"Are you growing a beard?"

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do you like it when someone notices or points out that you are doing something new with your face?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Beard/moustache growers of Iwaku, do you like it when someone notices or points out that you are doing something new with your facial hair, or would you rather they ignore it 'til it's done?
  2. Ignore the facial hair! Even if it's cause you're jealous I could grow a better 'stach then you.
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  3. I voted yes, but in truth I'm more neutral.

    By asking the question all their doing is stating an observation. I have no issues with this.
    Actually a somewhat prefer it because I generally don't like it when people keep thoughts on others bottled up, makes socializing/understanding people much harder when one plays the Mystery game.

    However, in regards to the beard question is ultimately relies on the manner.
    Are they just noting it? Neutral.
    Are they appreciating it? Like.
    Are the disapproving it? Still glad they said it because now I'm aware... But really dude?
  4. I voted yes, but this month is the first time in ages I actually shaved. So. Yeah. Most people notice that more than the beard-growing part.
  5. Had mine for nearly a year now. It's got it's necessities. But nothing beats people's faces when they jokingly call me Mohamed and I began chanting the call to prayer. It's pretty priceless.

    Mines also a different color than the rest of my hair. Most of me is black or deep brown but my beard is copper/red/bronze-brown.

    Also, fuck that stupid click bait garbage about "fecal matter in beards!" Know where else that material is? YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.
  6. It's interesting how many people voted yes. Most of the time if I comment "oh, are you trying something new here?" *gesturing toward face/chin* my guy friends seem to feel very self conscious about it, even embarrassed. I wonder if Iwaku's beard growers are more self assured, or if we're not hearing from the 'no's, or if I just phrased it poorly
  7. I dont grow facial hair, but my boyfriend is growing his out for no shave november. I'm curious to see how full it gets. xD
  8. I am a Beardtrapranuer, an Amateur Beardist looking to go onto the Pro-Beard Circuit, a Beardficinado...

    Except I was trimming it the other day, and my hand slipped, and I had to trim it down much farther than I normall do and it looks like I have a babby beard for now. ;__; It's neat and clean, for sure, but... MAH BEARD.

    It's growing back... don't you worry, bb, you'll be back... *STROKES FACE AND STARES*
  9. My "beard" is shaved off regularly.

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  10. I would be growing a beard.....if I could grow facial hair. One less thing to shave!
  11. My god, I need that exact woman sitting across from me and throwing that same wink.

  12. I shave regularly.
  13. Leave my beard out of this
  14. For some reason I rocked a beard durring the summer this year and decided to keep it short this winter. I really don't care if people notice/point it out/or completely ignore. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  15. I want a beard, but it's patchy at best and itchy, so I must shave, or I'll scratch it off. I have awesome sideburns though.
  16. Rock the mutton chops, son!!
  17. Currently right now I've got a full beard about two months in the making, give it another two more months and it'll be quite thick. Though this is because of a show i'm in that requires me to grow it out. But even when the show ends i'll probably keep it. It's cold in NYC and a thick beard is good insulation
  18. I love beard compliments.
  19. I love my red beard and brown head hair combo. It's coming in nicely, and I am lucky enough to have a gf that loves it as well.

    Of course, nothing wrong with being clean shaven when the need arises. But getting compliments is just beardtastic.
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