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  1. A new girl arrives in the high school of Wayde (our main character). He is immediately attracted to the newcomer, and decides to pursue her. However, our Wayde finds out a secret about the new girl: She is not human.

    This is just a loose Role Play, an experiment really, and I'd like for there to be more than two people in the RP. It's sort of like an application of Monster High aspects (some supernatural characters, some human) to a Role Play. Have fun, there can be more than one 'new student' and let's see some drama! :bsmile:

    (( I'll post my character in the comments ))
  2. As Bellatrix walks to her new class she notices a cute guy staring at her. Hmmmmmm, he looks yummy. Might make a good snack. Maybe I'll introduce myself to him later.
  3. (( Sorry I forgot to post the Character Skeleton! Here, copy the bolder words Astre'Dawn ))

    Name: Wayde Baxter

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (Can be anime or realistic):

    Class: Junior

    Species (Human or Supernatural): Human

    Group/Clique: Jock

    Personality: Can be overconfident, Kind unless provoked, Gets psyched easily, Sort of gullible, Loyal to friends, Brave

    Biography (Can describe now or through the story): Find out.


    Wayde wakes up to his regular alarm of blaring rock music. Picking up his phone blearily, he turns off the alarm and drags himself to the shower. The cold water serves to jolt him awake, and he wipes the crust out of his eyes before washing and finishing. He hears his mother yell at him sleepily, "Make sure you eat honey!" "I will, Mom," he replies as he gets out of the shower. Wayde gets dressed in his usual, which involves a T-shirt under a Letterman Jacket and jeans thrown on. When he looks at the clock, it's 7:00 a.m., and he eats a bowl of cereal before heading out to school in his beat-up 1960's Ford truck.

    When he gets to school, he parks his truck in the designated lot and heads into the school, hiking his backpack up over his shoulder. In the Common Area, or lunchroom, he sits at one of the tables and waits for his friends like usual. Though this time, in the corner of his eye he spots a new girl. He turns his head to look at her and is shocked - she had a very mysterious look about her. He examines her appearance before she notices he's staring at her, and he looks away quickly, cheeks flaming. He busies himself with his homework, fighting the urge to look at her again.
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    Name: Jade Serena Roth

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Dark blue eyes that when she is angry turn blood red. They also turn blood red if she craves blood.
    She often wears a hoodie to try and hide her horns. her feet are usually normal human like feet but when she turns full demon they are hooves and her skin tone becomes black. Hides most features the best she can with her jeans and hoddie.

    Class: Sophomore

    Group/ Clique: Usually the Outcast/Troublemakers,could change if she manages to make a real friend

    Species: Demon

    General Personality:
    Doesn't let anyone in or close to her. Kind of hot headed at times over little things. To easy to upset and anger at times. Can be intelligent with ideas but not the greatest.

    Inner Personality:
    She has been hurt more than once so she doesn't want people to know her. She is afraid that if she does once more it will hurt her and perhaps worse than in the past. She is creative and intelligent. She is curios which has lead her into trouble so now she even tries to restrain that side of herself and much more.

    Jade grew up always being called a monster. She knew she was far from normal. Jade never meet her father or mother. She was told her mother died giving birth to her and her father no one really knew; they all just assumed he left. At first some tried to ignore the little things different about Jade. However they never really could; she was always treated much differently by everyone at the orphanage that finally accepted that they would be stuck with her. They often wondered if her tail could be removed but soon Jade made them realize that wasn't an option. When she became five the horns came in which terrified those around her. That's when everyone began to call her monster. As she grew the crowd that seemed to accept her were considered the trouble makers. It was a group in the orphanage that had formed a gang. They all often got into trouble. Then when she lost all her baby teeth they were some that were replaced by fangs. Her nails seemed to be like claws. Then soon even her gang feared her. That was when she began the nickname Demon.

    Jade soon chose to leave after learning how even those she began to think were real friends feared her. She for then on chose to never trust someone so easily all because for when she once felt accepted she soon had learned she never truly was. She often began to wear hoddies for they helped her features stay hidden most. They were always either dark blue or black. Then the orphanage went from home schooling her to sending her to a new school they heard of they hopped she might make friends.

    Jade groaned. She was woken up by the only one who spoke to her still in the orphanage Miss Rachel. Jade sat up and looked at the time then glared at the woman. "It's six in the morning." The woman gave a small smile. "yes and school starts at eight. There is breakfast waiting for you. At your usual table as well. Try and make some friends okay.' She said to Jade. Jade rolled her eyes. She then did as Miss Rachel asked and went to eat. Afterwards she was given a packed Lunch and a book bag with books. Jade gave a small smile seeing it was black then she was told she had to walk to school. "Great." She replied. Two kids grinned at her evilly. "Good Luck Demon. I hope you kill someone." One of the two said. Jade rolled her eyes and left.

