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  1. Seth sat in his room, 11b at the mental hospital, his home, for the past two years, he was only 17 and had a serve case of schizophrenia, meaning he can't tell the difference between, real or not. Everything he sees is in his head, made up, well, that's not what he thinks, and nothing is real anymore. He does have on friend, a girl, she visits him every day, without fail, she also lives there, for her own reasons and mental health problems. Everyone had their own problems in here, Seth, like most of them, didn't understand what his problem was. He thought he was completely normal, it’s all he has ever know, his parents wouldn't let him interact with other children, because, they were afraid what people would think of their socially disabled son.

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    Aliana, or Ali to her friends went to see Seth every day. She made it a habit to visit her one of 3 friends in the institution. Except all the others didn't matter to her as much as Seth. She felt it was her obligation to visit him and talk to him every day, no matter what. Her D.I.D did sometimes make it a little difficult to talk to people, she'd had a few different personalities for years and it made friend making somewhat harder then it already was. There was herself, Aliana "Ali" Marie Cue, and Night. Night was the "extra person" that was "inside of her" as her mother used to call it. As she got older she realized her mother kind of made it seemed like she was possessed. But it was just her mental disorder that made her distant and sometimes inconceivable. Yet, all these things didn't stop her from meeting Seth in his room, every single day at 8:30 every morning.

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  5. It was eight-twenty, Seth had asked the nurse Jackie every five seconds. He remembered that Ali would come then, not a minute later, nor early.
    He loved her visits, she was the only one he could talk to, she was the only one who didn't scare him. He made his way out of his cold white bed and lent up against the cushion walls. He watched in fear as a different lady, that wasn't his nurse rushed into his room and begun to make his bed. After she was finished she turned to him and asked,
    "Is there anything you need?" Seth kept his eyes to the ground and shook his head.

    "N-no." the lady left, Seth sighed and slid down the wall, where was nurse Jackie, she was here a few minutes ago.
    Seth sat on his bed and started to cry, what if something happened to her. What if she is dead, and no one will know?
    These thoughts were scaring Seth to death, he was crying louder now.
  6. It was 8:28 when Ali made her way down the hall, sprinting past the receptionist desk and received a very stern "No running in the hallway!" From Lisa, the rudest, most annoying receptionist at the hospital. Ali shrugged it off and continued towards Seth's room. She hasn't ever been late and wasn't planning on it today.

    It was 8:30 on the dot when Ali lightly rapped on Seth's door. "Honey! I'm home." She giggled as she walked into his room, seeing him sitting on his bed in loud blood-curdling sobs. "Seth!" She walked over sitting next to him on the bed. She hated seeing him like this. He was her best friend and seeing him upset and crying didn't sit well with her, ever.
  7. "What's wrong?" Seth heard Ali ask quickly. Seth looked up and latched himself onto her, and cried for several minutes before responding.
    "Jackie is dead." he looked up at her. His fescue was much like a child as she looked down at him, brushing his messy hair out his face. "He didn't make my bed this morning, but she was hear a few minutes before that, but then she never came back, and and and, I didn't get my jellybeans," Ali was aware that his 'jellybeans' were in fact his medication.
  8. "Honey you don't know that Jackie is dead. Maybe Jackie just went on break." She hugged him, thinking that he needed a little bit of comfort in this place. "Do you want me to get your jellybeans for you?" She pulled away looking down at him. Ali was hoping that Night wouldn't come our of nowhere like she always does. She could never remember anything when Night showed up. It made communicating with people a lot harder. Especially Seth
  9. Seth nodded his head slowly, "Yes please." he held her hand as they stood up. He had completely forgotten about Jackie and her supposed death.
    Much to Seth whimpering, they walked down the white halls, that were slightly crowded with other patients and doctors. Ali stopped to ask where Jackie wass and if Seth could have his medication.
  10. "Oh of course," a doctor nodded looking on a rack behind a large counter finding Seth's meds. He gave them to him with a small cup of water and smiled, staying to make sure he took them. "See Seth, there are your jellybeans." Ali smiled at him, then looked back at the doctor. "Doctor Simmons, would you happen to know where nurse Jackie was? She didn't make Seth's bed this morning and Seth was getting worried."
  11. Seth swallowed his tablets and listened to the doctor and Ali. He had gone into a state, where he cannot hear or see anything.
    He usually had little visions of what his life used to be like, the most common on was of his mother and father each held one of his hands, he was quite small, the sun shone though over his mother’s golden hair, as they swung him up in the air.
    And then, the memory would stop; he had no clue if he came back down, or did he just float there, weightless, like a bird.

    "Seth." It was Jackie, pulling him back.
  12. "Seth it's alright. We found Jackie for you honey." Ali looked at him, worry in her deep blue eyes. She could tell that he was somewhere else before Jackie "woke him up." Jackie put a hand on Seth's cheek. "Seth honey it's ok. Ali told me that you thought I was dead. I just took a little break sugar. Don't worry." She smiled at him, pulling him in for a light hug.
  13. Seth nodded slowly, trying to remember back to his past, but failing to do so. He let go of Ali's hand and hugged his favourite nurse.
    He was happy she was okay now. "I got my jellybeans." Seth said, smiling.
    "Ahh, good good." Jackie said and rubbed his arm, "Oh, dearie, you're very cold! Back to your room please."
    "I don't remember where it has gone.." Seth rubbed his left eye.
  14. "Here I'll help you." Ali smiled, taking her best friends hand and walking him back to his room. "Here we are. Casa de Seth." She giggled PM trying to make her friend smile. She always loved seeing him happy and she knew that she made him at least a little happier
  15. Seth laughed, "Did you bring your camera?" Seth always loved to see the picture she took, when her mother would take her out for small outings.
    But, because Seth was so scared of everything he was never allowed out, in fear of major break downs.
    "No, honey. I was in such a rush this morning, I totally forgot. Maybe tomorrow?"
  16. "I'm so sorry Seth. I'll bring it tomorrow, I promise. And we can take pictures together." She smiled and hugged him tight. "I'll try to get you to get out of here one day too." She smiled
  17. Seth nodded, he had forgotten what it was like outside. "Do you think there will be cats out there?" he questioned.
    "Of course there will." Alli laughed and ruffled his hair.
  18. "There will be cats, and puppies and kids running around and playing. People in swimming pools and eating ice cream. It'll be great to have you there with me." She smiled at him, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear
  19. "What is it like to eat ice cream, with sugar? Or do the cats look like me?" Seth was so excited, he had always thought himself a cat. He bounced up on his knees and started to 'meow' much like a baby kitten. "I love you, Ali." Seth said after becoming death serious, "You're my only friend. My family don't even like me. It's because I'm different, aren't I?" Seth didn't cry, or show emotion, he just starred at Ali, waiting for her answer.
  20. "I-I can't answer that for you Seth. I don't know why anyone wouldn't like you, no matter how different you are. You're nice, funny, sweet, my best friend and I care about you. Whether your family does or not, I'm here. I love you too Seth." Ali smiled, looking at Seth with sincerity in her eyes.
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