrorist Group 'SARS' (Special Altered Resistance Storm) the minority quickly became a majority both in civilian and governemental factions. Causing the Altered to be persecuted, imprisoned and in some areas even Killed on Sight.

    This is the verse, but the location we will play in is not as global; For now.

    II. Location

    The location we will start our story, set in the verse described above, is an Altered Prison; Created with one goal in mind, trapping Altereds and have them either dwindle away from existence or kill eachother in the process. The prison is set on an island and consists of 3, known, large areas:

    - The Docks: Where the ships arrive containing captured Altereds and who drop them off at the Docks for incarceration. Extremely heavily guarded with guardposts, towers, tanks, helicopters and special forces. This is done to ensure the procedure goes through smoothly, as it's basicly the only area where Altereds are still seeing the light of day.

    - The Inner Ring: Passed the first gates, through the enormous steel dome that is the Altered Prison, there is an urban wasteland with very few prisoners/inhabitants, the area serves as a Testing Ground for prospect inmates. In this area the newblood Altered prisoners are tested on life & death to see who has what it takes to survive here. The weak and meek are effectively and mercilessly cut down to ensure the prison doesn't get needlessly overpopulated.

    - Area D: Once succesfully past through the Inner Ring, and effectively passing the Rite of Passage in that case, everyon finds themselves in a huge city. While many places are ruins and uninhabitable houses; The city is vibrant and lively with Altered Prisoners living side by side. Of course fights and even deaths are running rampant on a daily basis. Area D is separated in 3 Factions which will be discused in next chapter.

    III. The Trinity

    #1 The Red Eyes:

    A fairly unorganized and ragtag band of savages, led by the biggest & meanest of them all; 'Uldr Lhos' a huge and temperamentful brute with a soft spot for his band of misfits. Most of these have issues with anger management and are generally Altereds with physical attributes, such as shapeshifting / strength enhancements / etc. etc. ...While they cause a lot of fights and even deaths, on a daily basis, they stick together under the warm wing of their dragon.

    #2 The Hive:

    Opposite to the Red Eyes, the hierarchy is clearly set in this organization and has several ranks which members are able to climb depending on their attitude and expertise in their fields. Many sections of this organization are specialized in a specific field (Example: Intelligence).
    What they lack in strength, they make up for in devotion and unity. Led by their leader 'Marshall' they try, fairly effectively, to keep a sense of order in Area D. While they're considered the do-good'ers of Area D, if you mess with one .. you mess with all.

    #3 Exophytes:

    The less predictable (read: sane) of the criminals unite under the banner of the 'Owl', they ove causing chaos all around Area D and are quite good at it even. Some say that their chaos has order in it though, that it's all done for a reason. Whether that holds truth or not is something nobody but the Owl and her closest allies 'The Nest' know.

    IV. Starting Plot

    We will all start out as caputered Altereds one one of the ships about to dock at the Altered Prison's Docks. From there on out we, with whatever twists and turns people come up with and/or I have in store, enter the Altered Prison and try to pass the Inner Ring's deadly tests before arriving at Area D and surviving on a day to day basis.

    Everyone is free to join an existing Faction, create their own or go Freelance; It's all up to the players!

    V. Mechanics

    * Everyone gets one main power that is possible to be branched into smaller abilities.

    Example: Pyrokinetics (Main Power) => Summoning fiery bats, flame lashes, flamebolts (Lesser abilities)

    * Every action has consequences in Area D, don't expect or act like you can kill of an Exophyte member and the next day casually stroll by other Exophytes, or even spend one more day not looking over your shoulder in wait for a deadly ambush, if you're lucky. If you're unlucky you'll get kidnapped and experimented on by the Exophytes. Similar consequences await those that pick fights with the other Factions; And other NPCs created later on...

    * Nobody escapes the Prison, for now.

    ~~ There we goooo ~~

    I hope to kick this roleplay off soon if there are enough people interested.

    So far the playerbase consists of:

    - Talhar v2
    - Mad Scientist
    - Maggie
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  2. Thread finalized, please let me know if any more people are interested before I launch the Character Sheet thread and consequently the actual Roleplay.
  3. Posted my character.
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  5. Don't worry Mad, I'll post my character sometime today and start the RP if we don't find any more interested people :)
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