Are you happy?

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Are you happy?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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  1. Simple question.
  2. Yes, I'm happy.
  3. I suffer from chronic depression. It will always be there, lingering, ready to suck away my happiness.

    But right now, and for most of this year:

    Yes, I'm happy, and I've worked really fucking hard to be.
  4. I'm usually always happy. I rarely dwell on the sad and negative things^^, that's just me.
  5. I try to be.

    But it's hard.

    Now...? I don't know.
  6. I'm generally pessimistic. I'm not always happy. I'm more neutral right now than anything. As for the overall look of my life... not happy.
  7. Currently, yes.

    In general, also yes.

    I've learned to take great pleasure in my cynical and pessimistic outlook on the world, so I get some schadenfreude out of seeing misfortune befall others and I get some smug self-satisfaction at knowing I was right about the shittiness of the world when the misfortune comes knocking on my door. It's not a pretty system, but it works for me.
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  8. Sucks there wasn't an Other option lmao.

    Right now? Yeah, things are going good. In the long term? Not as happy as I want to be, I feel like things are gonna take a turn. Depression is kind of a mood killer :c
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  9. Bleh. I've kind of been dealing with a lot of stuff lately -- and by 'lately' I mean... quite some time. Basically it comes down to me worrying that I'm too dysfunctional to survive in the 'real world', and/or that I'll spend my whole life pushing myself to the point of exhaustion just to get by, and then I won't even have any time to relax or reward myself for my hard work. And I think a lot of that comes from the fact that I've been feeling very burnt out throughout this whole semester, and I can never find any time to rest -- not without fucking myself up by putting off a bunch of assignments in order to give myself that time, which will of course just make me more stressed in the long run. But, a lot of these feelings also come from general insecurities of myself that I've had for quite some time, and it's only recently that they've gotten bad...

    So, overall, I'd say, no, I'm not happy. I still try to find pleasure in the little things -- and I think those little things are all precisely the reason why I still bother to get up in the morning -- but, when there's still this underlying feeling of exhaustion and inadequacy and worrying that I won't be able to hold down a real job or live on my own... it's hard to say that I really feel 'happy' overall.
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  10. Happy as in an overall sense of satisfaction in life. Not an uninterrupted streak of joy every day. Struggle isn't mutually exclusive with happiness, in fact I often find it to be a requirement.
  11. My answer would still be the same..
  12. Day to day I try to be a happy person. But life in general, I'm not very happy. I'm not where I want to be, what I want to be. Heck the main reason I visit sites like this is because I want some distraction from real life. If it weren't for my Mister, my very few friends, and the internet, I'd be a very sad person.
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  13. Yes.I struggle everyday, but I got a job, I am seing a therapist for my problems and I am getting a little less burdened each day.
  14. Happiness is a relative term. What happy to someone means it might mean sadness to another, but for me myself I am always happy. Because looking at life every shitty thing at time is rather... how do I put this without sounding the most ultimate douche-bag in the world, it's simply not worth ones time. Made a mistake, move on from improving on that mistake and work to fixing it. Act, move, interact and stop being passive with your life.
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  15. I suffer from depression and PTSD. I've had a lot of bad shite happen to me lately, from losing one of my best friends because of their hatred towards my people to getting it by a car, dealing with my abusive family and remembering members that died that I still can't forget. I have plenty of reasons to be sad or unsettled.

    But right now? I am happy. I am happy that I found out how cruel my friend actually was, I don't like liar and they outed themselves. I was lucky that I got away with only aches and pains from being hit, though my bike Georg is gone, destroyed after going under the car. My family are examples of what I don't want to be, and the member that's stuck in my head will forever be a reminder to me to be kind. I've got a lot to to be happy about, in my eyes it outweighs the bad in my life.
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  16. My oddball reply:

    An interesting poll, but actually happy/sad are not states I relate to. Though I may use those words in communicating with others as they are part of a common language.

    Do I feel? One might ask. Yes, deeply. Passionately. About almost everything. But my feelings do not rule me.

    Is there great pain in existence? Of course. But there is a way to accept what is unavoidable and move on, without losing our capacity to function. And if we do lose it, one is not to be blamed. But should seek help, for there is help to be had. Though sometimes hard to find.

    I think if I operated on a happy/sad yardstick, I would have found it difficult to go on with life a long time ago. And I have deep compassion for people that also operate outside this range, but don't realize it, and are always measuring themselves or their lives thus, and thinking they are lacking.

    For me, it is all about having a sense of purpose in how I exist spiritually. Is the best I can describe it. I may laugh, I may cry, but these are transient moments and I know it. I have successes, I have failures. They shape my earthly life, but do not define me.

    Joy and sorrow walk hand in hand in my, I admit, very turbulent world, and I cannot separate them out to measure them. I accept them, but my focus is elsewhere.
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  17. No. Personal issues are layering up and its impeding my happiness. If I could just be in a room by myself I'd be fine, but life doesn't work that way. Society spits in your face if you even think of it. I'm not wired to get depressed. I just get anxious and/or cranky.

    I've been asked three different times this week about where I work and that single question shakes me to the core because I am not where I want to be. I am not chasing my dream career because its incredibly hard to start a business on your own.

    And my family issues are getting worse.

  18. Yeah. I'd say, in the overall, I'm happy. Occasional moments of sorrow, but that's simply part of life--my life is... Looking good now.
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