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  1. Year one - Garret tries to prove he is a better choice and get Leannah to back out of her betrothal. This creates tensions between Leannah and Garret (She fell for him in even the slightest of sense), Seth and Garret as it becomes a size match, and Seth and Leannah as they continue to struggle through the mess of the past year. This ends with Garret's expulsion from the Kingdom due to some really stupid move he tries to make.

    Year two - with the wedding over, they have to prove that seth is a capable leader. Leannah struggles with letting go of the mantle she's carried (maybe). A man from the kingdom destroyed by seth and his forces arrives and takes advantage of the growing tension within Rhydelle. Instigating riots, he Spurs the people into open revolts and encourages attempts in the lives of the king and queen. Content, this ends with his leaving of the city to work on more dubious plans.

    Year three - the stress of the politics and the attempts on their lives (can even make it a result of one of those attempts) Leannah loses their first child. This splits the army with those loyal to the council siding with Garret and those still loyal to seth siding with him. Fighting ensues and this ends with Garret being crowned as king of Rhydelle.

    Year four - because of her injury, or the stress, Leannah loses their second child and falls into a state of depression.Seth wants to lead his men but struggles with leaving his wife who needs him. This causes tension in his own forces of which some desert and join the rebels. To make matters worse, Garret has secured a league with the remnants of the enemy to help him take Rhydelle. As a result, the peasantry begins to suffer.

    Year five - Bedrest proves to be the best remedy to Leanah's problem and after hard labor, she gives birth to the crown prince. A few months after their joyous occasion, Ava returns with news of a daughter that she had with Seth. This causes a problem as Seth brings her and the child into the castle to protect them. Jealousy seeds in Leannah's heart and she distances herself whenever Ava or the girl is around. After an argument, Ava storms from the castle and falls victim to a trap that was lain for the queen.
  2. Alright, I'll post for her too, then.
  3. So yeah, feedback. I'll take it if anyone has any opinions on either my Zinnia or Yuki. lol. I'll also give a little feedback as well where I feel that I can. ^_^

    @Atomyk - I probably can't put into words just how amazing your games are and just how much fun I have in them. Monokuma's Awakening was superb. And although you said most people likely wouldn't get the references to School Daze or Monokuma Rising, since I was in both of those games I found myself fangirling over just about every reference I noticed. Also, your game was so very organized, timely, and structured in a way that made it flow very smoothly. I honestly enjoyed every moment of it. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for just about every update. I haven't had this much fun since the UMG honestly. lol. I have nothing negative to say. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

    @Josh M - As everyone has said here, your performance as Wanda was a joy to watch. I made it a point to read every post you made with her. And I have to agree with Mic when he said it rivaled your Cosmo performance. Grammar is about the only thing, but I won't beat a dead horse by saying too much on that. It's not all grammar that makes a good performance. You were very passionate with your posts, making them awesome, and everyone could feel it. Good job!

    @Verite @Minerva @LuckycoolHawk9 Also, I don't know enough about Stiles, Kyoko, or Corrin to really comment if they were "in character" or not... but I did read a lot of Kyoko posts since Jason was a co-gm, and I did very much enjoy them. I enjoyed Stiles as well. Didn't interact enough with Corrin to have any comments.

    Oh, and like Mic mentioned @Yun Lee should be given some credit for working so hard at the trials. Because of you, they were much more fun to read. Great work! 8D

    And since I watched the anime and could properly judge her performance with Tarlotte, I wanna give @Hospes a compliment for playing her character absolutely spot on. Good job!
  4. The universe is wide and anything is possible. I believe in what I see; hence, if ghosts are real then aliens must be too.
  5. Never take your so called reality for granted. :)
  6. Been to Rachael, Nevada, the town outside of Groom Lake Base.

    Yes, that's what I call it. It makes it sound more... official...
  7. Area 51 is not the only base in the area that has the name 'area' followed by a number its just the best known, if there was anything going on there though other that prototype testing it would have been moved away decades ago when it decame a tourist atraction.
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