    Jade arrived at 7:30am to the school. She was shocked at where it was and that it actually was close to the orphanage. She noticed a boy who looked handsome in her option but that didn't mean he wouldn't hate her. She also saw a girl that he was looking at. 'Yep he would probable hate me. They usually do once meeting another.' She sighed and began to walk near the school slowly. 'well as the guys said at the orphanage. I might kill. All because I look like a demon. But am I?' She wondered. Then paused not liking the feel of the book bag on her wings. She sighed and moved the bag her wings hidden by her hoodie and being folded. She didn't plan on taking of her hoddie at all today. If she could she would also keep the hood up.​
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  5. Name: Jaelyn Spark
    Allies: Darklighter ((you would know what that is if you watch Charmed, if not here's a brief discription; A evil being in the form of a human and opposite to the species of Whitelighter; they're usually dressed in all black clothing. Their sole purpose is for evil, with their mission being to kill Whitelighters and future Whitelighters (who protect and guide witches & wizards). Their powers consist of being able to sense and track Whitelighters (including future Whitelighters); teleportation by way of dark/shadow balls of 'light', called Dark Orbing; Materialisation (especially their crossbows with poison tipped arrows - lethal to Whitelighters); and, the ability to instantly kill and disintegrate a being by one touch, known as the Touch of Death.
    Like Whitelighters, Darklighters do not age, and are supposedly incapable of any good human emotion, like love - this being their weakness, as it may disempower, injure/torture or kill them. However, to be able to activate their powers, they must access 'evil-natured' emotions like desire and hate.
    Average Darklighters may be killed by a witch or wizard (with a power that allows them to), or by spell or potion. They are easy to vanquish.))

    Gender: Female
    Age: looks to be fifteen
    Class: sophomore
    Personality: short tempered, sarcastic, antisocial and distrusting.
    Bio: find out later.

    Jaelyn woke up that morning in the apartment she shared with her older brother, which is a fellow darklighter.
    Jaelyn wasn't able to go on missions to hunt whitelighters just yet but that doesn't meant she didn't have the ability to sense and track them.
    "Get up Jaelyn, you need to start going to school... so then you could appear to be more human," her brother, Jason, called to her.
    "I know I know," she said back before getting out of bed and orbing to the front of the school building, also known as teleporting.
    Jaelyn walked up to the building, a bit nervous.
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  6. Name: Bellatrix

    Age: looks 16ish, buts is really 650 years

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (Can be anime or realistic):

    Class: Junior
    Species (Human or Supernatural): Vampire

    Group/Clique: Preps in old school. Hasn't joined one in Wayde's school yet

    Personality: Slightly arrogant, but has reasons to be. Judges people on thier smell and how tasty they would be

    Biography (Can describe now or through the story): find out later. :3
  7. A half-hour passes, making it 7:45 a.m., and the bell rings, signaling that students should get to their classes. Wayde gathers up his homework and backpack, slinging it onto his shoulders, and when he looked back he couldn't see the red-haired girl again. He shook his head and went to his first class, which was an advanced English class. He put his head on his arms, waiting for the actual class to start at 8:00 a.m.
  8. Jaelyn's first class was to be science.
    She wanted so much to orb there instead of walking through the crowded halls, but knew she had to keep her identity secret.
    Jaelyn walked quickly and was able to make it before the late bell.
    She sat herself in the back away from everyone else and waited for class to start.
  9. Jade had manage to get her schedule at 7;45 right when the bell rang telling the students to get to class. She sighed and read the schedule. 'Science?' She read then headed for the room on the paper. She didn't have much trouble getting to class after a teacher stopped her and almost told her to take of the hood till she opened her mouth and they could see her fangs. After that the students around seemed to part ways for her to go through. She made it to her class and saw a few sits taken one was in the back. She didn't want the front and she didn't want to be in the light if possible. Jade breathed and headed for a back corner sort of near the girl already there. She sat down and carefully removed her book bag. She didn't like that for once she had to hide even her tail but she would have to till she got back to the orphanage if she wanted to have a possibly okay first day. She pulled out a book from the book bag and saw what Rachel managed to put in her bag. She took out a poem book by Edgar Aleen Poe. She didn't open it yet however for she felt nervous being around so many people who might hate her for simply being there. Jade hoped the class would start soon.
  10. All weekend Bellatrix had studied her schedule. She had hoped that she would get put into a normal English class, but of course Trixie had to put her in an advanced English class. She hoped that yummy looking guy was in there as well, him staring at her had sparked her appetite.
  11. Bellatrix walks into the her advanced English class 10 minutes after the tardy bell, the teacher was in the middle of what seemed to be a long lecture, and did not appreciate getting interrupted. after wasting 3 more minutes yelling at her, Bellatrix managed to say that, even though she hadn't, that she had got lost because she was a new kid. After introducing herself and listing to at least 5 apologies from the teacher, she took a seat next to the tasty little hotty she had spotted in the hallway earlier.
  12. In Jaelyn's and Jade's Science class:
    The bell rings and the students all file into class. The original kids already taking the class stare at their new classmates. Some curiously, some disinterestedly, some skeptically. Everyone had to wait for a minute after the 'tardy' bell before the teacher came in. She hurriedly set down her stuff for the day, then she swept her curly blonde hair away from her face with a smile of her average lips. Her light-brown eyes twinkled as she stated brightly, "Good morning, class!" The other students bleakly replied, "Good Morning, Ms. Keane."
    Ms. Keane seems to forget that she's late, herself, and looks at her agenda for the day. She looks up at Jaelyn and Jade and gives a cheery smile. "Today, we have two new students!" Keane ushers the two girls to stand in front of the class, and asks, "Will you please come up and introduce yourselves?"

