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Are you an artist? Do you do character portraits?

  1. I am an artist, but I don't do character art.

  2. I AM and I DO do character art but only for me.

  3. I AM and I like to do FREE commission requests!

  4. I AM and I do PAID commission requests!

  5. I have nothing to do with this poll, I just wanted to poke a button.

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  1. This poll is being conducted for some potential future Iwaku update reasons and the fate of a project. O___O So vote!

    You can also blabber your replies in this thread if you'd like. <3
  2. I am a makeup artist. I was sad when I remembered it is a small, niche group of that type of artists and most people don't even consider our work art.
    Technically, I do character art. As in take a human being and actually make them into a character. I do a ton of work for my cosplay friends, as well as lame weddings and proms and some editorial fun stuff.

    But I figure my character work you do not mean that.
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  3. Definitely not the character art I mean, but Makeup art IS a legit form of art that I love! <3
  4. It depends really o.o I haven't drawn in a while and I'm honestly not that good .-.

    I love makeup art :D
  5. I've been into it for four years, I cannot wait to go to college for it, really.
    I want to go to MUD in NYC. <3
  6. I consider myself something of an artist, and am quite comfortable with my quick drawing-sketching skills, or taking a bit more time to get a realistic character. I prefer to be able to work off of a model of some sort, and if you don't give me one I'll probably go track it down, simply because I can't get proportions right from my head to the paper without reference materials.

    I've never really done sketches for anyone but myself, but it would be interesting to try out some commissions, so long as I'm not the end-all-be-all if they fail. And as much as I'd love to be paid for it... I'm probably not that good.

    You have me really curious now, Diana. Any chance you are going to elaborate?

    Realizing I might have slightly misinterpreted something. When you ask about a character portrait, are you talking about something digital, computer shaded, clean lines and realistic, even if it has been tooned a little bit? Or are you talking about something that is intended to be a reference image, something that could be sketched by hand, lightly shaded with a pen or pencil, and handed over in an hour?
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  7. I'm a Graphic Artist, and I love to do any and all commissions that a play may want, so long as pictures are provided (or at least a description so I can go find something). Unfortunately, my drawing days are long behind me...I work only on Photoshop now, so any artists whose work I use (that I can find online) will be given proper credit always. XD
  8. I'm a makeup artist and I design clothes. I want to go to Parsons in NY for fashion design
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  9. Your a makeup artist? So what kind of work do you do?
  10. Beauty, mostly. I'm looking to get into fx makeup though. It looks fun, I just haven't the time right now.
  11. I would do paid stuff, but I don't do digital, I'm not confident enough to ask for payment, and mostly I just draw for myself and my friends.
  12. I'm graphic designer and I LOVE drawing my characters. I'm also open to doing free commissions for people depending on what my real life project schedule looks like. These days doing character art is relaxing and part of how I unwind so I don't feel right charging for it :)
  13. Just putting this out there~

    I'm a Realism, Semi Realism, and Anime artist. Art in general is my passion and my life. I use every type of medium I can get my hands on to incorporate into my art, but I mainly use colored pencils, Tempra, Acrylic, and Graphite. I am trying to add Photoshop to the list, but I only know the basic stuff such as the brushes. I have been drawing for about 12-13 years now; drawing sketches, random doodles, and portraits of real people and RP characters I think of. I draw for everyone, free and paid commissions, but mostly free. :3
  14. deviantart i am an artist but so far i have only done my characters... i may do requests i don't know...
  15. I haven't done digital for a while, but I'm an artist and I can do painted character portraits (or lined, if that's your thing.) Preferably paid, though!
  16. I wouldn't call myself especially good, but I will draw for frees or donations (trades)
  17. I mostly do digital artwork, and it's mostly for myself. I rarely take requests, but I do do paid commissions. I'm not an professional, but I think I draw pretty well. I usually draw from memory, or look at references for things like hands. Some of my favorite drawing styles are anime and semi-realism.
  18. I claim to be an artist, though I wouldn't claim to be any good at the trade. I mostly work with coloured pencil and digital brushes. I won't asked to be paid for my work as I am far from professional quality.

    Deviant Art for anyone interested in looking.
  19. I am polling to see if this is a potential new official resource section that is feasible for Iwaku, like our Institute and Worldbuilding section. Lots of people would love custom art, but just can't draw. o_o We do have a group, but it's hard to find and gets lost. So this poll will help admins decide whether or not we have the resources to pull this off as larger section.

    And by character art, I mean any style or medium of custom drawn character art be it pencil or digital! (Not graphic manipulation of existing photos/art.)
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