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    America Singer lives in a world with eight castes, depending on one's social and economic status. Ones are the wealthiest and most desirable, with Eights being the lowest and poorest. America is a Five, which consists of the entertainers (e.g. dancers, singers, musicians). She recently received a notice stating that the prince of Illéa, – a futuristic United States which America lives in – Crown Prince Maxon Schreave will be holding the Selection, a competition for the prince's hand and the crown of the princess. Despite pressure from her mother, Magda and sister, May, America has no interest in entering the competition, because she has been secretly dating Aspen, a Six. Aspen urges America to accept the opportunity at a better life. Although America wishes to marry Aspen no matter the consequences, she agrees to accept. Her mother later bribes her into the Selection by offering to let her keep half of what she earns at her jobs, which America takes to advantage and agrees, even though she had agreed earlier. Later that night, America brings food to Aspen, and Aspen is upset, believing that he is the "provider". America is devastated, and at her weakest state, she is chosen for the Selection. Without the support of Aspen, she travels to the palace where she has to compete with 34 other girls to win the prince's heart.

    So I pretty much finished the trilogy and am waiting to buy the other books that just came out. I am absolutely in love with the concept and am craving either a group or 1x1 for this series.


    Option 1 : Start the story after the wedding. Pick up the story and write about how they adjust to not just being Newlyweds but also the new king and queen of Illea.

    Option 2:
    We start the selection over and someone play Maxon and we use OC girl in Americas part. (i am of course hoping to play the OC but am open to playing an OC guard or even Aspen for whatever female character you make up.

    Option 3: We start the selection over and use all OC's


    Hoping to have a dedicated group of a few roleplayers that would want to take up multiple roles and make the story really come to life. So i would definitely cut the number of girls from 35 to maybe 15 if not even less. Just so it's not overwhelming but we have enough to make a good story. Of course we would all us OC characters. This would loosely be based on the books. Basically we would be playing in the books world and the selection process would be the same but everything else will be all our writing.

    The Caste System

    1-The Royals can control two or more elements
    2-Fire (usually political family's very wealthy)
    3- Air (Wealthy business types)
    4- Earth (Middle class most Farmers or shop owners)
    5- Water (Entertainers, singers, dancers, artists)
    6,7,8- Have no elemental magic (Do all the jobs no one wants )
    Group Interests

    Lovely Lotus Blossom

    Salt Lord


    Shadow Snow Storm

    Wonderful Thing


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  2. However much we'll have to write per post will completely be the deciding factor for me.
  3. I normally mirror what I get... As long as it's more than two sentences I'm fine. All I'm asking is to get something back that I can reply to and create around;
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  4. You have my interest! :D
  5. Awesome any thoughts or ideas on changes or improvements ??
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  6. Jesus I didn't get a notif for this.

    As of now, not really. I was thinking about some form of magic, but it's supposed to be futuristic, and I doubt it would match the book (though I haven't read any of them).
  7. we could actually work that in what if each caste can control a different element.... like 8,7,6 dont have any powers that is why they are so low on the caste stem. 5-earth, 4- water, 3-air, 2-fire, 1(which happens to be the royal family) can control two or more elements.
  8. Hmmm... I just started actually reading this series and I do like it so far.. If this becomes a Group RP I would for sure do it!
  9. Do we have to have previously read the books to be allowed to join in?
  10. Well there is three of us a few more and we can really start thinking about plotting the group rp and tweaking the plot to make it ready.
  11. No you don't because we would only be using a few details from the book.
  12. Well I'm in and as I saw above are we going to be allowing magic of any kind within the RP?
  13. yes I think were all in favor of adding an elemental magic to the story line.
  14. Just need about three more and we can seriously start working on the role play :bananaman:
  15. Perfect! Count me in as a member then :)
  16. Characters
    Controlling King

    Goodhearted Queen

    Confused Prince

    Girls Selected
    Two - Four spots open


    Creative Three (Shadow)

    Two Spots open​

    Four - Three spots open


    Strong willed Five (Lovely)
    Two spots open

    Six - Three spots open

    * we can add more characters such as guards and maids when we fill these up.
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  17. What does this mean?
  18. Potential characters. we could change the descriptions but we need a king,queen, prince, and at least two of each caste numbers.
  19. Oooh okay. Do they have to act like those specific personality types? I would be willing to make a farmers daughter and an elite.