    In Wayde's and Bellatrix's English class:
    The bell rings, students come into class. All is normal... however, in this class, the usual greeting for Wayde is a group-jock-high-five-then-hug thing. Wayde goes along with it, but is distracted by the thought of the newer girl. When she is not present, he temporarily forgets her, paying more attention to the teacher, who had been prompt as he always is. He introduced a new topic; Aeschylus (Ehs-culus), and was talking very emphatically. If the waving arms and partially raised voice gave any indication, Mr. Laxen cared very much about the "Father of Tragedy".
    Mr. Laxen was just getting started on explaining Aeschylus' background when Bellatrix entered the classroom none too quietly, and the student's attention was brought to her. Laxen fumed, ranting about how some teenagers never learned respect and how Bellatrix needed to learn the benefits of promptness. When Bellatrix told him her 'situation', Laxen was very embarrassed and tried to make it up to her.
    During this, many students took the time to check their phones and such, but Wayde was just examining Bellatrix. When all was said and done, Bellatrix came and sat next to Wayde, and he smiled a bit and her and welcomed her with, "Hello, Bellatrix." Wayde held out his hand across the aisle, for her to take in a handshake, and said, "My name is Wayde. It's nice to meet you."
    Mr. Laxen resumed his talk of Aeschylus, losing a bit of the eagerness he did in the beginning of class.
  13. Jaelyn looked towards the other girl just as they were told to stand up and introduce themselves.
    She was not about to stand up in front of a bunch of people just to state her name. Jaelyn only sat there and waited for the other girl to stand first, then maybe she would stand up as well.
  14. Jade heard the bell ring and watched for the teacher who entered a little on the late side but acted as if she wasn't late at all. 'Mrs. Keane.' She thought taking in the name. The she heard the teacher mention two new students she couldn't help but pull her hood farther down to cover most of her appearance except for her eyes. She looked to the other girl who was looking at her. She then moved her eyes immediately. She knew she was suppose to stand. She stared at her feet for a long time thinking her choices over. 'So I am suppose to state my name. Okay....What if she however ask me to remove my hood? What if someone knows me? What if someone is here who use to be from the orphanage or is from the orphanage? What if I don't stand? What if I don't state who I am? Well then they might call Miss Rachel. If they call Miss Rachel she'll be very disappointed.' She thought deciding for a minute then finally sighed and stood. She looked at the teacher and didn't move forward. Jade didn't look to anyone in the room she had her eyes pin to a wall behind the teacher. She took a deep breath. Then she walked toward the front of the room. She felt her wings tensions and hoped no one was paying enough attention to notice. Her tail wanted to wrap itself around her wrist as she sometimes let her tail do to help clam her when she was nervous but she didn't. Finally Jade made it to the front and turned she let her eyes look straight back to her seat's corner wall. Jade once more took a deep breath feeling almost all eyes on her. "I'm Jade Serena Roth." She answered and said nothing else hoping that was enough for the teacher and students.
  15. Jaelyn watched the other new girl next to her from the corner of her eye. What's taking her so long to stand? Is she nervous about this whole too? Jaelyn questioned to herself.
    Finally after sometime the girl stood and walked up to the front of the class. After she stated her name, Jaelyn decided to stand up as well.
    "My name is Jaelyn Spark," she stated quietly, yet loud enough to be heard.
  16. Jade heard the other girl answer as well she didn't turn to see if she was beside her. She didn't yet move back to nervous to be willing to without being told. She also was still holding onto the hope of keeping on her hood. She was focusing real hard to not let her hands become claw like in any way. She wanted to keep all possible demonic appearances on the down low being this might be her first chance to seem normal that's all she wanted for one day. Just this one day two of school she might not be as nervous might be found out, she figured maybe even be rumored about once she was home because of the orphanage kids, and the gangs.