Are you going to watch the Superbowl???

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Are you going to watch the big game?

  1. Yes! I love football!

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  2. Yes, because people I know are going to

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  3. I will if someone invites me to

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  4. No, I have better things to do

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  1. The big game is coming!

    Love it or hate it, American football is the most popular sport in the US. Every year, millions of people gather to watch it, whether you favor one team or not. Some people want a team to win, others just want to watch it for the spectacle of it or just out of love of the game.

    Personally, I'm not a huge football fan but my husband is and I know that he's going to watch it, so of course I'm going to watch it with him. It does make it a little bit more exciting that I'm in an office pool for the Superbowl so I have a reason to watch it to know whether or not I've won!

    What do YOU think about the Superbowl? About football? Are you going to watch the game?
  2. If I wanted to watch burly man tackle each other and grip balls then I'd watch porn, simple as that.
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  3. Meh.

    I'll catch the commercials on YouTube the next day.

    Surely people are going to enjoy it for whatever reason.
    Who's even playing this year?

    Edit: better check the pats car tires. They might need some air.
  4. Naw

    I watch starcraft instead
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  5. Nope. I don't own a TV though I suppose I could watch it online, as I will the commercials eventually. At any rate, I'm going the Expllo route; if I wanted to watch ass slapping, guys getting sweaty in tight uniforms and then showering together afterwards, I'd just watch some gay porn or, football. D'oh!
  6. Where's the Puppy Bowl option? Seriously!
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  7. Nay, I'd be better off watching a J-Drama.
  8. Wow. I was kind of expecting to be the only one not watching. Then again, where I'm from, it is practically a crime against nature not to care about the local football game, or where the team is playing next. I know my aunt is hosting a massive Superbowl party, and normally I'd go, but I'm at college now and don't have to. :D
  9. My boyfriend and I care more about college ball. Superbowl means nothing to us unless our Titans get better. xD
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  10. But this is the Super Bowl, you can't just watch normal porn

    you have to watch Super Porn.
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  11. A whole new prospective! Amazing!
  12. i would watch porn regardless of super bowl or not

    argument is invalid
  13. This is "happy" porn they're talking about.
  14. So many people putting down the superbowl. SMH

    *Cries Joker Tears*

    Anyways, yeah i'll be watching! I watch it with my family every year.

    SEAHAWKS >>>>>>>
  15. Asfhfjkl WHY DO I NEVER KNOW WHEN THE SUPERBOWL IS COMING?! My dad's a fucking football fan and I never know. Which two teams are competing?
  16. Show Spoiler


    The Seahawks and the Patriots

    I'm a Packers fan ;-;
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  17. It's okay, I'm a Packers Fan as well @.@ I can't watch it. Got work.
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  18. Nope, gonna fap instead.
  19. I knew they weren't going to beat the Seahawks. Even after halftime I was still doubtful OTL
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  20. Oh yeah, go Pats!
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