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Area 51.

  • a little foolishness now and then is relished by the wisest of men. [spacer]-roald dahl [/spacer]

    Once upon a time, in the land of Area 51, lived a very small Goof named Max. Max was a good person, you see, for they always tried their best, and they always excelled in everything they attempted. Except in the grandest quest of all. Finding a longtime stream of writing partners.

    Maximillian Goof, then, must venture out into the unknown . . . into spaces unfound . . . and dreams unslept . . .
    To find those to who will make the journey more fun.

    For with friends, any obstacle can be surmounted!

    Hiya there! I see you’ve clicked on my always open / partner finding thread. I’m glad you’re here. Navigate with the tabs above to see what I’m all about. Sorry with the eccentric opening; I just like having that subtle flair ( which wasn’t subtle at all ).
  • blue Name: Max.

    Age: 20.

    Occupation: Volunteer Firefighter In Training ( Medical focus ) / Writer.

    Writing Level: Adaptable / Intermediate / Advanced.

    Favorite genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Superheroes, Pirates.

    Favorite romance plots: Friends to Lovers, Pirate X Royalty, College AUs.

    Activity level: Checking Iwaku for notifs every time before I sleep, or when I have free time. Replying when I’m not in classes. I try to do a post a day, but I’ll def do one every other day.

  • [warning=blue]Squicks: rape, a/b/o, mpreg, furry stuff.

    Triggers: incest, domestic & child abuse.

    I will not roleplay ANYTHING having to do with my squicks or triggers unless it’s a thread where past traumas are mentioned ( or it’s a flashback ).
    [question=blue]Do you write smut? Sometimes. It depends on the chemistry of the muses. I won’t write it with you if you’re underage, however. That’s illegal. We can do fade to blacks, but if you wanna write it out, go to the Bluestar category of the website.

    Do you only write canons? No. I also write original characters. They just take me a while to plan. I like basing them off fun archetypes or tropes.

    Do you write incest plots? No. It’s a trigger.

    How much do you write? I try to match my partner. Though I’ll normally churn out a two paragraph starter for things.

    Where do you roleplay? In the forums, in private, on other media. If you want my discord, please ask.

    Can I be your friend? Absolutely! Just message me.

    Do you only write about romance? No. I like romance, but I prefer chemistry most of all, and sometimes, characters are better off friends than lovers.

    Do you prefer angst / smut / fluff? I like angst and fluff equally.

    Why is this thread named Area 51? I'm a scifi fan and I felt it would be attention grabbing.

    Why is Max Goof your avatar? Hyuck if I know!

    • A Knight's Tale
    • Addams Family
    • Anastasia
    • Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
    • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    • Doctor Who
    • Fallout 4
    • Forever
    • Kingsman
    • Madoka Magica
    • Marvel
    • National Treasure
    • Night At The Museum
    • Overwatch
    • Resident Evil / Biohazard
    • Sherlock ( all versions )
    • Stargate: Atlantis
    • Star Trek ( AOS, TNG )
    • Star Wars
    • Tolkien
    • The Great Gatsby
    • The Librarians
    • Vertigo / Fox
  • I write the first person in each pairing, but if I write both, I'll put an asterisk ( * ) by it. Everyone also means crossovers. If you see a character here and would like to ship with me on any of them, please let me know by responding to this post, or sending me a private message.

    A Knight's Tale
    • Geoffrey Chaucer X Everyone

    Addams Family
    • Gomez X Morticia

    • Dimitri X Anya
    • Dimitri X Everyone

    Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
    • Edward Kenway X Everyone
    • Edward Kenway X Jack Sparrow

    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    • Aleck X Jacob Frye*
    • Jacob Frye X Maxwell Roth
    • Jacob Frye X Everyone ( except Evie )

    Doctor Who
    • 12th Doctor X Clara
    • 12th Doctor X Rose
    • 12th Doctor X Jack
    • 11th Doctor X Clara
    • 11th Doctor X Rose
    • 11th Doctor X Jack

    Fallout 4
    • Hancock X Everyone
    • Preston Garvey X Everyone

    • Henry Morgan X Everyone
    • Henry Morgan X Jack Harkness

    • Merlin X Harry
    • Harry X Eggsy

    Madoka Magica
    • Madoka X Homura
    • Sayaka X Kyoko

    • Bruce Banner X Tony Stark
    • Bruce Banner X Loki*
    • Erik Lehnsherr X Charles Xavier*
    • Star-Lord X Everyone
    • Dr. Strange X Wong*

    National Treasure
    • Riley Poole X Everyone

    Night At The Museum
    • Octavius X Jedediah

    • Reinhardt X Ana
    • Zenyatta X Genji

    Resident Evil / Biohazard:
    • Leon S. Kennedy X Everyone

    Sherlock ( all venerations )
    • Watson X Sherlock

    Stargate: Atlantis
    • Rodney X John*

    Star Trek
    • Bones X Kirk
    • Bones X Spock*

    Star Wars
    • Luke X Han*
    • Anakin X Obi Wan*
    • Obi Wan X Padme*

    • Kili X Tauriel
    • Gimli X Legolas
    • Gimli X Galadriel
    • Samwise X Frodo

    The Great Gatsby
    • Nick X Jay

    The Librarians
    • Ezekiel Jones X Jacob Stone
    • Flynn Carsen X Everyone
    • Jenkins X Everyone

    Vertigo / Fox
    • Lucifer Morningstar X Everyone

  • These are characters I write who often don't have a shipping focus but COULD be shipped with, if desired.
    • Alphonse Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood )
    • Skadi ( Norse Myth )
    • Galahad ( Arthurian Myth )

    Main canon muses:
    • Bones McCoy ( Star Trek: AOS )
    • Dr. Robert Bruce Banner / Hulk ( Marvel )
    • Captain Edward Kenway ( Assassin's Creed: Blackflag )
    • DSO Agent Leon S. Kennedy ( Resident Evil / Biohazard )

    OC's to come!

  • This is a list of my roleplays that are in progress or that are notable.

If you’d still like to interact, please message me or reply to this post. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a Goofy day!
( Watch out for Area 51! )

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