Are you being targeted?

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  1. Silent Sound

    ICT Implants

    And the Voice Player/Voice Emulator (Not really sure if this is the right link to use)

    My point, I am a target, Just last year, when I went into surgery. After which, commenced
    a very horrible and will breaking series of events that transpired on a day to day basis.

    I intend to read more about this to remedy my situation.
    Money is gonna play a big part on this.

    I highly recommend the second link regarding synthetic telepathy. Total violation of ones personal thoughts. Of which, I am currently dealing with. From the moment I close my eyes when I get to sleep to the moment when I open them. It is such and exhausting endeavor. And I'm telling you, it has the potential to break the will of anyone.

    So, I am bracing myself for a lot of reading regarding this attempt to undermine the unwilling victim. It is a Violation of the Nth degree.

  2. *Leans and whispers* Are you a crazy person?
  3. Hey cool, conspiracy theories.
  4. That comment, along with that profile picture is freaking creepy, Diana.

    But um, in more or less different words but same meaning; you might wanna get help from a counsellor first it psychiatrist before jumping to such a conclusion.
  5. Ergg... Did you even clicked the links?
    Or does the query implies that I am on the wrong portion of the forum to be posing this? Which is it?

    Urggghhh... Though crowd. Dagnabbit! I'm telling you people that IT IS REALLY HAPPENING TO ME. I am being targeted by organized groups of individuals who are trying really hard to extort money from me. (off which I don't have.) So it's pretty much hilarious for them to begin with. XD

    The links I've pointed out there are real. And it is being used, even in a third world party such as mine. Dang, I must be so friggin' awesome to be considered as a target!
  6. Cool story, bro.
  7. Of course I read them! Thus, I am sure you are a crazy person, or an international spy here to use us for experiments!
  8. Conspiracy theorist blog posts don't constitute solid evidence. Fuck, they don't constitute evidence at all.

    If you were to link a credible article, written by someone who knows what they're talking about and who's managed to make it through the peer-review gauntlet, that describes this sort of technology then maybe people would not think you're crazy.

    Until then, though, all I can say is that you have my sympathies and that I recommend you seek professional help.
  9. It does actually discusses that particular target, when if ever he complains, without the proper no how or related incidents to refer to. The Victim would be dismissed as just experiencing hallucinations. But that's not the case on my part. I am perfectly aware now of what their doing. The tell tell signs that they're pointing out are in fact the same ones that I'm getting. It's all there actually.
  10. Paorou, is that you?
  11. Confused again! :D
  12. Far be it from me to challenge a tasty, crunchy conspiracy theory. God love 'em, especially the ones about the chem trails in the sky that couldn't possibly be normal water vapor trails from planes and those hormones 'they put in the milk to make you gay' (Tegan's gran'pa).

    But I would think that any organization that has access to that kind of technology wouldn't waste the resources on an Average Joe. They'd probably go for a better target, no offense, like millionaires, military officers, politicians and most importantly: A List Actors. Since you don't seem to be any of those things, you can rest easy and explore other possible explanations for whatever ailment it is you've been suffering.

    And if we're all wrong and this really IS some sort of super secret experiment on mind control in the general populace and some guys in white suits and dark glasses are about to fuck your shit up, then you can say I told you so. If you come back...

    If that last scenario actually does occur, my advice is watch Taken a couple of times to prepare yourself for the trials ahead and best of luck to ya'.
  13. I, too, am in hiding from the Illuminati lizard people. I am currently posting this using a weave of twine a half-mile long arranged into cross-stitch binary code. I hope these government controlled geniuses with mind control technology don't have the sense to check a public roleplay forum.
  14. These symptoms could be because of any number of things; for the website to declare "IT'S COS THE GUVMINTS LAZORING U, BRO" shows exactly what sort of a site it is. Namely, one that deals with pseudoscience and conspiracy as opposed to, y'know, facts.
  15. Except for the last two symptoms. That could be the guvment. That or people are actually paying attention to your Facebook. Or you need to call the cops because plain old regular kind of burglar is breaking into your house or place of work...

  16. Wrong again, Tegs. The last two are unmistakeable signs of aliens.
  17. Remember, those creepy, pale-skinned men wearing all black that are following you aren't actually the Men in Black.

    Unless they fall over and explode when you run up to them and beat them in the back of the head with a crowbar, then they might be the Men in Black.
  18. Umm, I don't know how to respond to that. Although, I'm familiar with the name. Isn't Paoru some sort of RP character? A god like entity? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Yeah, I'm really just an average joe. But most of the time I believe that I'm something bigger. Maybe my aura is the one responsible for getting their attention. XD
    And it's getting annoying at times because, they feed me such a load of bull. ie: "You're gonna get a million dollars, so why not share your blessings and throw some money out in the street". Pshhh... And I go like, "Yeah? Not gonna happen." Of course the response for that is much more violent, only verbal though.

    I've experienced most of the symptoms that was there except for these two:
    - Limbs jerking wildly, muscle twitching, especially when trying to sleep
    - Vibration in any part of your body or nearby objects which are normally immobile
  19. That's nice and stuff. It doesn't prove shit, however. Go see a doctor, don't assume you're being shot at with lasers.
  20. Indeed I shall. But I need to do a lot of reading first. Then it's kick ass time. ;D