Are you an Underling or an Overlord? >:3

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Are you the underling or the overlord?

  1. Underling

  2. Overlord


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    Are you the kind of person that usually does what other people tell you to do?

    Or are you the person that is telling everyone what to do?


    And you don't get to pick BOTH! You have to pick which one you think you lean towards the most!
  2. While I feel a bottom-up type of leadership is far more effective and personal for me, if we're dealing with absolutes I'm narcissistic enough to think "I can do better." A lot and act on that.

    You may bow down to me now.
  3. I pressed the third option so I wasn't the only person to choose underling. I'm not a complete pushover but I don't spend much time in social settings to know, so from my experience I am a follower.
  4. All the underlings too chicken to admit it.

    Cowards. >:(

    Overlord, all the way. If I know it can be done better you'd better believe I'm going to step up and take command. Can't be helped some people are too stupid or weak to make sure something gets done. Worse yet when they're supposed to be in charge.
  5. I'm happy to be an underling most of the time. Just Don't ask me to do something I think is wrong because i will did my heels in.
    If passive wall was an option that's what I'd click :)
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  6. Overlord, however I defer to the experience of others in order to achieve quality results.
  7. I'm in the middle. See, I can get stepped on by the people at the top, but I also have people I can step on.

    I'm middle management.

    ...but boy, do I love those shiny buttons. *_*
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  8. Since we're on an RP site, as a roleplayer, my answer is I'm usually the overlord. In the real world, however, I'm much happier being an underling, especially at work.
  9. Depends on the situation. I like to take command, especially if I think the current leader is doing a terrible job. I have a habit of getting loud and angry when ignored. But if I think someone else can do better, then they can go ahead. But you can be certain that I'll be sneaking my suggestions in there.
  10. I prefer working with people as equals, because doing things by consensus and reasonable division of labor is the best.

    When the other people involved inevitably turn out to be selfish or incapable of being rational or terminally stupid I end up taking the lead because I don't trust any of those fuckers to do it right, so I guess overlord for me.
  11. Overlord.

    I'll speak my mind when I feel the need to.
    But generally people I work with are friendly or knowledgeable enough that I can afford to sit back and work with them as equal partners.

    In other words, take charge when I feel it's needed but otherwise I establish myself as a Partner to everyone else.
  12. Double-Triple Agent
  13. Id rather be like, a general in the forces of evil or something
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  14. I prefer the title of Sith Empress.
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  15. I am along some of the same as some of the others in here. If the people in power aren't doing a good job, then I have no issue taking the reigns to lead my people to the promise land.

    However, if I am inexperienced, I will stay back to learn. Then, if and when the mantle falls to me, I will take it up and be the bestest leader eva!

  16. Jesus, there's so much denial in this thread Fox News is taking notes.


    I am the quintessential lazy peon. Aimless, aloof and appreciative of mid-day naps. Oh, I crave power and I can go on about equality all I want, that doesn't mean that I can actually get anything done should I ever end up in charge. I'd probably go full puppet and let some adviser call the shots.

  17. Overlord's right-hand/advisor/counselor/random person to talk to. Yep, that's where I wanna be.
  18. I wouldn't do whatever someone else told me to do, unless I already planned to do it myself. However if the other demand it from me, then I can end up not doing it.

    Though, I'm much more comfortable in the role where I divide the jobs and tell others what to do. Though I usually take them to be alike to me and thus expect them to know what to do, I do like to keep that control in hands. I guess that means I'm an overlord, even if I rather not have such roles as underlings and overlords in groups.
  19. Can't pick two? DAMN YOU DIANA!!!!! -Refuses to click anything other than the shiny button-

    Usually I am the one who does what other people tell me to do, but there are situations in which I do tell people to do stuff. Group projects in school for example. Let's face it, if I didn't, they wouldn't have done shit. They still didn't do shit, but that was for the teacher to take care of once I snitched that they hadn't earned that grade I worked hard for the group to get. No way I'm giving lazy people good grades when I gave them the simple tasks :D

    I am the underlord! And you can't make me change my mind of choosing both D:!
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