Are you aware you're dreaming or have dream control?

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  1. I just woke up from a scary dream about demons possessing people in this freaking old house. @___@ when shit started getting too scary I was screaming in my head to wake myself up before I saw any demons. Then I got stuck in a wakeup loop, where I thought I woke up, but wasn't -really- awake yet, so I had to go through that three more times before I ACTUALLY woke up.

    Now I feel fully terrorized. >:[

    Most of the time when I'm dreaming, I know I am dreaming. I have always been very aware of it and can control my dreams to an extent. Kinda like directing. O__O When stuff gets out of hand, I demand myself to wake up so I don't scare myself. >>;; that has saved me from a lot of nightmares.

    Do you have any dream control?
  2. Most of the dreams that I remember end immediately once I come to the realization that I'm dreaming. I've only ever had a dream that I was able to consciously influence once.
  3. I've had one lucid dream once ever in my life. It was really bizarre.

    In the dream, I was in Taiwan with my husband when we happened to witness a horrible bank heist. Funny enough, one of the robbers was someone I know and, in real life I've always had this weird impression that he's secretly a gangster lol.

    So they blow up the bank and shit, and my husband and I run to safety. At some point, we're sitting on the sidewalk just kind of gathering ourselves, and I have no idea what happened, but I turned to my husband and went "..I'm dreaming right now." And he looks at me and goes, "Okay.. so what now?"

    I could've done a bunch of things. I could've gone back and stopped the robbers with awesome telekinetic powers and turned them into the police and been a hero in my short dream world. BUT NO.

    "Let's fly!" O__O

    So, uh... we flew. It was cool.

  4. @Diana, bby, I know I'm dreaming, cuz girl, you're one bomb shell babe. Unf!

    But seriously... Yeah, I know from time to time when I am dreaming. I'm a relatively light sleeper, actually, in that my dreams are very influenced by external stimuli. If someone is talking around me, or a movie is playing, or even my alarm is going off, relatively often it will manifest in some way in my dreams. I do not particularly like my dreams changing in some manner to be able to incorporate some blaring siren or alarm, though. It just bothers me and leaves me a bit disoriented when I come to and still hear it, you understand?
  5. Scary stuff. Really, I rarely realise that I'm actually dreaming, but it comes from time to time. Whenever I'm in a nightmarish dream, I tend to curl myself into a ball and close my eyes within the dream, because interaction with eyes in dreams seems to get me out.

    Either way, that sounds pretty horrible to have experienced, Diana.
  6. Have had a modest handful of lucid dreams, though they typically only happen after I've been under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms. Other than that, I know I've had a few otherwise. Shit usually gets weird but the dream never has ended when I came to the firm realization I was dreaming. Just each time I get the vicious feeling of the uncanny and things tend to get kind of creepy if anything.

    Did a few sleep studies a few years back, neat stuff and you get paid. :angel:
  7. I had a weird dream once were I basically nosedived off the stairs in my house, only to start swimming in midair down those stairs, and into the living room of my house where my brother, mother and father were watching television, all blissfully unaware of my gravity-defying trick. XD
  8. Sorry Diana, but you're still dreaming...

    Though to answer the question, never now a days. I had a limited ability to as a kid, but as I got older I slowly lost it until now where I only ever recognize a dream after I've already woken up.
  9. I think I've only had a real lucid dream once. I dreamed that me and a couple of friends just went ham on a candy shop, eating everything we saw, and when the police came, I made them leave. I sort of wish I had flown or made myself have superpowers or something, but candy was more important for me at the moment :/

    There are also a few dreams where I've realized they were dreams, but didn't do anything about it, because they were so funny or interesting, and just let the dream whisk me away. Though sometimes when I do that, it makes me wake up.
  10. I rarely realize I'm dreaming, even if weird stuff happens. Most of the time I'll even notice that it is weird or wrong or not working correctly, but it still won't occur to me that it is a dream. Like, today, I dreamed that the president of my school brought me to his hotel room, and started pulling my clothes out of his closet. O.o I knew that was weird, but I eventually logic-ed it out to, for some odd reason, I'd put my clothes in his closet, and he was just too polite to say anything.

