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  1. Boy saves Girl. Girl and boy kinda stay in touch. Sounds like a romance in the making, right? Wrong. Did I mention this boy just so happens to be a werewolf, and the girl is human. What could go wrong you ask? The answer is everything.
  2. Sam Roth


    Watching. Waiting. It was all the wolves done all winter, watched and waited, what for you ask? It was different for them all, some liked to wait and watch for prey like any normal wolf would, some for the right moment to fine a mate once again just like a normal wolf would, some...were waiting for spring. That amazing time of year where everything seemed to be so right and so perfect in some's minds though not so much in other's it all depended really, some never would see their human skin ever again and they were bound into their wolf bodies for their rest of their lives however long that might end up being. Maybe twenty, thirty years though nothing more really, after all they were wolves in the end...nothing else once they stopped shifting, just wolves with human eyes and even they seemed to look more and more like wolf's eyes in the end until all human trace inside them and on the outside of them was completely gone, their eyes fading into a grey or green like wolf colour, just like the ones before them and the ones which will come after them as well. Though not this wolf. He didn't want that to happen, he wasn't going to let that happen..because of her.

    His golden eyes said it all, he was waiting...he always was waiting though not like everyone else in the pack whatever it was they were waiting for, he was alone on this one completely..he was waiting for her. For six years he had waited, well more three years considering during the spring and summer he was human and living right under her nose just she never saw him, he was working in the book store she had been to before..he had recognised her and remembered her though it seemed she didn't do the same and feel the same..or maybe it was even because he hadn't shown his eyes to her, when human he would always get asked if he wore contacts, the same answer would always His eyes always had been like that and really that was why you could tell him as wolf and human...those eyes said everything though at the same time they held a thousand secrets within them as well, things no one could ever think of or imagine in their whole lives, things he had seen before and been through, things no one every knew since he hid the scars on his wrist, he hid them with all he possibly could, he was not proud of them though at the same time they had not been his doing either, nothing he had done wrong either...apart from miss his bus that one day and his whole life had changed forever..and for the worst wait..that's a lie..if it had been for the worst he never would of met her..his summer girl..though he'd never spoken to her before he merely watched her all winter and thought about her all summer..maybe things were about to change.

    It was on a slightly cold day during the early winter, Sam had just shifted not long ago..painfully at that one in fact, he had been one of the first to shift this year which wasn't a good sign, only four more years now before he never changed back..he didn't even want to think about it really. Though throughout the first two weeks chaos had unfolded on the pack, a new member had lost control and attacked one of the residents..the wolves were blamed of course though all of them were and since this was the second time it had happened in three years...well..all Sam knew was there was guns..a lot of them at that. The pack had scrambled, silent ghosts running throughout the trees silently, howls of worry and fear all around..he should of followed them all deeper into the forest...instead he chose the wrong way and headed for her house. He didn't know why but he just did, his paws nearly silently along the frosty ground as he ran, golden eyes scanning everything around him and fur blowing in the harsh winters wind. Then a loud bang. That was all he could remember, or at least all he remembered at the current time, everything else seemed completely frozen and just odd...he couldn't figure what was going on in time.

    Until he shifted...a bullet in his shoulder and him laying on decking...he was laying on her decking of her house..or her parents house, he didn't know who owned it though he didn't think she was old enough to. It was early afternoon... maybe around two pm if even that, he had no concept of time as a wolf and so was just guessing...though he was human now and he was wounded, laying on some decking...oh and naked. That couldn't be helped really, it was just something that came with the shifting, the whole being naked when you shifted back to human though he was facing down anyway. His lean figure against the icy cold decking as blood naturally came from his least he wasn't dead...yet. Though Sam was struggling to remain concious, that was the one thing he didn't seem to be able to do very well, though right now he was also hoping they wouldn't go after any of the other wolves, though he couldn't think of them any more..for however long it lasted he wasn't one of them for now..he was human..he was Sam once again.
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    Her body refused to move, even though she heard the gunshot only moments prior. It was too cold to get out from beneath her seven thick quilts. Despite the heater, winters in the mountains were quite rough on her. She was more comfortable with the warm fall or spring weather as her name, Hazan, meaning fall, described. That was especially obvious now with her two pairs of sweatpants and her thick hoodie. Somehow, Hazan Quincy actually fell asleep in her parka and hat. Sighing, she sat up and blinked a few times. Her master bedroom was large and made of wood like the rest of her cabin. The walls were covered in family photos and paintings of the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. She had a great love for nature, much like her parents before their passing. The thought of it still made her cringe as she stood on the icy wood floor. Carefully, she tiptoed through the empty house filled with memories.
    Where were the seventeen year old's parents you might wonder? Well, her parents--and two siblings--were dead. They died a year prior in a horrible car crash. The car skidded on an slippery bridge and flew down into icy water. Their bodies were retrieved a week after their untimely death. What could be more horrible? Perhaps the fact that they were killed on her birthday, and they were going to pick her up from a store where she was buying some stupid necklace. At her family's joint funeral, she put the necklace in her older sister's grave. Hazan tried to visit whenever she could, bringing flowers and bows to decorate the ugly tombstones that marked their resting place.
    Now, Hazan was emancipated and living alone in a big cabin with a beautiful view. She was actually holding down three decent jobs and going to online high school. Extra money could be made by allowing hunters to prowl on her private land, but now someone seemed to be hunting without her consent. Hazan had heard about the "wolf attacks", but she refused to allow those barbaric men to hunt them on her property. She opened the door, and the first thing she saw was crimson blood oozing out onto the snow. Someone had shot a human?
    Hazan rushed over to him and pulled him inside with some difficulty. She wrapped him in a hot blanket or two and laid him out on the couch so he could rest. She was fairly skilled in First Aid, so the bullet wound was crudely sewn up, but it would suffice. Hazan stood and called Sheriff Blinkley, one of her father's old poker buddies. He was always there to help if anything got out of hand. Thomas Blinkely was like a father to her. The dial tone seemed to last a lifetime, but he finally picked up.
    "Sheriff Blinkley?" Hazan asked quietly.
    "Hazan?" Thomas asked. "Is something wrong?"
    "Some idiot hunter got on my property this morning."
    "No doubt trying to hunt wolves," he chuckled.
    "They shot a boy," she added. "I've sewed up his wound so he'll be okay."
    A pause. "I'll be right over."
  4. Moving was not something he planned on doing any time soon..apart from moving to get out of the cold, he didn't know why but luckily he had shifted back, never before had this happened to him or any other wolf for that matter as far as he knew, but it was now and he was human luckily, so for now he could push that aside and focus on trying to get out of the cold harsh weather...if he could actually move without feeling like he was going to pass out that was. Sam fully opened his eyes for a moment just to hear something and then close his eyes again, giving up on keeping them open for now and after that everything else was just a blank piece of memory for him, he must of passed out not long after since all he could very slightly remember was someone come closer to him and that was it, he didn't know if that was or good or bad thing though either way he hadn't been able to do anything about it anyway and so had just had to go along with whatever happened to him without a opinion in it..he just had to seriously hope no hospitals were involved with it, otherwise there could be a bit of trouble going on really with them, after all he wasn't exactly normal and a few things about him suggested that one, they weren't completely obvious at first though if you looked in to it enough it was clear he wasn't just some weak human who would die easily, oh no, he wasn't as lucky as that really. He had to live most things out whether he liked it or not.

