Are you a fanfic reader or writer?

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Do you read or write fanfiction?

  1. I read it often.

  2. I write it often.

  3. I don't actively go looking for it, but enjoy it sometimes.

  4. I don't write a lot, just randomly for fun.

  5. I just wanted to press a button.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Do you read fanfiction?

    Do you WRITE fanfiction?

    Do you participate in fanfic communities on the internet? Wheeeere?

    Is it easy or hard for you to find a good fanfic community?

    What is the BEST thing about fanfic communities you have been a part of?

    What is something you always have issues with when it comes to fanfic communities?
  2. I do read fanfiction from time to time.

    I used to write fanfiction when I was in middle school (horribly I might add) but I stopped.

    No I don't participate in any fanfic communities and I probably never will.

    One big issue I have when it comes to certain fanfic communities (especially ones that revolve around shipping) is that they usually can't take criticism of whatever they're writing about.
  3. I used to write some....and some of those pieces actually did rather well on

    But I'd rather just read them

    It's like a bookstore but free
  4. [​IMG]

    I did vote in your poll. This isn't just a waste. :ferret:
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  5. I used to read a lot of fanfiction, but that has dwindled down to occasionally. The same goes for writing- I blame roleplaying for that! I had some good ideas but too lazy to put them into use.

    I used to visit religiously for a while. I never interacted with anyone, however,
  6. I write fanfiction more than read them because I normally can't find what I want. So I gotta write it. >:3

    Not really part of fanfiction communities outside of posting and reading reviews given to me. I post on if at all.
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  7. Used to write fanfiction, but nowadays I just like to go on random fanfic reading sprees in my free time.
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  8. I used to write fanfiction primarily about Bleach, when I was really into Bleach. It's too bad the canon stopped being good. I go on fanfic reading sprees once in a blue moon.
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  9. Would Fandom RP's count? If so, my Murder Game roleplaying and Fandomstuck would count as fan-fiction.

    Otherwise? No, I do not engage in fan fiction.
  10. I do read fanfiction as well as write it, but damn is it hard to find a good one. It's like diving into a sea full of shipping sharks and lemonrays all trying to grab my attention with horribly written summaries... or weird shit like this.

    Don't open unless you want your eyes burned. (open)


    And when you do find even a semi-decent one it kills itself without reason. So, I have taken upon myself to not be like the rest of the 90% of bad, weird, and even offensive stories and write them myself!

    As for fanfiction communities, I started off in reading Halo crossovers. Thankfully I read a decent one, but discovering the less neat ones with little thought thrown in and no improvement drove me to begin writing my own. I did discover others like Achrive of our Own and the Creative Writing section on Forums. Spacebattles which arguably has many better fanfics.
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  12. This makes me miss the days of the crusades. We haven't had a purge in a good long while...

  13. I have no idea what these crusades are, but perhaps it is time for another one?
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