    But oftentimes it is simply that the magical powers I know I have don't work. Like, less than a 50/50 shot. It is incredibly frustrating, and has gotten to the point that, in dream, I know it isn't likely to work, and so I just close my eyes and pray that it will, because if it doesn't I'm in big trouble.

    I've always wanted to have a lucid dream. My art teacher once told me that the best way to do it is to try and study your hands in your dream, because your brain rarely spits out all the details correct, but your conscious mind is still intimately familiar with them. Never worked for me. Mostly because, as soon as I fall asleep, I forget that very relevant factoid.
  11. The only time I ever had dream control was when I was younger than what I am now. I'd rather not go into detail about what I controlled.
  12. "Lucid dreaming" is I think the term you're looking for there, Diana ;P

    I used to a lot, but s'been a while

    I used triggers to alert me when I was dreaming, things like
    • Clocks are blank or inconstant
    • Never get where I mean to go when I try to travel
    • Can't get a phone call through
    • Can't pinpoint what anyone is wearing
  13. I have Lucid Dreams all the time, I actually had one this morning before I got up and on here. It was about three guys breaking into my car, I had nothing on me but I knew I was dreaming and suddenly a gun was in my hand, and I was ready to shoot, but then I woke up D:
  14. That happened to me as well! I mean, my dream didn't have any gangster stuff in it - I don't actually remember what it was about anymore - but I also decided to fly when I realized I was dreaming. Unfortunately, I flew too high and I frightened myself into waking up really fast.
  15. I used to be able to wake up from nightmares at will, but I seriously can't remember the last time I had a nightmare so I'm not sure if I can do that anymore.

    I tend to be able to control my actions in my dreams but I never know that I'm dreaming. The only lucid dream I ever had was of myself (6-8 years old at the time) walking down this long street, everything in grey. And then I realised I was dreaming so I started running because I knew I wouldn't get lost or hurt, but then my vision started to act like a shaky camera and then I woke up.
  16. Sometimes I can tell I'm dreaming, and can somewhat manipulate my dreams, but most of the time I'm usually 100% submerged in the dream until I wake up. But I've never had any dreams within dreams or anything either. Sometimes I can tell myself how I feel or whatnot about the dream, and sometimes if I'm half awake I can force myself back into dreams, but in nightmares and stuff I can't control the dream or wake myself up.
  17. Lucid dreaming is the best thing ever.

    It usually starts as a normal dream, things are normal, or appear so, before something happens that I can't process. That's the clicking point. It's either wake up or accept it and begin the manipulation.

    Fuck drugs, fuck booze, fuck the day.

    Nothing compares to leaping off of the grand canyon's rim and gliding/flying through it's entirety under my own control.

    Until I roll off of bed and my dream suddenly gravity says HAHA SCREW YOU.
  18. I only realize that I'm dreaming after I wake up orz. I tend to get a lot of stress dreams and I think part of me is vaguely aware of the fact I'm dreaming but decides to let it go on idk.
    I've only have 4 lucid dreams in my life, and they were all really short. I'm sad about it but whatev.
  19. I have lucid dreams all the time. I've trained myself ever since I was 14 to be able to recall and control multiple dreams each night. Occasionally, I experience a phenomena that's called out of body experience (OBE). Even if I'm not aware that I'm dreaming, in dreams that aren't lucid, I usually have control over myself, and to a great degree, control of my surroundings, by a supernatural standard that isn't possible in real life. It's both a blessing and a curse. My nightmares can become more intense, and my blissful dreams, in turn, more blissful.
  20. My dreams are always vivid, it is my ability to reason that tells me when I am dreaming and how to tell the difference between reality and the mind's tricks.
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