Are you a good cook?

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  1. Can you whip up a perfect coq au vin or craft a flawless timpano?
    Or do you have trouble figuring out what went wrong with the box of hamburger helper?
    Maybe somewhere in between? Do you want to improve or are you satisfied?
  2. My cooking sucks. I don't have the attention span or patience for it. I'm good at making lasagna, chicken and dumplings, and pulled pork, but everything else is crap. My family tells me they like my cooking, but that's only because if they don't they'll have to cook for themselves. >_>
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  3. Somewhere in between for me. I have been cooking since my early teens, but it's always been more of a necessary annoyance than something fun for me to do ^_^' .

    Let's just say my food may not be exactly like how it's supposed to be... but it tastes good and looks alright. For the most part anyway.
  4. I'm a pretty good cook, I can whip up something pretty tasty with few ingredients or things that might not seem like they would fit together. I love playing with spices and try to find substitutes for things like salt and butter, because I have a history of hypertension. Yay for celery salt and Himalayan salt!
  5. Why, I'm the goddamn best at cooking.

  6. I'm good enough that I can follow instructions and get them right most of the time. I have basically zero improvisation or recipe memorization skills, but thanks to the internet I can always look recipes up online and follow those instructions. That's plenty for me, no need to improve.
  7. Can I make food that tastes good? Totally.

    Can I make food that's presented well and has a fucking French or Italian name and ingredients there simply for garnish? Go screw yourself with a kabob. I'm not wasting my entire afternoon making something that's going to look the same coming out your ass as a McValue Menu meal.
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  8. I can cook anything. ANYTHING. After I have tasted it once and followed the initial recipe, from then on forward I can tweak, change, alter, recreate etc all from my head just using sight and feel and taste. I can create a fancyass fucking meal out of bullshit that's left over in my kitchen. I can feed a huge ass family with something satisfying and all manners of good even if we have little money. I can go out side and urban forage and make you dinner with plants and shit I find outside. 8D

    Food/cooking is one of my top five interests.

    ...but fuck baking. >:/ I hate baking. Baking is an exact science and that shit sucks.
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  9. It's official. Diana is my exact opposite.
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  10. I am house husband material.

    I cook. I grill. I bake. People love my food.

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  11. Eh... it depends, I'd say I'm more mediocre than anything. I'm really only good at making very specific things, I don't really have the necessary knowledge to be considered a good cook in general.
  12. I'm a damn fine cook with good taste and kitchen ability, and growing up in South Carolina definitely helped learning some amazing but heart-attack inducing dishes to make. I also really love contrasts and combinations of different food. Lately I've been looking into a blend of Southern and Indian food.
  13. I love cooking, but I'm not exactly a chef. I do often simple, home cooking stuff, with the occasional experiment. I can cook well enough to know I won't starve or inadvertently get myself sick. Let's leave it at that.
  14. I already have one of those. My hubby is a better cook than I am. He can't bake for shit though. =/
  15. Somewhere in between. I have the interest in cooking but rarely do I have the energy or drive for it. When I do cook, I make out pretty well, but I need to follow a recipe (and then make adjustments accordingly.) I'm not like my roommate who can just whip up something tasty just by looking at what's in the kitchen. @_@
  16. I love cooking, I'm pretty good and just throwing things together and creating something not only edible but delicious. I want to get better though. I'm considering enrolling in a culinary school. But I haven't made up my mind yet.

    Also, I'm good a baking. I angry bake. It's a nice meditative thing.
  17. I'm aight. Not bad. Not good. I just kind of make things work enough to pass as 'good' but not 'great'.
  18. I can follow instructions. Or, at least, I can look at the box on something to see what temperature I'm supposed to set the oven at, then throw the box in the recycling bin, then put the food in the oven, then pull the box out of the recycling bin to see how much time I'm supposed to set the timer for. @_@

    I can't do anything beyond that, nor do I really want to. I wouldn't describe cooking as fun and, honestly, anything more complex than following instructions on the side of a box would probably just be mentally exhausting. That late afternoon/early evening time of the day that dinnertime rolls right into is usually my low point in the day. I'm usually between doses on my meds, probably haven't eaten anything in a while, I'm tired from everything else I've done during the day, and my mental stamina is at an all-time low. I can't tell you how many times I've had to check the box instructions three times in a row to know something as simple as what temperature to set the oven to because I just keep zoning out and forgetting in between looking at the box and reaching for the dial on the oven. @_@

    Granted, it isn't always that bad. Some days I really have no issues putting in a simple box dinner! But, I still don't have much desire to spend extra time and energy doing anything fancier than that. ...And then, yeah, there are nights when I'm just not having it and I really just want to make something simple as quickly as possible.
  19. Somewhere in between. I know there is room for me to improve, a lot of room.
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