    However long it might of been, the boy did come back around finally with a groan, moving to rub where the gunshot would had been silently, the first thing which startled him was the fact that he was in someone's house and luckily it was warm, well that certainly was a lot better then the cold weather that was for sure, at least now his chances of shifting were smaller then they had been and he had no signs of it for now either, maybe if he was lucky enough it would actually stay that way. Soon enough he realized there was blankets around him that were the main reason why he was staying warm oh and of course...he had no clothes, he hated that bit quite a lot, it was always a pain in the backside whenever he shifted in the spring..naked, just like a spring lamb..not. More like a wolf in sheep's clothing so to speak. Though of course, looking at him as he was you never would of thought he was anything different apart from human, with his pale skin, dark brown hair and lean figure, you would of thought he was just a completely normal person really, nothing special out here just someone who was stupid enough to walk into the woods and end up shoot.

    Until he opened his eyes properly. Those golden orbs he possessed, looking around at everything he could actually see, taking everything in silently as he slowly sat up, keeping his gaze cast downwards for a second he wanted to figure out where he was and who he was with..was it odd enough he could smell her? Even after all those years he still remembered her scent and it probably never would go, at least he did remember that from his mind..not his wolf mind of course, he wasn't that good, no..from his human mind though he doubted she'd remember though it still was a mystery to him why she had never shifted, one of the others had bitten her he remembered that well enough, though he stopped the before they could of killed her, everything about her was making him curious though he needed to push that away for his and her safety. After a moment he stood up, keeping a blanket around him he looked around the living room where he was silently for a moment, looking out the window to the snow, he's been out there a while ago, just like most of the others had, god how he hated winter, if he could make it summer all year round then he would of, though he wasn't god or anything like that, he just had to to take everything as it come including this bloody curse as he would call it.

    After he had looked around he followed her scent a bit, that rich vanilla type scent, of course though he didn't sniff the air or anything like that, he was himself right now not a wolf, though he could still pick up scents quite well funnily enough, that was probably the only good thing about this whole shifting thing along with the fast healing that actually helped him in life..not that he had a very good one really, after all he was only around six or so months of the year and that wasn't much help to anyone. As he walked out the living room he saw her talking on the phone in the hallway and at first it startled him, he hadn't expected her to be right there right now though he stood still where he was, in the doorway of the living room, watching her for a moment silently whilst she was on the phone, he eyes not leaving her the whole time, for six years he'd waited to see speak to her and when that time finally came now..he had no idea on what to say to her..he hadn't exactly expected to be seeing her in this way..this was wrong in so many ways though at the same time it just felt so right. After all he might not ever get another chance like this was best to use it while he could.
  5. Hazan hung up after a long conversation with Thomas as well as an over the phone eyewitness report so he could take his time getting up the mountain. After hanging up, she sensed someone behind her and turned to see the boy up and around despite his loss of blood and his stitches. Worriedly, she whisked him back into the living room, checked all his known of injuries and sat him down before he could say a word to her. The poor man looked stunned in those quilts she'd covered him in prior to his waking in the cold snow. He'd need clothes, she remembered. There was no way a boy would be staying in her home with no clothes on. Running upstairs, she ran into her older brother's room. She figured that the boy and her big brother were about the same size, but the boy seemed a bit smaller.

    As soon as she stepped foot into the room, she froze. Memories flooded her as the blue walls and pinups of half naked girls glared at her with malice. Looking down, she noticed all of his video games and CDs in a neat stack beside his tiny TV. She stepped in, trying desperately not to lose control of her emotions. Quickly, Hazan grabbed a pair of flannel pajama pants and a white long sleeved shirt so he could at least stay warm. She quickly came back down and started cooking him---and the soon to be arriving police force-- a warm snack. She tried not to think of going into that room. She'd only done it once before the week of her brother's funeral so she could bury his favorite CD with him.

    "So," Hazan asked as she sat in a chair to the boy's right. "What's your name? And why were you naked in the snow?" she asked with a faint blush on her cheeks.