Are You Watching Skyfall? Why or Why Not?

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    More of a question of curiosity. I'm a big fan of the Bond films, and I've been watching them a lot when they air on TV even during my younger days. I can say that I haven't watch them all, for some were made before I was even born (although, I've watched clips of the Sean Connery ones)!

    However, the role of Bond's been passed on from man to man. Some, played it better than others and vice versa. Despite the good reviews, here comes the question:

    Are you watching Skyfall?

    Why or why not?

    Does the actor influence whether you're watching it or not?

    Who is the best "Bond" for you?

    Who is the worst "Bond"?

    Are you even a fan of the Bond films?

    Shaken, or stirred?

    Who's the hottest Bond, and Bond girl?
  2. 1. Saw Skyfall the other day. AWESOME! One of the best, but I still like Casino Royale immensely. Both are the more visceral type of Bond films that I enjoy - films where Bond gets fucked up and is none too pleasant to the people who get in his way.

    2. Bond is a spectacle - a showpiece event. I don't think the choice of actor would ever sway it for me, because a Bond film is always going to have the ingredients of stunning action, espionage shenannigans, sexy locations and British wit. Sometimes that can carry a film regardless of how crappy the lead is (I liked View to a Kill for this reason - great film with cool characters and settings, even though Roger Moore was looking tired).

    3. Craig in Casino Royale is my favourite. Quantum weakened him and Skyfall made him seem a little over the hill. I also liked Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies (or whichever one it is where he steals the jet fighter in the opening) and Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill. Any film where they show a little of Bond's orphan-boy post-homicidal rage personality slipping through is cool in my books.

    4. Only caught a glimpse of George Lazenby because I turned it off at the point where he opens a closet or something and sees an assassin in there and says in a really posh English accent "Ooooh! Fahncy seeing you heeeere!" before the assassin chops him in the throat. I mean, seriously? You have to get a quip off at the very moment you discover an assassin within arm's reach of you who could quite possibly kill you? Fuck off, George.

    4. I... think... I've seen all of the Bond films, except the Lazenby one and the spoof of Casino Royale. I used to watch them regularly with my dad and brother, as they were quite frequent vieing on UK television, especially around Christmas.

    5. Dun think I've ever had a vodka martini.... but I would probably want it shaken... so it's all whoosy and stuff.

    6. Hottest Bond Girl is Vesper. And Grace Jones makes me feel funny... not sure if it's attraction or not...
  3. Are you watching Skyfall? - I'm going to try!​

    Why or why not? - I suck at going to theaters and rarely watch movies on my own. It's just a matter of distractions vs people sitting with me.

    Does the actor influence whether you're watching it or not? - Not particularly.

    Who is the best "Bond" for you? - Pierce Brosnan

    Who is the worst "Bond"? - Roger Moore, I just could never believe he was really 007

    Are you even a fan of the Bond films? -
    Yes, though I'm seriously behind this decade. Use to watch the movies all the time with my Dad but its even worse getting him to a theater then me!

    Shaken, or stirred? - I've only had one Martini, it needed a better quality gin I think. I'll try one again eventually, shaken with a twist!

    Who's the hottest Bond, and Bond girl? - Hottest Bond? Have to go with Timothy Dalton. Hottest girl? eeeeeeh.... I don't know if I've paid attention, but I'll throw out Pussy Galore....
  4. Are you watching Skyfall? Done and Done.

    Does the actor influence whether you're watching it or not? A Little. Not so much.

    Who is the best "Bond" for you? I immediately imagine Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery as the legit bond, Brosnan as modern and Connery as classic.

    Who is the worst "Bond"? Roger Moore. He was not Bond. He was some other random person who also worked for MI6 in my headcanon, where he posed as Bond for the man himself to take a break/go on a very long assignment or two.

    Are you even a fan of the Bond films? Yes.

    Shaken, or stirred? Shaken.

    Who's the hottest Bond, and Bond girl? Hooo man. Dat Stacey Sutton and that one chick from the latest film with the backless dress and the makeup.