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  1. Hello my name is Lotus and I am 26.
    I am a Power tumbling coach so that keeps me very busy. On top of coaching I am a full time student who is also planning her wedding. (EEK!!!) So I have a very busy life. (But don't we all) I am an avid reader so sometimes I loose myself in a book series and it takes me a minute or two to rejoin the real world. (sigh) So I am looking for someone who is patient and wont mind if I drop off the inter web for a couple days. I am also looking for someone who is fairly literate and can match what I give you if not give me more. I'm not only looking for a partner that reply to what I have given them but also help the develop the story. Now for the good stuff


    Mast X Save (I have a plot)

    50 Shades of Grey
    Christian X OC
    OC X OC

    Any Elven or mythical type role play (Really craving right now)

    Intertwined souls (I have a plot)

    Twilight ( Yes I am 26 and love twilight although I could do with out the sparkle I like more traditional Vampires)
    Edward X OC
    Jasper X OC
    Carlisle X OC
    Jacob X OC
    Edward X Angela
    OC X OC

    Royal Love Triangle ( I have Three different plots for this)

    Forbidden Love ( I have a plot)

    Stalker Victim

    Mounty X School Teacher

    Cowboy X School Teacher

    Doctor who
    10th Doctor X OC Companion
    OC Doctor X Amelia Pond
    OC Doctor X Clara Oswald
    OC Doctor X OC Companion

    Assassin X Assassin (I have a plot)
    Assassin X Regular person (I have two ideas)

    Sailor Moon
    Usagi (sailor Moon) X Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask)
    Oc Sailor Scout X Tuxedo Mask
    OC Sailor moon X OC Tuxedo mask
    Ami X OC

    Country superstar X hometown Sweetheart
    Country Superstar X Small town girl/guy

    That's all the cravings I have right now. I am open to hear yours as well :)
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  2. If your still looking I would love to do a doctor who plot.
  3. Message me and we can discuss :)
  4. Hey, forbidden love or a reverse roll of 50 shades of grey would be nice, if not just normal rolls
  5. Are you still looking for a Twilight OC x OC plot?
  6. Have new pairings up :)​
  7. I wouldn't mind country superstar X sweetheart or cowboy X school teacher as long as you're okay with playing male!
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